Seducing Younger Sister In Lockdown

Seducing Younger Sister In Lockdown

Hello readers, this is Surya from a small village near Mysore, Karnataka.

Now, let’s begin the story. Ours is a typical Indian family of four with very conservative parents. Ever since I came to know about sex, I have been watching porn. Then I was introduced to sex stories through the Desi Night Out site. Soon after that, I got addicted to it.

Incest stories always attracted me more than everything else. Earlier, I used to imagine myself and my mother and used to read mother-son sex stories a lot. Later, my eyes fell on my beautiful, hot sister who’s two years younger than me. From then on, I began to read a lot of brother-sister sex stories, that made me crave to sleep with my sister.

My sister was an average girl with beautiful, black hair, and a medium yet perfect pair of boobs. She looked gorgeous even in traditional outfits, and I couldn’t stop myself from admiring her assets when she wore modern dresses. For me, she was the only young girl whom I could observe from close range.

I used to masturbate thinking about my sister, thinking about squeezing her perfect boobs and sucking them. Sometimes, I even got a chance to put my hands on her bras that were hanging on the clothesline after washing. I used to rub it on my dick while thinking about her and cum in it.

At first, I was scared of getting caught by my sister, so I used to wipe the cum from her bra. Then I got the courage to leave it there only to dry in her bra and panties. I doubt that she ever noticed it. This gave me a sense of satisfaction thinking that my cum is touching my sexy sister’s soft and juicy boobs and pussy.

Still, having sex with my sister was out of my equation as she was so strict and dominating, even though she was younger than me.

My sister was very careful about her body parts and she won’t give anyone the chance to encounter her cleavage. She even used to cover that area while bending and all. But still, I got lucky to take a glance at it sometimes.

I constantly tried to peek at her body parts, but miserably failed at it most of the time. This continued for years, and I didn’t get the courage to do anything other than watch her.

Meanwhile, I got a girlfriend during my degree, so I was kind of busy with her for a while. We used to sex-chat, but still, I didn’t get a chance to have a sexual encounter with her directly.

For the better or for worse, I broke up with my girlfriend during this lockdown after my post-graduation. Then, again my eyes went to my sister, but now she was completely matured into a hot chick, and kind of she became close to me also.

I decided to try my luck. I pretended to sleep in front of her with my erect dick a little exposed whenever my parents were not at home. I used to crack some non-veg jokes in front of my sister, that my parents couldn’t understand. Still, there was no luck, so I decided to go the extra mile and show my erect dick to her.

I planned this for many days, and one day when I was going to take my bath, I left behind my towel on purpose and called her to help me with that. My sis came near the door to give me the towel. I partially opened the door and exposed my erect dick to her acting like I didn’t know that she can see it!

I observed that her eyes widened and her jaws dropped in shock when she saw it. But she quickly recovered from that shock and went away handing over the towel to me. I was very disappointed with that but still happy that my hot sibling saw had seen my dick.

From that day, her attitude towards me changed a little. She used to be shy whenever I get close to her. But she used to peep at my crotch every now and then.

Days passed but nothing special took place, so I thought nothing will happen. One day, I was sleeping in my room which is on the upper floor of the house. Usually, no one visits there, so I often sleep without shorts and undies covered with my blankets. I was thinking about my sister and had an erection.

I heard her coming up the stairs, so I removed my blanket and pretended to be asleep, with my fully erect beast exposed in all its glory. I heard my sister enter the room, but there was no sound for some time. I was about to open my eyes, but I sensed her coming near to me.

My heart was beating at its full speed and the next moment, I got the chills in my spine because she touched my dick. I think she observed it for some time by simply moving her fingers all over it, and then she held it in her hand and started to stroke it up and down slowly.

She did that for some time and I was feeling so horny, that I moved a little. I think that scared my sister that I may wake up, and she left the room leaving me in the middle of my erection.

For the next few days, I continued to sleep like that hoping she would come. Sometimes my sister would come but never made an effort to touch it again. She started to get angry with me even for silly mistakes. So, I decided to stop doing it thinking that it was not going to work out for her.

After a few weeks, there was a function at our close relative’s place, and my parents went there to attend.

That day, I had a quarrel with my ex-GF and was very upset. My sister was watching TV, so I decided to sleep in my parents’ room for a while to cool myself down.

I don’t remember when I slept. I woke up when I sensed some movements in my shorts. I opened my eyes a little and was shocked to see my sister trying to pull my dick out, thinking that I was in a deep sleep.

As I was in my loose shorts, my sister managed to slip my dick out from the underwear! Then when she held it, it grew in her hand because of the immense pleasure I was getting from her touch. She stroked it for a while. I was feeling very horny knowing that my sister is giving me a hand job.

I was about to wake up but controlled myself thinking that she might get scared again. The next thing she did, did surprise me. My sister climbed on the bed and started to kiss it. I got the pleasure of my life when those soft lips touched the tip of my cock.

With a lot of difficulties, I still pretended to sleep. She got some more courage, took it in her mouth, and started to suck it a little. I was in heaven realizing that my lovely sister is sucking my dick.

After all this, I could not control it anymore, and held her head and pushed her up and down. She realized that I was awake, but she didn’t hesitate a bit even with the fact that her brother now knows that she was sucking his cock.

After that, she sucked like a pro. Her tongue was doing magic on my dick and was covering every inch of my cock. With that immense pleasure all at once, in no time I had the strongest ejaculation of my life shooting load after a load of cum, and that too in my sister’s mouth.

When it was over, she raised her head with some of my cum flowing out of her mouth, and with a seductive smile, she engulfed it all. It all felt like a dream for a moment, but later we both realized that this has started a new era in our relationship. We don’t have to hide our lust towards each other anymore.

Even though it was wrong in terms of society, we didn’t have any guilt about what we did. Because, we both always wanted to satisfy all our needs, and we were ready to break all our social barriers, to enjoy each other’s bodies.

We have just entered into an incest relationship and we don’t have any intention of going back. After all, we love each other as brother and sister and now we love each other as a man and a woman.
My sister looked at me with her mouth full of my hot semen and with a wicked smile, she engulfed it all and licked the drops which were on her lips. I was in a dilemma about whether this is real or not.

I just kept my hands open in a manner of inviting her for a hug and the next moment, all my doubts were gone because my sister was in my arm and I could feel her soft boobs against my chest.

I hugged her so tightly that crushed her boobs and she let out a soft moan. Then I moved her hair from the neck region and started to kiss her. My hands were pressing my sister’s soft butt. She was feeling my every touch and was moaning, which made me crazier for her.

I took a small break from my play. My sister pulled her head up and we saw each other for a moment and the next second, her soft lips were on mine, licking each other’s lips and tasting her cum mixed saliva.

We both kissed wildly for a long time, our tongues met and I bit her lower lip out of excitement. Then we both parted. I could see the lust in my village sister’s eyes. I wanted to fuck my sister at that moment itself but I decided to make our first time memorable.

I made her lie on the bed and removed my t-shirts and half pulled undies. Then I went near her toes and pulled her pants off. I started to kiss her from the toes and moved up slowly till her thighs. They were soft and white. I licked them near my sister’s pussy made her shiver with pleasure!

I teased her for some time and then stopped my licking. She was confused and looked at me. I signaled her to remove her top. With the shyness on her face, she started to remove her top and I also helped her with that. Now my lovely sister was just in her bra and panties.

I looked at her from top to bottom and enjoyed it for some time. But my sibling was soo horny that she started to pull me towards her. Then I continued playing with her by sticking my face in her belly.

My sis had a beautiful belly button and I started circling my tongue around it and licked it for some time. I was also pressing my sister’s melons over her bra at the same time. I was squeezing them and she was moaning loudly.

Then I moved my hand to my sister’s back and unhooked her bra. She went a little up to help me remove them. Finally, my sister was lying in front of me half-naked. Her naked boobs were just an inch away from my hand. Her nipples were pink in color and were erect, inviting me to suck on them.

I didn’t let them wait for long and started to suck them. I was sucking the left boob and pressing the right one. I took the nipple in my fingers and pinched it, and bit the other nipple hard. My shy sister screamed out of pain but I continued doing it.

Then I switched and started to suck the right boob and press the left one. My village sister’s aroma made me go crazy about her. I wanted to make her hornier and hence I slid my other hand inside her panties and made my way towards her pussy.

My younger sister was already dripping wet and when I touched her pussy lips, she swung her hips up out of pleasure. I slid my finger slowly around the pussy lips and slowly inserted one finger into her pussy. She was very tight and she screamed because of the pain and immediately asked me to remove it.

But I was not in a mood to listen to her. So I continued fingering my sister and after a few minutes, she stopped resisting and started to relax. I continued fingering her vigorously while she was moaning heavily.

Then I removed my finger and stopped playing with her boobs. I moved down and removed my sister’s pantie. For the first in my life, I was watching a pussy live and that too, my own sister’s pussy!

My village sister’s pussy was cleanly shaved and it had pink lips which were dripping wet. I didn’t waste a second, I kissed them and started to suck them.

I inserted my tongue and licked them madly. I think she was near to her orgasm so she held my head towards her pussy and started to move her hips. In a few seconds, my sister exploded a huge wave of her orgasm into my mouth. I sucked them all and licked her clean.

Now she was relaxed and I could see a sense of satisfaction on her face. But by then, I was horny as hell and I didn’t want to stop this act here itself. When I looked at her face, she smiled and gave me permission to move forward.

I told her I didn’t have any condoms and for that, she told me not to worry about that as it was her safe day. I was in heaven after hearing that and asked my sister whether she was a virgin or not.

She said that I was the first man in her life not only to enter her, but I was the only one who has seen her naked. She said that she was soo lucky that she will lose her virginity to her own brother. I told her how lucky siblings we were to lose our virginity to each other.

My sister then told me that she can’t wait any longer. So I adjusted myself and she spread her legs wide, making my way easier. I positioned my dick at her opening and slowly, moved it into her pussy. As it was the first time for both of us, she started to scream and begged me to take it out.

So I stopped there for some time and then started to move again. She was crying because of the pain. Meanwhile, with a final push, I was inside her. I sensed her hymen had torn and blood was oozing from her pussy. My sister just lost her virginity to me!

I stayed in the same for some time until she stopped crying and her pain diminished. I was pressing her boobs to make her feel better and then I started to move in and out slowly. After some time, my younger sister also started to enjoy it and started moving her hips rhythmically to match my movements. We both were moaning loudly. As it was a village, there was no house near to hear us.

We fucked in missionary style for some time and then we changed to doggy style where I was fucking my sister from the back and was pressing her boobs at the same time. She was moaning heavily and told me to fuck harder. So I fucked her mercilessly for the next 10-15 minutes.

When I was near to exploding, I told her and she asked me not to stop and fill her cunt with my seed. That was enough for me and within a few seconds, my shaft shot a huge load of cum inside my village sister’s pussy. At the same time, her pussy tightened around my dick and she had her second orgasm.

We both fell on the bed beside each other exhausted. After a few minutes, we looked at each other and realized we just had the first sex of our life.

I was awestruck by my sister’s beauty and was happy that this beauty belonged to me from then on. I crawled near her and kissed her forehead. I told her that this was my dream for many years. I told her how I admired her beauty and how I used to be crazy about her.

To my surprise, my sister told me that she knew I used to cum in her bra and that she felt it disgusting initially but then she liked it and used to lick it! Thus she had been a fan of my cum for a very long time but never imagined that she’ll be fucked by her own brother like this.

We both kissed and promised to never lose a chance to enjoy each other’s bodies. After this, we had many encounters during the lockdown and it was the best phase of my life.

Then I got a job in Bangalore, so I had to move there. Now I miss my sister so badly. We are planning for her to get a job in Bangalore so that she can move in with me and we can have an amazing life without any fear.
I was very unhappy because of the distance from my sister and she was feeling the same too. I used to masturbate a lot imagining our past encounters but that was not enough. Rarely she used to video call me when our parents were not home. Those were the only time I got to see her body through the virtual medium.

My younger sister was very hesitant to send me her photos. It was not enough for both of us and slowly, this lead us to a new era of sex chat. Here in this story, I have mentioned some of our romantic sexting. I hope you all enjoy it!

Me: Hi sugar lips, are you asleep?
Aditi (my younger sister): How can I sleep without you, Anna (brother). I really miss you, bro. I really can’t wait to hug you tightly.

Me: Oh, only hugs? Is that enough for my little sis?
Aditi: That’s just the starter before the meals.🙈

Me: So, what do you want to be served for the main course, mam?
Aditi: I want my brother to be served in my bed where I can peel off his dress and feed on his meat to my satisfaction!

Me: That’s enough for your brother to get hornier. Now tell me more about how do you want to eat your brother.
Aditi: If you were here, first I would hug you tight and push you into the bed.

Me: Then?
Aditi: Then I will take off my top and pant and sit on you with only my bra and panties.

Me: That will make me go erect in no time.
Aditi: I know that, I’m going to sit on your dick only.

Me: Hmm, you are good at teasing, Aditi.
Aditi: It’s just the beginning. Then I’ll take off your t-shirt and I’ll feel every inch of your chest with my lips and tongue.

Me: It’s hurting me down there. At least, let it be free.
Aditi: No way! If I take it out, I can’t control myself from sucking it. So, let me feed on your other parts first.

Me: That’s not fair.☹️
Aditi: Okay, let me take off my bra, it might shift your focus.

Me: 😍 Those perfect boobs. I’m chewing them one by one.
Aditi: Ahhh anna, I told you to just look at them not to suck them.

Me: How can I sit silently when there’s a delicious sweet in front of me?
Aditi: Chii, you are too naughty, anna. I can feel your erection down there.

Me: You know I have heard that by removing her panty a girl can feel a man’s dick more accurately. 🙈
Aditi: Oh, is it anna? I didn’t know it (giggles). Why will you be always in a rush to get my panties off, don’t you like them on me?

Me: Actually, I prefer my dick on it than your panty.
Aditi: Oh, really? Then why did you leave me here taking away your dick from my pussy?

Me: Don’t worry baby, I can’t wait to be inside you too.
Aditi: Then, let me take off my panties.

Me: Ahhh, that wetness. It’s making me mad. Aditi, please let me in.
Aditi: Not so fast, Anna. I want you to please my pussy with your tongue while I enjoy your dick in my mouth.

Me: My little sister is making me cum in minutes!
Aditi: Don’t you dare to waste those precious cum, every drop of it belongs to me and me alone.

Me (while sucking pussy) Hmmm Aditi, let me suck this lovely pussy for you.
Aditi: Ahhh Anna, you are pleasing my pussy really well. Let me take all those hot semen out of you (sucks on my dick).

Me: Delicious as always! Ahhh Aditi, I’m gonna cum soon.
Aditi: I have already cummed in your mouth once, let me taste your cum now.

Me: I can’t take it any longer, suck it all, it’s all yours.
Aditi: 😋 Want some more of your cum

Me: That’s enough now. Come on me, let me recharge it for you.
Aditi: Make it quick, my pussy is starving for your dick. Do you want to make it wait?🥺

Me: Don’t make those cute faces. It makes me hornier.
Aditi: I too want that only, now get up and fuck me, Anna. I can’t wait anymore to take your dick in my pussy.

Me: Don’t have to wait, darling, I’ll fuck you hard till you have your orgasm.
Aditi: Here, I have spread my legs for you, Anna. Please fuck me harder. Don’t show any mercy on your sister. She wants you to fuck her like a mad dog.

Me: I’m already mad for you, babe. inserted it in your juicy pussy now.
Aditi: Ahhh Anna, it feels soo good to have you in me. I want you to be in me forever. This pussy belongs to you. Please don’t leave it.

Me: Ahhh Yessss. It’s mine only not only pussy your entire body belongs to me only.
Aditi: It’s all yours, Anna. Use it as you please. No one makes me mad like you.

Me: Only your pussy can please my dick to its fullest extent.
Aditi: Go deeper, Anna, I want every inch of your dick in me.

Me: As you wish, darling. Here you go (takes longer strokes, each pounding her pussy with force).
Aditi: Ahh anna, I’m gonna cum, you are making me cum.

Me: Ahh..I’m gonna cum too, darling. Do you want me to take it out?
Aditi: I’ll kill you if you do that. I want you to pour every bit of your cum in my pussy only.

Me: As you command, my lady. I cum. Ahhhh..
Aditi: Ahhh…Me too Anna. Don’t let it go. Hold me closer.

Me (hugs her tightly): I’ll never let you go.

Both fell on each other’s arms, breathing heavily.

Aditi: Anna, please come to the village as soon as possible. I can’t wait to be in your arms once again.
Me: Don’t worry, darling. Instead of me coming home, I’m planning on bringing you here to Bangalore so that we can fuck each other whenever and wherever we want.

Aditi: 🙈 Please make it fast. I’m fully wet here after hearing this from you.
Me: (sends her pic of my penis): Don’t worry, I’m also ready here to please you down there.

Aditi: Wow! 😍 This is not fair.🥺 I wish I was there now to take it in.
Me: It’s all yours, babe. See you soon in Bangalore. I’ll make all the arrangements for that.

Aditi: Love you soo much, Anna. You are the best brother in the world.
Me: Love you too, Aditi. Anything for you.

Aditi: Okay, let me drift into sleep holding your dick pic in my hand at least.
Me: You naughty! Good night, darling. Take care.

Aditi: Good night, Anna. Waiting to meet you soon.
Me: Me too, baby doll.
During the whole lockdown, we had lots of fun at home. We fucked each other like crazy dogs, but unfortunately, I had to shift to Bangalore due to my job.

It was hard for both of us to stay in a distance, and not be able to enjoy each other’s bodies. It was somewhat relieved by sexting, but that was not enough. So I planned to get her a job in Bangalore so that she can also shift here.

And finally, it worked. After a gap of 6 months, she moved into a room with me in Bangalore. Appa-Amma came along with her to drop her off.

Aditi was teasing me all along by showing her cleavage, touching my dick, without the notice of appa and amma. I was getting very horny and was waiting for my parents to leave.

Finally, after 2 days, they left for Mysore again. As soon as they left, I took Aditi inside the house and locked the door. After that pinned her against the door, and started to smooch her.

My younger sister acted surprised, but after a while, she also start responding. We stayed there for some time, kissing each other madly. Then I broke the kiss and we made eye contact. She started to blush.

Aditi: So, you do all these things with your own sister?

I replied, “I am doing this to you, ONLY because you are my sister. And I think you were also waiting for the same, right?

My sister blushed and pushed me away. But I pulled her toward me, gave her a tight hug, and started enjoying her back and butt. She moaned softly.

Aditi: You have become too naughty, Anna.

I removed her hair from her neck and started kissing her neck. While kissing, I whispered in her ear, ” I haven’t even started yet.”

Then I carried her to the bedroom and made her lie on the bed. She was lying there thinking what I’ll do next.

Then I went on her on the bed. First, I dragged my sibling down properly and then started to kiss her neck while holding both her hands pinned to the bed and above her head.

Aditi was moaning softly and was moving her body rapidly out of excitement. Then I stopped kissing and went to her belly. I raised her top and kissed all the exposing parts. First, I kissed her belly and licked her belly button. Then slowly I raised her top to her breast and started kissing the downside of her breasts. Aditi started to jump out of pleasure.

With a lot of effort, I removed the top from her breast, and she helped me to remove it completely. I was pleased to see my sister lying under me half-naked, as she was not wearing any bras. I was delighted to notice that her boobs had grown a lot, since the last time I had seen them.

Aditi covered her face because of shyness. Meanwhile, I started to play with my sister’s breasts, making her moan loudly. I started pressing them and pinching those pink nipples. Those were already erect due to excitement.

I started sucking them. She started moaning louder and started to move her hands on my hair. She was pushing my head toward her breasts. I bit those nipples now and chewed her melons completely, making them red.

By then, she was breathing heavily. So I removed my shirt and lay on her. Then I started kissing her lips. We kissed each other wildly, exchanging our saliva. Slowly, I removed her pant while kissing, her and slid my hand into her panties.

My sister realized what I was doing only after I started brushing my fingers on her pussy! She tried to moan but I didn’t let her do it. I inserted one of my fingers into her vagina and started finger fucking my sister. She was moving her hip to support my act.

Soon, I inserted another finger which was too much for her. Just after the insertion of another finger, she broke the kiss and asked me to remove it. I kept them there for a while, and then I removed them.

Aditi was relieved by that, but that was not for long. Then I came into the 69 positions, removed her panty, and started licking my sister’s pussy! She was trying her best to suppress her moan.

Then she saw the bulge in my shorts. After that, she started removing my shorts and undies and took out my dick. By then, I was sucking her pussy and was moving my tongue in her pussy lips.

As revenge, she started kissing my penis and licked it. She took it in her mouth and started sucking it. Her sucking sent an electric current through my spine. We both started to please each other’s private parts to our best and that made me cum in her mouth,. She also had an orgasm.

I licked her pussy and cleaned it. Aditi swallowed my cum and sucked every drop from my dick.

We laid beside each other for a while to take some breath. Then we hugged each other’s naked bodies and smooched madly for some time. That made my dick erect again, and she sensed it on her pussy. Then she said –

Aditi: Looks like my anna is ready for more.

And she held my dick and started to press it on her love hole.

Me: When my little sis is asking for it, how can I say, no?

I started to enter her pussy, while kissing her neck. She was screaming out of pain but I smooched her to suppress her noise.

With one huge push, I entered my sister’s vagina fully. I remained there for a while, and after her body relaxed, I slowly started to fuck her hard.

I fucked her in missionary position for almost 10 minutes, while sucking her boobs. She was moaning all the while.

Aditi: Ahh.. Anna, slowly ahhh Annaaaa.

Then I made her stand like a dog and started fucking her from behind in doggy style. She was moaning heavily and tried to hide her voice using the pillow. I fucked my younger sister like that for about 10 minutes.

Her pussy then started tightening around my dick and she had her second orgasm. Soon after that, I started exploring my seeds in my sister’s pussy, and shot everything inside her pussy.

Then we both slept on each other, without removing my penis from her pussy.

After some time, my dick started to go limp. I removed it from her pussy. Suddenly, she jumped on me like she was waiting for it and started to suck out whatever sperm left on my dick.

We both then kissed each other and hugged for a while. After that, we went to the bathroom for cleaning.

In the bathroom, I saw her cleaning herself and that made me hard again. I pushed her to the wall and started the shower. The shower made both of us wet.

Aditi was facing the wall, so I kissed her on her wet neck, and licked her there while pressing her boobs. I did this for a while and inserted my penis into her pussy from behind. My sister started moaning again.

Aditi: Ahh.. Anna, please do it slowly. I’ll not go anywhere.

But I didn’t listen to her and fucked her madly for another 5 minutes. I was making her moan under the shower.

Then I started to feel my ejaculation, so I removed my dick suddenly and started fingering her until she had her orgasm. Then she looked at me and said –

Aditi: Why are you punishing your dick by removing it from its favorite part? Look how sad it is. Let me make it happy.

And Aditi bent down and sat on her knees, and started giving me a blowjob. After 4-5 minutes, I came in her mouth, and she licked my dick to clean it.

We kissed each other exchanged our cum mixed saliva and cleaned each other in the shower.

I dried myself and got out of the bathroom. After a few minutes, she came out with the towel wrapped around her breast. That towel miserably failed to hide her cleavage. She gave me a sexy smile and said –

Aditi: I missed you so much, Anna. Especially this ‘horny’ anna who fucks his own little sister. So, from here on, I grant my sweet anna an unlimited sex package. You can fuck me anywhere all the time, and my body will be for you only till I get married.

She came to me after dropping her towel and we hugged each other naked.

Me: Aditi, I also missed you so much. From here on, you have full permission over my dick, and you can use it as you want to.

We slept for a while. After the sleep, we made love to each other like a newly wedded couple throughout the night.

Then I woke up in the morning to her blowjob. This became our routine to have sex in the morning before going to the office, and at the night too.

I hope this continues as long as she gets married. Hope you all have enjoyed my story.

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