Mom & son have day on bed: Bina watched them (part – 2)

In previous story as you have read about my hot horny mom Juhi , she have enjoyed physical affair with her son Jeet Infront of me as Bina mishra have seen their physical activity.

So it’s 10:15 am as Jeet have lost his energy while ejaculating semen in mom’s cunt but as I know his long lasting fuck , it will happen but Jeet’s cock have always poured cum within 10 minutes in his first encounter but second encounter always makes me too satisfied as it take longer span of on bed ,Jeet and Juhi are nude while Bina is too hot and than we are in rest as Jeet is on bed in between after having rest for 45 minutes ,Juhi wake up and said……


“Jeet ,come with me and have bath together
(Bina)oh I see !what’s about me
(Juhi laughed)just watch our live sex show.”

And both mom & son have walked inside washroom but I put my night wear as I moved towards dinning room and than have lot of water .so I am thinking of drinks as it’s not in home ,so who will buy it and if Jeet don’t want to go to market area ,than what to do ? ,so I moved to washroom as door is pushed not locked ,so I frisked inside washroom as I can see Jeet & Juhi nude under cascade as both are standing ,their bodies are completely wet and both are holding eachother tight .

So Juhi is rubbing her sons back as Jeet is kissing her mom’s face and now I removed my night wear as I sit behind mom’s butts,it’s a big watermelon in two parts as I starts kissing it hard and than ,my one finger goes in her anus hole as I starts rubbing her hole and she is completely silent as I can assume ,my mom’s tongue or lips in Jeet’s mouth. so while kissing her smooth butts I am fingering her hot hole fast and than she looks back…..

“oh baby ,just make your brother’s cock erect.”

And as I took my finger out of Juhi hole ,my fingers widened her hole and my tongue starts licking I can see Jeet on his knees as I am feeling too horny and as mom’s legs are wide ,Jeet is licking her cunt with his long tongue and now I am standing Infront of Juhi as I hold her breast and starts pressing it hard

“mom ,need some drinks to get hot
(She)have put one bottle of wine in a safe place.”

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So as I took my mom’s breast in mouth to suck ,she starts squeezing my breast and I can hear mom’s sexy voice

“uh ah it’s too itching ah my vagina is well sticky but need more ” and Jeet than wake up as we three have our bath under cascade ,so rubbing eachother’s body with towels we are nude in dinning mom walked to her room as Jeet & Bina is sitting on sofa and while looking at Jeet’s cock ,I hold it and kisses his face as Jeet smiled “sister ,today you will not get my cock in your glory hole
(Mom is back with bottle of wine and a glass) you both are trying to make me fool as Jeet loves your sexy vagina instead of my deep and flexible cunt
(Bina wake up) sorry mom ,won’t touch your son’s penis till you ask for it .”

And my butts parts is shaking as I moved to kitchen and hold two glasses ,as I am back there I can see mom holding her son’s cock as son is kissing Juhi’s neck to while sitting on sofa beside my younger brother Jeet ,I starts preparing drinks as I asked them…..”let us drink wine before going for other session of sex
(Juhi smiled)sure ,now you have to make my son’s cock erect as I want his penis again in my vagina.”now we three are drinking wine as Jeet smiled while looking at my boobs

“why are you laughing Mr.?
(Jeet)your sexy boobs have grown bigger in last two years
(Bina too outspoken)sure ,ask your brother in law as he is regularly fucking me
(Jeet)oh I can assume but is there any relation between intercourses and growing of boobs
(Juhi laughed)you don’t know about gal’s sexual organs and how it become bigger or wider is even unexpected from us
(Jeet hold my breast as he pressed it hard)so my son ,if you think you have lost semen and get exhausted than you don’t know that as our vaginal fluids comes out ,we felt too tired but
(Jeet)sorry my sexy mom but why our cock don’t grow bigger and thicker as we guys also fucks regularly after getting married
(Bina)hello ,mr. if our vagina will become deeper and your penis will also grow ,than how we gals can dominate you guys after a long span of married life .”

As our first drinks finishes soon and now Bina , a well disciplined gal prior to her marriage is going to make Jeet’s cock erected as I have to see my mom getting fucked again.
We three are bit drunk as mom is holding son’s cock and son is squeezing mom’s breast ,so she put her arm on son’s shoulder as I knelt down and made my brother’s legs stretched as he inches forward to keep his butts on corner and looking at mom ,I hold Jeet’s cock as I starts jerking it and now Jeet like a hot guy put his fingers on his anus hole ,so his wider hole of anus is getting licked and my mom than put her lips on son’s lips as she starts kissing him Bina is rolling her tongue in brother’s ass hole as it’s myth or true ,I don’t know but as licking of ass hole always makes cock erect in a quicker mode as Jeet is screaming in joy

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“uh ah it’s itching my sexy sister ,um don’t do it please” but I licked it as I can see mom’s tongue going inside son’s mouth as two married lady are making their lover hot and as Jeet is sucking mom’s tongue ,his hand is rubbing her back and now it’s his penis in semi erection. So Bina removed it’s skin as she spits on penis glans and now started masturbating it hard as Jeet is too aggressive and he left mom’s tongue but slut lady mom is going to breastfeed her son and as Juhi put her big boobs on his mouth ,he opened his whole mouth and swallows it as Bina now become too horny as she swallows Jeet’s cock and now making my mouth satisfied with my head spinning fast ,I can see Jeet’s finger rubbing mom’s glory hole and than Juhi hold his hand as she pushed his long finger in her as his cock have grown bigger and in erection ,I put my tongue on his wet penis as I am licking it and now I can see Jeet licking her mom’s long nipple with his tongue and his finger is rubbing Juhi’s cunt hard as she is shouting

“uh ah so strong my son is , unbelievable it’s fully erected
(Bina holding cock)don’t be so stupid my mom ,your daughter is working hard to make your son’s cock erect .”

And than I swallow my brother’s glans as I am sucking it hard while my mom hold Jeet’s hand and her hole is too hot as he have sucked his finger to taste it’s mom’s vaginal taste .so Jeet moved to washroom as both mom & daughter is talking about some sexual positions ,Juhi “I think I will be on my knees as my face will be on your vagina
(Bina)oh mom ,you will love your daughter’s cunt as son will fuck you in doggy position
(Juhi)yes , but this encounter will be last for a day
(Bina)oh than I will enjoy with him tonight.”and Jeet is back in dinning room as we three moved to Jeet’s I slept on bed with my legs wide as mom put a pillow under my butts and made her a bitch as her face is in between my thighs ,so as her lower parts are on knees ,Jeet sits behind her mom’s big round butts as he hold his cock but here , Juhi is smelling my vagina and as she starts rubbing her nose on my soft cunt ,I am feeling too aroused as I am screaming “uh ah mom , please don’t do it “and as my mom screams loud “uh it’s too hot”and my eyes moved on my mom’s lower part ,she have started moving her butts but soon ,as I put my crossed fingers on vagina , Juhi is licking it as Jeet is fucking her mom hard as he is sounding like a hungry wolf

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“uh ah sexy your vagina is still sexy ” and as mom’s tongue is fucking my glory hole ,I starts rubbing my flat tummy to waist but she hold my breast as she is pressing my breast hard and as mom licked my cunt for a while ,now she is just swinging her butts to enhance their pleasure while enjoying son’s cock and now Juhi pushed his long finger in my dry hole but it’s going to become wet soon and my mom’s screams is making the room too hot as she is on peak of sexual orgasm “Jeet go hard ,more more let me know your cock’s speed inside it ,don’t let me leave like a hungry tigress

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