My classmate iqbal

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Hi readers,
This story backs 06 years ago as I was in graduation in a local college of Kanpur.I am just 20 years of age as my friends are enjoying there life to the fullest but I am from a conservative family and my mom as well as dad is strictly against the norms of friendship with guys.

so I always keep away from boys in college as my friends always give me comments on my attitude.I am a nice looking gal as I am tall (5’5feet) and my white complexion with nice figure of 30-24-34 makes me attractive .my lovely tits are tight as well as soft and my sexy ass is round in shape as I keep my arms pits clean shaved ,my vaginal area have little hairs on what happened in college………in the classroom ,gals and guys sits together as my class mate Iqbal is the smart figure and it’s a day full of joy as well as two friends dipali as well as Payal bunked classes and Iqbal got chance to sit near me in class.In the lunch hour ,Iqbal asked ……

“Bina today your friends is not here
(Bina)than ,what you want ?
(Iqbal) a cup of coffee together
(Bina)ok.”and I left college premises with Iqbal for a cup of coffee as he asked me to wait for him and he walked fastly to parking area.I am in a long skirt as well as tops with sandles on legs ,Iqbal came on bike as I sits on back seat and we both are going towards a coffee my one hand is on his shoulder as I have put my legs in same direction ,putting my legs crossed and maintaining distance on bike.we are in Swaroop Nagar market as we both are in coffee shop and Iqbal after giving order of coffee ,left the chair as I am alone thinking about my company with a guy .

I am bit afraid as well as confused about relationship,my too many friends are enjoying their life with their boyfriends ,Iqbal came there and than we both are drinking coffee.after a while ,we left the place as it’s time for classes and Iqbal is riding bike slowely as he took another direction and I am bit confused about his next destination but I am voiceless.after 10-15 minutes of ride ,we reached Azad park.lookinh at Iqbal……..

“Iqbal what about our classes
(He smiled)leave it for now .”

And he parked the bike as he hold my wrist and it’s a nice touch from a guy as we both entered the park.I know Iqbal as some gals loves/flirts him and I am well surprised as Iqbal is with me.

We both are sitting on grass as he is eyeing at me in an different manner and I am bit shy ,he said…….

“Bina you know that too many gals loves or flirts me
(Bina)yes but I am not the one
(Iqbal)sure but I want to say something
(Bina)ok but my ear will be deaf if you will say something expected
(Iqbal)I am in love with you
(Bina)Iqbal I can’t hear your voice but I will reply you through letter.”

And we talked for an hour as he left me to my home .on bed ,I am thinking about him as I slept a night and next day ………..

I reached college as our classes are on time and in lunch hour ,I give him a paper and walked with my friends to canteen.after our classes in the evening as I was walking towards college gate ,Iqbal came from behind and I sit on his bikes back seat.we both are voiceless as my reply have been surprising.He stopped the park near market area of my home…….

“Bina your reply is shocking but we will meet in the lunch hour.” Now I walked to my home as my night passes well .next morning ,I took bath and breakfast as it’s a special day for me.our plan and my reply is secret from outsiders as I walked to market area to catch an auto ,Iqbal is waiting there and I am with him on bike.He took me to his student lodge as I am mentally prepared for some thing he opened the door of his room as I walked inside ,I am bit afraid as well as shy about my next Iqbal started removing his shirt as I am sitting on his bed and he put a Bermuda on his he sits near me and hold my wrist ,both are now on bed .Iqbal is a smart and strong guy as I have showed my curiosity for sex with him but within Iqbal hold me in his arms as he started kissing my lips while holding my he is putting lips on my face as I can feel the sensation within minutes ,never got the touch of a guy as he is holding me tightly and kissing me wildly on my lips ,face and body is in sensation as he took my lips in his mouth to suck.He is sucking my lips as my hand is on his Bermuda and I can feel the bulge of penis ,now I pushed my tongue in Iqbal’s mouth as he is sucking it hard and my hand moved inside his Bermuda from its corner.I have seen porn clips but never got the love of a guy ,my hand got the hold of his cock as it’s hot and hard.we both are sitting on bed in a closest position ,after a while ,I took out my tongue as I am feeling too hot.I am too shy but Iqbal put his hand on my breast as I hold his wrist to put away his hand but Iqbal is pressing my breast hard as I am in physical love with he pushed me on bed as I slept and he started pulling down my skirt,my lower parts are nude as he is kissing my thighs and I am feeling the heat inside my vagina.iqbal is kissing my thighs to legs as he have hold my waist tightly and I am screaming……

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