My hubby’s boss :part-8

Hi readers,
In continuation to my stories related to my hubby’s boss Nishant and Bina mishra ,I am narrating the incidence that occured in my hubby’s hubby have left for office on time as I am in home doing household works as I took my clothes to move to washroom for bath,my mobile started ringing and I walked to dinning hall as I picked up the call…….

“hello mr.nishant ,how are you?
(Nishant)fine but have some thing to share with you
(Bina)ok you can
(Nishant) actually my one client is in our guest house and I have hired a prostitute for him but her mobile switched off ,so if you can
(Bina)Nishant I am not a whore
(Nishant)Bina you will be pleased with him ,a young guy of 30 years and if you will agree for a day ,I will pay for it
(Bina)ok but how much money will I get?
(Nishant)15000 RS.for it,if you will come than I will send my car to pick you
(Bina)ok after an hour .” Now I moved inside washroom to have bath, thinking about a young guy of 30 years with money have made me hot.after my bath ,I came to my bedroom as I am looking my nude body in a large I put a black 34C size brassier on my boobs with a G string on my waist,now I took a little brown dress from the wardrobe as I put it on my body.looking like a sexy lady with my nude thighs and legs ,I walked to dinning hall as I can see maid in kitchen and I have prepared a light breakfast for me.I am sitting on sofa watching t.v as I am eating my breakfast and than I put a strips of contraceptive pills ‘Today’in my waiting for car to arrive as I have to reach guest house of my hubby’s company to entertain his client.its 10:45am as my mobile started ringing and I picked up my hubby’s boss Nishant’s call……


“car will reach after 10 minutes ,are you ready
(Bina)yes but Nishant will you be there to introduce me with your client
(Nishant)yes I am still in guest house.” Now I put a sandals on my legs as I put my purse in my shoulder and walked out of my home as I locked my home and than walked towards appartment’s I reached there ,I can see a car parking there and I got another call on my mobile……..

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“hi Nishant
(Nishant)car will pick you as it’s……..
(Bina)ok I can see the car parking there.”

And than driver came out of car as he smiled…….”madam are you Bina madam ” and I smiled back as I walked towards car and sits on the backseat of car as driver started driving it.after 10-12 minutes ,I am in my hubby’s guest house I sits on a sofa in terrace as I took my mobile to call Nishant ,but a lady came there and asked me to follow .I walked with him as we both are on second floor and lady took me inside a room as I can see Nishant there with a young smart lady left the room ,Nishant hold me in his arms and kissed my face……..”he is Russel from France and Russel she is Bina ,will give you company for a day .”now Nishant left the room as I am standing infront of him,Russel is eyeing my boobs as he walked to door and closed it.russel is a 30 years young guy with white complexion as his height is 6’2 feet and his strong arms with hairy chest are attracting me.never got the taste of a foreigner penis as he hold me in his arms and kissed my face ,now I have hold him in my arms as both are standing on floor.russel is kissing my lips to face as he is rubbing my back and my little dress is upto my sexy ass Russel took my lips in his mouth as he is sucking it wildely and his hand have lifted my little dress upto my waist.we both are making eachother hot as I pushed my tongue in his mouth and he is sucking it as his hand is pressing the softer parts of my sexy ass.He is in a Bermuda as my boobs are on his chest and Russel is sucking my tongue as I pushed his head back .now I am standing in his arms as we both walked to sit on sofa,I can see a bottle of wine with soda and glasses on table as Russel lit the cigarette .He is smoking it as I am putting wine in two glasses with soda ,looking at me,he hold my breast in his hand as he is pressing it hard…….

“you are sexy ,I love Indian lady
(Bina)you are smart Russel
(Russel)but we can’t marry ,are you married or you are busy in your profession
(Bina)I am single .” As we both are drinking wine and than I lit a cigarette to I am a prostitute for a French Russel as he is pressing my breast hard……..

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“remove your dress bina.” As I put my glass on table and took out my little dress from my I am drinking wine with Russel as I am smoking cigarette also,Russel is rubbing my thigh as he asked…….

“now stand infront of me like a whore .”

As I left empty glass on table,I stand infront of him with my legs stretched and he put his face in between my thighs to kiss my G string as he smelt it also.I am smoking cigarette as I put my one leg on sofa and Russel is rubbing his palm on my G string .now looking at me ,he asked me…….”now turn your back.” As I turned my back ,I can feel his hand on my ass as he unhooked my G string and made my vagina looking back to him ,I can see him pouring wine on my round dome shaped ass as he is licking it with his tongue and his hand is on my his hand is going down to my vagina as he is licking my wet ass and than he pushed his long finger in my vagina as he is fingering my vagina while rolling his tongue on my soft ass.I have put my legs wide as my upper part of body is leaned to earth and my sexy ass is near Russel’s mouth to love he is licking my ass hole as he have made my ass ,ass hole and ass crack wet with wine and I am screaming in pleasure…….

“oohh aahh Russel you are too good in licking the hole.”

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As he is rolling tongue in between my ass crack while his finger is fucking my he took out his finger as he asked…….

“now turn back you sexy lady.”

As I turned back ,he asked me to remove my I am nude as Russel is drinking wine and he poured wine on my vagina as he have hold my both labias in his fingers to rub it and I am shouting…….”oohh no my vagina is in fire ,don’t do it.” And now Russel is sitting on sofa’s corner as he put my one leg on sofa and now he put his face inbetween my thighs .He is kissing my vagina as I put my fingers to widend its hole ,he started licking it with his long tongue as my hand have hold his hairs…….”oohh aahh lick it fast you are really hot.” As I can feel his tongue in my cunt fucking it wildely,my legs are shivering as I am screaming in joy…….”oohh aahh I will cum soon.” As he pushed his long finger in my vagina to fuck ,his other hand is on my ass just rubbing it wildely.later on my vaginal juice came out as Russel put his tongue in my vagina to lick I walked towards washroom nudely.

I came back to see Russel nude as he is drinking wine and his long thick penis have made me horny,it’s semi erected as I sits on his legs ,he put wine on other glass as he put his penis in the glass for a while and than ……….

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