Sexting with Mommy

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Sexting with Mommy

Hello My Dear Readers… This is a series of text messages between Keshav and his mother, Sonam.

Happy Reading!!

Keshav : Hey Mom…

Sonam : Hi Keshav, have you reached??

Keshav : Yes, Mom. Just got inside my room. Train was late by an hour.

Sonam : I thought so, not seeing your message.

Keshav : You did not sleep all this while?? It is almost 2:00 AM.

Sonam : No, Keshav. I was waiting to hear from you.

Keshav : You should have slept, Mom. This is not the first time I took this train. And I told you I can get a taxi to the hostel easily.

Sonam : Yes, you did. I just wanted to make sure you reach there safe. I do not know why. Maybe it is because we spent the entire week together, I miss you here.

Keshav : I miss you too, Mom. I don’t think we have ever spent so much time together. I am glad I agreed to come with you for the wedding.

Sonam : Me too, Keshav. Thank you so much. I would not have gone alone, Keshav.

Keshav : Come on, Mom. It was your best friend’s daughter’s wedding. You had to attend it. I am happy you asked me to come along.

Sonam : I would have felt completely lost had you not come with me. There was no way I could travel on my own to Delhi. It was so relaxing for me because you were there.

Keshav : I am glad I could be of help, Mom. It was a good break for me, too.

Sonam : Ramya is so happy we were there. She was sending me pictures sometime back. There is a very good photo of us with the couple. We all look great in it.

Keshav : I think I already told you this. You looked beautiful, Mom.

Sonam : Yes… Yes, you did. I just wanted you to say that one more time. Haha!!

Keshav : Well, you were amazing, for all the 3 functions. Everybody were looking at you.

Sonam : What do you mean by everybody??

Keshav : Everybody… You know!!

Sonam : I don’t know…

Keshav : Well, the guys. All the men in attendance were looking at you.

Sonam : And why didn’t you tell me that??

Keshav : What should I have told you??

Sonam : That there were men checking me out.

Keshav : They were not checking you out, Mom. I just said there were men looking at you.

Sonam : And when did you decide it is okay for random men to be looking at your mother??

Keshav : I did not say I was okay with random men looking at you. Just tell me what were you going to do if I had told you??

Sonam : I would have moved closer to you, and maybe, even held your hands. I would not have been sitting at the other end of the sofa, if I knew what was happening.

Keshav : And what difference will you sitting close to me make??

Sonam : They will know I have my man with me, and they cannot just ogle at me like that.

Keshav : Your man!? I am your son… And everybody there must have noticed that immediately. I mean, you don’t look old enough to be my mother, but nobody was going to think I am your husband.

Sonam : How can you be so sure??

Keshav : What are you even trying to say, Mom??

Sonam : The staff in the hotel, they felt you were my husband. But leave that, I am just trying to say nobody would have looked at me like that, if they realized I have somebody with me.

Keshav : Wait… Who in the hotel?? What did they ask you??

Sonam : The room boy!! He asked me if everything was okay with the stay, and if I enjoyed with my husband.

Keshav : What?? When?? I mean, why did he even feel that??

Sonam : Well, apparently only couples ask for a king bed. All others prefer twin beds in the room.

Keshav : And who told you that??

Sonam : The room boy. He told me that when I said I was not there with my husband, and you were my son.

Keshav : I did ask you if you wanted twin beds. You said you were okay with a big king sized bed.

Sonam : Now, when did I say I was not okay with that. I just said the people in the hotel thought we were a couple, because we had shared a bed.

Keshav : And you did not get angry at him??

Sonam : Angry?? Why?? He only asked me a very normal question. Room boys are trained to get feedback from the guests. I was not going to get angry at him for that.

Keshav : When did he ask you this??

Sonam : On the second day, morning. He even asked me if I wanted to change rooms, to ones with twin beds.

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