Extramarital affair : a secret love story

A 27 years married lady can’t be a saint as she need her life full of romance,sex with pleasure.so Rima,a married lady have kept her virgin status till first night as my hubby get my virgin vagina to love and there i lost my virginity.

So in last four years of married life,my hubby Ankit with me (Rima)have enjoyed lot but it’s true that my hubby have changed a lot as he have invited his colleague for physical love but it was a swapping not a solo one.so my married life was normal till i meet a stranger rashid in a shopping mall and we two have pleased eachother’s body,than my hubby’s friend Iqbal ,my cousin Yash as well as a gigolo and than a last chapter in my love life Pritam pal Singh have been added.so Rima have got half dozen of cocks till today but now my romantic life have turned into a sexual affair with a men of 34-35 years and we both have complemented eachother’s body on bed thrice till today.so his fair complexion with tall figure of 6’0 feet and strong thighs to arms are attractive as he is handsome but he is a womanizer as he loves physical affairs with gals as well as ladies,his smart personality is like a sardar jee and as our meets have happened two weeks ago ,I am feeling bit horny to meet as well as to get fucked with him,he is now out of Lucknow.so one night I received a SMS as it reads……..


“your long wait will end tomorrow morning but if you have desire to meet me “and so I can’t understand his message but I thought to call him ,it’s late night as 00:25 midnight have took place,so I messaged him………

“I am desperate to meet you “and as I have hold my mobile in hand ,I am sleeping on bed near my hubby as he is in sound sleep ,so I am waiting for his reply and after sometime ,

SMS came……….”if you want to meet me and for atleast 3 hours than I will stay in hotel in Lucknow”and now I can understand his plan as he will arrive in the morning and will not go home rather than will be in a hotel to have physical affair with me , so while thinking about my reply I am sleeping on bed as after a while a SMS came……….”reply me soon if you want so” and I hold my mobile as I replied positively to him ,so I slept soundly and next morning ,as I wake up ,I can see my mobile screen flashing a SMS symbol,so I read it as name of hotel is written on it.later on ,I took refreshment as I prepared a cup of tea for me ,so hubby is still sleeping and after having my morning tea ,I walked to my bedroom as i started disturbing my hubby’s sleep and than he opened his eyes as he left bed .

So I moved to kitchen as i prepared cup of tea for him and than he is in balcony with a newspaper as I give him cup of tea , walked back to kitchen as i starts preparing breakfast for my hubby as well as me.so want to finish my works soon as I have to reach a hotel at 10:30 am ,so my hubby have frisked inside washroom as i am in kitchen and door bell starts ringing,so I moved to door as i opened it to see maid Zarina there.as I am preparing breakfast ,maid starts cleaning floors and than my hubby came to dinning room as i served him breakfast,so things are going on normally and after a while ,my hubby have finished his breakfast as he left home.so it’s 09:15 am and I have got less time for bath as well as breakfast ,so I moved to kitchen and prepare two cup of tea as I came inside dinning room and Zarina is inside my room.so I starts drinking tea as I shouted

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“Zarina ,have your tea soon
(She)yes madam.”and she came out of room as she sit on floor with cup of tea as looking at him ,I said…………”Zarina,I have to leave for an urgent work at 10:00 am and so finish the work soon
(She) o k madam ,than today I will not wash the floors
(Me)as you wish but do it on time.”

And so I put empty cup on table as I moved to my room , opened the wardrobe as I picked a sleeveless kurti with black leggings for my meet with Pritam pal Singh.so I choose two set of sexy dress also for a day ,as one is robes other is baby doll honeymoon set and now put one set of undergarments also in a small bag ,now I am inside washroom as i removed my night wear and starts getting bath nudely under cascade.so in hurry I used soap to clean my body ,rubbed my wet body and walked nudely to my room ,while standing infront of a large mirror ,I am looking my sexy body as I took a bottle of lotion and now put it on my vagina’s surface.so I hold my panty to wear but got reflection of Zarina in mirror as she is eyeing my beauty and I turned back ,said………..

“Zarina ,are you eyeing my beauty
(She)sorry madam ,I came to wash floor of room and got your nude look
(Rima putting panty on waist)o k do fast
(She)you are too sexy madam.”and I put my undergarments as well as kurti with leggings , so walked to kitchen and have my breakfast and now while sitting on sofa ,I am having it as looking at watch ,it’s 09:45 am and so I am in hurry as a cab will come at 10:00 am to pick me for a hotel and so I washed my hand as i took my purse with a small bag.now walked to balcony as I called Pritam…….”I am ready
(He)o k , cab will come on time.”and so I put sandals on my legs ,now Zarina walked to me as her eyes are on a small bag ,her suspicious statement………

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“madam ,you have put a bag here
(Me) yes but have your works completed
(Zarina)yes madam
(Me) o k than meet you in the evening.”

And she left home as I am waiting for cab driver’s call and after a while ,my mobile starts ringing as I talked to him and now walked out of home.so locked the main door as i hold a bag in hand with a purse on shoulder ,so in hurry ,I moved out of appartment’s gate as I can see a white swift car standing near roadside and I moved there ,so driver looked at me as he is sitting inside and opened the back door of car,now I sit there as he drove the car towards hotel Radisson Blu ,city centre Lucknow.on a heavy traffic ,he is driving the car smoothly as my eyes are looking out of windows and I am bit scared of my love cum lust affair with a men and it’s out of home also but I am too bold as hunger for cocks have made me a slut lady.so going on a busy road and lastly as we are near City centre ,I called Pritam……..

“hi will reach after 5 minutes
(He)o k ,than move to reception and say your name Anjali Singh.”

So car entered the hotel premises ,as I walked out of it and a service guy came to us as he hold my small bag and than I walked to reception.so after giving there a wrong introduction ,I walked towards lift with a guy and than inside lift ,I can see him pressing button for third floor and as we walked out of it ,both walked to room no.314 as guy ringed the bell and so Pritam opened the door.now as guy put my bag there,he left us and I locked the door as I hold Pritam in my arms , starts kissing his cheek and lips as his hand is measuring my sexy bum.so while standing on ground ,he hold my hairs as he put his lips on my lips ,a hard kiss on my lips made me hot and so I pushed him hard to tumble on bed.like a lady with dominance,I bend down as I removed my sandals and as he is sleeping on bed with his legs down to earth,I slept on his top and now he is rubbing my back as my both boobs are pressing hard on his chest.He have put a vest as well as pyjamas on his body and now as my tongue starts licking his lips,he hold my hairs and swallow my tongue to suck,two week recess of love lasted as we both are hot and holding me tight ,he is sucking my tongue as his hand is pulling down my leggings but not going to remove it soon.so as I took my long tongue from his mouth ,I stand there and now moved towards bag as I opened it and than took out my robes to wear, looking at me he smiled “oh ,have another dress also

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