I Missed My Daughter, Her daughter returns from a year in Europe

I Missed My Daughter, Her daughter returns from a year in Europe, I waited at the Airport, excitedly awaiting the arrival of my daughter, Sophie. She had been away for a year in Europe, taking a gap year off to travel after completing high school and before starting University. I had spoken to her on several occasions, but after a year I really wanted to see her in person, I had missed her so much.

The arrival board had said her flight from London had landed, but still no sign of her. I suddenly spotted a large group of new arrivals, and then I spotted her. She was looking around, carrying just a backpack, my eyes willing her to look at me. When our eyes finally locked, it produced us both to smile excitedly. Without a luggage trolley, she was able to quicken her pace and weave through the people until we were both in each others arms.


“I missed you so much mom.” she said.

“Not as much as I missed you, a year is too long.” We stood together for a few moments before it got too crowded and I led us outside towards the car. “Where’s Claire?”

“She met someone in London, last night. And before we left this morning she told me she wanted to stay a while.”

“Barbara will not be happy, does she know?”

“Yes, she said she phoned her mom before she told me.”

“Well, it is good to have you back, let’s go home. I have cleaned your room, fresh sheets on your bed, so you should be able to have a good night’s sleep.”

“Thanks mom, I might need a couple of night’s good sleep just to get over the jetlag.”

We got into the car and I drove us home, it was a 3 hour drive home, and Sophie slept quietly the whole way. We eventually arrived home and I parked in the driveway. Sophie looked so sweet and peaceful as I watched a moment as she slept, but in the end nudged her awake.

“Sophie, honey, we’re home.”

“Oh, sorry mom, I can’t believe I fell asleep. I wanted to keep you company during the drive.”

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“You did, having you next to me and home, is just what I needed. Plus you need as much rest as you can get, you start university in less than a month.”

“I actually feel really good right now, I think that sleep really helped.” We went into the house and I suggested Sophie grab a shower and get comfortable, while I’ll get lunch started. I made a Chicken Ceaser Salad for us both and was ready about 20 minutes later. Sophie returned, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, she looked so thin, but her legs and arms were very firm and muscular. We ate and talked, Sophie stating just how much she missed my cooking. Telling me all about the different places she stayed at, and some of the awful meals she had to stomach.

“Did you have a good time though?”

“It was amazing, so much life. Different cultures, food and people. I visited some amazing places, though I think I need to go to University. It got too much towards the end and even though I will be busy at University, at least I will be in one place.”

“Well you look ok, though personally you seem a bit thin. But you do seem to have gotten very fit.”

“Yes walking for miles every day will do that. I agree though, I do feel too skinny; I need to put a few pounds back on.”

“So who was this mystery man that Claire met. And did you meet any interesting men on your travels?”

“Well as you know, one of the reasons Claire and I decided on this trip, was to go somewhere and explore life in a strange new place everyday. But also to have fun, the drinking age is 18 in most places, some were younger. We went to lots of parties and we did meet a few people, but we were very careful and cautious. You hear stories of people going on foreign travels and going missing. So we limited how much time we spent with the opposite sex. But then one night, while we were in a nightclub in Bulgaria, Claire met a woman. Don’t tell her mum, but Claire ended up spending the night with Petia. Afterwards Claire thought it might be safer and fun to spend the night with women sometimes. We searched the internet and discovered about safe sex between women. A visit to a chemist and we were set up with some female condoms. And in London, Claire met a woman, she told me that she really felt close to Rachel, so wanted to explore a few more weeks with just one woman to see if it might be something she is more inclined to do.”

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“So did you have sex with woman too?”

“Yes, does that shock you?”

“No, I just wondered. I have been with women before, does that shock you.” It did as she just stared at me.

“So was this before you married dad?”

“Yes, and I have been with women since. I have never been with another man since your father. I do enjoy being with your father, but I also know that I do prefer sex with women and sometimes I need to experience that a few times through the year. How was it for you?”

“I can’t believe you cheat on dad with women, does he know?”

“I don’t know, he has never said anything and I have been very discreet.”

“But what about dad, cheating on him is not a nice thing to do, I know when I meet someone I would never cheat.” I did not feel she was judging me, just making a statement about her own feelings. It was nice to finally have this discussion with Sophie and it was time she learnt a few truths.

“You are old enough to know how things really are at home between your father and I. Firstly, we do love each other; this is not a sham marriage or anything. But when we married, after about a year, just after you were born, I was very uncomfortable having sex again for a while. So one day your father just came home and asked if he could have sex with another woman, he needed relief and I was not going to give him any. So I said yes. A few weeks later, I wanted to have sex too, it was just not going to happen with your father, so I went out one night with the girls and spent the night with a woman named Monica. It was so good to be with a woman again. Monica and I had sex together for about a year, and that was all it was, just sex. Since then your father and I have been together sexually, but sometimes we both need something more and we secretly find someone else to have sex with. Like right now, even though your father wants to be here to see you back home, he does have an important conference to attend, but he may also find someone to have sex with.”

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“I can’t believe what you are telling me. I was so proud of you both as most of my friends parents are divorced and that my family was so strong and happy. Now I find that you both are cheating on each other, I did not realise you were both unhappy being together.”

“Please understand we are not unhappy. When we have sex with someone else, that is just what it is, sex. In my case, as I think your dad would agree, it is just our way of keeping the marriage together. Sex with the same person for me, just gets boring, so only when I need a little excitement do I search for another woman. I probably have sex about 6 times a year with another woman, and it very rarely happens twice with the same woman.”

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