My Neighbour’s Hot, Sexy Wife 1

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Hello All. Am Ravi from Hyderabad. I read stories regularly and inspired to share one of my experiences with you. This is a true story about how I fucked my neighbour for the first time after long waiting. Kindly excuse me if there are any mistakes as this being my first story.

It was during my collage days. There was a family where a newly wedded wife and husband. Wife looks like a sex goddess and husband never care for her and always interested in work and be out of house. That being a village there were lot of restrictions and people used to observe each other. So whenever she comes out I used to check the surroundings and watch her whenever possible. I tried looking at her shapes and her stiff boobs were making me hard. I feel like fucking her then and there.

When I tried looking at her and made an attempt to talk to her, she used to give a serious look and this made me to withdraw my tries. I had to leave the village for my higher education and later settled in Hyderabad. But never forget about her beautiful assets. When I go to my village on some work of vacation first thing is my eyes used to look for her.

After many years I visited the place and I was surprised that she had 2 kids and still maintaining the same figure. 34-30-36 which I got to know later when we had sex. Her round ass makes me crazy when she walks wearing a nighty after dinner. One day when I got a sad news that my grandmother died I had to go and was there for few days. During this time I got a chance to talk to her which made me feel comfortable to proceed further, but was sacred to express as I worried about neighbours watching me.

After all the third day rituals, I saw her when she was sweeping in front of her house and that was the last chance for me to try. It was now or never. So I wrote my numbers on a piece of paper and threw it at her and looked around that nobody was watching me. She didn’t take that paper but swept it. I was depressed and left the village that I missed her.

When I reached Hyderabad to my surprise I got a call from an unknown number, a lady with a sweet voice said “Hello”. I never expected it was her. I said “Who is this”. She replied that you threw the paper with number and asking me who am I ????

I was flying in air and jumping with Joy. But maintained my tone and said yes. Then she asked me why I gave her my number. I took some time but finally communicated her what my expectation was from her. She asked “ Why now ? “. I explained her how much I missed her and how many times I masturbated thinking of her. I was blunt in expressing as if I cant make it now then I can never make it.

I was happy to hear that she too was interested in me, but never knew how to communicate as people will be watching and I never spoke to her before. But the question was how do we fuck. When and Where?

This made me to make a plan to revisit my village as I have to attend grandmother’s 11th day ritual. I was very happy that I am going to meet her and if possible I can fuck her. When I reached village I found her and she gave me a smile and whenever possible we were talking on phone and lots of personal chats and sexual discussions took all the shy out of her.

One day when we cousins went out and having drinks at nearby farm land which belongs to one of my friend, she called me saying that She couldn’t find me home, to check whether I can go to her house as her husband went to work and daughter is out of station and son went out. This was a good chance for me to fuck her.
I quickly wrapped things and rushed home. After parking my car I dumped all belongings and went to her house asking for a table fan. There were no one at home. All the time I was talking about how do I fuck her now? When the actual situation has come and my heart was beating a high pace and I could feel my own heart beats. My tongue was getting dried and I was not able to talk to her properly. I asked her to get me some water.

When she got some water I drank them and when she turned back to go into the kitchen, I put my hands on her and turned her towards me and placed my lips over her and started licking them. She too responded and we exchanged saliva and I inserted my tongue into her mouth. We kissed passionately and I put my hands on her boobs and started pressing them. Opened her nighty buttons and put one hand inside there was not bra and for the first time I felt the softness of those round boobs which are stiff after giving birth to two kids.

I made her lean to the cot and put one hand down and slowly lifted the nighty and placed one hand on her pussy. She was not wearing any panty and it was clean shaved knowing that I am coming. This encouraged me more and my dick was hard and was ready to jump out of my inner. I inserted one finger. It was warm inside and I started exploring the clitoris. I rubbed it and was kissing by pressing boob with one hand. She was moaning hmmmmm ahhhhh ahhhh. The pussy was completely wet now and was oozing juices.

I lifted her nighty completely and threw it aside and made her lye on the cot. The cots in the village will be high compared to the one in the city. It was at a right height when I spread her legs and folded her knees. I saw her shaven pussy with juices and immediately put my tongue on it and started tasting them. It was salty and tempting to suck more. I inserted my tongue and licking her clitoris. Sucking her labia and pressing her boobs. She was going crazy and moaning oouchhh, aaaaahhhhh, hmmmmmmm, and put hands on my head and pushing it towards her pussy. She was talking in local language “ cheekei, baagaa naaku” ( Suck it and lick it). I was more excited and started to insert my tongue in and out. She was not able to control anymore and requesting me to fuck her before her son come back. She was shouting “ Dengu tondaraga inka aagalenu, naa koduku vachestaadu, tondaraga pettu, raaa” ( Fuck me I can’t wait anymore, fuck me before my son comes back, Insert your dick). I was teasing her by sucking her pussy and making circles at the pussy entrance.

I stood and took my dick and placed it at the love pot and rubbing it. I inserted it and she shouted aaaaaahhhhhhhh aammmaaaa. I stopped for 30 seconds and started pumping. She was moaning and holding the pillow. I could see her round boobs jumping in rhythm and we fucked for 5 minutes. She said that she is Cumming and wrapped her legs around my waste. I pumped few more times and released my load into her pussy and lied down on her. We were in that position for a while and she quickly got up and cleaned the cum shots spread on the floor and cleaned my dick and put on her nighty and went into the toilet to clean her pussy. I quickly put my dick inside and was ready to go home. I saw his son coming in after playing outside. I took the table fan and left their home.

Later we fucked many times in different positions at different places. Shall share with you in next episodes.
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