Little sister’s vagina :part-9

A teenager have lost her virginity to her elder brother and so inside hotel room as Garry and Lili have enjoyed intercourse sex session,they are too exhausted but Garry ,a 18 years guy is a great fucker but his days were passed while masturbating his penis with imagination of sexy gals or ladies in his closed eyes and as he started an illicit affair with his sister,no one is there to interfere and so Lili,a 17 years gal is nude on bed (read previous story “little sister’s vagina & it’s parts),as her vagina is filled with cum and now I walked to washroom as i urinated there ,so walked to bedroom as Lili is sitting nude on bed and looking at me ,she said……..

Garry, feeling too guilty , so put beer in glasses
(Me)sure darling.”and I walked nudely to table as I put beer in both of glasses,so lit a cigarette also as it’s 12:35 afternoon and lot of time is still in hand to enjoy ,as I hold glasses in hands ,I put cigarette in between my lips and so walked inside washroom.looking inside,I can see Lili sitting on toilet seat as she is urinating there and I put glasses on washroom’s floor as I am smoking cigarette, now Lili came to me as she is walking in bit pain as I can’t understand her swollen legs or due to her vagina’s hole getting fucked for a first she hold glass as while standing ,she is drinking beer and my eyes are on her sexy vagina,looks like reddish swollen organs and than she sit near me on ground ,so both lovers are on ground nude as my cock is like a fleshy organs without any as Lili is drinking beer ,she said……..


“I haven’t thought of such pain with burn inside vagina
(Me)oh baby,don’t know your brother’s sex therapy.”and as our drinks finishes ,we both moved inside bathtub,full of water as Lili and Garry is under water,their body are brushing eachother .so I hold her in my arms as I put my lips on her cheeks and she is bit shy as well as hot,so her palms are rubbing my back,under water we both are holding eachother and than I kissed her lips Lili have put a bottle of gels on ground as I hold it and now dropped a lot inside clean water,so as our body is inside bathtub,now water is turning foamy and so ,I get straight inside it as my younger sister Lili is on my top.our whole body is under water as it’s turning foamy but our neck to head are out of it and Lili is bit relaxed as she is kissing my face as well as my hand is moving on her soft back and Lili starts licking my lips with her tongue and so I swallow her tongue as I am sucking it hard with my hand measuring her sexy bum.she is on my top as her boobs are on my chest and we two are getting hot as my one finger moved inside her hot vagina, fingering it slow with her tongue in my mouth ,I am feeling too hot and after a while ,Lili took out her tongue from my we both are looking at eachother and my finger is rubbing her hole as she kissed my lips……..

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“now feeling bit cool
(Me)o k than move out of it.”

And Lili left my body as I walked out of it,so our body is well covered in foams as both are under cascade and now I opened the tap as both have took bath,now our body are clean as I am feeling bit we both are out of washroom and a curtain in between bedroom as well as washroom have been put for changing of both are rubbing eachother’s body with towel and now she moved to bed as I sit on sofa ,now opened another bottle of beer as i started putting it in my glass and looking at me ,she screamed “Garry ,little beer will make me relaxed
(Me)sure baby ,than come and enjoy drinking.”and so I lit a cigarette as she came near me but have put a bath robes on her sexy body,now we both are drinking beer as I said………

“baby,don’t feel guilty for our physical affair
(Lili)but it’s the truth that our family bonds have turned into a sexual affair
(Me)we will do it again and our sexual meets will make us more bold and sexy.”so our drinks finishes as Lili walked to bed and i moved towards refrigerator as I opened it to see something but not available there,so I called room service as I ordered some items with meals.looking at Lili ,I said…….

“I will be nude
(She)oh than what I have to do ?
(Me)as door bell starts ringing , go and open the door and receive our ordered items
(Lili)sure .”

And as i am sitting on bed’s corner ,my hand hold her boobs on robes as I am pressing it and so she is smiling on me ,after a while ,as door bell starts ringing ,I walked towards washroom as Lili moved to I am feeling little erection in my cock as I am waiting for Lili’s words to come inside and later on ,she screamed “come inside Garry “,so I walked to bedroom as i can see Lili completely nude and I asked “you slut ,have shown your nude body to a guy
(She laughed)sure Garry,now I have to be a bold gal as I want to know my classmate’s cock
(Garry sitting near him on bed)as you wish baby.”

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And I made her sleep on bed as I took butter cake from plate , she have put her thighs on eachother as making her vagina invisible from I put my hand on her thigh as I am rubbing it hard and she is in a drunkun state as she have hold her thighs tight , so I put my lips on her soft thigh as I am kissing it wildly and now she is too horny as her thighs have moved little Garry is kissing her thighs as my cock is getting some erection and she is now a hot gal on bed,her legs are stretched as she is in pleasure “uh ah Garry”and now I hold a pillow as I put it under her butts ,so her vagina is in my eyes as I put my hand on it, rubbing it slowly and now I said…………

“now baby ,you will feel my massage on your whole body but first I will make your vagina a peaceful place
(Lili)I know your peace making efforts
(Me rubbing butter cake on it)don’t be suspicious as I will not fuck you today
(She)oh obedient brother ,but if your sister’s vagina will die for your penis ,than
(Me rubbing her soft vagina)than I will do it baby,as you are too tired ,you will not feel it’s real pleasure.”

And so I rubbed butter on her vaginal surface ,now I put my crossed fingers as I widened it’s hole,it’s a little flexible one and so I pushed a part of butter inside,she is looking at me as I can see parts of butter melting there and so I put remaining butter on plate as I pushed my long finger inside her it’s wet as I am fingering fast and no one can keep lot of patience while a nude gal is on bed as her vagina is getting fucked with finger and so her wet cunt is now hot ,she is screaming “uh ah oh my god,you are making me too horny “and so my one hand is on her breast as I am squeezing it hard ,she is in fire and now I took out my finger as I put my face in between her I put my nose on sister’s vaginal hole and smelt it hard,natural fragrance is making me hot and I starts kissing her vagina.she is enjoying my love as her crossed fingers widened it’s hole,now I put my tongue in her hole as I am licking it fast as my both hands have hold her thighs,she is moving her bum high on bed and my tongue is rolling in her cunt.lili is shouting “uh ah um Garry ,I will cum soon ,oh it feels like a desperate vagina need fuck”and my cock is in semi erection as drinking energetic juice and playing with sister’s body have filled the testicles with blood but it’s not in full as I felt cum in her hole,I licked it and left her vagina,so she is a hot gal and wake up on bed as she walked towards mind is confused as staying whole night versus leaving hotel’s room in the evening is in my mind as I have paid money for 24 hours ,we can live here till next morning (10:35 am).so as Lili walked to me ,I am on bed with my legs straight and she sit near my waist as she hold my cock and starts jerking it fast, looking at him I asked………

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