My son come home and we Incestuous Homecoming

My son come home and we Incestuous Homecoming, my son Peter fucked me over both the phone and the net several more times whilst he was on his gap year travels in Chile, Peru and Argentina. It became an acceptable, though guilt inducing routine. It was only the lack of internet access in some of the remote areas and his ability to be alone that stopped us doing it more often.

My sex life with my husband Richard continued to be, at best, spasmodic. It was becoming pretty obvious to me that he no longer wanted me very much and now it seemed as though he needed the stimulus of me modelling as he photographed me to do it. That said on the two or three occasions we did that when Peter was away, the sex was great.

Richard would start off by snapping away as I removed my outer clothes, continue as I posed in a variety of positions in the sexy underwear I wore especially for modelling and keep shooting as I removed that. Generally then, either in just my panties or without them and simply in holdups I would play with my tits and then start to masturbate. He would now be obviously erect and either, he or, I would get it out. He would then fuck me usually on the floor with me on my back with my legs wrapped round him or on all fours. But each time he did fuck me and they were a few occasions without the photography, it wasn’t him that was making love to me. Physically it was my husband’s cock in me, but emotionally it was my son’s.

“You will definitely be coming to the airport tomorrow?” I said to Richard at dinner on the Thursday before Peter was due to return home on the Saturday. “There won’t be a sudden emergency at the firm will there?”

“Don’t worry darling I have organised everything and I will be there.”

Richard had this habit of ‘something coming up’ at the law firm where he was a partner quite often when we had other arrangements so I was wary it might happen this time. It had happened when Peter went away and I was forced to take him by myself. That was only a few days after my son had persuaded me to model for him as I did for Richard and we had ended up masturbating each other with him cumming on my full tits. I had been so guilt ridden and fearful of what we had done that I stayed well away from him over the weekend between our ‘sort of’ incest and his departure. Being together in the car proved too much for me and we ended up masturbating each other again in the car with him this time cumming on my bra covered boobs. I didn’t want that happening again on the way home from Heathrow.

Peter and I had talked a lot between cybering mainly in yahoo messenger, but occasionally on the phone about our situation. We had debated, discussed argued and cried together when I kept insisting that it had to end when he came home. I was terrified of two things. Firstly, that someone, particularly our daughter would find out and secondly of how we could possibly handle having a love affair. I had found it difficult enough when I had a brief affair a few years ago with a man I worked for and I could not imagine what it would be like trying to handle it with my son.

“Here he comes” I said excitedly as Peter and his friends came through the custom’s doorway. My heart missed a beat at how gorgeous he looked. He was deeply tanned and seemed to have grown taller and broader.

He said goodbye to his friends who went off to meet their greeters and he came over to us.

“Hi dad” he said as Richard shook his hand, my husband isn’t a huggy sort of man.

Peter then turned to me. His trolley with his bags was between Richard and me as I opened my arms and he slid into them.

“Welcome home darling” I said kissing him on his cheek.

“Hello mum” he said moving back and looking into my eyes before pulling me back into his arms and putting his mouth near to my ear on the side away from Richard. He whispered. “I want you so much.”

It wasn’t just his words that hit me and made my pulse race it was also the feel of his erection rearing up my stomach. And with that all the concerns, the conflicts, the doubts and guilt registered in my mind just as the feel of his gorgeous cock registered in my body.

We talked non-stop on the forty minutes or so drive home. I sat in the back with Peter in the passenger seat half turned so he could look at me. As he told us about his trip so his eyes were continually holding my gaze and then roaming down my body quite evidently taking in the very noticeable swell of my breasts. It got to me. We smiled at each other, our gazes locked and we smouldered.

It was just same when we got home. All the time we were looking at each other, taking every opportunity to move close together and touching each other’s hand or arm or back. Every time I moved when Richard was not in the room or was looking away I could feel Peter’s gaze on me. I felt it on my boobs, my bottom and my crutch in the tight jeans.

Sara, my daughter, came home around three and she and Peter went to her or his room as he showed her his photos on his laptop; I just hoped against hope that he didn’t show her the wrong ones.

True to his word Richard stayed at home. I prepared an early dinner that the four of us ate together. The afternoon had passed without incident for Peter had a snooze to combat his jet lag and there was far less flirting between us. Sara was clearly a modifying influence on her brother and mother.

“I am popping over to Celia’s” Sara announced after dinner. “Great to have you home Pet” she went on using her nickname for Peter.

“And I have some work I have to do so would you mind helping your mother clear up?” Richard asked as he walked away and we stared at each, longingly.

For the first time we were alone. We cleared the table and tidied the large kitchen diner on the side of the horrendous six-bedroom, Victorian house that had been in Richard’s family since it was built in eighteen fifty something. Richard was across a hallway in his study.

“Well mum?” Peter said moving close to me.

“Peter no.” I stammered as I saw the look in his eye.

“Yes Cat, yes” he sighed closing the gap between us.

“I said that we had to stop when you got home” I told him unconvincingly.

“But you didn’t mean it mum” he whispered as he put his arms around me.

I put my hands on his chest preventing him pulling me against him. “I did Peter” I whimpered as I bowed my head avoiding eye contact and averting my mouth.

I felt his thumb and fingers on my chin. He lifted it and said.

“Look me in the eyes Cat and say you don’t want me.”

“Oh Peter.”

“Come on say it mum, say it” he went on pressing more firmly on my back and thus pulling me closer to him until our bodies were almost touching. “Come on if you don’t want me say it now” he almost growled.

“Peter this is so wrong, dad’s here.”

“Would it be wrong if he wasn’t” he asked? He is such a clever bugger with words.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yes mum I do and I am sure I know what you want as well” he said into my ear pulling me hard against him. He was fully erect and the feel of his hard-on pressing into me from my pubis to almost my navel was awesome.

“No Peter no” I groaned as he pushed his lower body forward.

“Yes mum” he croaked as he ground himself against me. I couldn’t stop myself from squirming against him. His mouth found mine.

“No Peter dad will catch us” I whispered as his lips closed on mine.

“Come on then” he said taking my hand. “Let’s go upstairs where we will hear him if he leaves the study, which is unlikely until late isn’t it?”

“Yes, I think he is working on a big deal in America, he’s going there soon.”

As Peter held my hand and led me up the stairs he said. “Story of my life mum.”

“What is?”

“Dad working on a big deal and just about to go or come back from the States.”

I smiled. “True. Look Peter we can’t do anything with dad here.”

“I know mum” he replied leading me to his room and opening the door. “But we will hear him so I can kiss you can’t I” he replied pulling me hard against him once we were inside his room?

I didn’t reply. There was no need for I was quickly in his arms and his mouth was on mine. We kissed for some time as my reservations and concerns slid into the background.

“Oh Cat” he sighed as momentarily we broke the kiss only to start again almost immediately.

He pushed me back against a wall and grabbing my wrists he pulled my arms out so they were in the position of a crucifixion. That made my boobs stick out invitingly. Still holding my wrists he pressed his hard on against me. God it felt so good. We kissed for ages as he dry fucked me standing up.

“Anyone like a cup of tea?” We heard Richard call out from downstairs.

I jumped and Peter moved away from me.

“No thanks darling, I’m in Peter’s room looking at his photos” I called out feeling as guilty as hell and incredibly worried as we hadn’t heard him open the study door.

“Nor me dad thanks.”

We heard Richard in the kitchen making his tea and then his footsteps as he returned to the study.

“How much longer you going to be working Richard?” I called out.

“Oh an hour or so including some calls.”

“Ok we’ll have a drink when you’re finished then” I replied looking at Peter who was smiling broadly and holding his thumbs up.

Peter came and sat next to me on his bed. He put his arm round my shoulders. Of course it was wrong and of course it was dangerous, but there was no way I could stop even had I have wanted to, which I didn’t. We kissed, deep, long and passionately. We used our tongues and we plundered the other’s mouth and lips. It was lovely and so arousing. His hand found my breast. He squeezed it and rubbed it through the crisp whit blouse with button al the way down the front.

“Peter no.”

“It’s ok I’ll listen carefully” he said continuing to caress my tits. I didn’t have the resolve, the will, the desire or the self-control to stop him and I moaned in his ear when he pinched my nipple.

“Ok Cat?”

“Oh darling yes.”

I was wearing a white lacy, see through bra under the blouse. His fingers were on the flesh of my upper chest in the opening of the blouse. That felt good. They slid down a bit going just inside the lapels almost reaching the swell of my breast. That felt better. I felt him trying to undo the buttons.

“No” I muttered grabbing his wrist. “It’s too dangerous.”

“It’ll be fine we’ll hear him coming” he insisted fiddling the top button open. We kissed more and his hand slid inside right onto the fullness of my breasts. Sitting side by side on his bed, I felt him wiggling his fingers inside the bra.

“No” I groaned with absolutelyno conviction as he found my nipple and pinched it. As I half expected he completely ignored me and eased my tit out of my bra.

“I won’t take it off mum” he smiled easing the other boob out as well.

I had no resistance left. Instead I gave into the lovely feelings and wonderful sensations my son was giving me.

“Good?” He whispered.

“Oh yes, Peter, yes” I sighed back slipping my hand inside his tee shirt and finding his nipple.

He leaned forward, held my breast and licked across it. He kissed it and softly sucked on the flesh. He licked his way to my nipple and sucked that into his mouth. As he gently chewed the rubbery, pink protuberance I suddenly wondered how he was so adept at making love to a woman’s breasts, but the lovely sensations he was giving me quickly drove that from my mind. Just as I was revelling fully in having my nipples adorned by my son’s mouth I suddenly heard my husband’s voice.

“How about a drink?”

I suddenly realised that he had opened the door to his study and had walked at least half way up the stairs before we heard him. I leaped up and moved behind the door to Peter’s room as now I heard Richard approaching. I frantically started trying to get my boobs back into my bra, but I could only get one in, the cup was twisted. I gave up and was doing up the far too many buttons Peter had undone as Richard casually strolled into the room. I just about made it, but I must have looked worried, agitated and probably a little flushed for under the tight blouse my left boob was bare.

“Hi dad” Peter said moving between me and Richard. I squeezed between them and said.

“Yes I’d love some wine, but must use the loo.”

We drank a bottle of red wine with Peter and me casting furtive and lustful glances at each other behind Richard’s back. We chatted and then decided to go to bed.

I had undressed to my bra and pants and Richard was in the bathroom naked when I had a strong urge to say goodnight to Peter. I slipped my bra off and pulled on a mid-thigh length, red silk dressing gown.

“Just going to give Peter clean towels, I forgot them earlier” I called out.

“Ok fine.”

Peter’s room was round the back of the house well away from ours. I tapped on his door.

“Come in.”

I slid inside. It was dark, but it was a bright night and the moon lit the room up. Peter was in bed covered by just a sheet.

“Thanks Cat.”

“What for?”

“Coming to see me, I need that.”

“What do you mean?” I asked walking across the room so I was close to his bed.

“This” he replied pushing the sheet back. He was stunningly hard. “I was just about to do something about it. Gonna help me?”

“There isn’t time, I’m supposed to be delivering you some towels.”

“After this evening I can assure you mum that you won’t need much time.”

I smiled and sat on the bed. He pulled the lapels of my robe apart and cupped my breasts.

“Just rub it Cat.”

I did and almost immediately he groaned. “Oh yes.”

I rubbed it faster. He moaned again and slightly arched his back as he squeezed my tits.

“I’m gonna cum is that ok?”

“Yes darling yes of course it is” I whispered back as I felt his cock stiffen in my hand. “Cum for me Peter, cum for mummy.”

He did all over my hand and his stomach. I leaned forward, kissed him on the mouth and whispered. “Good night darling.”

I could hardly believe it. As I lie on my side facing away from Richard his hand came round and cupped my breast. It was the one I realised that his son had just been holding and earlier had been licking and sucking. God did that give me a buzz.

He pressed himself against my back and I felt his cock on my bum. With all the arousal I had experienced that evening, it felt good, very good. As he wriggled his other arm under me and cupped my other breast so he slid his hand downwards across my stomach. It was his typical move. I knew that he would play with my tits with one hand, rub my clit for a while then either, slid into me from behind or, turn me onto my back and climb on. He was quite predictable.

His finger on my clit was beginning to work and I was near to an orgasm, but that was not just due to him of course, it was mainly due to his son, my baby. As I thought of Peter though, a strange thing happened. I wanted sex of course. I wanted relief from the raging arousal. I wanted an orgasm and I wanted to cum. But oddly, for a reason I couldn’t understand, I didn’t want Richard to fuck me. In my confused emotional state I wanted to save myself for Peter and letting Richard have me was like being unfaithful. I had accepted now that full sex between my son and me was inevitable and I wanted him to be my next partner, not the one who had sired him and had been my lover for a quarter of a century.

I turned towards Richard. He replaced his hands on my boobs and clit and we kissed.

“Lie flat” I whispered pulling myself up into a kneeling position.

I kissed him then nibbled, licked and kissed my way down his body as I held and stroked my second cock of the evening. I licked it.

“Yes?” I whispered feeling his finger slip into me.

“Mmmmm yes” he groaned as I slid his cock into my mouth.

“Oh Cat” he groaned sounding uncommonly like Peter had just a few moments ago when he had spurted his lot all over my hand. Richard continued fingering me, but put his other hand into my hair and pulled that a little roughly. I often wondered what he would be like if he really let himself go!

I could feel his cock throbbing in my mouth and I knew he was near. Like the gentleman he is he moaned.

“I’m cumming, I’m cumming” and went to withdraw. I held onto him and ran my lips down his shaft as far as I could almost deep throating him as his cock exploded and his cum poured into my mouth and down my throat.


The weekend dragged by in a combination of tremendous anticipation and extreme sexual arousal. It had become obvious to both of us that we would ‘go all the way.’ The concern, the worry, the trepidation, the guilt and the indecision had all gone. On the Sunday evening when I was in bed naked with Richard I smiled when I thought ‘we have masturbated them away.’

During the Saturday and Sunday we were never really alone and I couldn’t take towels to him each night. But there were moments. Richard mowed the lawn when Sara was at a friend’s house. Peter and I kissed in my conservatory and he put his hand inside my sweat shirt. He and I cleared the dinner plates and he pulled me to him in the kitchen and squeezed my breasts.

We were sitting watching TV. I was in a tracky top and trousers, which was my lounging around gear.

“Go and take your bra off” Peter suggested when Richard was out of the room.

I refused at first, but after more persuasion I did. The top was very baggy and hid the full bareness of my boobs.

Richard took a phone call in his study.

“Come here” Peter said moving behind the half-open door. He pushed me back against the wall and we kissed. His hand went up my top and right onto my naked breasts. I grunted with both appreciation and pleasure. We did that twice more that evening.

Richard went to work early on the Monday. Sara was still around, but in bed. I was wearing a long dressing gown and had made tea and given cups to her and Peter. He followed me into my room. He was just wearing boxers and I could see that he was partially erect. He looked gorgeous.

“I want you so much” he groaned in a whisper knowing that Sara’s door was open. We kissed. He slid his hand inside my robe and pressed his hard on against me. “Do you me Cat?”

“Yes darling” I sighed back involuntarily gripping his erection through the cotton of his boxers.

“Tell me please.”

“I want you Peter, I want to sleep with you” I whispered into my son’s ear.

We heard noises from Sara’s direction. Peter darted back to his room obviously not wanting his sister to see his hardened cock.

It was mid-morning when Sara came off the phone.

“Ok if I stay at Celia’s tonight mum?”

“What leaving me when I have only just got home?” Peter butted in.

Mondays are not easy days in our household. It is not a good day to commit incest. I have a cleaning lady who works from ten to three and a gardener who is around until late afternoon.

“Why don’t you go and see your friends?” I suggested.

“I want to be with you.”

“Peter. Pat and Bob are here most of the day, we can’t do anything.”

“Oh fuck I’d forgotten.”

I went to chastise him for swearing, but realised how that was rather ridiculous considering what we were planning to do.

“What time will they go?”

“Around five.”

“Great, I’ll be back at five to.”

“Your father said he would be home early this evening, I don’t know what time though. Probably sixish, but it could be any time.”

We realised that sleeping together was not the simplest event to arrange. Peter went out and I got on with the ironing.

My mobile rang. It was Richard.

“Sorry darling I have to go to Paris tonight, could you pack me a bag please? I’ll have it picked up mid-afternoon.”

My heart started to pound. We were going to be alone. Peter and I would be in the house all night together. That immediately aroused me. I wanted to take all my clothes off, go into my conservatory, log on and write another part of my ‘novel’ about a Marta Hari type spy in the American Civil War who sleeps with men and women from both the Union and Confederates. I usually do that when I want to masturbate and I badly wanted to do that right now, but I would have no need of the stimulus of writing an erotic story. The mere thought of what lie ahead would be enough. I didn’t masturbate though. My helpers were there and the conservatory was too open.

My immediate reaction was to phone Peter and tell him, but I didn’t. I thought He would enjoy the surprise and in any case I still wasn’t totally sure. Having a love affair with your mother or your son can bring so many complications for both parties. I struggled through the afternoon alone.

After finishing the ironing I had a long, hot bath. I pampered myself by washing my hair, painting my toe and fingernails with a vivid scarlet varnish and rubbing lots of moisturiser into my skin.

The driver collected Richard’s bag around three and Pat left at quarter to four. I slipped into my tracky suit with nothing underneath; I like doing that at home.

“Why don’t you have an early day” I said to Bob just after she had gone.

“Why thanks a lot Cat, I appreciate that.”

I was alone. I went indoors unzipping my top on the way. I stood in the secluded courtyard by the garage and slipped the top off. I know that no one can see into that area so I took the trousers off as well. I love being naked around the house and in the garden and that is not for naturist reasons, it’s purely sexual.

I strolled indoors and into my conservatory. I looked at the floor where I had lain all those months ago when this thing with Peter started. I remembered vividly lying on that floor as he photographed me, as he persuaded me to undress until I was just in my panties, as he undressed, as he pulled my panties down, as he rubbed my clit, as his fingers went into me and as I stroked and rubbed his cock. What I remembered most vividly was cupping my breasts and seeing his cock exploding and streaming so much cum all over my boobs.

Feeling extremely worked up sexually I went and changed

I heard his key in the door

“I’m home” I heard Peter shout when he let himself in through the front door at around half past five. “Anyone around?”

“Just me” I replied. “I’m in the conservatory.”

“Wow you look dolled up.”

I was wearing what was being called a big dress. It had a strapless boob tube type of top that covered my breasts, but showed a deep cleavage and was tight down to my waist and then flared out until it reached my ankles.

“Don’t you like it?”

“Yes it’s lovely mum, but why are you wearing it?”

“I just felt like dolling myself up a bit.”

“Well it certainly works.”

He came up to me and took me into his arms. “You look lovely mum and I so want you” he muttered as he kissed me and pressed his hard cock into the softness of my tummy.

“Peter sit down we have to talk.”

“It seems that’s all we do.”


“Talk. I want to do, not talk.”

Knowing what tonight was almost certainly going to bring I smiled as I poured the wine and went to where he was sitting at the kitchen table.

“Let’s go and sit in the courtyard” I suggested. It was quite a suntrap especially this time of evening. We sat on chairs nearly side by side. It was lovely and warm. I brought the bottle out in a glass cooler.

Taking my spare hand in his he said. “What time is he going to be home?”

I ignored the question.

“Peter what we have done so far is bad but the situation isn’t irretrievable.”

“What do you mean?” He asked running his fingertips wonderfully suggestively up my forearm and stroking the inside of my elbow. It felt nice so I didn’t stop him or move my arm away. His knee pressed against mine and I didn’t move that either.

“We haven’t gone too far.”

“I know that Cat, we haven’t gone far enough” he whispered, now softly stroking the inside of my upper arm and pushing his knee between my knees. I thought I should stop him, but didn’t seem to have the resistance. I knew, though, that what I was about to say had to be said.

“I mean we haven’t actually had sex have we.”

“Well I thought masturbating each other was sex, or am I being silly?” He asked his fingers sliding into my armpit.

“You know what I mean.”

“Yes mummy” he muttered leaning forward, kissing me on my lips and adding. “I haven’t fucked you yet have I?”

Slightly crude though that may have been, the words hit home hard.

“No Peter we haven’t made love and that is what I want to talk about.”

“Go on” he said running his forefinger in and out of my armpit as though it was a cunt and he was finger fucking it. That was so suggestive I nearly stopped and said ‘Fuck me now.’

“We are at a crossroads Peter. Turn one way and we put this behind us and our future life is uncomplicated. Turn the other and there is uncertainty and confusion, guilt and concern and, if we’re caught god knows what.”

“Yes and pleasure and excitement. And we both want it.”

“A mother and son having sex is something that we will have to live with for the rest of our lives. I am not sure I can do that.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well with your father, it’s so unfair on him.”

“Dad’s a selfish prick mum, he leaves you too much, he should stay home more send someone else on the fucking business trips.”

“Maybe, but that’s how we are.”

“And I bet you and he don’t have sex much any more.”

“Now now stop it Peter.”

“I bet you don’t, admit it mum.

I paused

“Go on. Own up you can tell me” he said huskily pulling his fingers out from my armpit and running his fingertips across the swell of my boobs above the neckline of the dress.

I nodded. I also felt a little shudder run through me from the feel of his fingers on my flesh.

“Yes you’re right, but that’s nothing to do with this” I replied looking into his eyes. “Are you prepared for us having an affair?”

“There’s nothing I want more” he whimpered pressing the palm of his hand against my breast,

“What about girl friends? I am not sure I could bear seeing you with another woman” I said, amazing myself at my honesty.

“Mum you won’t I promise.”

“But you have to find a girl, get married and all that.”

“That’s the future, let’s live the present.”

We talked for a few minutes about the challenges and difficulties. We covered the danger, the chances of getting caught and the dreadful repercussions if we did. We went round in circles on the one hand identifying and recognising the problems, but then countering them with the need we both had for each other and the sheer amount of pleasure we would get from each other.

We moved closer to each other, our outer legs were pressed together and our faces were nearly touching. We stared at each other our eyes boring into the others. He softly ran his fingertips along the flesh of my breasts just above the neckline of my dress.

“God I so want you Cat” he said looking at his watch. “Shit it’s after six thirty, I thought he was coming home early. Do you know what time will he be here?”

I put my hand on his face and gently stroked his cheek with my fingertips. I had made my mind up. I saw that he had thought about the possible repercussions and was aware of the difficulties the future may bring. I was about to suggest what had probably been inevitable since the moment I had agreed to model for him.

I stood up and holding his gaze I reached up and slipped my fingers inside the neckline of my dress on the side of each of my boobs. I slowly pulled it down and off each orb until they were bare.

“Oh my God” Peter groaned when he saw that I was not wearing a bra. “What,er…”

“Your father has had to go to Paris, he won’t be home tonight.”


He was all over me immediately.

Kissing and caressing me, cupping my bare tits and grabbing my bum cheeks Peter groaned. “We really are going to Cat?”

“Yes darling, yes, yes we really are” I sighed back kissing all over his face. “We have all the time we want, we have all night.” Having made the decision and announced it to him I now felt so happy. I was light-headed with excitement and pleasure at the prospect of what lie ahead.

He pushed me back against the brick wall of the garage and pulled my top down so it was around my waist. His cock was totally hard and felt fabulous firstly, when it was against my thigh, then when rearing right up my stomach and finally when it was in my hand through his jeans.

Our hands were all over each other.

His found my bum cheeks through the thin, white material of my long dress and squeezed them hard.

Mine pushed his tee shirt up and rubbed his chest and upper stomach.

His pulled my skirt up.

Mine found his belt and zip.

His slid under my dress.

Mine undid his zip.

His found my ass that was only partially covered by the tiny white thong.

Mine slithered into his jeans and boxers.

His slid into my panties.

Mine stroked his throbbing cock.

His found my cunt.

All the time we were kissing and squirming our lips together.

His jeans and boxers came down and we struggled his tee shirt off.

He pulled the skirt of my dress up and we lifted it over my head.

I pushed my thong down and stepped out of it.

We were both naked in my little courtyard.

“Oh Cat I am going to make such wonderful love to you” he groaned.

It was then that we heard noises in the house. It was then that we heard Richard calling out that Paris had been cancelled. And it was then that my husband caught me naked with our son about to make incestuous love.

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