My boy

This took place a few years ago.
I was thirty four at the time, I had my son when I was eighteen.
My husband and I have a good relationship. We never fight and our sex life was alway good.
I’m five foot tall 110 lbs 34 B cup sandy blonde hair. I have always worked out,I run 2 miles everyday. My husband says I have the nicest ass in the state.
My husband is a Truck driver so is only home on weekends which made my son Mike and I to be really close.
Mike had just turned sixteen a week before when he was doing his home work one day, and asked me if I would help him on a science experiment he was suppose to do for homework assignment. It was to do with hypnosis. Me being very nieve at the time at no issues with helping him and beinf his test subject.Looking back I relize how stupid i was.
Mike had me sit down on chair in the kitchen. He did the silly relax and took a
Pencil and had me focus on the tip of it.
As I did he did you normal your eyes are heavier and you are getting sleepy thing.
We all have seen it on movies or somewhere. I was working harder on trying not to laugh.
But somewhere Icame up with the idea
I should fake it so he would not be disapointed so I went along and soon closed my eyes like I was out.
He went through the normal touch your nose stand turn around obey all his comands stuff. Which I pulled off I thought with perfection. Then he had me
Lean forward and stay for a minute.
I had on my sweats and a loose t shirt and no bra. He sat down in front of me.
Not thinking i look at him. He says close your eyes. I obey and after a minute or 2 he has me stand straight up and then set back down on chair. He tells me you wont
Remember any of this and next time he calls me mommy I will be back under hypnosis and obey him. He wakes me and I go about my day like nothing happened. I was doing laundry and I bemt over basket and felt my nipples rubbing my shirt. I look down and realize my loose shirt you could see my tits when I was bent over. It dawned on me then what Mike was doing.
What am going to I think, never thought my son would perv me. My mind was racing I didn’t know what to do. Just then Mike walks into laundry room and says mommy.
I froze like a deer in headlights.
What do I do? I think. He tells me to finish loading the washer. So I do and I think lets play along and see how far he takes this.
After I start washer I stand still.
He tells me I cant see him he is invisable and to go get night clothes on.
I go to bedroom and he follows .But I out fox him I slip my sweats off without him seeing anything and stand straight. I wear my t shirt as night shirt all the time.
He says change t shirt. I take my shirt off and get another right in front of him and slip it over my head. why did I do that? Oh well done now.Take panties off. I slip them off jokes on him my shirt covers everthing. Okay he says when I leave room wake up go to living room and watch tv. Think nothing of how you are dressed
He left I went and turned tv on and set on couch. A few minutes Mike came in and set down. Mommy he said. Stand up. I Stand up and he says take off your shirt. Okay I think this has gone far enough time to put a end to it. I reach down and pull off my shirt. Oh my god I think why did I do that as I stood still naked in front of my son. He walks around me. As I stand still froze in place. Mom when I touch you you like it. I stand still and think I need to stop this now. Mike says you get horny when I touch you. Stop him I think to myself but can’t get words out. He touches my butt, standing behind me he reached around and pinched my tits. I take in a deep breath. I’m thinking okay time to end this tell him you are faking it. He slides his hand down and slips a finger between my slit.
He starts rubbing me I’m about to him right away but Mike says you can’t cum till I say so.
Mike has me bend over his pants are off.
When did he take his clothes off I Think?
He shoves into me. For how long I don’t know he hammers me doggy style I feel him gun in me. He sets me on couch and spreads my legs. On his knees he enters me again I watch his cock slide in me. I’m moaning.
He says.” Mom your so tight fuck mom your pussy feels so good ” He picks my legs up and holds them ,jack hammering his mom into custom on couch and then says mom you cum with me. Oh mom now he says and I erupt with this longest hardest orgasium in my life.He kept pounding me and my orgasium went on till he stoped.
He got dressed had me get dressed and Woke me.
I didn’t say anything I went to bed and never said a word. I woke the next morning and thought I got to let him know he can’t hypnotize me. I was taking. Then I got up I felt his gun running down my leg. Mike walks in and says “mommy.”
The end

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