My hubby’s boss :part-7

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After a hot night with Anish and Nishant ,we have planned for a weekly break as my hubby is a nice fucker and I am feeling bore with Anish also after enjoying his dick for 06-07 days /nights (Read prev story My hubby’s boss part 6) so I have decided not to make physical love with anyone for a week.after a week ,my hubby left for official trip to Chandigarh for 2-3 days and I am alone as feeling lonely.Its 04:15 pm as I am drinking a cup of tea alone and thinking about my hubby’s boss Nishant .I am going to call him to meet me as I walked towards my bedroom to have my mobile ,my mobile started ringing ,I am in joy as I can see Nishant call on it ,I received it…….

“hi Nishant ,how are you ?
(Nishant)fine and you
(Bina)it’s a coincidence that I hold my mobile to call you but your call is on
(Nishant) nice ,are you free in the late evening
(Bina)why not ?.”


And I put my mobile on it will be a nice evening with my hubby’s boss I am on my bed just waiting for an hour to start dressing myself but what to wear? .lastly I selected a little yellow dress as it have covered my neck to some portion of thighs and a G string to cover my vaginal zone with a brassiere to put my medium sized boobs in cage.I want to make Nishant hot as time passes ,I put my dress and now waiting for him to come.Its 05:45 pm as my mobile started ringing and I received the call as Nishant is waiting for me outside of appartment’s gate.I locked the door as I walked towards the appartment’s gate as I can see his red Zen car parked near the gate and than I walked to it as he opened the gate and I am sitting on front seat as Nishant is driving the car.I have put my legs crossed as my thighs are visible to him ,looking at me…….

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“you are looking sexy as well as hot
(Bina) thanks Nishant ,where we are going ?
(Nishant )let’s see where car stops as I want to see your inner beauty first.”

And he is driving car towards outskirts of NOIDA,as he is driving the car fast and sunset have made the atmosphere dark ,it’s a deserted place as Nishant have drove his car to a lonely path and now he stopped the car in a large ground as it’s well covered with large trees also.He is looking smart in his white shirt and black trouser with a brown colour tie and black he ask me to come out as we can’t see anyone there,now we are out of car as he took me in his arms and started kissing me.. I am in his arms as he is kissing my lips and his hand is on my back just trying to lift my little dress up as he wants soft touch of my sexy ass…….god knows why guys love our lower parts the most !as Nishant took my lips in his mouth ,I am pressing my boobs hard on his chest and than ,I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it and my skirt is upto my waist as my ass is nude ,he is massaging the fleshy parts of it.after a while,he left my tongue and smiled…….

“we will enjoy here
(Bina)sure I love love in nature’s paradise.”

And than Nishant took out a small bag as he took out chilled beers from we both are drinking beer as Nishant is smoking cigarette also,we are sitting closer as I put my hand on his trouser and started removing it.nishant have removed his shoes as well as trouser and I can see his bulge of penis in moonlight. looking at me ,he hold my boobs and started pressing it hard as I am drinking beer and than I pulled down his undies to legs as I have got his 8-9 inches long and 3 inches thick cock to love.its better as it’s bigger than my hubby’s dick and now I am masturbating it Nishant is standing as I knelt down on his legs and while holding his penis ,I am running it’s glans on my face and than its in my mouth as I love sucking of cocks and I got his penis in my I am sucking it hard and fast as my hand is on his waist.nishant have hold my hairs tightly as he is screaming…….

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“oohh aahh Bina suck my penis fast you whore aahh ” and I am busy in sucking his cock as I took it out and my tongue is licking it ,my vagina is in fire as I am in Drunkun state.after a while ,I left his penis and now I am standing on ground as Nishant is on my legs.looking like a hot blonde ,he put my skirt up as I am holding it and than removed my G string as it’s on ground and my vagina is now public but it’s for Nishant I stretched my legs as he is putting his lips on my labias ,I am shouting……

“oohh Nishant lick it soon.”

And I put my fingers on vagina to widen its hole ,now Nishant is licking my cunt with his long tongue as I have hold his hairs tightly and pushing his face towards my vagina ,he is rolling tongue in my cunt as my legs are shivering and my body is feeling the sensation.after some time ,I pushed his head back as I walked away to I came back as I washed my vagina with water and now Nishant is sitting on grass as I am sitting on his thigh.He is holding me in his arms as I am kissing his face to lips and than his lips is in my mouth as I am sucking it wildely.I can feel his hand on my ass as he is moving his fingers on my vagina and than I took his tongue in my mouth to suck and Nishant pushed his long finger in my cunt as it’s hot and dry.we both are enjoying love as my hubby is out of town and he is fingering my vagina fastly as I am going to cum soon ,I left his tongue and shouted……..

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“oohh aahh uumm Nishant I will cum soon .”

And he is still fingering my vagina fast and than it’s wet as juice is dripping from we are too hot as Nishant started removing my little dresst but what’s its use ? ,My vagina is uncovered for fuck but Nishant removed it as he removed my dress ,I removed my brassiere and I am completely nude in a I stand as I turned my back and put my arms on cars body ,my wild ass is up in air .now I can feel his hand on my waist as he is pushing his long cock in my vagina ,it’s wet as lubrication made his work easy and he fucked me hard as I screamed……”ooh no it’s too hard and hot.” Now Nishant is fucking my vagina as it’s penis is moving fast inside my smooth cunt and he is fucking me with speed as well as I started swinging my ass fast as his penis is hitting my vaginal depth hard ,he have hold my breast hard as he is massaging it and I am swinging my ass as my cunt is dry ,I started begging for cum……..

“Nishant it’s in fire rain your cum soon.”

But he fucked me for 10 minutes and than his penis ejaculated sperms in my cunt as I sucked it to taste it’s sperm.

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