My adopted daughter

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I married fourteen years ago to a woman who had adopted a new born ebony girl four years prior. Sammi and I hit it off good, I accepted her as my daughter and she knew me as Daddy. My wife Lina was surprised at how strong of connection that Sammi and I made. Sammi was pretty much my side kick as a little girl up until she hit high school realize that she had a body and a pretty face that attracted a lot of the boys in her school. She too was attracted to some of the boys but strictly maintained the position of staying a virgin until she was out of high school. I was a proud dad to have a daughter with such high standards for herself.

About three years into our marriage Lina told me of a fetish of hers. She shocked me when she said that she get turned on and gets off by watching her man fuck younger woman.

I got on board when she brought her youngest sister home for me to fuck. She was fresh out of high school when I was in my late twenties. Sexy and inexperienced. My wife got off with me fucking her sister about once a week for almost two years. There was even about a dozen times I fucked Lina’ sisters best friend and a random girl we met at a restaurant. She was one of those gothic looming chick but wow, what an awesome body and incredible fuck.

When Sammi was 16 years old she had a horrible nightmare while her mom was visiting her sick sister in another state. I jumped out of bed and ran to Sammi’s room when I heard her screaming. I knelt down beside her bed and embraced her to relax her and show her that she was safe as well as loved. I had no idea what she dreamed about and she wouldn’t tell me. She said that it was too embarrassing.

She asked me to stay with her until she fell back to sleep. I was more than happy to. She took my hand and rolled over away from me. She held my palm over her heart with my wrist between her 34 C boobs. I set my other elbow on the bed and cradled my head in my other palm. Sammi had her fingers locked with mine over her heart moving our hand around but between her teenage boobs. I got to admit that my cock was throbbing as I could feel her heartbeat and smell her perfumy shampoo and soap.

I watched the red digits on her alarm clock for 39 minutes until I thought she was sleeping and I slowly wiggled my hand from her grasp. As I pulled my hand from her i brushed it over the contouring curve of her firm boob. My cock was hard. I had the urge to fuck the high school junior but I contained myself as I stood up and left her.

I went back to bed and grabbed my Android. I typed. “Teen ebony beauties”. Instantly many sights popped up. I clicked into one and the first pics was a petite black teen with a body like Sammi’s. I began rubbing my cock over my shorts. Them maneuvered my hand inside my shorts. My cock felt good as I fist fucked it while fantasizing about the pic on my phone and Sammi in her bed. I slipped out of my shorts and I was about to shoot my load but kept prolonging my ejaculating to enjoy the pics are. However as I kept my eyes closed and my mind probably where it should not have been I dozed off.

The next morning when I woke I was naked and Sammi was lying next to me with nothing on. I uncovered her tits and began playing with my cock.

Now I know that I sleep like a rock most of the time but I expected my morning wood but my dick was as limp as a string of spaghetti. I looked at my daughter as she was awakening. I couldn’t help but to lock eyes on her big brown nipples even more. She opened her eyes and smiled when she saw me looking at her. She scooted closer to me, throwing her arm and leg over me. I could feel her course pubic hairs brushing up against my thigh. I held her as I enjoyed her against me but I couldn’t figure out why my cock wasn’t getting hard. I wondered if Sammi rode my cock while I was sleeping or if the Teen gave me a blowjob while I rested. I just thought either way it sucked for me because I don’t remember.

Finally I just asked Sammi. “Why are you naked? Your mom would kill us both if she knew.” She looked a little sad when she replied. “When I came in your didn’t have anything on and I saw the naked girl on your phone so I thought that you were going to be okay with it. I am naked for you”

Actually I was okay with it. A beautiful and sexy young woman with no clothes on with her bush against my thigh and her warm boobs against my chest. But it still didn’t explain my limp spaghetti but I decided to leave it alone because there were still three more nights without my wife.

That night Sammi asked if she could sleep with me. I looked at my luscious daughter and could not deny her request: she wiggled out of her night clothes and crawled into be.

She had her back to me but asked me to cuddle her. So I cuddled up behind her. My cock was hard again. Sammi reached around and wrapped her fingers around my cock. She asked. “Daddy are you okay with me sleeping naked?” I reached my hand up and caressed her boob. “Of course I am sweetie.” She grabbed my hand and said. “Apparently not dad. Do you think you can just grab my tit? You are just like every other guy. I told you many times. I intend to stay pure until graduation.” I was shattered in many ways but what hurt most was I felt that I lost my babies trust. My cock almost instantly deflated. Sammi rolled over and looked at me. “Daddy I am sorry I yelled at you. I guess that I always had a feeling that you wanted to fuck me and that turns me on. My pussy is always wet around you and I am horny too. But what kind of person would I be if I can’t even keep my own word to myself? Daddy when I came in to bed last night I masturbated because I was watching you jerking off then you passed out. I wanted to see what a mans dick tasted like. I wanted to taste your dick that you fuck mom with. I was so turned on by how big your dick is. And I never expected a mans cum to taste so good. I’m sorry daddy. I want to have sex but I have too stay true to myself and my word. I want to cuddle naked and I give you permission to see me naked when I am but we can’t have sex.”

I scooted myself further up onto my pillow. I kissed Sammi on the lips and said. “I am proud of you. I just wish that I enjoyed your blowjob.” I reached down and began stroking my boner as I looked into my beautiful daughters eyes. She slid the covers off of us so I could see her naked body. Her nipples were hard and about the size of jelly beans. The ariolas were bumpie and wrinkled and her black bush was nicely groomed with about a two inch patch running from the sides of her pussy lips and up. She slid her hand down and began fingering her clit. Her head tilted back as her mouth opened and her eyes closed. She took a deep breath as she masturbated next to me. My cock was rock hard as I stroked it.

Sammi came in less than a minute then a couple minutes again. She looked at me and said. “Just this one time. But you can not touch me boobs or pussy. She moved down and took hold of my cock the placed her mouth over my hard cock. Her blowjob was extraordinary but it was torture not touching her, especially when she sat on my cock and rubbed her slit over the bottom of my shaft, moving her hips forward and back. Then suddenly she stopped and laid down beside me. Quickly I ran my fingers over the bottom of my cock before licking her juices off my fingers. Then I finished jerking off.

Sammi got up and got a wash cloth from the bathroom so I could clean up then she asked me to cuddle her.

I laid there thinking. “How weird was that? But I’ll take it.”

The next night we just cuddled naked and talked. I made it very clear that I wanted to fuck her someday but she never led on that she would let me.

The last night before Luna was to come home Sammi went to the mall with a friend. I went to bed early and watched a movie. I laid there thinking about Sammi and stroking my cock when I heard Sammi’s car pull up. I heard her unlock the door and enter the kitchen. She yelled out. “Daddy I’m home.” I responded. “Hi sweetie.”

I waited for to come to bed but she didn’t. I slowly faded off to sleep.

I was later woken up by my cock being sucked on. I just laid there with my eyes closed enjoying it. Then her hand grabbed my wrist and guided my hand between her legs. She was soaked and her pussy had no hair. I thought that it was sexy that she shaved. I kept my eyes closed as ahe climbed on top of me. She maneuvered her body to let my cock slip into her. It was the last thing that I was expecting. I reached up and cuffed both her tits. My first thought was that her titties were too big. I opened my eyes to find Sheila, Sammi’s good friend from school. Sammi crawled into bed and began to masturbate. I was on cloud nine. I wasn’t fucking my daughter Sammi but I was fucking the next best thing. Her friend Sheila. Her seventeen year old pussy slid up and down my cock as she moaned. “Oh daddy. Just enjoy my pussy and keep thinking that I am your hot daughter Sammi. Fuck me good daddy. I bet Sammi’s pussy tastes so good and her virgin cunt must be real tight” I was so turned on.

It felt awesome to cum in a different pussy again other than my wife’s. I just hoped that it would someday be Sammi.

The three of us slept naked together that night. The next morning I woke up Sheila by licking her chocolate cunt before fucking her from behind. Sammi woke up and found her clit. I guess she didn’t realize that what she was doing with me present was a form of sex but I guess in her mind if she wasn’t fucking she wasn’t having sex

The next night everything was back to normal. Sammi was in her own bed. I fucked the heck out of my wife with Sammi and Sheila on the brain.

Luna and I laid there after she enjoyed multiple orgasms. She began to giggle and then she asked. “Did you get to fuck your daughter?” I said. “Excuse me’.” Lina smiled and said. “Don’t try to kid yourself. You talk in your sleep. We both heard you calling out Sammi’s name in your sleep. I know you want to screw her chocolate pussy.” I thought I was busted but my wife said. “Graduation is just over a year away. I will make sure that you get to fuck her after that.” My cock was hard again. Lina sucked my cock until I filled her mouth with my cum.

I wanted to be honest with my wife so I did tell her what happened with Sammi and Sheila. She wanted to hear more, a lot more in detail as ahe masturbated and I stroked my cock. Luna climbed on my cock again and enjoyed my cock releasing my cum into her twat.

The following weekend Lina made arrangements for Sheila to come over for the night while Sammi spent the night at another friends.

My fetish is ebony teens. Sheilas pussy was worn out when she left the next day. My wife was satisfied and so was I

Time passed and Sammi became a senior. She made sure that i stayed interested in her sexy black body by strutting around naked every few days. Sometimes she would masturbate but it got to the point where wanting to fuck Sammi was an obcession.

The evening before Sammi’s graduation I was in the living room watching television with Lina. Sammi came in wearing her cap and gown. She looked so good in the school color of gold.

Sammi sat on my lap and gave me a big hug. She daid. “Daddy I know that it has been a long time but I know this boy from school and I really want to have sex with him tomorrow night because he leaves for the Marine Corps the next morning. but I know that you have been anticipating tomorrow too.” I faked a smile and shook my head. “Sweetie go have fun becoming a woman.” I looked at Lina who was casting a sad smile then Sammi looked at her too. I thought I caught Lina’s wink. Sammi said. “Daddy I love you so much. I look forward to tomorrow night but I can not put you second.” Sammi reached up and unzipped the front of her gown and slid it down off her shoulders. Ahe giggled. ” one day isn’t a big deal. Daddy I’m yours tonight.” I looked at Lina as Sammi pit my hand on her naked boob. Lina smiled and nodded. Sammi said. ‘Just be gentle. I broke my hyman a couple years ago with my latex penis but only had it in me a few times.” She stood up and stepped out of her gown after it dropped to the floor. I instructed her to sit on the couch. She watched her mom on her knees undo my pants and pull them down. Lina slipped her mouth over my hard cock. It took only a moment for my cock was ready.

I knelt down in front of Sammi and spread her legs open. She had the most beautiful chocolate pussy that I could ever imagine. I placed my tongue to her clit. She took a deep breath and let out a squeal. I licked every part of her pussy. I slid my tongue into her hole and sucked her juices into my mouth. She began to buck and quiver as her orgasm erupted.

I took a pillow off the couch to kneel on and prop me to the right height. I pulled Sammi’s ass right to the edge. My naked wife knelt right beside and grasped my boner and guided it as I pushed it into our daughters soaked pussy.

Sammi’s tightness gave me some resistance but with some patience I finally got her cunt around my throbbing cock. I could see in her face that it hurt as I pumped her and her tits bounced with every thrust. I was getting close to shooting my load so I laid on the floor. Sammi slipped down onto my shaft, squatting over me. Her pussy tightened up as she orgasmed, squeezing my cock just right and forcing me to cut in her young pussy. I was amazed when Sammi began to suck our juices off my cock. I instructed Lina to squat over my face to encourage her next orgasm with my tongue.

Sammi’s guy friend stood her up on graduation night so I got to have that special night too.

Sammi is now twenty. Lina her and I have sex on a regular basis. She met a good man along the way that is a part of our little orgies. It’s nice to see Lina getting another cock inside her. I even sucked on it a couples times after it came out of Sammi or Lina.

Right now we are waiting for Sheila to arrive. It’s going to be another fun Saturday night.

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