A Mother’s Wish to Throne and Sex

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Hello readers this is fictional historical story which has more importance to the story. Some of you might dont like that but the hotest part will only come on the end. If you have patience to read fully you can get a better fun. Trust me it will make you fap your cock and finger your pussy. But you have to patiently read the story line.

Kid: its Boring here..
Granny: Ha ha Come on kid let me tell You a story
Kid: Really??? What story is that about?
Granny: Its about a Evil queen.
Kid: Wow super!!!!
Granny: There was a kingdom which was ruled by The God.
Kid: what kind of God Is he?
Granny: he was The God Of war. Who won the Great Battle For his queen.

Kid: The evil queen?
Granny: No, The evil queen is the one who defeated the God of war.
Kid: what? How can the God Of war Can be defeated in the war?

Granny: Because he done the battle with The Godess of Death AKA The Evil Queen.

Kid: How did she
defeat him?
Granny: She defeated him With the help of her Children.
Kid: Children?
Granny: yaa her children are animals which are strongest like an Elephant and fastest like a lion.
Kid: what kind of animal is that?
Granny: Its called Yaali.
Kid: what happened then?
Granny: she defeated the king and killed every one left on the nation. But a Baby of the king was escaped.
Kid: How?
Granny: i dont know. But he is alive now.
Kid: How do you know?
Granny: there is a prophecy which is belived by every one. The Prince of Laymori is the Chosen one. Who can save us from the Godess of Death.

3 Decades Before..

Anything can happen in this miracle life. Once i was a Prince of ‘Aanaimad’, Now i am just a slave in this tribe. I still remember those days in “Aanaimad” Me and My sister used to roam around the castle. That day we accidently went to my dad’s private room. Actually those room was only occupied by ladies who always stay nacked. Every one greeted us and i heard a moaning voice. Later i realised that was my dad. Who banging a women. The worst thing is he saw us too.
Later he punished us by sending us to army camp for A year.
But we learnt lot of things there. Archery, Sword fighting, horse riding. My sister beat me on all of these this she is a tallented bich. I miss her.
One day My father came, every one were tensed, he came to us and said that he love us. And asked us to go with the captain to The “Kanikai” nation. Which is the enemy for “Laymori”. He said there is a war happening which we cant win and he gave a letter to his friend who is the King of “Kanikai” and asked us to stay there. We refused to go and we cried but he send us with the captain. He asked us to protect the King, What ever happens you have to stand with “Kanikai”.

Kanikai is far away from my nation so it took months to reach there we faced many struggle like forest, desert and valley. after passing the forest we ran out of food in desert to save us The Captain killed him self so we can share our food. While crossing the Pen Valley there was a flood we ran fast to escape from that but i failed and drown on the water. My sister escaped but i am not sure now she alive or not. If she is alive she definately come for me with forces. But i am stuck here for 6 Years.
When i woke up i was here these tribes saved me and made me as their slave.
There are many slaves here along with me. Our work is do job for them and to give blow jobs and pussy jobs for these morons.
My owner is a women who asks me to lick her pussy and drink her urine daily. She looks good fair skin, 36d boobs and pinky pussy lips which smells bad. She used to pinch me while i suck her pussy and her husband is an ass hole who wants me to fuck him on his ass hole. And beat me.
Days went… one day while bringing goods i saw a women on the gague she is the most beautiful women that i ever seen in my life. Even a women fall for her beauty. But now she is also going to be a slave. Oh god this should not happen. the beautiful women is gonna die here as a slave this should not happen.
Maali: She looks beautiful.
Me: Ya Ya.
Maali: Do you know who is going to keep her?
Me: Who?
Maali: Raavar..

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