Mom gets help from her son & daughter with husband

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Incest stories, family taboo, Mom gets help from her son & daughter with husband, Linda watched both of her children grow up. She watched from the front row not from the cheap seats. Being a stay at home mom made her proud not many people make that kind of sacrifice anymore for the children.

The past 2 years were tough. Cindy and Robert were getting older and they needed her less and less. Mainly she was transport for sports and their very active social lives. The mini van her husband had made fun of when they bought it 4 years ago already had tons of miles on it. Proving that it was a very good purchase.


Robert had started College and he was doing very well. He made the baseball team and was now a starter. At 6’1 195 lbs. he was an above average athlete and could play just about any sport he choose. His love was baseball and she was proud that he made the team and was now a starter even though it wasn’t cool for her to shout from the stands anymore. He allowed her to go as long as she watched silently and didn’t embarrass him in front of his teammates or even worse a girl that he might be going out with. Even though Linda considered herself a hip mom apparently Robert didn’t.

18 year old Cindy was another story… Never in a million years would she have joined a team. High School was hard for her mainly because her focus was on boys and not on her studies. She was a true beauty and her 101 lb. frame, B cup breasts and long blonde hair had made her a very popular with the boys which added a lot to her distraction in school. Cindy had warmed up allot to her mother in the past year and she allowed her mom to talk with her friends while she transported them around. Linda tried to play it cool with Cindy’s friends, but sometimes they knew she was tickled pink to think that she could hang with the crowd. Cindy played on that a fair bit getting money for clothes and movies at the drop of a hat from her mom who wanted to feel cool.

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Linda still cleaned up the kids rooms mostly due to it being a habit. Mainly because she liked to feel needed and that is where this story started.

Linda was changing the sheets in Cindy’s room and something fell in between the bed and the wall. Reaching down she recovered a pair of panties a nightshirt and one small vibrator. Linda was simply shocked to find a vibrator in her daughter’s room. Sitting on the bed she studied it and checked it for operation. It was a short thin pink one and she assumed it would be great for masturbating. The 2 vibrators she owned were the 60’s old porn star type that her husband had bought for her at some point in her marriage. One was a big black one that she knows was a part of one of his fantasies and the other was the old white standard that did the trick, but was noting special. Cindy’s vibrator was like a little BMW compared to the old Oldsmobile she had in her dresser.

Linda was kind of turned on holding her daughter’s vibrator. She may not have admitted it at the time, but after she put it back where she thought it fell down from she went in her room and masturbated for the first time in 6 months.

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