Son enjoys his tipsy Mum (True story)

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Son enjoys his tipsy Mum, This is a true story that happened last year. I had never ever thought about my mother this way before in my life. I am 20 now and my mother is 42. To begin with I was a very loved son and my mother was very fond of me. But my parents decided to send me abroad for studies. I came to UK and that’s where I am now. It had been a year since I left my parents and they were missing me. My mom in particular. So my father decided to send her to visit me as he had to take care of his business. My mother is quite an average woman with nice average boobs and a firm figure. She just did the daily house chores and nothing much. She had no social life, not many friends and parties a very simple life.

But things changed when my mother came here to the UK. I took her around the place showed her the famous places and then by the time she had to go back this incident occurred that changed my views about her and me.

One night I told her to come to a club with me as they are the most happening places in UK. So the next day I took her shopping for clothes and stuff. She bought a nice sleeveless top and a denim skirt till her knees. It was quite descent but just showed a nice cleavage. I took her to the club and bought her a drink, she didn’t drink alcohol so I got a soft drink. Then I asked her to come with me to the dance floor and we were dancing with some distance between us. Then I noticed a man trying to get close to her and try to touch her ass. Even she felt it but thought it was not something done deliberately. This kind of turned me on. I thought even I could do it. But before that I had to get her a bit drunk.

I went to the bar and asked for coke with two shots of vodka in it. Then I came back and gave it to my mom. She did feel the taste differ and said ‘ this tastes weird! ‘

to which I replied ‘ well, maybe the coke’s not too fizzy and lost the fizz .’

She didn’t say much after that. I was waiting for her to finish so that I could get her another one like that. After about 3 such drinks she was a bit tipsy and while dancing fumbled a bit. I took the opportunity with both my hands and caught her. My hands around her I could feel her boobs touching my chest. This was the first ever hard on I got of my mom. Now while dancing I just caught her by the waist or sometimes put my around her to pull her close to me if someone passed behind her. She didn’t seem to mind that. I then got her couple more drinks and this is when she had lost it.

I was dancing in front of her holding her close to my chest feeling her boobs and my hard-on touching her sometimes. Then I tried a bolder move going behind her still holding her waist and now my crotch in her ass. It was soft and I am sure she felt it. She then wrapped her hands around mine on her waist. I was enjoying this and very slowly I tried to move my hands to her breasts. I could feel her boobs resting on my hands but had no courage to touch them. After touching her up like this for some time I was not willing to stop, but it was the time for the club to shut so we had to leave. In the taxi I put my hand around her and pretended to be very drunk as this would give me an excuse to touch her legs or boobs. I felt her legs few time like that and it was really warm and smooth. And she casually kept her hand on my thigh. I was scared she would feel my penis and the hard on I had, but she didn’t.

Once we were home I was living in a students home with not rooms and we had to share my room. Usually I would sleep on the couch in my room and she on the bed. After reaching we just sat and chatted for about 5 minutes after which I saw her cleavage and something got over me. I told her that I was really tired and decided to change. I took my clothes off in front of her so that she would see my hard on. After I was in my boxers and my hard on was very much visible my mother turned to me and said ‘ I think u should have some decency, you are a grown up after all .’

To which I replied ‘ mom, no matter how old I get I will always be your baby.’

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