Maya and Arjun (At the Theatre)

I flicked her nipple. She jerked back quite violently. Well, when your nipples become as sensitive as your clit, that reaction is quite expected. I took the liberty to flick it like a carrom coin over and over again. Ah! I will never get tired of doing this to her. There is something oddly satisfying about making your girlfriend snivel and moan. Maya, my soon-to-be wife – She is a goddess. A goddess whose body I’ve gotten quite accustomed to exploiting, I must say. Maya, with her macho attitude is a queen on the streets, but on the sheets, she’s most certainly my bitch. I cupped her tan nipples and turned them into baby pink. She was so consumed in ecstasy to even notice. Well, its been going on for over an hour, so I don’t really blame her for drooling helplessly with her eyes rolled up like a possessed bitch. It’s not that I have a monstrous libido like a porn star, but I have something even better. Something every man fantasizes about. I have magical sex powers (Dramatic, I know). I realised that whenever I was horny, I obtained abilities to change physical features of women and also create certain sensations in them, on condition that I touched them.

I found out about this strange ability of mine when I first fucked her. As I was massaging her boobs, I fantasised “If only her boobs were a little bigger… ” and to my horror, her boobs went from C to D size. We both got shocked and i I lost my sexual drive in the chaos, which in turn reverted her breasts back to normal size. It took some time for us to recover and think objectively about what had happened. She asked me the details and though she was dumbfounded (and kinda pissed as to my dissatisfactions with her boob size), she asked me to do it again. I started fondling her breasts and wished once again as instructed. Her tits turned large, but we soon found out that the effect was only temporary. As soon as I cummed, her body reverted back to normal. I should say she was disappointed. Perhaps she herself secretly felt insecure about her breast size and would have preferred if the effects were permanent. Anyway, this reveal spiced up our sex life beyond our wildest dreams.

From that day onwards, I experimented endlessly with her lustful body. I found out that simply thinking lustful thoughts won’t do and that I had to touch her skin for a few seconds for the magic to happen. I haven’t yet found out the full extent of my powers. Oddly enough, I didn’t feel tempted to use it on anyone else either. I found my one and I decided to direct all my lust onto her, and she naturally wouldn’t let go off me for anyone else. After all, no other man could possibly satisfy her the way I do, like I am doing now.

Let me share one of the many memorable passionate incidents that happened between Me and Maya as I punish her slutty nipples.


I took her to a movie once. I booked an under-performing movie in the afternoon of a Monday, so there wasn’t any crowd at all. Maya, a sexy-tan chick, age 21, with round C-cup tits and a solid hour-glass figure of 5″7, wore tight navy blue jeans and a red-checkered shirt with elbow-length sleeves. As the theatre lights dimmed and the room turned pitch black, I began my perverted antics.

I placed my hand on her thigh and started rubbing her jeans. She didn’t react. The jeans provided her good cover, but as I moved slightly towards her inner thighs, she began to squirm. Her thighs have always been a weak spot of hers. I tried to push my luck and went for her zip, but she patted my hand away.

“Don’t get cocky” she said, a naughty smile lingering on her face as she shifted her gaze back onto the screen. I settled to rubbing her thighs for a while and placed my palm over hers. “I want her thighs to be as sensitive as her pussy.” I wished. I paid for her ticket, so it was only fair that I got my money’s worth out of her.

A few seconds passed and she started to adjust her jeans. I knew the spell had worked. I started rubbing her thighs again. She tightened her legs and looked at me. She knew I had done something. It was my turn to look at the screen with a sleazy smile. I continued to assault her thighs. The jeans did offer her some protection, but it only added to her frustration. It’s like teasing a penis without removing the pants. Not enough to make you cum, but enough to leave you wanting for more. She tried to push my hand aside, but I pinched her thighs and she had to bite her lip to prevent herself from gasping out loud.

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“Stop. I am…I don’t…Someone might hear us, you idiot!” she stammered.

“Are you gonna moan?” I asked. She blushed. “Well, that just makes me want to do you more”

I stimulated her thighs for 15 minutes, by which time she had sandwiched her finger between her teeth to suppress her moans. Her body had started to sweat profusely and I could feel queasiness upon her face. Little squeaks did manage to slip past her defence, but not so loud as to cause any unnecessary doubt. I looked around and there was no one in our row or the row behind. I got brave and pulled her onto my seat. She did not protest. She wanted more and though she wouldn’t say it, her silence made it suggestive enough. I made her sit on my lap and kissed the nape of her neck while simultaneously rubbing her thighs. I pushed back her long raven hair to one side and licked her ears, first along the helix, then her scapha, her concha, and finally plunged my tongue as far as I could into her earhole.

Her body slid down like melted butter. Her face rested on my left shoulder which made it easier to violate her ears. I dripped cold saliva into her ear hole and her body shuddered like ice water drenched her tender skin on a cold winter’s day. Her body and mind was totally under my spell and if I had asked her to strip naked right then, she would have done it.

I eased my point and ring finger into her mouth. “Suck it like a penis” I commanded and she obliged. She was horny alright. Like a baby sucking on a nibble, she rolled her tongue all over my fingers and pushed it in as deep as her lips would allow. I placed my other hand on one of her boobs and squeezed it like a stress ball. She gasped.

“Now” I said, letting my lips rub the outer layer of her ears as I talked. “I am going to do something to your tits and you are going to be absolutely fine with it.” I took my fingers out and slid my tongue down her throat. As I french kissed her, cushioning her rose-tinted cheeks on my palms, I wished: “I want her boobs to grow big enough to pop out her top two shirt buttons”

Her body noticed the change immediately. She felt a bulge growing inside her shirt and before she could react, pop went her top two buttons. She pushed away from the kiss.

“Are you insane?!” she snapped and clutched her shirt. She tried to get back to her seat, but I caught her hip and pulled her back. “I’m sorry” I whispered and licked her nape.

“Arjun. Turn..turn it back” she said, trying not to be swayed by the licks of temptation. I found it cute that she was too embarrassed to use the word boobs.

“Turn what back?” I asked slyly, pushing away her shirt and licking along her collar bone. She elbowed my chest, trying to get away from me.

“Oh! You mean these?!” I said, and slithered my warm hands inside from below her shirt. I grabbed her bra-arrested boobs and began squeezing them. “Let me play with your melons for a few minutes and I’ll change it back” I promised. She said nothing. Her face reddened like a beautiful cherry. Her elastic bra had stretched to its limit, but had still managed to hold on. “Wow, your tits are begging to burst out. Shall I release the puppies?” I teased her.

“I hate you” she replied, her response expressing mixed emotions.

“Is that so?” I said and slowly began to circle my middle finger around her areolas. Her feet writhed like standing on a box of ice, trying to grasp the carpet floor to channel the sensitivity elsewhere. The way she tightened her legs and scratched the cushions of the armrest was a sight to behold. As I said earlier, there is something oddly satisfying about making your girlfriend snivel and moan. “Maya, you sexy bitch. I just couldn’t get enough you” I expressed and clawed her boobs in a surge of violent lust.

She arched back strongly with a shrill that subdued thanks to the sound of the movie. I stimulated her nipples with my index as the rest of my fingers buried onto her boobs. “No! No! No!” she quivered and shook impatiently. “Whoa! Relax…” I suggested, licking her ears once again as my hands kneaded her boobs. She settled all right. She however relaxed a little too much. A few quiet seconds later, I could feel warm liquid trickle down the seat. She had peed. Unable to take the frustration, her body had said fuck it and had released to relax her nerves. She buried her face in shame.

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I took my hands off her bra and peeled her hands away from her face.

“A queen should never be ashamed” I said and gave a peck on her cheeks. “Let’s get you cleaned”


We walked out unnoticed. There wasn’t anyone to notice in the first place and the movie hadn’t reached intermission yet, so the theatre lights were still off.

“My pants…she started. “They’re soaked…Gosh! You made me pee, you sicko! Do you have some weird fetish or something?”

“Sorry Sweetheart. I’d prefer you squirt instead when I tease you” I replied. We reached the restroom doors and she was about to go through the door marked with the women sign when I caught her arm and dragged her into the men’s restroom next to it.

“What the!” she exclaimed, as we pushed into one of the private western toilet compartments inside. I bolted the door.

“What the fuck, Arjun?!” she let out a restrained shout. Her nostrils flared with dignity, but she was also kinda scared we might get caught if she raised her voice too much. Luckily for her and me, the toilet was empty when we entered.

“I said let’s get you cleaned, remember? In case you’re wondering, it means I’m the one who’s gonna be doing the cleaning” I said. “And you just accused me of having pee fetish! I can’t let that slip by, can I?”

“Well, you are still acting like….” she began, but I cut her short. I pushed her against the wall and tried to stick my tongue down her throat.

“Why**do**always**insist**on**being**defiant?!” I asked, smushing my lips onto hers with every word. She relented and responded aggressively. She grabbed my hair and kissed back. Our tongues twirled into each other like two snakes fighting for dominance. Something snapped in her and she suddenly bit my lips. I hissed in pain and pulled back. Our eyes glared at each other, angry and passionate. We were breathing heavier. Not taking my eyes off hers, I hooked my hand onto her jean and pulled her close.

“Pretty feisty for someone who just peed in front of me” I grinned.

Her anger turned into embarrassment and her face flustered like a million roses.


I pushed her onto the toilet seat and peeled away her jeans. “Awww, you made the pussy wet” I teased, kneeling down and taking a good look at her pink hello kitty undies. “You are such a baby”

“I…I wear it only at home…It got late, so I just…I didn’t think you’d push it this far at the theatre” she protested.

“I booked a flop movie on a Monday afternoon. Please don’t fein innocence darling” I said and lip-locked her. I slid away her undies and spread her legs. Her hands raced to shield her pussy, but I slapped it away. “Don’t get cocky” I said, a wide grin on my face.

I took the hand shower hooked next to the toilet seat and sprayed water in intervals at her pussy. She flinched every time the water hit her. Understandably, her face had retained a shade of crimson. You cannot NOT be embarrassed when your boyfriend is staring at your pussy and squirting water into it. I took a tissue and wiped her pussy clean. “Now for your” I began and caught under her thighs. She squealed. I almost forgot. Her thighs were still as sensitive as her pussy. Regardless, I lifted her legs up and her tushy slid on the toilet seat, revealing her butt hole. She buried her face. “Why do you find such pleasure in humiliating me?” she whined.

“Why is your face on her so cute when you feel humiliated?” I smirked and sprayed water onto her butthole. She breathed short bated breaths. I wiped it clean with a tissue as well. “Well, shall we move on to the main course?” I sneered.

Her brown eyes looked at me in anticipation. I lowered her legs and unbuttoned her shirt. Her extra large boobs were begging to be released from the grey Hello Kitty bra. The moment I pushed it up, her boobs sprang out like two Jack in the Box toys.

“Sexy…” I mumbled as goosebumps protruded all over her body. I grabbed her boobs and proceeded to play roughly like a toddler handling a chew toy. Ripples ran across her bosoms as I squeezed them. I tickled her nipples. She swayed, causing her pulpy boobs to jiggle. It was becoming far too erotic to resist and I finally plunged my lips onto her nipples. She sat helplessly as I circled around her nipple with my tongue. “Ha.. ha.. Ah!.. Ha” she breathed and moaned. Her other nipple met with the same fate. As I sucked on one, I pinched the other. As I chewed on one, I flicked the other. As I blew on one, I tickled the other. She begged me to stop as it was getting increasingly hard for her to control her moans and men had started coming inside in large numbers. But I figured out something else. I made it so that her voice can only heard by me using my convenient magical powers. Luckily for me, it worked and fortune favoured the brave. Brave was I to test it out by biting her nipples so hard that she screamed so loud like a hundred needles ran through her flesh. Seconds passed, but nobody cared or knocked. From her expression, I could see that she was quite surprised as to the inactivity, but she didn’t realise that it was my doing and I kept it that way. The fright of getting caught got her even more excited and by the time I was done, her nipples were erect and drooling from my saliva, while her toilet seat was flooded with pre-cum liquid, that which indicated that her pipe had started to leak and needed a plumber.

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Having satisfied myself with her boobs, I went down on her. It was about time I dug my tongue down her touch-me-nots. I licked her pussy like a dog. She bit her fingers to stifle her moans. I started grabbing and scratching her thighs. She cummed almost instantly, her scream suppressed by her palms. No women could handle the sensation of three pussies being fondled with at once. Her knees trembled like electricity passed through her legs. I watched her pussy convulse, dripping cum over the wet toilet seat. I whipped out my dick. Grabbing her by the waist, I got her off the seat and sat in her place.

“My turn to feel good” I breathed and slid my wet dick inside her. “Ride me. Bitch” I commanded and lip-locked her. We made love in the toilet seat. Using all her energy, she jerked her body up and down as her wet pussy lubricated my dick and made me moan. Sometimes the pleasure was too much to handle and I had to clutch onto her boobs or ass just to slow her down. I spanked her, pinched her nipples, and even bit her on the neck, but that made her get even more aggressive on my dick. Bitch was riding me mad and I cummed in a few minutes. As I sat on the toilet seat panting, Maya slipped down and took my dick into her mouth, as her hands played with my balls. She swallowed it whole and started to blow, her brown eyes glaring at my face. She teased me. She would start off slow and gradually increase the pace and when I was close to cumming, she would go back to blowing slow, toning down my libido and starting it up again without giving room for release. For 10 minutes, she ate my dick without once allowing me to cum. The bitch was punishing me for my arrogance. I sat sweaty, frustrated, and powerless, as she licked all over my penis, sometimes even the tip, my most sensitive part. Finally she took my tongue out her mouth and started stroking it hard, as her other hand played with my balls like pebbles. I cummed in an instant. The pleasure rushed out with an intensity many times fold.

“Wanna go on?” she asked slyly, sitting on my lap once again and pecking all over my face with her juicy lips.

“You’re gonna regret saying that” I smiled and pinched her thighs.

We stayed for over an hour inside that small toilet compartment after that tiny bit of banter and what happened in that hour is history. But I assure you, it is better than one could ever imagine. This is just among the hundreds of incidents between us and I will be happy to share the Story of Maya and Arjun once again in the days to come.


P.S. This is a reboot of the past four submissions combined together. I was not satisfied with the past 4 submissions (written under the title “Sex Alchemy”) as I was just testing my writing skills. Don’t bother reading those if you read this one. I didn’t even bother to give character names in that story. I will try to improve as days progress.

And yes, if you want to talk about my story or want me to write a private one just for you *wink* *wink* (talking to all you single ladies) , mail me at [email protected]

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