My sister’s son moves in – Part 1

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A little about me, I am a 46 year old single lady who is living in chennai in a single bedroom apartment. I am a voluptus women with fat in all the right places. i am working in a private company and have no commitments.

Now back to the story,

One day, my younger sister calls me up and says that her son has got admission in a college in chennai and she requests me to have him stay with me in my house until he finds a suitable accommodation. I felt really excited as i was living alone i love having a company and why not a boy whom I know from his birth. So I agreed. He arrived the next day and I went to the station to pick him up in my 2 wheeler. He was happy to see me and the moment he saw me, he came running and gave me a big hug. Since its been a while, i was admiring him as he stood a 6 feet tall and well muscular guy. We kept talking and walked to the 2 wheeler stand. He said he will drive us home but i insisted since its a new place, I will drive us home. We both stared driving and I was enquiring about his life and studies, what course he has joined and other details, Suddenly a dog crossed by and I had to put a sudden brake, He in that moment kept his hands on my bare hips. Since i wear my saree below hip, an ample space between my boobs and hips was visible. I felt a shock running in my spine as I had no men touch me till now. Now we started again to drive but sumesh kept his hand in the hips all the time. once we reached home, i told him to freshen up and i made coffee in the mean time. since it was a single bedroom apartment, we had to share the bedroom and the closet. I had made some space in my closet for accommodating his cloths. He came out of the bathroom after bath with only towel in his waist, i was staring at him like a prey, he had nice muscles built and he was very athletic and sexy. Since this is the first time there is going to be a man living along with me and it is my nephew which i am imagining about. I shook my head and came back the senses and offered him coffee. He took the coffee and I was arranging his cloths in the closet, he was drank his coffee and was having a casual conversation. Then he stood up and wore is boxers, in that time, i had a brief glance at his tool and oh boy, that was the time all the restrictions that i had in my mind got shattered and I decided to bed with him at any cost and relieve my 46 years of drought in my sex life.

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I will post the next part shortly.


Please post your comments on how the story is and let me know if anything can be improved.

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