Sex with my drunk mother

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When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom was drinking way to much. I really hated her when she was drunk because she wasn’t the loving mother that raised us.

Late one night I was going to the bathroom and I saw mom passed out cold drunk sleeping on the couch and her robe had opened up and I could clearly see her boobs and pubic hair. I’ve never seen a grown up woman nude before and I was amazed by her nude body. I felt like I was doing something wrong looking at her nude but I don’t know why I couldn’t stop looking at her. She has big dark areolas with long nipples and short brown pubic hair which was really cool to see because I didn’t have any pubic hair yet I was that young. She was snoring loudly and I thought I should wake her up and tell her to go to bed. I called out MOM WAKE UP while shaking her shoulder but she never woke up or moved a muscle. I was now standing right next to her and looking down I got a really close look at moms nude body. I realized that she wasn’t going to wake up so I slowly reached down and touched her nipple and couldn’t believe how soft her boob was. I watched in as her nipple got really hard and long as I was touching it. This was so cool then I touched her pubic hair which was soft and fussy. I thought I should stop and go to bed. All I could think about was how mom’s nude body looked at how it affected me. This was the first time I ever got an erection from seeing a girls nude body.

That night my whole life changed. All I could think about was mom’s nude body and how I could get to see more of her.
Now I couldn’t wait for mom to drink and get drunk. I would stay up really late at night waiting for her to pass out cold drunk sleeping so I could go and see her nude and feel her up. All of my first sexual experiences were with my drunk mother. She is the first grown up woman I have ever seen nude the first grown up woman I have ever felt up and the first time I ever had sex in my life. After feeling her up and exploring her body when she was drunk sleeping I got up the nerve and courage one night to experience sex for the first time. She was sleeping on her side and from behind her I could see her vagina between her legs and thought if I got behind her I might be able to experience sex with her. I got into position and easliy slipped inside of her vagina. Just the feeling of mom’s warm vagina and the excitement of having sex made me cum within seconds. This was the first time I have ever had sex and it was with my drunk mother
This is all the God’s honest truth.

Added by Carlospinzon

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