My hubby’s boss :part-6

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Hello readers,
My hubby Anish got promoted as his boss nishant is in love with me but it’s not a love but physical relation and to be very outspoken ,I love guys with their objectives as I know people see us as objects but its their weakness as we lady don’t leave them helpless.( Prev story My hubby’s boss – part 5).. I am married for 4 years as we both are enjoying our married life and Anish is good on bed but I am really a lady needs some change in taste as people’s are looking for sex with married lady ,I always give them a days I am with Nishant,my hubby’s boss as he is better on bed and his penis spends more time inside my hubby is in Bangalore as I am spending more times with nishant. I am waiting for him as he have assured me for shopping in a local shopping mall.
It’s 05:10 pm as I received call from Nishant……”hi Nishant
(Nishant) be ready for shopping as I am coming soon.” And I removed my night gawn and put a black brassiere on my tits and a full panty covering my vaginal parts ,lastly a long sleeves piece of cloth on my body ,covering upto my thighs as my legs are nude and some parts of thighs are I put red lipstick on my lips and a high heel sandle on legs ,looking myself in mirror ,I am looking like a hot blonde as my dress is covering upto my semi thighs and my round dome shaped ass is making a nice imagination on my dress. Now I am waiting for Nishant to come ,after some time ,he called me…….”Bina I am near your appartment’s gate ,so come on please.”
I am in a black little dress as my neck to thighs are covered but my boobs are making a lovely imagination on my dress as my legs are moving fast towards appartment’s gate ,one can see my ass shaking in my dress. I walked out of my appartment’s gate as I can see a car standing there and moved towards the car.nisjant opened the door as I moved inside,my dress have moved up as I am sitting on front seat and I put my legs crossed ,now Nishant moved the car and looking at me ,he smiled……..’bina you are looking too hot in your dress
(Bina) thanks ,where we are going ?
(Nishant) atta market will be good than we will move towards Anand vihar railway junction
(Bina) railway junction ,some one is coming Nishant
(Nishant) yes I have to pick a friend .” And we both reached a shopping mall. He have hold my wrist as we both are walking towards a undergarment shop as we entered inside ,Nishant asked……”choose some brassiere as well as panty
(Bina) no ,you have to choose for me.” And we both are moving inside a shop as Nishant took out a set of undergarments for me and asked the staff…….”this set of undergarments for my madam , looking at me……”say your size of your brassiere as well as panty.” And I bought two sets as it’s transparent and will look hot on my body .now we both are out of shop as we both walked in a ladies wear shop and there I choses two sets of crop tops with mini skirt and than ,Nishant as well as me moved in a coffee shop. He is eyeing on my boobs as I am bit shy,we two have our coffee as we both are inside he is driving car at a great speed as I know the destination of Anand vihar railway junction but Nishant took car in a deserted path ,may be it’s going to village and I asked……..”Nishant ,where we are going ?
(Nishant) just see where I will park the car.” And it’s a large ground where he parked the car. It’s 07:00 pm as it’s a deserted place and Nishant moved out of car as I waited for a minute .lastly we are out of car .looking at Nishant ,I smiled and he hold me in his arms as his hand is on my sexy ass .Nishant is kissing my face as my hand is rubbing his back .we both have hold each other’s tightly as he is kissing my lips and I can feel his hand lifting my little black dress that’s on my sexy ass . I am pushing my breasts on his chest as he took my lips in his mouth to suck,we both are in a deserted ground as moon light is making our works easy.slowly I pushed my tongue in his mouth and he is sucking it as my dress is up above on the waist ,he is rubbing my sexy ass and now my hand is unzipping Nishant’s jeans.later on he took out his long cock and I have hold it tightly.
Nishant left my tongue as I put my head on his shoulder for a little I knelt on ground as I pulled down his jeans to legs and started kissing his long penis with my lips ,he is standing on ground while I am kissing his dick and looking at him ,I put glans on my face and lips ,just rubbing the softest part of penis on my face and lips ,I am in pleasure .Nishant have hold my hairs tightly as he pushed his cock in my mouth and I started sucking his cock like a pro. His penis is hitting my deep throat as I have hold his dick tightly in between my lips inside my mouth.after a while ,I took it out to lick it with my tongue.a Hot iron rod is getting the love of my tongue as I licked it and again sucked it for some I stand infront of Nishant and started kissing his face and lips while my hand is masturbating his penis and I started sucking his lips and lastly

,Nishant pushed his tongue in my mouth as I am sucking it.we both are hot as I left his tongue and now I am in his arms …….”Nishant ,where is your friend?
(Nishant) it’s rubbing your vaginal parts Bina ,now you will get fuck from your friends.” And now I am standing near car as I turned hand is on car as I have bend my hot upper body ,just like a four legged animal on I can feel Nishant’s hand lifting my little black dress to my waist and than started pulling down my panty. I am looking to him as my panty is on my legs and Nishant hold his cock as I stretched my legs wider and he put glans in my cunt and slowely his 1/2 of cock is inside my vagina. He have hold my waist and pushed his long cock hard ,as his whole cock is inside my cunt ,I am feeling the pain inside cunt,but why?, I can’t say. His long thick cock is moving in my cunt at a great speed as he is lifting my dress towards neck and lastly took out my dress from my hot body as I am in a brassiere only. He is fucking me with speed as well as power and lastly ,he unhooked my bra also and I am completely nude in a deserted ground .Nishant is fucking me hard as I started swinging my ass fast…….”oohh aahh Nishant fuck me hard but why you have made me nude?, If anyone see me than
(Nishant) if anyone will see you nude,than he will fuck you
(Bina) oh means you will not protect me from stranger
(Nishant) may be .” And he is penetrating my deep vagina as his hand is on my boobs to massage.after a while ,I screamed louder……..”oh uummm I will cum.” And he is giving me hard fuck .my pussy become wet as Nishant took out his cock and I turned my body as he is sitting on my legs. I have stretched my legs as he is licking my glory hole with his tongue and after a while ,Nishant as well as Bina is standing facing he hold my one leg in his hand and put it in air as my legs are too wide ,I hold his cock and pushed inside my wet cunt. He is pressing his cock in my vagina as his long cock is inside and he pounded hard as I shouted……..”oh aahh your cock is too hard .” And he put my one leg on his waist as we are holding eachother tightly and my boobs are on his chest as he is fucking me hard and later on ,Nishant hold my waist tightly as he took me on his lap ,holding my whole body weight in his strong arms and I have put my hand on his he is fucking me while I am in his lap while standing ,I am just like a kid in his lap as he have hold me and giving me a nice fuck. This position makes a lady too satisfied but if the weight of lady is like me of 52 kg and a strong men like Nishant is there ,couple can enjoy this position as he is fucking me hard and after a while ,he slowly put me on ground and giving me hard fuck as my cunt is hot and we are in sexual orgasm as he screamed……..”oohh aahh Bina have my cum.” And he poured cum in my cunt and I sucked it to taste it’s shopping cum sex ends .

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