Mom and Son – part1

This is part 1 of the Mom son series .
This part I’m gonna tell about how my friend Shiv inspired my to fuck my mom and his first experience.
I’m a Student studying in Delhi. We have a beautiful family of of my mom,dad and à younger sister. I stay in my hostel as the commute to college and back to home is almost 5 hours and my studies takes a toll. During the days I stayed in hostel we used to talk a lot about sex and my roommate Dev used to tell us about how he used to have sex with his mother Supraja. He used to show pics of his mother and we used to get a huge hard on listening to his sexual adventures with his mom. Mine being 9inches in length and 6inches In girth , was really hard to hide my hard-on in front of my friends. Finally my 1st semester was over and we were all packing our bags to leave home when Dev came into my room with a Amazon package buying a black nightie that was partially transparent for his mom. We were all shocked to find out that relationship he had with his mother . Myself and Dev planned to stay that night in the hostel and leave to our homes the early hour the following day. We were bored and Dev planned to tell me his first Time with his mother.

Dev’s father being a Merchant Navy man had to be in the sea for 6 months straight and had left for the seas when he wrote his last exam of his 12th standard Boards. When he went home that day evening after writing his exams he was excited as his holidays had began. As he reached home he went his room and changed to his shorts and jumped into the bed,got his skullcandy head phones,tuned to the VPN and started to watch JAV porn clips. As Dev started to Jack his penis up and down under the sheets to the moan of the Japanese mother being fucked hardly by her son he was about to reach climax when his mother came out his bathroom. He raised his legs to a mountain shape hiding his hard on . His mother did not notice him in the room for a while she looked disturbed with her own thoughts, her cliche look when dad leaves to work . Dev’s hard-on was off as he was afraid that his mom might be upset with him if she finds him watching porn. She went to the mirror and stood for a minute .


She was wearing a pink T-shirt and a black panties. At the age of 40 his mom was fit from doing yoga and running 5K every day and had a stunning flat belly and a perfectly parabolic hips and bra size was 42. She lifted her tshirt up until her boobs and started to run her hands around her flat stomach. In the mirror she saw her son and dropped her tshirt. She turned towards him and asked how her exams were. He asked why she was feeling upset and she sat beside him and told her that she was missing his dad very much. Dev hugged his mother with one hand over her shoulder touching her boobs and the other feeling her stomach. She gave huge sigh and he asked if her mother wanted to sleep besides him and talk about stuff that would distract her. Realizing her son wanted to be helpful to her she wanted to be nice to him and slid under the sheets under him. Few minutes later his mother fell asleep .

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The porn film Dev watched was stuck in his head and he wanted to feel his mother the same way they did. He mother was sleeping with her legs spread open and was snoring by the time he mustered the guts to feel his mom’s stomach. His mom spent the whole night packing his father’s bag and did not spend anytime to sleep and has slipped into a deep sleep. He slid his fingers under his mothers tshirt and lifted it up until her boobs. He placed his index finger on her stomach and did small circles .

After a minute or two he was having his full hand on his mom’s tummy feeling the skin he once stretched,his home for 9 months. His mother moaned”oh honey stop it,I’m tired .Dev’s home and we might want to control ourselves”, and went back to snoring. His mind started to sketch master plans as hir mother was thinking that it was his father who was feeling her skin. He thought of taking the leap of faith and placed his lips on his mothers lips and to his surprise she started to push her tounge out. She was forcing her younger against his teeth and he opened his mouth a bit as her mother started to tounge her son. She started to lick his tongue making flappy motions and his hard on started to rise. He moved his hips away from his mother to avoid his cock rubbing her . He moved away from her in total disbelief that he kissed his mother, and his mother kissed him like a slut. He slid under the blanket and started to move his fingers toward his mothers panty. He slid on finger in her Calvin Klein undies and felt her pubic hair , was grown a bit and must have been shaved when his father arrived. Those small hair made his heart to explode .

He went down and hit on something fleshy and bulky,as his mother took a big deep breathe. He realised he s hit his mothers clit . He wanted to feel the opening of her vagina. As started to move toward her opening he felt something sticky coming out of her vagina . He thought this was her precum and remove his finger to see it. It was not her precum as he has seen in the videos it was a transparent fluid, but this was white. His mother started to laugh and said” We did it 3 times last night honey, ur cum doesn’t stop to flow out, where do you get all that energy from honey”. He felt disgusted that he felt his father’s semen in his own hand and felt disgusted his cock became flaccid again. At this time she said something that made his 8 inch cock hard again, “honey I dont think I need any foreplay just put your cock inside,it burning I want it so badly,please Pleaseee PLEASEEEE”.

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He removed his boxers and applied the hair oil next to his night night stand on his penis . He slipped his mothers panties off and saw his father’s cum dripping out , he cleaned it out with her panties. He started to press and twist his mothers clit so badly and roughly she started to moan and take deep breath trying not to shout,

” OH HONEY OOOOHHHHHHHH………..SSSSS…..SSSSLLOOOOOWWWW DOW, put the brakes …..OH OH MY GOD……PUT IT INNNNNNN, she started to spread her pussy for him to come in as more semen pushed out of her.

She laughed haughtily and said “DONT CUM inside me now….we dont want to have a baby now do we?” Dev’s mind got new ideas now…..he wanted to place his seeds inside along with his father’s to as she might anyway get pregnant with all that load inside. He placed his cock on her entrance, the same place he stretched to give pain her pain was now going to be stretched to give pleasure. He moved his cock up ad down the entrance and she felt her son’s cock for the first time.

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