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Hi everyone this my first experience and I am writing a story for the first time so plz forgive me for any mistakes..

I am Rohan about me I am 19 years old 5.9 height 70 kg weight .  I don’t have any six packs but I am fit and fine I leave in Bangalore in a pg .

I came to Banglore for my higher education (BE) this incident took place when I was 18 I stayed in college hostel at that time i was getting bored so decided to go out with my frnd we went to majestic there we saw many call girls we were shocked than went to brigade road it was heaven the time was around 7 pm we decided to go to pub to take some drinks we entered the pub near the mg road we were sitting in a table my frnd got call and he said he want go to home he will be back in 1 hour and he went .

I was getting real bored a lady aged around 30 was sitting in other table she gave a smile to me I replied her by giving smile she came and sat beside me and said are you alone or waiting for someone I said I was alone she introduced her self her name was Neha Ramesh and we started chitchating coming to the story her husband name was Ramesh and he was an employee in reputed company she was from West Bengal and her husband was.  From Kerala they had love marriage after marriage his husband told her to not to work In any company instead you be in home only she was not happy with that and there sex life was also not good I didn’t ask about that but she only started to tell she was drunked and about Neha she was gorgeous women 5.5 height 54 kg weight fait in color she was wearing western outfit than she asked me a cigarette however I had in my pocket I gave to her she siad that her husband and gone Dubai saying its business trip.than she asked me a favor to drop her home I happily said ok now after chatting for 2 hours we were good friends (I texted my frnd that I went to hostel) and we walked for distance than her car was there .

We went her flat after 2 hours and she told it’s already 11:40 you stay here only tommorow morning I will drop you but I didn’t agree at first than I agreed she ordered some food and went to shower I was watching a movie I received the food and closed the door she came out of shower with towel rolled to her body exposing her tits I was shocked by seeing her beauty already my cock was standing she looked at my pants and gave a naughty smile really was not able to control she went to bedroom I started to peep the door was opened I know she was ready do but I was not knowing how to start her phone started ringing the phone was on sofa I took the phone and entered her room she was fully naked by seeing me she took the phone and answered the call she wasn’t caring I was seeing her naked body really she was a goddess her size was 34-28-36 I was going mad she after that she throwed the phone and came near and said don’t waste the time baby she pulled me on the bed and I started to kiss her on neck ears and we started to smooch really it was heaven saliva passing from my mouth to her her to mine the I started to lick her hole body from her celaned shaved legs fleshy thighs came to her pussy Clint and squeezing her ass and boobs her pink nipples flat navel she started to scream I started fingering her ass biting her nipples than she blowed my cock she blowed very fastly at starting it was paining after few min it was heaven after some I couldn’t control it I said I am gone cum she started to do it more speed I cum in her mouth and face than I started to fuck her in doogy style she brought some butter and applied to.

My cock than we started fucking her hard after 15 min I cummed.than we eat some food and I told her I want fuck her ass she didn’t agreed to it but I forced her than she agreed she tried to open her ass had she applied some butter to my cock I tried to do it but it was too tight that I strated fingering with one finger than figer now it was ok now I tried with my cock I told her to bend down I picked her ass than I adjust my cock and try to pushed it slowly and took cock out like this I tried 5 times than with full force i inserted my cock fully and held her tightly and started to fuck her after 20 to 30 min cummed she was full busted she was screaming than she also enjoyed a lot after that we made another session than we selpt naked and again in the morning we went outside in the car and had one more session.

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We used to have sex whenever we want after 5 months Neha went to US with her husband I still miss her.

How was the story give feedback at [email protected] any Banglore girls lady’s or housewives you can mail for date chat and sex

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