My hubby’s boss :part-5

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Hello readers,
It’s a cloudy day as Sunray have vanished with little rain hubby Anish is in Bangalore as his hubby Nishant have sent him on a week trip for official purposes. (Prev story My hubby’s boss – part 4) I have made a plan for Nishant as he have spent some nice time with me last night before leaving my home in the early morning. I wake up at 10:45 am as my hubby’s call started ringing on my mobile and while sleeping on bed ,I took my mobile and started speaking……..”hi Anish ,how are you ?
(Anish) I am fine ,are you still on be
(Bina) yes Anish ,I am still on bed,why?
(Anish) I know what’s going on in my absence
(Bina) you are bit suspicious as well as jealous Anish , I will call you later” and I moved to washroom for refreshment ,after it I prepare a cup of tea as I am drinking it alone . I am alone in my house as my maid is also out of station for some work.i am sitting in my balcony as I can see cloudy weather with humidity ,feeling too satisfied after a hot night I am drinking tea while looking at clouds.will it rain ? Will Nishant will enjoy with me in rain ?, I think no,because he loves closed door sex as our Indian society loves sex inside room but I love to enjoy sex in a nature’s paradise. It’s 12:00 afternoon as I called Nishant………”hi Nishant ,how are you mr.?
(He) I am fine and busy in office also ,so I will meet you in the evening
(Bina) but my glory hole need a hard fuck right now ,will you come soon.” And I moved towards refrigerator and took out a bottle of beer to drink. I started drinking it as my body is feeling the love of my bed partner Nishant. I took a while bottle beer as my body is feeling the curiousity for love. I don’t know Nishant will come right now or not?. I am wearing a night gawn as after drinking beer heavily ,I came inside dinning hall and removed my I am nude as I moved inside my bedroom to have my clothes as I want to have a nice bath. I took a red small frock upto my thighs length and a towel to move inside washroom.
My lovely body is nude as I am sure,if any one will look me like it ,they will sure rape me but no one is here to look my round boobs as well as shaky waist and round dome shaped ass. I am inside washroom and sits under cascade to make my body wet ,I am having a bath as water is making me wet .now I closed the tap of cascade as I took a bottle of gel and started putting it on my breasts and tummy ,while rubbing my breasts as well as tummy with gel ,I am thinking of a strong guy who can make me scream. My whole front part of body is covered with gel as I have massaged it on my body and now while standing ,I stretched my legs and put my fingers inside my vagina to fuck it. Now tap of cascade is open as water is running on my body and my body is getting the wash ,after having a nice bath , I took a towel and rub it on my hot body. I came out of washroom as I am nude,now while standing in front of long mirror ,I am looking at my sexual organs as I put some cream on my vagina and than put a G string on it. I put a 32C size black brassiere on my breasts to cover it and lastly a frock ,which can cover my half thighs only as I am standing but my whole thighs will be nude if I sits on chair . I moved to dinning hall as I can see 4 missed call on my mobile ,that’s of Nishant and I called him……..”hi Nishant,you have called me
(Nishant) yes ,I will come after an hour
(Bina) ok dear ,I am ready for it.”and I called a near by reasturant for lunch to serve it in my home. It’s 01:10 afternoon as door bell started ringing and I opened the door to see a service guy standing there with a packet of food. He came inside as he put food packet on table and moved inside my bedroom to have money to pay him,coming back I can see him eyeing on my nude thighs as well as legs,he took money and left my home.
I left the door open as I am on dinning chair with my meals on table ,I am eating it as I know Nishant will come after an hour. I have my lunch and now feeling bit sleepy ,I closed the door and moved to my bed. I closed my eyes as my mind is on Nishant’s strong body ,he is a 34-35 years guy with ability to make lady satisfy on eyes are closed as I slept for an hour ,it’s the bell of door who make my sleep disturbed.
I walked fast towards door and opened it ,Nishant is there with a bag on his hand. He entered my home as I closed the door,looking at me ,he is eyeing my clevage as well as nude thighs and he put his bag on table and took me in his strong arms. I am holding him tightly as he is rubbing my back and kissing my face,my frock is just inches below my pelvic zone as he kissed my lips and started pushing his hand inside my frock as I can feel his palm on my nude ass

,a G string can cover vaginal zone only not he took my lips in his mouth as he is sucking it while my breasts are on his chest.slowely I pushed my tongue in his mouth as he is sucking it while my ass is getting the run of his palm and I am in pleasure as he is sucking my tongue but I pushed his face back and my tongue is out of his mouth. He is rubbing my back as he is kissing my neck……..”your dress have made you more hot and wild
(Bina) yes ,my cloth can cover nothing ,you can see my clevage as well as my boobs are visible in transparent dress .” And we both are sitting on sofa as he is removing his shirt and I am pulling his jeans down ,after a while I can see his bulge of penis on his brief.just rubbing it’s bulge on undies ,I am feeling a strong palm on my soft breast as he is pressing it hardly and now I am on his legs. I took out Nishant’s undies as his long cock is in semi erection,I hold it tightly and my lips are on it as I am kissing his penis ,he is lifting my frock upto my neck and he took it out from my hot body as my body is in undergarments i took his glans in my mouth to suck as I am sucking it hard and his long cock is in full erection as my mouth is going down on his cock,I took his cock in my mouth as I am sucking it fast and Nishant is pressing my breast hard as he put his hand on my back and unhooked my I took out his cock as my tongue is licking it and he is massaging my boobs .later on ,I left his cock as I stand in front of him and my legs are wide open as I put one leg on sofa .Nishant is rubbing my back as he removed my G string and my vagina is glittering as he hold my waist tightly and put his lips on my labias to kiss. He is kissing my vagina as I am screaming……..”oohhhhh aahh uummm Nishant fuck me soon dear.” But he put his fingers on my labias to open the hole of cunt and I am feeling his long tongue in my cunt .my legs are shivering as I have hold his hairs tightly and he is guiding his tongue inside deep vagina as I am feeling the heat and after a while ,he took my labias in his mouth to suck. He sucked it for a while as I pushed his face and walked towards washroom.
We both are nude as he made me stand on ground like a four legged animal and standing behind my ass ,he pushed his cock in my glory hole and holding my waist,he pushed his long cock in my vagina fastly and I shouted……”ohh aahh it’s too hard and hot ,fuck me fast.” Nishant is fucking me with speed as well as power and I started swinging my ass fast to enjoy his penis in my cunt. He have hold my hairs tightly as he is pulling it while making my body move as his penis is giving me a deep penetration.after 10 minutes ,he shouted……”oohhhhh my darling I will cum.” And I got his cum in my cunt and I took his penis in my mouth to suck.

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