I cheated on my husband and somehow improved four sex lives

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I have never told a soul about this and probably never will but after discovering this site, and reading all of the different stories I think I can anonymously tell my story. I’ve been itching to tell someone, but I think this will serve as my outlet. It is the only time I have ever cheated on my husband and I can remember every detail as if it yesterday. It may be tame compared to other stories on this site but it’s a big deal to me and I still find it erotic to think back on it and the thought of writing about it, and having people read about it is exciting.

I am 44 years old and my husband and I met in college and have been married for 21 years. We have two great kids – twins, a boy and a girl who are college freshmen. I couldn’t ask for a better husband and our relationship has been fantastic. We are each other’s best friend and our marriage has been rock solid. When we fight, we fight fair and get over it. I love him with all my heart and I know, without a doubt that he feels the same. It makes what happened a few years ago very puzzling to me and I feel very fortunate to come out of it unscathed.

One of the things that keeps our marriage strong is that about once a year we take a vacation without the kids. Sometimes it’s just a domestic trip but other years we do something bigger that always involves warm weather and a beach or two.

In our normal lives we are a very conservative family. We rarely drink, and if we do it’s only a glass of wine or a beer on occasion. My husband may have a cigar with the guys once in a blue moon but we keep in very good physical condition. We are both working professionals, I am an engineer and my husband works in finance. We are involved in the community though PTA, church and our kids sports. I dress as such, alternating from casual work attire to jeans and t-shirts or sweaters on weekends. We don’t go out much and prefer family time at home to parties and nights out. Our sex life is good, sometimes infrequent with our busy lives, but it’s satisfying.

During our one week of vacation alone each year, all that goes out the window and we get naughty.

It started many years ago with a trip to Jamaica. Bloody Mary’s on the beach each morning, drinks throughout the day by the pool and parties at night. For the first time since college we sampled the product Jamaica is known for and did it often. The resort we were stayed had a clothing optional side and after a few days of gathering our courage (meaning smoking more pot), we began frequenting that side. Our swim suits ended up back in our suitcase for the remainder of the trip.

Our subsequent vacations sometimes include public nudity and pot but is not a requirement. Our sex life always explodes. We fuck a couple of times a day. We try different positions and are much more uninhibited. I bring sexier lingerie and buy more provocative…actually slutty…clothing and wear more makeup for the nights out. I make it a point a few weeks ahead of time to grow my nails long and have a pedi and mani with dark color nail polishes before we go, which he loves. We have FUN!! No one at home would recognize us. To be clear, our sex is always with each other and neither of us had ever, in our 23 years of marriage, been sexual with anyone else (other than this one time). No threesomes, swinging, affairs or anything close to it.

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