GF banging fantasy part-1

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Hello guys I’m very new to S4S .! Okay let me introduce myself. I’m harish from chennai. 23 years old and just finished engineering. And now time to introduce the heroin.

Yeah my girlfriend. Pooja She’s 23 years old . She was 5′ 5″, fair complexioned with long black hair. Her face was spotless and very pretty. After crossing 200 fucking session, her boobs and ass also seemed to have taken a better shape.

Her measurements are 36-32-36. She’s a Medical student from SRM college. And we both studied in Same school and different college… Her home place is Delhi. And her parents sifted to chennai 15 years ago.

Okay coming to the point. We both are in relationship for past 5 years. Same like others..we had n number of sex!
And days started to pass!

And myself I’m very addicted to porn( mainly to wife-gf gangbang, wife-gf double penetration)
So I used to watch daily and imagining that I used to fuck my gf.

So latter I’ve decided to talk regarding this to my gf…like more sarcastic ways… I know very well she won’t accept this kinds of things… So Step by step I stated to speak regarding this..And almost 1 year ve pasted..So finally she’s like 50% ok…but only for phone sex … then I said ok for that..

So I’ve few friends… Ram is the closest among all..
He’s too medical student, we used to have same kind of mind set gf swapping and so on and also he had softconer on pooja as well.

So one fine day I accepted all her conditions.. And we made to go on.. i just give Pooja number to Ram around 9 pm..And he started texting her.

So they both texted till 4 am .. And next few days later I can see some changes in her way of talking…
So it just went 2 week.. And at last Ram convinced pooja to send nude pics to him. after hearing this I got shocked… Ram just forwarded the pic she sent to him.. I was super happy after seeing that pic. She’s literally wet.

So finally I made a plan to do her along with my friend.. .!

After 4days SRM college had a function called Milan it tooks 3days to get finish so for she will be staying in hostel …!And all of an sudden my my entire family went out of town for a week.

Which made me extremely happy! So I decided to bring pooja to my house for a week..! ..and I managed to bring her to my home…
( from here I’ll shift to tamil and English)

So finally she came to my home at 5 PM. And we was having soft core.

Then our longtime wish. Wanna booze and fuck together. So we started wid vodka ( we love magic movements ) so after 5 to 6 rounds we stoped. Bcos we are already high! ..And I managed to give her birth control pills and started to undress her.. Bcos I wanted her to take bath.. So she went to take bath.. by the time I asked her to wear saree. She suddenly excited and asked me why? I said I wanna eat you by opening your saree. She blushed and said okay.

I was having my beer and texting with Ram in Hall.
And asked him to come to my house. She slowly came in front of me and standing with seducing smile.

She was wear back color petticoat and blouse and red saree.

I just went close to her and was pulling her saree.
Now she’s in petticoat and blouse. I was playing with my lips all over her body.

Then I blindfolded her and continued to do the same. She seems to like this.

Meanwhile I heard Ram shouting behind main door. I just took my phone and texted him to come in without making any noise .

The main door just opened by Ram. Due to high TV sound pooja didn’t recognize. Ram stunned and stare at pooja. And I know this was my day. I was waiting for this very long. Then I asked Ram to come close and I moved back. Ram joins the party.. he was kissing and biting her neck. He took his saliva and dipped inside her lips using tongue.

I was enjoying the scene. And he took my beer and poured on her face and made her to drink. And started to lick her face. While I’m getting real hard.

Suddenly Ram ripped her blouse and pressing and kissing her bra. At the same time pooja turned on. I suddenly came to know she loves wild core more then soft.

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