My hot sister renu

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Hello reader…… I am a 35 yrs.married guy,but what i am writing is true & 8-9 yrs.old. I was 27 yrs.old at that time &my younger sister renu of 23 yrs….both were unmarried at that time…our parents went to native place for a week to attend function,so i and renu was at home.Renu my younger sister was a hot gal,height of 5’4 feet,white complexion ,well shaped ass and boobs. I have never seen her nude,one evening when we were talking in hall,my eye always looks her boobs and she was looking my erected penis bulge .renu-“today we will take dinner in a resturaent…..o.k i will pay for it”she moved for refreshment and i took shower and its 8:30 when we moved for resturaent in a auto,she was moving closer to me on auto rickshaw and her boobs were touching my arms and hand…..lastly we entered a resturaent and ordered for food,looking towards me-“do u love to drink…..what?… or bear…..may be” she was looking towards me while i was drinking wine,than in that chamber of resturaent food was served and i lost my control…..

my hands went on her thigs,she took my hand and kept it on her boobs,i was surprised but we were taking meals and my hand was massaging her boobs”take food,home is safe for this……..sure” renu & me left the place for home and entering room she locked the door and embrassed me.i took her in bed room and removed her dress,wearing bra…panty she took my cloathes and we were kissing each other,now in a standing position we were enjoying french kiss….sucking of tongues and i took her bra…panty,she removed my undies and started masturbating my penis,renu was so horny,she pushed me on bed and took my penis in her mouth, than she took 69 position,her vagina was clean shaved and i was kissing it,licking it i was enjoying blowjob,than i started fingering her chut and she was sucking my penis fastly……


“aah…oohh….u r a great sucker….suck it”

later on she took me by surprise and sit on my face, i was sucking her clean shaved pussy. Later she slept while opening her legs and i pushed my penis in her chut,never expected my sister will took command on sex with me,pushing hard inside she screamed-“aah its in pain be slow”and i pushed harder to make her cry-“vagina in pain……(fucking her with hands on boobs)……chudwa le renu bahut maja aaeyga…….dard ho rahi hai…..maja bhi milega”and i fucked her for 20 minutes in three positions,lastly she drink my cum and we slept like a part coming soon. Continue My hot sister renu part-2

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