Me & My Bengali Mommy

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Lockdown with my Bengali Mom

This real incident took place between my mom Shobita and me during an unknown virus outbreak that led to months long lockdown situation. My name is Roy and I work in MNC company, even though my parents never wanted me to work as we had the luxury of large irrigated agricultural fields in my village.

My endgame was to settle in my village only and to marry my maternal uncle’s daughter Anusha, who’s same as my age. Anusha is six months older than me. Back in the village it is common to fix marriages in the same family, so it was decided by the family that Anusha and I will be marrying when we come of age.

We both knew it, though Anusha was completely into me, I particularly wasn’t interested in Anusha until my 18th birthday but when her boobs and enormous hips started showing up, I was into Anusha like never before. May be her pheromones started working on my new found lust towards her.

Anusha was smart, she knew why I was suddenly desiring her. She just didn’t drop her panties for me, I had to show that I loved her by taking care of her. I did that by taking her to the movies and shopping in a metropolitan city. We usually visited our relatives there and we loved travelling in a local tram.

I usually took her to overcrowded tram or buses so that we wouldn’t get seats and have to stand during our entire journey. That’s where fun began as I used to stand behind her, placing my hard throbbing dick on her buttocks. Anusha used to lift her hands to reach the steel railing for support whenever there’s jerking stops, that’s when I buried my nose in her sweaty armpit and inhaled her musky fragrance deeply.

We both were virgins when we fucked each other, of course the sex was painful but it was the best. By having sex we had made our marriage official. After six more years our marriage had been fixed by both of our families. And our marriage was just a month away, it was during this process my mom Shobita had visited me for her back pain check-ups.

I had taken her to hospital but the reports were due for next day, so mom had to wait in the city that night. Usually mom and dad would stay in a hotel in a situation like this but this time dad couldn’t accompany her due to his busy schedule. So mom decided to stay in my room.

Before going directly to my room, we planned for a movie. I had not even seen the trailer for that movie, just about half an hour into the movie, there was a sex scene in the film. The actor was kissing his sister and squeezing her ass in the movie. We both became very uncomfortable, “I thought, this has to stop but I didn’t know what to do?”

Just then the picture was stopped by the authorities and they informed us that the government has announced a month long lockdown. And that they had to stop the shows with immediate effect as requested by the govt authorities. It was due to an unknown virus outbreak, we got refunded and I was in such a relief.

When our family watches movies together, when a sex or even a romantic scene appears on tv, they switch channels immediately and whoever has the remote control, it’s his unspoken role that must be followed.

But that day in theatre, mom or I didn’t have that control, that meant my dick was erect and it clearly showed near my crotch and made a big tent on my pants. When the bright lights were turned on suddenly, mom easily saw my erection and realising that I quickly covered my tent with popcorn tub. The day was just getting awkwardly worse for both of us.

People had to queue in for the refund, my mom was infront of me but my erection hadn’t gone yet. I was worried not to poke her huge ass. Just when I was thinking about it, somebody from behind pushed me and the unthinkable happened. My dick touched mommy’s ass cheeks on her saree, her buttocks were fucking soft and awesome. And with my both hands I held her sweaty midriff and with my right middle finger in her deep navel.

My mom quickly turned and asked, “if I was okay?”

I said, “I’m alright mom.” Still holding her midriff region.

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