A Husband For Mom, A mother reveals her feelings for her son

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A Husband For Mom, A mother reveals her feelings for her son

Yes it’s true I went to his apartment that night with thoughts in my head that couldn’t be called ‘nice’. I wanted to get back at him for what he’d done to me months before. Do you know what it is to think about something day after day for months? Well I was going to do him one better…even if he was my son.


That night was the most…I don’t even know what word to use. My most recent lover in a long line had just left me…it would be a joke if the cliché didn’t happen to me…forty-year-old man…twenty-five-year old secretary…enough. It wasn’t as bad as when my husband left me after five years of a happy marriage. He was a soldier that went and got himself killed in a freak accident while training recruits.

My getting blind drunk that night a few months ago was no accident; neither was what my son did. Adam, my only boy…the one I waited for after two girls…my Adam. Adam who had stayed to comfort me after seeing the condition I was in…who helped me into bed. He saw the nightdress came up as I slid down on the bed…he saw between my opened legs. What he didn’t see was panties…how could he when I hadn’t put them on?

Did he think I was asleep? Probably. I did everything I could to make him think so. The only thing I heard was his soft voice say, “Ohhh…God…” My eyes were closed and I was breathing evenly when I felt him get on the bed. I stopped breathing and I was sure he could hear my heart when I thought; my son is going to have sex with me. He didn’t.

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When I felt his warm breath on my thighs, I had to stop myself from squirming. When I felt his mouth on my pussy, I had to keep from moaning. When I felt his tongue on my clit, I had to keep from coming. I couldn’t.

When he started, I thought I would bite through my tongue. He licked the wetness off the folds of my pussy and then his mouth and tongue found every crease and crevasse. A few small sounds escaped my pursed lips but he paid no mind. The hardest thing I’ve ever done was not crying out the first time I came. It happened so quickly I was surprised.

The second time I came, I tried to keep my back from arching. I think he didn’t know because by then he was grinding on the bed. I could hear what I imagined was his hard cock sliding along the sheet under him…he was making noises that were partially muffled by my pussy. He was whispering “Gloria…Gloria…Gloria…” My name sounded so sweet.

He reach lightly under my nightdress only once, probably just to feel how big his mother’s breasts were. I felt a slight jolt as his hand crossed my erect nipples. The third time I came he must have been coming too because he would have realized I wasn’t asleep if he hadn’t been in the throes of his own orgasm. He left the room and I didn’t see him until the next morning.

Adam was the last of my children to leave home. Jenna and Renee both married before they were twenty and Adam moved to an apartment, just a few months before the incident. He had stayed that night to support me…be with me…to comfort me. He comforted me too much. ‘Poor’ would be a good grade for what my sex life had deteriorated into. It was the best I had since…I couldn’t remember.

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