Sexting with Mommy

Sexting with Mommy

Hello My Dear Readers… This is a series of text messages between Keshav and his mother, Sonam.

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Keshav : Hey Mom…

Sonam : Hi Keshav, have you reached??

Keshav : Yes, Mom. Just got inside my room. Train was late by an hour.

Sonam : I thought so, not seeing your message.

Keshav : You did not sleep all this while?? It is almost 2:00 AM.

Sonam : No, Keshav. I was waiting to hear from you.

Keshav : You should have slept, Mom. This is not the first time I took this train. And I told you I can get a taxi to the hostel easily.

Sonam : Yes, you did. I just wanted to make sure you reach there safe. I do not know why. Maybe it is because we spent the entire week together, I miss you here.

Keshav : I miss you too, Mom. I don’t think we have ever spent so much time together. I am glad I agreed to come with you for the wedding.

Sonam : Me too, Keshav. Thank you so much. I would not have gone alone, Keshav.

Keshav : Come on, Mom. It was your best friend’s daughter’s wedding. You had to attend it. I am happy you asked me to come along.

Sonam : I would have felt completely lost had you not come with me. There was no way I could travel on my own to Delhi. It was so relaxing for me because you were there.

Keshav : I am glad I could be of help, Mom. It was a good break for me, too.

Sonam : Ramya is so happy we were there. She was sending me pictures sometime back. There is a very good photo of us with the couple. We all look great in it.

Keshav : I think I already told you this. You looked beautiful, Mom.

Sonam : Yes… Yes, you did. I just wanted you to say that one more time. Haha!!

Keshav : Well, you were amazing, for all the 3 functions. Everybody were looking at you.

Sonam : What do you mean by everybody??

Keshav : Everybody… You know!!

Sonam : I don’t know…

Keshav : Well, the guys. All the men in attendance were looking at you.

Sonam : And why didn’t you tell me that??

Keshav : What should I have told you??

Sonam : That there were men checking me out.

Keshav : They were not checking you out, Mom. I just said there were men looking at you.

Sonam : And when did you decide it is okay for random men to be looking at your mother??

Keshav : I did not say I was okay with random men looking at you. Just tell me what were you going to do if I had told you??

Sonam : I would have moved closer to you, and maybe, even held your hands. I would not have been sitting at the other end of the sofa, if I knew what was happening.

Keshav : And what difference will you sitting close to me make??

Sonam : They will know I have my man with me, and they cannot just ogle at me like that.

Keshav : Your man!? I am your son… And everybody there must have noticed that immediately. I mean, you don’t look old enough to be my mother, but nobody was going to think I am your husband.

Sonam : How can you be so sure??

Keshav : What are you even trying to say, Mom??

Sonam : The staff in the hotel, they felt you were my husband. But leave that, I am just trying to say nobody would have looked at me like that, if they realized I have somebody with me.

Keshav : Wait… Who in the hotel?? What did they ask you??

Sonam : The room boy!! He asked me if everything was okay with the stay, and if I enjoyed with my husband.

Keshav : What?? When?? I mean, why did he even feel that??

Sonam : Well, apparently only couples ask for a king bed. All others prefer twin beds in the room.

Keshav : And who told you that??

Sonam : The room boy. He told me that when I said I was not there with my husband, and you were my son.

Keshav : I did ask you if you wanted twin beds. You said you were okay with a big king sized bed.

Sonam : Now, when did I say I was not okay with that. I just said the people in the hotel thought we were a couple, because we had shared a bed.

Keshav : And you did not get angry at him??

Sonam : Angry?? Why?? He only asked me a very normal question. Room boys are trained to get feedback from the guests. I was not going to get angry at him for that.

Keshav : When did he ask you this??

Sonam : On the second day, morning. He even asked me if I wanted to change rooms, to ones with twin beds.

Keshav : You could have told me if you wanted to, Mom. We stayed there for two more nights after that.

Sonam : I did not want to, Keshav. Why can’t you just understand?? I was totally fine sleeping on the same bed, with you.

Keshav : You did not feel you had to, even after he asked you if we were a couple, as we slept on the same bed??

Sonam : Noo… How was that going to affect me in any way??

Keshav : You did not feel anything when he thought of me as your husband??

Sonam : I did not mind that at all. In-fact I was excited to know people feel I am young enough to be your wife.

Keshav : Maybe it’s because I have never tried talking much to you. I thought something like that would upset you. But you are so cool, Mom.

Sonam : Yes, I am, Keshav. So, just relax. Okay?? And you can share anything with me, Keshav. I will always be there for you. I know we were never very close, but most sons and mothers are like that. They do not share everything with each-other. But let’s be good friends from today.

Keshav : Okay, Mom. I really appreciate you saying that. And whatever it is, you can tell me, too.

Sonam : I know, Keshav. I know I can count on you.

Keshav : Mom… Now, tell me one thing. Were you really comfortable being in the same room with me?? We have never shared rooms our whole life before this.

Sonam : I did have that at the back of my mind before we started the trip. But you made things very easy for me. I did not feel odd at all. I am happy I have raised you into a well mannered boy.

Keshav : Great, then. I just wanted to know you felt everything was appropriate.

Sonam : But, were you comfortable, Keshav?? I don’t know if you always wear a t-shirt & tracks when you sleep. And you were sweating all night. It was really hot in there, even with the Air Conditioner on.

Keshav : It was a good stay for me, Mom. I was totally comfortable. But it was hot, yes. I normally have just my boxers on, when I sleep. The clothes would not have been a problem if it wasn’t this hot.

Sonam : You could have just slept in your boxers, Keshav. I was not going to have an issue with that. Seriously.

Keshav : I know, Mom. But I just wanted to make sure both of us were comfortable, especially when it was our first time sharing rooms. And, by the way, do you always were a kurti & pant to bed?? The cotton ones you wore did not look like your regular night wear.

Sonam : You did notice, didn’t you?? I normally wear a nighty or a gown to bed. It would have been still hot, even if I had decided to wear one of my sleeveless gowns. The room was practically burning, to be honest. Delhi’s summer was at it’s peak.

Keshav : You could have told me, Mom. You could have changed in the bathroom, and asked me to not to look when you come out. I would have closed my eyes.

Sonam : Now, why would I ask you to close your eyes, Keshav?? I was not going to wear anything a son was not supposed to see his mother in.

Keshav : I know that Mom… That is not what I meant. It’s just that it would have been embarrassing for you to come back into the room, with just your sleeveless gown on you.

Sonam : What do you mean by just the gown??

Keshav : I mean… You would have removed your inner-wear before putting on the gown. That is what I meant.

Sonam : Hahaha… Oh my Keshav… What makes you think I would remove my bra & panties to put on the gown??

Keshav : Err.. Mom… Well, I don’t know… Isn’t that what woman normally do??

Sonam : How do you know so much about woman, my dear son??

Keshav : Oh, come on, Mom. Everybody knows all this.

Sonam : Hahaha… I was just pulling your leg, dear. And yes, you are right. I was not going to have my inner-wear inside. But I don’t think I would have minded coming out in front of you, wearing a gown. All my gowns cover half my thighs, that is hiding enough of me.

Keshav : Just half of your thighs?? And, you feel that is covering enough??

Sonam : Of-course yes, Keshav. That is enough covering when I am going to sleep. You don’t expect me to sleep with a gown that covers my feet, do you?? What is the whole point of wearing a gown then. And, also, most gowns these days are of short lengths, Keshav. And very transparent around the bust.

Keshav : And you were not going to have a problem sleeping next to me, wearing something like that.

Sonam : No!! Not at all!! Why do you think I will have a reason to worry?? I am sleeping with my own son, after all.

Keshav : I just felt you will find it weird, Mom. It’s just that.

Sonam : No Keshav. That was not going to bother me. Maybe next time we have to share a bed, I can show you how it works. It is not big deal. We are only sleeping on the bed, and we were not even facing each other, this time.

Keshav : But it would be different if I was in just my boxers. You will not be ready to sleep in a gown next to me then.

Sonam : Why not?? What difference was that going to make?? If you wanted to do something to me, you would have already done that!!

Keshav : Whattt??!! Mom?? What are you saying??

Sonam : Why do you have to react like this, Keshav. I just said, if you had any plans of making a move on me, you would have done that during our Delhi trip. My clothes were not going to matter.

Keshav : I did not do anything of that sort, Mom.

Sonam : I did not say you did. I just said you would have, if you wanted to.

Keshav : Yeah?? And how would you have reacted if I did something to you??

Sonam : I don’t know. Depends on what you do to me.

Keshav : Mom, I think we should just sleep. Its so late already. I mean, it is early morning.

Sonam : Oh yes.. It’s 3:00 AM. I did not realize we had been talking for so long. But, before we stop this conversation, Keshav, I want you to know whatever we talked about is very much normal. A mother and son are supposed to be open, and talk like this.

Keshav : I know, Mom.I have taken it in the right spirit. And I respect everything you said. Your views do make sense, and thank you for being brutally honest.

Sonam : That is great to hear my Son. So, feel free with me. You can tell me anything.

Keshav : Yes, Mom. I know. I will.

Sonam : Good night, Keshav… Sleep well.

Keshav : Good night Mom. Take care…

Sonam : Keshav, wait!!

Keshav : Yes, Mom…

Sonam : Have you changed, yet??

Keshav : Yes… I have. Long back itself, when we just about started texting.

Sonam : And… Are you in your boxers??

Keshav : Yes, Mom. Why?? I have my tank top, as well, on me.

Sonam : No.. I was just thinking… Maybe you should send me a picture of you in your boxers, and get rid of your fear of boxers.

Keshav : I do not fear boxers, Mom…

Sonam : I get that.. What I meant is… Wearing a boxer in front of your mother.

Keshav : Mom!! That is so unnecessary, I think.

Sonam : Come on, Keshav. It will help you feel better, too. You really don’t need to act so strange with your mother. And also, it is not like you are in just your boxers. You have your tank top, as well. So, it’s fine.

Keshav : I don’t know Mom… I don’t think I want to.

Sonam : Just listen to me, will you. Stop being so stubborn.

Keshav : Okay Mom… I think you won’t stop until you get the picture.

Keshav stands in front of the mirror, and takes a photo. He is in his white tank top & yellow boxers. And sends the picture to his mother.

Sonam has received the picture her son, Keshav, sent her. And she has just opened it.

Sonam : Ohh…

Keshav : What happened, Mom??

Sonam : No.. No.. It’s just that..

Keshav : What is it, Mom??

Sonam : Your boxers are a bit too small for you, I guess, Keshav…

Keshav : Not really, Mom. This is the biggest size they make. And, I don’t think any company sells bigger ones in the market.

Sonam : But…

Keshav : What is the problem, Mom??

Sonam : It is not a problem, Keshav. It is just that your boxers look so tight.

Keshav : See, Mom… That’s why I told you, you won’t be comfortable sleeping with me, if I wore one of them. You are already feeling uneasy.

Sonam : No.. No… It’s not that, Keshav. I was just wondering…

Keshav : Wondering what, Mom??

Sonam : Wondering why it is so tight…

Keshav : Mom?!

Sonam : What, Keshav??

Keshav : Hahaha… It’s nothing mom.

Sonam : What do you mean by nothing??

Keshav : Haha.. Just leave it, okay. You already know what it is. Don’t try to make me say it.

Sonam : I do not understand… Make you say what, Keshav??

Keshav : Sonama Ji!! No.. No.. No..

Sonam : Hahaha… It’s been a long time since you called me ‘Sonam Ji’. You used to do that when you were a kid.

Keshav : I know, Mom. I remember.

Sonam : But, leave that for now. Will you please tell me why your boxers are so tight??

Keshav : You are irritating me, Mom. Stop asking why. You already know!!

Sonam : I am the one who is getting pissed off. Why can’t you just tell me what it is, instead of trying to evade my question?!

Keshav : Stop messing with me mom. Please!!

Sonam : I don’t get it, Keshav. Why do you have to act so weird all the time?? I can guess it is something very silly. But, why can’t you just tell me??

Keshav : It is indeed something very silly, Mom. Just leave it, please. Don’t even bother to guess.

Sonam : Is there anything wrong with the boxers, Keshav?? Something like they are not branded, and the stitch is poor. And you are worried I will ask you how you are spending the money we give you to buy your clothes.

Keshav : Mom.. Enough!! Hahahah.. Enough, okay.

Sonam : Why are you laughing?? Just tell me what it is then. Don’t make me look so stupid.

Keshav : It’s something personal, Mom… Hope that will do.

Sonam : Oh..

Keshav : Yes, Mom.

Sonam : Hhmm… Okay Keshav.. Now, listen. I know you are a big boy, but I am your mother. I have crossed your age myself, and I know how things can be during this period of your life. So, whatever it is, you can tell me. I can help you.

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Yes Keshav… I am right here.. Tell me.. I am listening.

Keshav : It is not something I need help with, Mom.

Sonam : It is alright, Keshav. I am your friend. You don’t have to feel shy. You can tell me.

Keshav : Ohhh.. Mom… You are so dumb!! Don’t you understand?? It is the size of my penis!!

Sonam : Oh my.. What?? What did you just say??

Keshav : Exactly what you just read. I gave you an answer for your question. I told you the truth, Mom. Are you happy now??

Sonam : When did I ask you anything about your penis?? I cannot believe you just said that. Is this how you talk to your mother??

Keshav : My dear naive Mom… I am not trying to be rude, here. I am just telling you the facts. My boxers look tight, I mean tighter than when others usually wear, because my penis is big. My penis is bigger than what most people have. Even when flaccid.

Sonam : And how big??

Keshav : Oh, come on…Stop this conversation, Mom. This is embarrassing.

Sonam : No.. Tell me!! If you think you have grown so big, to talk such shit, and say this kind of gross stuff to your own mother… Be man enough to tell me your size too.

Keshav : What is this, Mom?? I had to tell you that, because you asked me for the reason. You kept asking me. I am sorry, Mom. I did not mean to disrespect you. Please don’t get angry, now.

Sonam : Just stop it. Okay!! Stop faking your ‘good loving son’ act. You get me?? You just showered me with the kind of expletive a shameless creep will tell a paid whore. I hope you will someday realize the magnitude of your mistake. I am not cursing you, only because I gave birth to you.

Keshav : Enough of this, Mom.. I told you so many times I do not want to tell you why my boxers looked tight. You forced me.

Sonam : I agree.. It was my mistake. I should have never talked to you. I thought I knew my son. I was wrong. Now, just, tell me what the size of your penis is, and walk out of my mind, gracefully. That is the least you can do.

Keshav : I am just too tired of this, Mom. This is not what I was hoping for, after we bonded so well, last week. Fine.. Have it your way… So, listen… The size of my penis is 9 inches.

Sonam : What?!

Keshav : 9 inches. That is how long I am.

Sonam : What the… Hahahha!!

Keshav : What, now??

Sonam : Hahaha…

Keshav : Why are you laughing?? Mom??

Sonam : Okay.. I admit I was only half-angry at you. And I was actually trying to get you very annoyed. And maybe also tell you that you cannot talk like that to anybody. But this is too much, Keshav. Who will have a penis so big. And that too when your Dad is not even 4 inches long. Hahaha.. You are so funny!!

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Keshav Baby… I was just kidding okay. I am not angry at you. But don’t lie like this.

Keshav : I am not lying, Mom.

Sonam : Hahaha… Don’t make me laugh any more. Just stop lying, will you.

Keshav : I am not lying, Mom. Why would I need to??

Sonam : Keshav… Hahaha… You can say whatever you want .You know I won’t ask you for proof, and you can get away. But your mom is smart enough to know that what you said is not possible.

Keshav : Why would I want to make up something like that so early in the morning??

Sonam : You saying a big lie has nothing to do with the current time. And, just because it is 4:00 AM, does not mean you are saying the truth. Maybe, you have always been bragging about your penis, and managed to get away because nobody to cared to ask you to show them the ‘truth’. But, there is no way I will believe you. Hahahah.. Liar!!

Keshav : Mom, don’t call me a liar. I don’t like it. Because, I never lie.

Sonam : Hahaha… Keshav is a liar!!

Keshav : Oh yeah?? Ask me for proof then. Ask me, if you have the guts, Mom.

Sonam : What?? Hahaha… Such audacity!! Okay, then… Just show me your tiny penis. Haha!! Or should I ask you like how they do in the films?? Can you please show me your monster, my dear Son?? This boy… Hahaha.. I can’t stop laughing, Keshav. I never knew there was a joker in you. Haha!!

Keshav : Fine. If that is what you want… I have had enough of this, Mom.

Keshav pulls down his tight boxers, and sends his mother a picture of his naked cock. For some reason, he is semi-erect, and his manhood has already stretched to it’s full size.

Sonam has received the picture her son, Keshav, sent her. And she has just opened it.

Sonam : Oh my… Oh my… How is this possible??

Keshav : What is it now, Mom??

Sonam : It’s that…

Keshav : Mom… Before you say anything, let me just tell this to you. I know we have been texting non-stop for more than two hours now, and I feel I have just crossed the line. I should not have. And I am so sorry about it, Mom.

Sonam : Keshav, Listen…

Keshav : Let me just complete, Mom… I really know I should not have send you that picture. It just happened. And I know you are equally bothered about it. And I know you are trying to talk about it. I know that you were sure I will never send a picture like this. I am sorry.

Sonam : No Keshav… You got me all wrong. That is not at all what I was thinking.

Keshav : Then?? What is it then??

Sonam : Noo.. I mean.. Err… It’s actually nothing…

Keshav : Tell me, Mom… Please.. Don’t make me feel more bad about this.

Sonam : Keshav.. No.. It’s not something you have to feel bad about.. It’s that… I mean.. It’s the size of your penis.. It is very long.

Keshav : See, Mom!! I told you… I told you already, didn’t I?? You should have just believed me. Look at where you have got us, now. Everything feels so strange.

Sonam : And so thick…

Keshav : What?? Mom??

Sonam : You are so big!!

Keshav : Mom!! What is… Are you even reading any of my texts??

Sonam : Oh Keshav… You are big. Just like you told me. You are so big, my dear Son.

Keshav : I know I am big, Mom. I told you I am big… But, this is still so weird. All the earlier texts felt funny to an extent, but this no more is.

Sonam : Yes, Keshav… I know how you might be feeling… I feel unusual, too.. I did not think you would actually ever send me a picture like that. But, I did not think a penis as long as 9 inches was also possible. That is why I did not believe you.

Keshav : Do you believe me now??

Sonam : Yes Keshav.. Yes. I just want to… I am sorry I did not believe you earlier. And I got us into this mess.

Keshav : Phew… Great… Mom, I am glad you believe me. I never lie, Mom. Maybe I hide a few things, when I feel they don’t matter. But I never lie. Especially when I am being asked something. And, so, I never liked being called a liar. Maybe I over reacted. It just happened in the heat of the moment. Let’s just forget this, Mom. I hope you are not angry at me.

Sonam : Come on, Keshav. Not at all.. I was never angry at you. I am just sorry about this whole thing. I could have avoided this. Sorry, okay!!

Keshav : Please, Mom… No!! Please don’t say sorry. It is not your fault. I am to be blamed. I should have been more careful. I should have been able to tell you what it was. I should not have acted so shy, and confuse you. That is what worsened the situation. I will be more open and straight forward with you, from here on.

Sonam : Yes, Keshav. Please… You don’t have to feel reluctant discussing things with me. You know you can trust me. I will always be there for you.

Keshav : Yes, Mom. And,now, since we are all cool… Please delete that picture, Mom. It is not right, and not at all okay.

Sonam : What is not okay, Keshav??

Keshav : A picture of a man’s penis in your phone. Please delete it from the gallery. Also, from our chat.

Sonam : Hahaha… Ohh Keshav… A random man’s penis in my phone is a problem. But, this is my son’s. That is not a problem.

Keshav : Please, Mom… Dad will see. He uses your phone so often.

Sonam : So what??

Keshav : We are simply asking for trouble, Mom. I really don’t want him to think anything wrong about me.

Sonam : Excuse me!! Think what wrong about you??

Keshav : Mom.. I don’t want him to think that I am sending you such pictures.

Sonam : If your Dad sees a picture of your penis in my phone, and realizes I did not tell him about it, he is going to think wrong about, both, you and me. And not just you, Keshav. He is definitely going to think we have been exchanging such pictures.

Keshav : Mom, exactly!! That is what. So, please delete the picture. Delete the picture I sent you earlier, in my boxers, too. I do not want him to think anything wrong about us.

Sonam : Hahaha… Oh, Keshav.. You are so cute..

Keshav : Not this, Mom. Not now.

Sonam : Okay, tell me something. Did you think anything wrong when you send me those pictures?? Did you have any evil intention??

Keshav : Oh, come on, Mom. No!! Nothing at all.

Sonam : Then, why are you so worried?? What is there for you to worry??

Keshav : But, still. Please delete it. Don’t complicate this even more, Mom. Please!!

Sonam : I won’t. I am sorry, Keshav. But, I am not going to delete it. Let it stay in my phone. I want to look at it, whenever I feel like.

Keshav : What the hell, Mom!! Why??

Sonam : What why??

Keshav : Why do you want to look at my penis??

Sonam : I am looking at my son’s penis. I don’t need anybody’s permission to do that. And maybe, I have always been seeing my son’s naked penis.

Keshav : I am your son. And you have never seen my naked penis, before.

Sonam : Oh, yeah?? Then be happy I am looking at it, now.

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : What?? You don’t want me to look at your penis??

Keshav : What is this, Mom??

Sonam : You don’t like me admiring your ‘big’ penis, Keshav??

Keshav : Stop it, Mom. I thought we already talked about it. And I am really sorry. Please don’t bring this up again, Mom. Please stop making fun of me. It was a genuine mistake.

Sonam : Hahaha… My poor dear little Son… Got you, again!!

Keshav : Enough of this, please… Just delete it, Mom.

Sonam : I won’t.

Keshav : Please!!

Sonam : Okay, fine. I will..

Keshav : Thank you so much, Mom. Let’s never talk about it.

Sonam : I will delete it. But…

Keshav : But what??

Sonam : But… You will have to send me one whenever I ask.

Keshav : What?? I did not quite get that… Send you what whenever you ask??

Sonam : I want you to send me a picture of your penis, whenever I ask.

Keshav : What?? Why on earth!!

Sonam : Because..

Keshav : Because what??

Sonam : Because.. I like it.

Keshav : You like what??

Sonam : I like looking at your penis.

Keshav : Why, Mom?? Where is this heading to!!

Sonam : Hahaha…

Keshav : Why are you laughing now??

Sonam : I like looking at your penis, because I think it looks good.

Keshav : Stop teasing me, Mom. You are taking this too far.

Sonam : You are telling me that I am teasing you?? You are the one who has been teasing me all along. You are the tease here!!

Keshav : What makes you say that?? What did I do that makes me a tease?? I have only been doing what you have been asking me to do.

Sonam : You send a picture of your big penis to a mature lonely woman. That is teasing!!

Keshav : I send it to my mother, not some mature lonely woman. And, also, only because she insisted I send it to her.

Sonam : Hahaha… Just shut up, will you!! I never insisted.

Keshav : You did, Mom. I would never have otherwise.

Sonam : Haha… Oh, I love you so much, Keshav.

Keshav : Mom… You leave me so confused. I really don’t know what you want from me.

Sonam : Hahaha… It is nothing, Keshav. I was just trying to talk to you for as long as possible. I really like your company.

Keshav : I am so happy to hear that, Mom. And, I know you are just trying to rag me. But, there is one thing I want to tell you. Neither do you have to ever feel you are alone & lonely. And nor are you old & mature.

Sonam : Haha… Yes, I am, Keshav. You don’t have to be so kind.

Keshav : I am not just trying to cheer you up, Mom. I am telling you the truth. You are only 38, and you are still very young. You are the most beautiful woman I know.

Sonam : Ohh, Keshav… I am so happy you think so.. Thank you my Son. Maybe, I still do look young & beautiful. But, I am very lonely, here. It’s been like that for a very long time.

Keshav : Dad is always home, Mom. I mean, most of the time. Ever since he has joined the consultancy firm, he has been working at home, and spending a lot of time there.

Sonam : Yes… He is home…

Keshav : Then what?? Why do you still feel so lonely??

Sonam : It’s that… Now how should I tell you… He does not like me much these days.

Keshav : Oh, come on, Mom… You always do this… I have been hearing you say this for years now. And I know you say that just to irritate him.

Sonam : You don’t understand, Keshav. It is all different now. There are so many things I am deprived of… You will never realize… Definitely not now.

Keshav : I don’t get it, Mom. Dad does everything for you, and me, and the family. I don’t know why you feel you are missing out on things.

Sonam : It’s that… I don’t know how I should tell this to you. We have not done anything for so long. And, I know why, too. It’s something like that.

Keshav : I don’t get it, Mom. Done what?? Maybe he has been busy, and that is why he has not been able to take you out. Dad loves you.

Sonam : No, Keshav… He does not love me. I know you and him have always been close, and you two always keep in touch. And you look upto him… And, I never wanted to tell you this… But I am very sure he is having an affair. I just don’t know with whom. But, this is the truth about our marriage.

Keshav : Mom?!

Sonam : Yea… Just leave it. Let’s not talk about it. It is just that he is not interested in me, anymore. Because he has somebody else. And, I am just not able to accept the fact that he does not find me good enough, now.

Keshav : I don’t know what to tell you, Mom. I don’t think Dad will do something as disgraceful as cheating on you. But, I am also sure you wouldn’t say this to me if you were unsure.

Sonam : It’s okay, Keshav. Well, if I never had that feeling, then I would have gone to Delhi with your Dad. And we would have never got to know each-other. So, it is fine. I am happy I have you now.

Keshav : Hhmm, yeahh.. Yes Mom… I am happy, too. But, I just feel a little broken hearing all this.

Sonam : I am sorry I had to tell you this. And, that too when you were least ready for it.

Keshav : I never ever thought about this. I always felt you were a happy couple. You guys always talked to each-other, when I was around.

Sonam : It is not like we never talk, Keshav. This has been going on for more than a year. We have just learned to live with it. Or, rather, I should say I have learned to not question him.

Keshav : But, why can’t you ask him??

Sonam : Because I don’t have any proof. I don’t know anything about the woman he is seeing.

Keshav : Then how can you suspect him?? That is not fair, Mom. You cannot do that to Dad.

Sonam : Listen, Keshav. You are too young to understand. Things like these… A woman of my age can easily confirm.

Keshav : How??

Sonam : We get that feeling…

Keshav : How?? What makes you get the feeling?? When did you start getting that feeling? You are just confused, Mom. He has been travelling his whole life, and you were used to it. Now, he is at home, and there will be things he has to get done as a part of his new job. You cannot doubt him like this.

Sonam : Keshav… Maybe, I should tell you this. It’s been ages since we have had sex.

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : And, your Dad is not interested to be on the bed with me, only because he is getting what he wants from somewhere else.

Keshav : That is ridiculous. How can you say something like that?? Just because you crave for sex, and you are not getting it from Dad, does not mean he is cheating. I cannot believe you think so silly.

Sonam : So, that is what you feel after hearing everything I had to tell you?? The only impression you are getting is that your mother is a sex addict, who has not been satisfied for long, and desperately wants to spread he legs, for any random man?? That is what you think of me, Keshav??

Keshav : Mom… Stop it. That is never what I said.

Sonam : Then what is it that you said?? Did you just try to tell me I am a married elder woman, who is walking around exposing a lot of her fleshy body, hoping some young stud would offer her a good time?? Is that what you tried saying?? A MILF… That is what they call a woman like that, right?? Did you just call me a horny MILF??

Keshav : I don’t think I want to continue this conversation. Take care, Mom.

Sonam : Keshav..

Keshav : We will talk some other time, Mom. I just don’t want to talk to you, right now.

Sonam : Why is that nobody understands me??

Keshav : Just go sleep now, Mom. We will talk later.

Sonam : Why is that everybody feels I am wrong?? First my husband… Now my son.. Nobody even wants to talk to me.

Keshav : I did not say that, Mom. I am just tired. That is all.

Sonam : Have you ever had sex, Keshav??

Keshav : What is this, Mom?? Please stop it. We should not be talking about this.

Sonam : Why can’t we?? What is wrong about sex??

Keshav : I just don’t want to…

Sonam : Sex is important, Keshav. It is something very special. Your Dad and I… We used to have so much fun, together. There was a time he was even ready to skip an International Flight, just to have an extra few minutes with me. But… Now… Look at how things are… Look at me… I leave the door to my room unlocked every night… Hoping your Dad would come in… Give me a tight hug… I do not care if it is even after he has been inside another woman. I just wish… He at-least held my hands…

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : You have no idea how hurt I am, Keshav. You will never understand. I am heartbroken… I have been crying for so long… I am just not able to accept your Dad does not find me attractive anymore. I lived my whole life thinking I was the best any man could get.

Keshav : Mom… Please… Don’t be upset about this, now. I am so sorry if I said something that hurt you.. I did not know… I never realized you were so hurt… Please don’t think you are alone… You have me… I will always be there for you…

Sonam : It is okay, Keshav. It’s been a long time I have had all this in my mind. It just came out, today. I am okay here. I will be fine.

Keshav : I want you to be more than just fine, Mom. I want you to know you still have a great life ahead. I want you to know everything will be fantastic. I want you to know that you have your son with you, forever. I will be there for you, Mom.

Sonam : You will?? You really will be there for me??

Keshav : Yes, Mom… I just want you to be happy always.

Sonam : You will be there for me all the time, Keshav??

Keshav : Yes..

Sonam : Any time??

Keshav : Yes, my dear Mom.

Sonam : Even in the middle of the night??

Keshav : Yes, Mom!! Anything to keep you happy.

Sonam : Anything to keep me happy?? You will do whatever I want??

Keshav : Ofcourse, yes!!

Sonam : You will do whatever I want, any time of the day??

Keshav : Yessssss…

Sonam : What about the afternoon?? When you are in class??

Keshav : I can reply to your texts.

Sonam : And, what about early in the morning?? What if you are sleeping??

Keshav : You just need to call me. That will wake me up.

Sonam : And, what about now??

Keshav : Well… It’s almost 5:00 AM. And, I am already talking to you, Mom. And, if you want me to, I will still be talking to you, even at 6:00 AM.

Sonam : Yes, you are talking to me. But, are you ready to do anything for me, this very second?? Like anything??

Keshav : Yes. Yes. Yes.

Sonam : Whatever I ask you do??

Keshav :Yes, Mom. I will do whatever you ask me to do.

Sonam : Okay Keshav… Now, that sounds like a good deal.

Keshav : Oh, yes Mom… Anything for you. I just want to see you smiling, all the time.

Sonam : I have been smiling, since I started texting you, Keshav. And, now, I think I need something more, to continue smiling for some more time. Maybe I will smile more, if I get to see something that is very pleasing to look at.

Keshav : Mom… What is that, now?? There is nothing very pleasing that you can find at this hour of the day.

Sonam : Well… There is… Something very very pleasing. And, only you can show me that.

Keshav : What is that, Mom?? I don’t think I have anything like that with me.

Sonam : Send me one more picture of your penis, Keshav!! Right now!!

Keshav’s young cock is rock hard & throbbing, now, as he gets himself ready to take a picture and send it to his mom. He had not pulled his boxers back up, after taking the earlier picture, and had his prick exposed all this while. And when he looked down, he had pre-cum oozing out, and his manhood had never been so excited, before.

To be very honest, Keshav could just not believe he was having this conversation with his own mother. They had spent a whole week in Delhi, and back then he had never guessed they would be exchanging these texts. In-fact, neither of them could believe what was happening.

Sonam, though has never been very close to her son, always was a very caring mother. She is sure she has no sensual feelings for her son, but she has no idea what she really wants from him. Or, what she wants when this conversation ends.

Still, more than once, Sonam had been forced to wonder if there was hidden craving she had for her son. But, she also knew it was forbidden, and impossible. Sonam could, however, not stop talking to her son. And it was not just her pain that she shared with him, but also her darkest secrets, wants and desires, as-well.

Though Keshav has no lust for his mother, his body is forcing his mind to start seeing her as any other woman. And he just cannot resist sending her one more picture of his penis, now fully erect.

His love and respect for his mother, had managed to keep buried the possible lust, any man would develop through the course of a conversation like this. But, Keshav too was slowly starting to lose grip over his mind, more than ever, as sinful seeds are being sown in his head.

He was turned on, and takes off his white tank top, also, before clicking a photo, for his mother. Though the photo focused on his hard cock & big balls, and also showed only his thighs and flat belly, he was completely naked.

Keshav thinks twice before sending the picture to his mother. But, that extra second he took was only to make sure his meat looked irresistible. Just like his mother, he too, is still not fully sure how to explain his actions, but is also extremely keen to know what happens next.

Sonam has received the picture her son, Keshav, sent her. And she has just opened it.

Sonam : Why are you so hard, Son?? I have never seen anything like this before!!

Keshav : Ohh.. Come on, Mom… Just leave it. You don’t have to comment on it, Please. I have send you the picture you wanted. Now, delete it!!

Sonam : And… Are you naked?? You are completely naked, aren’t you??

Keshav : Let’s talk about something else, Mom. Please!! Or let’s just sleep for whatever little time we have until sunrise.

Sonam : Yeah?? You want to sleep, now?? You feel sleepy all of a sudden??

Keshav : You asked me to send you the picture, Mom. I did that. Let’s please stop this conversation, right here.

Sonam : You feel guilty about it??

Keshav : This is just not right, Mom.

Sonam : You realized that only after you send the picture of your penis?? And that too twice!! You feel bad about it only now??

Keshav : Mom!! We should stop this!!

Sonam : Yes.. Yes… We should. We really should stop this.

Keshav : Yeah…

Sonam : Yes.. I really think we should stop this. And right now!! This is going a little too far…

Keshav : Yes, Mom. Please.

Sonam : But, I have two things to ask you, Keshav…

Keshav : What now??

Sonam : Firstly, I did not ask you to remove your top. And, secondly and more importantly, I don’t think I asked you for a picture of your hard cock.

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Correct me if I am wrong, Keshav. I just don’t really remember asking you to do it. After all, all this while, you were telling me you were only doing what I wanted you to. I mean, what I ‘insisted’ you to do.

Keshav : We should just stop this, Mom.

Sonam : The first picture itself had your veins starting to get pumped, and your penis looked very happy to be displayed like that. This time, you are very very erect, Keshav.

Keshav : Mom, please.

Sonam :What??

Keshav : It is normal, Mom.

Sonam : What is normal, Keshav?? Sending your mother a picture of your erect penis is normal?? I did not know!!

Keshav : Ohh Mom.. Not this, again. Why is that you keep making me feel at fault?? Whatever you say does not seem to matter. I am only trying to do as you say!!

Sonam : Hahaha… I can’t believe you still dare to tell me that. Maybe, you have been doing only what you always wanted to do, throughout our conversation.

Keshav : Mom, Please!!

Sonam : What??

Keshav : Okay.. I am sorry about removing my tank top, and being in the nude when I clicked the picture. I just got carried away. I am really sorry. It just happened. I don’t know what got into me. I am sorry, Mom.

Sonam : I know, Keshav. I can guess what must have happened. And, I don’t blame you. Maybe, if I was in your place, I too would have done something similar.

Keshav : I am extremely sorry, Mom.

Sonam : But, what I don’t understand is… How can this keep happening to you?? You said you made a mistake when you send me a picture of your penis, the first time, too, and you said you regret it. You said it was a mistake. And, I believed you.

Keshav : It was a mistake, Mom.

Sonam : Then, what about now?? This is the second time you are sending me a picture of your penis. Agreed, you can say I asked you for it. But, you could have chosen not to, just like you claim you wished. I don’t think it was a mistake this time. I think you are liking this… Sending your naked picture to your mother… Like you always wanted to do it.

Keshav : No… Mom!! Please, stop it. That is not true, Mom. I have never wanted anything like that.

Sonam : I cannot imagine the fact that you are fully naked, right now, as you text me.

Keshav : Please, Mom. I am sorry. Just give me a minute. I will put my clothes back, immediately.

Sonam : Don’t. Just don’t take a break from this conversation, unless I tell you to. I am not done talking to you.

Keshav : Just a second, Mom. Please. I feel so embarrassed, already.

Sonam : What difference will that make, Keshav?? Why even bother putting your clothes back, now!!

Keshav : I am sorry, Mom.

Sonam : Have you done this before, as-well?? Were you naked any of the other times we talked on the phone?? You have been, right?? I think you have always done this, with me, Keshav.

Keshav : Please, Mom. Believe me. I have never done this before. Please forgive me for this. I am sorry.

Sonam : Okay.. Fine. I forgive you for being naked… But, what about your extremely erect manhood, Keshav?? You really owe me an explanation with that. I have never ever heard about anybody having such a raging hard-on. Did you just use a performance enhancing supplement before sending your own mother a picture of your penis??

Keshav : No, Mom. Please don’t say anything like that…

Sonam : Then what is it??

Keshav : I only held it in my hand, for a second, before taking the picture. It was already very erect.

Sonam : You must have been stroking it, all the while you texted me.

Keshav : No, Mom. I did not touch it at all. I took it in my hand, only when you asked me for a picture. It was hard, already.

Sonam : There is no way a penis will go so hard, without even being touched.

Keshav : Mine does, Mom.

Sonam : No… That is not possible.

Keshav : Yes, Mom. Mine really does.

Sonam : Is it something else, Keshav?? You don’t have to hide anything with me, anymore.

Keshav : Something else?? Like what, Mom?? It is really nothing.

Sonam : Is it the fact that you were sending the picture to your mother that got you excited?? You can be honest, Keshav. I won’t mind if you tell me the truth.

Keshav : No, Mom. It is nothing like that.

Sonam : Or… Did you just think something like you are sending it to a mature, lonely, unsatisfied woman, you might have a chance with??

Keshav : Oh, please… Mom… Come on.. Don’t do this to me.

Sonam : Maybe… You played with it, a little bit, after I asked you for the picture, the second time.

Keshav : No, Mom. Seriously!!

Sonam : Then, how is it that you are so hard?? Keshav?!

Keshav : I don’t know Mom…

Sonam : You are very sure it is not because you sent it to me??

Keshav : Yes, Mom.

Sonam : Wait.. Let me ask you something else, first.

Keshav : What is it, Mom??

Sonam : If we were having this conversation for real… I mean face to face… Directly… Will you still have the guts to show me your penis??

Keshav : What?!

Sonam : Will you show me your penis, Keshav, if I was right in front of you??

Keshav : Oh, Mom… Like real?? Please, Mom.. You know that will never happen.

Sonam : Hahaha… Let’s see… Hahahah… Leave it, then!!

Keshav : Hhmmm…

Sonam : So, you are telling me your penis is always this hard…

Keshav : Mostly…

Sonam : Is it like you always walk around with a penis so hard??

Keshav : That is not what I said, Mom.

Sonam : Hahaha… When do you normally have a hard-on, Keshav?? Maybe, you can skip that question. Just tell me when does it turn this hard!!

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Tell me, Keshav. You don’t have to feel shy. Not now. And, not anymore.

Keshav : When I am with my girlfriends… I guess.

Sonam : Girlfriends?? Like you have many!!

Keshav : Not many. Just three.

Sonam : Keshav!! I never knew there was a romeo in you. And, you still have them all together?? Hahaha… Ohh, you are one naughty boy!!

Keshav : No, Mom.. Not all of them together.

Sonam : So, only one now… But, what I cannot understand is that who is so stupid to break up with you?? What happened??

Keshav : Errr… It’s nothing, Mom…

Sonam : It’s okay if you don’t want to tell me the details. But tell me this… Did you send your naked pictures to all three of them??

Keshav : Stop it, Mom…

Sonam : No, wait, why?! Why would you send them pictures when you can show them your penis in real!! You exposed yourself in front of them, didn’t you??

Keshav : Why are you asking me all this, Mom??

Sonam : Did you ever have sex, Keshav?? You had sex with all 3 of them, right??

Keshav : No mom.

Sonam : Now, are you going to tell me that you are a virgin??

Keshav : Mom… It is like..

Sonam : You did have sex with them!!

Keshav : Yes, Mom. I did have sex. I am sorry.

Sonam : With all 3??

Keshav : No, Mom. With my current girlfriend, only.

Sonam : What is her name?? You serious about her??

Keshav : Her name is Ahaana. I really like her… I am sorry, Mom. A lot has happened over the last few months.

Sonam : No.. No… It is okay. It is nothing you have to apologize for. Tell me what happened.. I want to know what my son has been doing,

Keshav : I can’t, Mom.. How can I tell you all this??

Sonam : She came home?? And, I did not even know?!

Keshav : No, Mom.

Sonam : So, she is your college mate??

Keshav : She is not in my college. But studies in the girls college nearby.

Sonam : So, you went to her house??

Keshav : No, Mom… Hhmmm… Actually… She has a car… We made out inside her car. And, also had sex a few times.

Sonam : Hahaha… Oh my… Keshav!!

Keshav : What, Mom??

Sonam : How did you manage to??

Keshav : I knew her well before we started dating, Mom. And, after my second break up, we were just casually talking, and I felt she was the kind of person I wanted. And even she felt the same. So, that is how…

Sonam : Hahahaha… Oh my Keshav… That is not what I meant…

Keshav : Err.. What else did you mean, Mom??

Sonam : Hahaha… What I really asked was, how did you manage to have sex inside a car??

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : So, Ahaana gets you this hard??

Keshav : Yes.. Most of the time.

Sonam : When she is naked or otherwise too??

Keshav : Whenever she is with me, I guess…

Sonam : Oh my… How does she look??

Keshav : She looks good, Mom. I like her.

Sonam : More beautiful than your mother??

Keshav : I don’t know, Mom.. I haven’t really thought about it like that…

Sonam : Is she very hot??

Keshav : Kinda…

Sonam : Hotter than me??

Keshav : Mom.. I don’t know…

Sonam : What about her assets?? Does she have big sexy boobs?? Is she thick & curvy??

Keshav : Mom… She has a good body, Mom. She is like everybody else.

Sonam : She has a body similar to mine??

Keshav : I don’t know, Mom.

Sonam : What do you mean by you don’t know?? You know how my body is. And you know how her body is. You would have compared her body to someone else’s when you saw her naked the first time!!

Keshav : I just don’t know, Mom!! I don’t think a lot when I am with her…

Sonam : I understand… And, I can also imagine how good a time Ahaana must be having. She must be addicted to you. Your Dad is only 4 inches, and I still miss him so much. I cannot stop thinking how badly Ahaana must be craving for your meat, every second. I don’t think another man can ever fill your place.

Keshav : Why, Mom?? What makes you say all this??

Sonam : Your Dad can be replaced, Keshav… Any man would do… They are all the same. But once you are inside a woman… Somebody as big as you, Keshav… She will never feel another man… You are special. And I am so proud of you, Son.

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : But, I am also sad that I am so unlucky…

Keshav : But, Why??

Sonam : Because… I can never have you…

Keshav : Oh my.. Mom!! I cannot believe you said that. You don’t mean it, do you?? Please say you don’t!!

Sonam : Were you thinking of her when you send me the picture, Keshav??

Keshav : No… Mom… We should end this. This is not okay.

Sonam : How is your penis so hard then??

Keshav : I don’t know, Mom… You won’t get an answer because you keep asking me the same question a million times. I really don’t know.

Sonam : Tell me what exactly you had in your mind when you took that picture??

Keshav : Nothing at all, Mom. I was only trying to fit the whole of my penis in the picture. That is all I was thinking about.

Sonam : WOW!!

Keshav : MOM!!

Sonam : I mean… What?? How is it that you have such a big penis, Keshav?? You grew up in front of me, and yet I never noticed. I never thought…

Keshav : Ohh Mom…

Sonam : Makes me wonder how you managed to have sex inside a car even more… Did you have enough space?? Your penis alone needs so much space… Hahaha… How is Ahaana managing to take you in?? I bet only half of your big tool is going inside her.

Keshav : You are only making me feel more miserable, Mom.

Sonam : Why, Keshav?? I am not trying to make you feel bad… You should be happy I am telling you all this.. And I think there is one more thing I should tell you, now… Whatever the reason is behind your unbelievable erection, I am glad you took the effort to send me the picture. That is easily the best sight anybody can have at 6:00 AM. I am looking at it, after every text I send you.

Keshav : I don’t know what to reply… I just don’t understand what all this means, Mom. I only wish you would stop looking at the picture, and delete it.

Sonam : Hahaha…I will… Maybe… If you tell me what made you so hard & excited, I will think about deleting the picture. There definitely must have been something in your mind.

Keshav : Why are you asking me this, again and again?? Every-time I feel we are done with this, you bring it back. I really did not have anything in my mind.

Sonam : Don’t lie, Keshav.

Keshav : I am not lying, Mom. This is the truth, and I have been repeating this, for almost an hour, now.

Sonam : Okay, fine… Then, tell me this… Did you imagine me in my nighty, any time during our conversation??

Keshav : No, Mom…

Sonam : That is a lie!! You did, a little…

Keshav : Errr… A little, yes… But, only because we talked about it.

Sonam : Aaha!! Somebody has finally started talking… And did you like me in it?? How did I look, Keshav??

Keshav : Mom… I just thought about it… I did not really picture you in it.

Sonam : Tell me the truth, Keshav… You must have imagined me doing something wearing a nighty. Maybe, talking to you in a nighty that was a little too thin, and also a little too revealing around the bust. Or, maybe I walked around the house in a nighty that showed a little too much of my legs. Or… Maybe I was sharing a bed with you, and sleeping in one of my baby-doll nighties that made me look almost uncovered.

Keshav : No!! Never!! I never thought of anything like that.

Sonam : Well… Then, why don’t you try doing it, now??

Keshav : What?? Why?? No Mom… I don’t want to.

Sonam : Is it like you don’t want to, or you are not able to?? I will send you a picture of me in one of my nighties, if that can help.

Keshav : Mom… That is totally unwanted. You are only making this worse. I don’t want to imagine or see you in one of your nighties.

Sonam : I am not showing you a picture of my vagina, like you showed me your dick!! I am only sending you a picture wearing my regular night wear. And, according to me, you have already thought something very nasty about me, in one of them.

Keshav : No, Mom.. Please!! I did not. And, I never will. I don’t want to. Why would I ever??

Sonam : Relax, Keshav… You don’t have to react like this. I was just trying to figure our what must have been the reason…

Keshav : Just stop this, Mom…

Sonam : Did you imagine me to be one of your girlfriends?? Or someone you are flirting with?? Or someone you are just having fun with??

Keshav : Stop it, Mom. This is not funny any more. Try reading all these texts one more time, and you will realize how meaningless it is. And, if anybody was reading this, they would feel the same.

Sonam : Why are you still so shy talking to me?? And, who else is going to read our messages?? And if at all somebody reads this, they will understand!!

Keshav : I feel uncomfortable…

Sonam : Why??

Keshav : Because you are my mother…

Sonam : And, sending your mother a photo of your naked hard cock is something that makes you feel extremely conformable??

Keshav : You asked me for the picture, Mom.

Sonam : Did I??

Keshav : You did!!

Sonam : Did I?? Really??

Keshav : Yes… You asked for it. You wanted it!!

Sonam : And, you gave me??

Keshav : Yes I gave you. Because, you asked.

Sonam : So, you will really give me anything I want!! You were indeed very serious when you said that!!

Keshav : What is this, Mom!!

Sonam : If you really wanted to, you would have left this conversation long back, Keshav.

Keshav : I don’t want you to be alone. I don’t want you to feel lonely. That is all.

Sonam : If that was the case, you would not be giving me promises you cannot fulfill. Further hurting me!!

Keshav : I haven’t given you any promises I cannot fulfill. And, I have not hurt you.

Sonam : Well, yes… You have kept your word, so far. And, I appreciate you for that. But, are you sure you can continue doing it?? Give me an answer, Keshav…

Keshav : Yes, I am sure. I know what I have promised. And, that is also the only reason I am doing everything you are asking me to. But, you and I, both, know I did not want to send you those pictures.

Sonam : Maybe, it is just that you haven’t realized it yet. You want this to continue as much as I want. Or, even more than I want it. You are just waiting for me to ask you for more…

Keshav : That is not true, Mom…

Sonam : You can object, Keshav. But, you very well know what the truth is.. You know you want this too.

Keshav : No, Mom…

Sonam : What you want to believe does not really matter, Keshav… You made a promise, and you are giving me everything I want.

Keshav : What??

Sonam : Send me a video, Keshav. Make it fast!! Let’s not waste time arguing.

Keshav : What video?? Mom!!

Sonam : A video of you stroking your hard dick!!

Keshav : This cannot be happening. I cannot believe you want that from me, Mom.

Sonam : Hahaha.. Don’t waste time, trying to make yourself believe what I want from you… Let me confirm it for you already… I want to see my son stroke his cock… I want to see his meat in action. Just send me the video. Right Now!!

Though at a very slow pace, Keshav had already been unknowingly stroking his erect cock, non-stop, the last few minutes. It started in a very organic manner, and he himself had no idea that he was playing with his prick.

But, when his mother asked him for a video of the same, he just did not know if he really wanted to do it. Or, maybe he just did not know how much he wanted to do it, like she herself had said.

As he focused on his new task, and stroked his cock faster, he was only continuing the act his sub-conscious mind had forced him to already do. Also giving himself a lot of pleasure, as he shot the 30 second long video.

His foreskin retracted up and down, causing more blood to pump in to his penis, and within a few seconds, his hot-rod was almost ready to explode.

Not even bothering to check the video he had shot, Keshav immediately send it to his mother, who very keenly waited for more of her son’s pleasing vulgarity.

Sonam has received the video her son, Keshav, sent her. And she has just played it.

Sonam : Hhhmmmm… Lovelyyy… Yesss… That looks amazing…

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Fuck you, Keshav!! You filthy bastard. You make me drip… I want to suck that hard cock of yours right now. I know your thick prick is waiting to disappear inside my mouth. And, once I am done eating your meat, I will make you jizz all over my body, and cover me in your sticky semen. I won’t stop squeezing your heavy cum filled balls until the last drop of your juices fall on me. I want to be drenched in your white hot spunk. I want to be your slut for the rest of my life!!

Keshav : What the hell!! Did you just say that!! Mom??

Sonam : What is it, you stud?! You bloody monster!! You did not like hearing what your naughty mummy just said?? You have made mummy so horny, baby!!

Keshav : Oh fuck!! Shit.. Shit.. Shit…

Sonam : Hahaha… You are huge!!

Keshav : Is this really you, Mom??

Sonam : Hahaha… I don’t think anybody can ever take in the whole of your pecker… It is just too big!!

Keshav : Who is this?! Are you really my mother?? What is happening here?? I cannot believe I sent you that clip, either… Is this really you, Mom?? Was it really you who asked me for the video??

Keshav tries calling Sonam, as soon as he finished sending the message. But, his call is immediately rejected.

He opens his messaging app, and finds a voice message from his mother.

“MMMM… Yessss Ayaaannnn… It iss meee… Sonam. It is really your mother…” was what the voice clip said.

Keshav could confirm it was his mother, from her voice. But, what left him confused was the fact that she sounded very unusual. She was breathing heavily.

Keshav could not really authenticate, but it was very much like she was moaning. And, though, the voice clip lasted only for a few seconds, the lust in her voice was very clear.

Or was it just his feeling?? Was his mother, in reality, crying?! But what about the messages she just sent?? That was real!! Or was it his own mind playing games?!

Keshav just could not process all that happened in the last few minutes, and decided to send his mother a text message.

Keshav : Are you alright, Mom?? You don’t sound okay.

Sonam : No.. No.. It’s fine. I am fine, Keshav. I am perfect…

Keshav : But you don’t sound okay…

Sonam : I am okay, Keshav… It’s just that your Dad is in the living room.

Keshav : What does that mean?? How is it related to you not sounding okay??

Sonam : It’s nothing, Keshav.

Keshav : There is something. Please tell me, will you!!

Sonam : There is nothing, Keshav. I just spoke in a very low voice. That is all.

Keshav : I just don’t understand you, Mom. Why do you have to do that?!

Sonam : Even I don’t understand you, Keshav. Why does it look like I am a trigger, here?!

Keshav : What do you mean??

Sonam : Why is it that you get so offended & shocked only when I comment on your penis?? You are fine sending me pictures and videos of your privates… You are very avidly taking part in this… But everything goes awry the moment I say something about it.

Keshav : This is not the time for that, Mom. Just tell me where you are.

Sonam : Why does that matter so much??

Keshav : I just want to know everything is okay there!!

Sonam : I am in the common bathroom, in the first floor, Keshav. The one adjacent to the living room.

Keshav : Why are you in there, at this time?? Why did you go there in the first place?? I thought you were in your room, upstairs, when you started texting me. What are you doing, Mom??

Sonam : I was in my bedroom… But then, I came down. Because Dad was in the other room… Of-course, by now you must have guessed we don’t sleep together. But, Dad sleeps in the room just next to the one I use. So, I came down to the first floor.

Keshav : So what if Dad is in the room right next to yours?? How is this all connected, Mom?? And, why are you in the bathroom, because he is in the living room??

Sonam : Because I was texting you,… That is why I came down… And, when I heard your Dad coming down, I got into the bathroom.

Keshav : But, why?? That is what I want to know.

Sonam : It’s just nothing!!

Keshav : Why are you so bothered & worried about the fact that Dad is also downstairs??

Sonam : It’s just that I did not expect him to be down, so early. So, I was just not in a position to be seen by him. I was not ready. And, I rushed inside the bathroom, as soon as I heard his footsteps.

Keshav : I can’t follow you, Mom. What was it that you were doing, that you did not want Dad to see?? And, why do you talk like you are hiding inside the bathroom?? What exactly are you are doing in there??

Sonam : If you are so concerned about what is happening at home, ask your Dad what he is doing, first. That would make more sense.

Keshav : What is it, Mom?? Just tell me. It’s only 6:30 AM, and I don’t know what is so unsettling that can happen at home, so early in the morning.

Sonam : Well… Your Dad is leaving for a sudden three day trip. He is packing for it. He said something urgent came up at work. And, I am sure he is lying.

Keshav : What makes you think so??

Sonam : When he took up this new role in the consultancy firm, he told me he decided on the change of jobs because he was tired of travelling continuously, and he was not enjoying it anymore.

Keshav : Yeah… He told me the same thing…

Sonam : Yes… And, he also said that this new job does not demand any sort of travel… But, now, he has to go… All of a sudden…

Keshav : But… That is how work is, Mom!!

Sonam : He is lying, Keshav. I am sure he is going somewhere with that whorry bitch of his. He did not even have the courage to directly tell me he was going to be away. He sent me a message, just now… Informing me his is leaving… Can you believe that?!

Keshav : Mom… That is bad… But, still…

Sonam : But, what?? It does not bother you that your Dad is going to spend his nights with another woman?? It does not bother you when you think of your Dad naked on a bed with his mistress?? Would you be okay if Ahaana was cheating on you?? Will you be so relaxed if you realize that your girlfriend is sleeping with another guy from your college??

Keshav : Mom… Please!! This has nothing to do with Ahaana… I get what you are going through… And, I feel for you… But…

Sonam : But what?? What is it??

Keshav : What are you doing in there?? I want to know… Nothing explains you being inside the bathroom. I don’t understand any of this. And, are you going to talk to Dad, now?? Are you sure he won’t see the pictures & video in your phone?? Delete it, okay!! Please.

Sonam : What exactly do you want, Keshav?? You want to know what your Dad is up to?? Or you want me to delete the pictures?? Or you want to know what I am doing inside the bathroom??

Keshav : I want to know it all, Mom. But, first… Just tell me this… What are you doing, Mom?!

Sonam : What do you think I am doing??

Keshav : I would not be asking if I knew…

Sonam : You did not understand from the voice message I sent you?? You really have no idea??

Keshav : I don’t know, Mom… I did not understand.

Sonam : Why do you have to act so innocent?? You are not a naive person, Keshav. Even you know that… You have very well had your share of fun…

Keshav : What does that have to do with this, Mom?? Why are you blaming me for everything??

Sonam : Isn’t it funny that you have everything to be a very dominant man. But, all you are is a very timid and a very submissive wimp. What happened to all you ‘big’ assets, Son??

Keshav : So, this is still about that?? This is still about the pictures & videos I sent you. You are just messing with me, Mom… All you want is to hear me say I was wrong here… Right?? And, why?? What are you trying to prove, Mom?? You know you are equally responsible for this.

Sonam : Oh, yeah??

Keshav : Why are you punishing me like this?? This is not fair. And, were you really serious about anything you told me?? Are you just making up all this shit about Dad and his lover and him cheating on you?? Are you trying to see how far you can push me??

Sonam : So, that is that what you think it is?? You think this is all a joke??

Keshav : I think you have just been playing with me, all this while… At this time of the day, you must be cooking for Dad. And, he has to leave quickly… And, you are worried he will be get angry that you are late…He is a very good guy, but I know how angry he can be… In reality, you are in the kitchen, in a hurry to cook, but you are also wasting more time trying to humble your son.

Sonam : Nooo… Haha… No.. No… Oh my… Hahaha!! I am not doing any of that… How did you even manage to think all this?? Cooking for your Dad, is the last thing I want to be doing, right now!!

Keshav : Why?? Doesn’t he need breakfast??

Sonam : I don’t know. He will tell me if he needs breakfast. That is how it has been everyday, of late… I can hear him talk to the taxi driver, on the phone… And, so he will leave soon.

Keshav : Okay… So, if he is this close to you, and you can even hear him speak, and there is also a chance he might come looking for you, then what are you doing inside the bathroom?? I don’t think Dad is anywhere near you. You are just lying. It is something else!!

Sonam : You want to see??

Keshav : See what?? See what Dad is doing??

Sonam : Haha… No!! What I am doing!!

Keshav was typing the reply when he received a photo from Sonam. And, he opened it immediately.

It was a photo of the lower body of a woman, sitting on the floor of the bathroom, in front of a large mirror. The photo had the image from the mirror, shot by the woman, herself, using a mobile phone.

The woman in the photo was a wearing a full length pink colored satin nighty, that was conveniently raised up to expose the whole of her meaty legs.

Her legs were spread, bent knees making a ‘v’, revealing her very tempting inner thighs, and an equally inviting lusty clean shaven pussy.

But, that was not the best part. She also had three of her fingers easily stuffed inside her stretched love-hole, indicating how wet her cunt was, and how horny she was. And, also giving a good idea about how long she must have been engaging in the act of self pleasuring.

Keshav was stunned. Was it a picture of his mother?? Was it really his mother?? It had to be his mother. Her face was not there in the picture. Even her upper body was missing. But, it was a picture his mother sent him. It just had to be her.

He was never expecting it. Not even after sending his mother sensitive images of himself. He in-fact still did not know if he really wanted to expose himself for his mother. But, he was sure he never expected his mother to send him back anything similar.

And more importantly, he never ever thought he will receive a picture of his mother pleasing herself, feeling the insides of her moist pussy. He never thought his mother would have had her fingers sliding in & out of her twat as she texted him.

But, at that very moment, he knew exactly how he wanted this to end. He knew exactly what he wanted.

Keshav : Oh… Fucking shit!! This is crazy!! Mom!! Is that really you??

Sonam : It is very well your mother, Keshav!!

Keshav : I cannot believe it… I just cannot… I have never imagined seeing you like this…

Sonam : You don’t believe it is me?? Haven’t you already seen me in this nighty?? You have, Keshav… So many times…. All those days you slept really late, watching TV… And, I came down to check on you… I have had this pink sleeveless nighty on me, on so many occasions… Don’t tell me you have never noticed it!!

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : It is indeed me, Keshav… It is your mother, in the photo…

Keshav : I still cannot believe this is happening, Mom.

Sonam : What is it that you cannot believe?? You did not think I will dare to send you a picture of my vagina??

Keshav :No!! Just No!!

Sonam : Why?! You sent me a picture of your penis… So, why should I not return the favor!! Or… Is it like you thought your Mom will never finger her pussy… You stroke your cock when you don’t have any ‘real’ source of pleasure, don’t you?! So, why can’t I?? Even I have my needs, Keshav. How can you forget that??

Keshav : It’s nothing like that, Mom… I am not at all blaming you… That is not what I am trying to do….

Sonam : Then… What is it?? Tell me…

Keshav : I don’t know, Mom… It’s that I never thought we would be doing this…

Sonam : You don’t want this?? You want to stop?? Now?! Really??

Keshav : It’s not that, either, Mom… I mean… I am just….

Sonam : Tell me what it is, Keshav… Are you ashamed of me?? Because I fingered my pussy?! Do you belong to the group of male chauvinists who think a woman should cum only when a man wants her to?!

Keshav : Noo!! Mom… I am not ashamed of you… Why would I think low of you!! It is something very normal!!

Sonam : It is… Right??

Keshav : Yes, Mom… All women do that….

Sonam : Ahaana, too??

Keshav : Err… Yes, Mom…

Mom : She enjoys it??

Keshav : Yes, Mom… Everybody fingers their pussy, these days… Every woman satisfies herself…

Sonam : Your other girlfriends, as-well??

Keshav : Yes… Mom….

Sonam : So, I am also just like them…

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : I am also just like your girlfriends…

Keshav : This is very normal, Mom… It is a part of life, now…

Sonam : Have you ever fingered any of them??

Keshav : Mom?!

Sonam : Tell me…

Keshav : Yes, Mom…

Sonam : All three have had your fingers inside their pussies??

Keshav : Yes, Mom…

Sonam : Will you push your fingers inside mine, too??

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Will you?? I am just like them, right??

Keshav : But… You are not my girlfriend, Mom…

Sonam : What if I was your girlfriend??

Keshav : Mom… Stop… This is all to much for me… I need some time to take in all this…

Sonam : You don’t have to be shy, Keshav… Not anymore… We have come a long way…

Keshav : Please…

Sonam : What is it that is bothering you?? You still don’t think it was really me in that picture??

Keshav : It’s not that, Mom…

Sonam : You did not like my pussy?? You don’t think my holes are worth your time?? I can send you a close-up a picture, if you want to have a better look…

Keshav : Mom.. Please.. That is not needed…

Sonam : Why?? Isn’t that normal too?? Your girlfriends must have sent you tons of their pussy pictures. Why can’t I then??

Keshav : I just don’t know what to tell you… I am still a little startled seeing you like that…

Sonam : But, why?? You have already seen pussies of other woman. And, looking at what you have inside your trunks, I am sure it is not just your 3 girlfriends who would have exchanged sleazy images with you… How many women have you seen naked, Keshav??

Keshav : I have been in any kind of sexual relationship with only these three girls, Mom… I don’t try to woo and bed women… I am not somebody like that… That is just not me…

Sonam : Well… Okay.. I know my Son… But, still…. The size of your manhood… It’s something so…. I mean… Hhmmm… Let’s not talk about it, again….

Keshav : Yes.. Please…

Sonam : Keshav… You never told me much about the other two girls in your life… I have a clear picture of Ahaana, and how things are between you two… Haha… Yes… But, what about the other two?? What are their names??

Keshav : Is that even important, Mom?? I do not even talk to them, now.

Sonam : But, still, tell me their names… You may not be talking to them, but I am sure you must be thinking of all the hot stuff you did with them…

Keshav : Come on, Mom… I just don’t understand you….

Sonam : Haha… What?? That is also extremely normal… To find gratification thinking about all the good times… But, it’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it… Just tell me how the pussies of all your girlfriends looked…

Keshav : Is that really needed, Mom??

Sonam : Tell me, Keshav…

Keshav : Why??

Sonam : I just want to know…

Keshav : Mom…. Okay!! Ahaana has a rare perfectly tight pussy….

Sonam : Hahaha… I could guess that…. And, neatly trimmed too?! Haha… She definitely needed something special to demand your love… Hahaha…. You know what I mean!! And… What about the other two??

Keshav : And… Okay…. As much as I enjoyed having my fingers inside the pussies of my ex-girlfriends, Viveka & Tiya, I often felt they had very loose pussies, that mostly looked ugly….

Sonam : Hahaha… Oh.. Keshav…. Haha!! That sounds so harsh… Poor those two… But, it is definitely their fault that they could not make themselves useful for you… I still cannot believe they did not make you stretch their holes!!

Keshav : Mom….

Sonam : But…. Ahaana, Viveka, Tiya… All your girlfriends have such fancy names… It must be so much fun calling out their names during the act!!

Keshav : Come-on, Mom…

Sonam : Oh, please… I can just imagine how it would be…. You must be giving Ahaana a lot of “Ahhh… Yeaahhh… Ahaanaaa… Yeaahhhh!!”… And, Tiya must have got a lot of “Show Me Your Tight Tits Tiya!!”… And, something tells me Viveka is one of those “Suck My Dick You Shameless Cock Hungry Viveka Bitch!!” type.

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Hahaha…. Am I right about your girlfriends??

Keshav : You only know their names, Mom…

Sonam : Maybe…. Maybe, I only know their fancy names… But, nothing wrong in guessing what my son gave them!! Haha…

Keshav : And, those are not very fancy names, Mom…

Sonam : Yeah?? You don’t think so?? Hhmmm…. How do you like my name, Keshav?? Sonam feels so ordinary…

Keshav : No, Mom… Sonam is such a nice name. It is the kind of name women of my generation have….

Sonam : Haha… Ohh…. I am glad my Son thinks so….

Keshav : I always liked your name…

Sonam : And??

Keshav : And?? What??

Sonam : And… What else do you like about your Mom?? What do you think about your Mom’s…. You know!! And??

Keshav : Think about what, Mom?? What is with this ‘AND’??

Sonam : Just tell me, Keshav…. And??

Keshav : And what, Mom??

Sonam : And….

Keshav : What?!

Sonam : Fine!! What about your Mom’s pussy?? What kind of pussy do you think I have??

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Tell me, Keshav… How is my pussy??

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Please, Keshav…

Keshav : Err…. Yours still look very young, Mom…. That is all I want to say…

Sonam : Hahaha… Maybe because it is too early in the day. Just 6:50 AM… Maybe that is why my aged pussy looks so young to my son…

Keshav : It is only the face & skin that looks younger, and more vibrant in the mornings, Mom. All the other parts in our body stay the same, the whole day….

Sonam : Hahaha…. My dear son seems to have greatly liked his mother’s pussy… Caring to defend the goodness, like how a young hot-headed lad would do when his lass’s modesty is in danger…

Keshav : That is not what I meant…. I was only talking science, Mom…

Sonam : Yeah??

Keshav : Yes!!

Sonam : Did you like my pussy, Keshav??

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Tell me you like it… I know you do…

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Say it, please!!

Keshav : I like it, Mom..

Sonam : Tell me you like my pussy…

Keshav : I like your pussy…

Sonam : You can do it better… Please, Keshav…

Keshav : I like your pussy, Mom!!

Sonam : Is it the best pussy you have ever seen??

Keshav : Mom… Please….

Sonam : Tell me it is, Keshav!! Tell me your mother’s pussy is the best you have ever seen!!

Keshav : Your pussy is the best pussy I have ever seen, Mom!!

Sonam : Say that again!! Tell me my pussy is better than Ahaana’s. Tell me your mother’s pussy is better than your girlfriend’s. Tell me your mother’s pussy is what you need. Tell me you want to stuff your big thick dick inside your mother’s pussy!!

Keshav : Mom… Is this really you?? I feel like I have been hit on the head. I feel like I am not able to think or react, properly.

Keshav was typing another message when he received one more picture from his mother, Sonam… A picture that changed everything, forever.

Keshav had just been blessed with an image that showed his mothers extremely charming face, her thick black wavy hair, and most importantly, her completely naked body.

Her nighty, that earlier covered a little of her humility, had happily disappeared this time around, and her 34-26-34 sized curvy body was exhibited in it’s full glory.

Honestly, her lusty face was enough to make anybody die fapping to. And, the small , yet very easily noticeable, black mole just above her thick pink lips, only made her more enticing.

While she was on the floor last time, engaging in her erotic act, this time she was standing. Her firm tits waited to be grabbed, groped and loved, and she still had a good number of her fingers, inside her twat, forcing her mouth wide open in ecstasy.

Keshav : Ohhh… Fuckkk!!!

It was Sonam. It was definitely Sonam, now. It really was his mother. Her son had no more reason to doubt if it was his own mother. And, he made sure he greatly appreciated his mother’s special gesture.

Keshav zoomed in on every inch of his mother’s tempting body, as if his entire life depended on it. He had never seen anything so attractive & anybody so beautiful, and he just could not stop admiring his mother’s bare self.

Sonam had lost control over herself long ago. She had been sexually taunting her son, and pushing him to his limits. And, now, Keshav too had completely lost the very little amount of say he had on his ‘deeds’.

Keshav already knew how he wanted this conversation to end. He very well knew what he wanted once they were done exchanging texts. But, now, he also knew how badly he wanted the next phase to begin.

It had only been a minute since Keshav received the picture from his mother. But, he felt he already knew each curve in his mother’s body, like she had always been naked for him, throughout his life.

This was not a photo that was taken sometime earlier. This was a photo that was taken that very second. This was a photo his mother shot especially for her son.

6:55 AM was the time in the clock, just above the mirror in front of which Sonam stood, occupying the upper left corner of the picture. It was exactly 5 hours since they had started texting.

But the question still remained…. Did it all begin only after the first message was sent?? Or was the first message sent only because something very dark & black had already taken birth??

It took a lot of years for Keshav and his mother, Sonam, to slowly start feeling attracted towards each-other. It took even more time for them to start expressing their most unrighteous desires, and engage in the evilest of sins.

However funny it may seem, it only took a few mere hours, once they started talking, to expose their naked selves for each-other.

“Just like I always imagined her to be…” Keshav said to himself, looking into his mother’s uncovered picture. He had a wide grin on his face, and looked like a man possessed.

The picture of his mother in her purest form, took him through a turmoil of emotions. What he had always feared would happen, was indeed happening. It was all just like he thought it would be. It was everything he tried not to let happen, but miserably failed.

Ever since Keshav turned 18, he had been having very confusing, yet very arousing dreams of his mother, every other night. He had never lusted for her, and though he could never understand what the reason behind the strange reminders were, it always made him wonder if they were signs.

But, at the same time, being a loving son, he had also taken steps to make sure he did his best to wipe off any corrupt feelings he developed for his mother.

He was in constant conflict with this very hidden perverted desire, that had been unconsciously forcing him to take part in this sinful act with his mother. And, though, not at his own will, he did sent her wrongful images of himself, even as a section of his mind always tried to tell him not to.

It was only at this moment, after seeing his mother in her bare self, he could completely convince himself that he had indeed been sexting his own mother, all this while.

It was only after he confirmed that his own mother had been stimulating herself, as she talked to her son, that he could convince himself that he, too, was as eager as his own mother. And, that he, too, was an equally interested participant.

It was only at this moment, that he realized he really had her. He knew he truly owned her. He knew his own mother was ready for him.

He could no longer show reluctance. He could no longer resist. He no longer had to.

If the messages they exchanged could bring out the devil in a sexually active person like him, there was no doubt on the intensity of the effect it would have on somebody like his mother…. Somebody of her age… Somebody who has already confessed how lonely and unsatisfied she has been feeling for a long time…

“How did I manage to picture this so perfectly, all these days??” Keshav asked himself, again…

Ironically, it was almost the same set of words his own mother used when she saw the photo of her son’s undressed assets. Sonam, too, had for a long time been a slave to her incestual wants.

Sonam : You did this to me, Keshav!! I cannot hold myself back anymore. I have never been so turned on my whole life… I just could not resist falling for you… And, after seeing your big dick, my son, I cannot stop imagining being dirty for you…. All I really want now is you and your monster!!

Sonam waits for a couple of minutes after sending the message, but gets no reply from Keshav.

Sonam : Hello??

Sonam sends a message, but Keshav has not received it.

Sonam : You there, Keshav??

Sonam sends one more message, and also tries calling Keshav, the very next second.

Only to realize, that the call cannot be connected, as he is in an out of coverage area, right now.

Sonam : You did not like what I sent you?? You did not like what you saw??

Sonam was extremely excited after sending her own son a naked picture of hers. It was the ultimate message any mother could send her son. It was the biggest sign of submission.

She was expecting Keshav to finally confess his feelings for her. She was sure he would at-least reply. And, she was getting restless not hearing from him.

Sonam still does not get a reply, and sends Keshav one more message.

Sonam : Do you at-least believe it is really me??

Sonam waits, but, again, does not get a reply. She starts to feel let down, and is disgusted for shamelessly offering her body to her son, and ridiculing herself.

It had been a few minutes now, and she was starting to wonder if something was seriously wrong, when she noticed Keshav was back online. And, she immediately sent him a message.

Sonam : Keshav?? Are you still there??

Keshav : Sorry, Mom… I was in the lift. And, there was power failure. I got stuck inside, and there was no network. That is why I could not text you.

Sonam : Ohh… Hhmm… That is okay, Keshav…. I thought you fell asleep…

Keshav : Why did you think I fell asleep??

Sonam : I thought so not seeing your message…

Keshav : I was not sleeping, Mom…

Sonam : You have been up all night… So, I just thought… And, it is 7:10… In the morning… You haven’t slept one bit…

Keshav : We!! We, Mom… We haven’t slept one bit….

Sonam : Yeah….

Keshav : But, there was no way I was going to fall asleep after seeing the picture you just sent me.

Sonam : I thought you were not going to talk about it…. I mean… I thought you were filled with guilt, again…

Keshav : Hahaha… Mom…. I don’t think I need to do that, anymore…

Sonam : So….. Did you like it??

Keshav : I loved the picture you sent me… I loved it.. You are just amazing, Mom… I have never seen anything so tempting my whole life…

Sonam : Keshav…

Keshav : What is it, Mom??

Sonam : I don’t know what it is I want to tell you… I really want you, Keshav… But… I don’t want to force myself on you…. And, so… I want you to tell me the truth… I don’t know what difference it will make, now… I don’t know how it matters… But, I want to know… Where you really innocent during our conversation?? Or were you just pretending?? Pretending to show unwillingness…

Keshav : I did not know how to tell you what exactly I was feeling, Mom. I just did not know what will happen to our relationship. What I do know is, I was holding myself back, every single second. I was too excited, but equally terrified.

Sonam : I know, Keshav. I can understand… I totally get it… And…. I know this is all so unreal… But, I need you… I mean… I know what this… I just don’t have the right words… Do you have anything else to tell me, Keshav… I mean… Do you have anything to tell me, now?!

Keshav : Mom… I love you, Mom… I tried doing everything I could to keep this a secret fantasy. But, I don’t think I can continue that any longer.. I want you… I really want you, Mom.. I cannot wait to show you how desperately I want you…

Sonam : Oh… Keshav… I love you too, Keshav. You have no idea how badly I have been waiting for this day. I cannot wait to have you all for myself… I want to show you how much I have been craving for my son.

Keshav : Mom… You always felt this?? You always wanted me??

Sonam : Yes, Keshav… I always used to think about it… How it would be if we were getting laid… For real!! And, I used to have these dreams where I would be having my holes filled by you, on your Dad’s bed…. So many times… You have no idea…

Keshav : Did you think about it even during the days everything was fine between you and Dad??

Sonam : What?? Hahaha… You are so…. Isn’t this too early for you to be asking that?? You really want to know?? I think I should tell you that later… Hahaha!!

Keshav : Tell me, Mom… Please… I can’t wait to know…

Sonam : Haha… I will… If you very honestly tell me about what you have been feeling about me, all this while… Did you ever think of making a move on me, even before we started texting?? I want you to be very honest here.

Keshav : I can’t say I thought about making a move on you. But, there was this instance where I fapped to you… I just could not stop myself from doing it…

Sonam : Haha… Yeah?? When was that?? Was it during our Delhi trip??

Keshav : Mom… No… Err… Remember the day we went to pick up Dad from the airport?? The day he told us he was planning to quit his job for a new one… It was a couple of weeks into my holidays, after the first semester at college.

Sonam : Yes… I clearly remember…

Keshav : And, then once we were home, Dad had an urgent call to attend, and you helped me with the luggage…. You bent a little too much to pick up his duffel bag, and I saw your cleavage that day… It was a lot of skin show, and I couldn’t take it.. I was stunned… And, found myself getting hard…

Sonam : And??

Keshav : And… I felt I needed to get off right there… You had only gone inside your bedroom, and I started watching a porn movie, in my phone, standing almost just outside the closed door. That is how excited I was.

Sonam : And??

Keshav : And…. I did not expect you to come out of the room so quickly…. But, what shook me more was the sight of your hard nipples poking out of your white kurti…. It was just like the actress’s in the adult video I was watching… I mean, before she stripped herself… I was ogling at your tits, just like I gazed at her melons…

Sonam : And??

Keshav : And… I just could not resist wishing if you were the MILF in the video. I just could not resist thinking about you as a pornstar… I really really wished it was you giving me satisfaction through your recorded filthy act…. It was something that I craved for in a split-second… And, I did wank off to the thought of it later… But, also felt guilty about it….

Sonam : Wait… Wait… Am I missing something here?? What did you do the very next second you saw the door open??

Keshav : I was trying to hide my phone, first, but then realized I also need to cover my hard dick. I was just stuck, actually… And, was relieved to see you walk towards the other side of the hall, without looking at me.

Sonam : Well.. Keshav… I am glad you have been telling me the truth…. And, now let me complete… I mean… Let me try guessing what must have happened next….

Keshav : Haha… This is all that happened…. But still, give it a go…

Sonam : Okay… So… I walked out of my room… I saw you standing just outside, and I immediately noticed the bulge in your pants…

Keshav : What?? Haha… No way… You are not trying to guess here…. You are making up something…

Sonam : Wait until you hear the whole of it… You watch me walk past you… But, you are thrilled to see my thick back sway, and you put your hand inside your loose shorts, play with your ‘toy’ and jerk off, looking at me!!

Keshav : Mom!! Oh my… Fine… I am sorry I did not tell you that part… But… That is indeed some fine guessing, Mom… How did you manage to guess so correct??

Sonam : Hahaha… How do you think I did that??

Keshav : I don’t know, Mom… Haha.. All I can say is I am impressed.

Sonam : Hahaha… Let me try adding on to it… So… You masturbate hard looking at me, and you cum in under a minute…. And, then, to your own horror, you realize you had shot your load straight down your legs, that was covered by your shorts only till the knees… And, a thick portion of your cum has leaked on to the floor…

Keshav : Oh shit.. What the hell?? Did you guess that, too??

Sonam : Hahaha…

Keshav : Mom… You saw me do that, didn’t you?! How?? I mean… I am sorry… But how?? You were talking on the phone, with your back facing me… How did you manage to see me??

Sonam : Oh Keshav…

Keshav : You had me right there, Mom!! You had caught me!! I mean… I did that looking at you… You were just a few inches away from me… But, I thought there was no way you would notice!! I knew it was risky.. But, I thought I only had to worry about Dad coming out of the room.. How did you know I did that?! Mom??

Sonam : My dear son… I am sorry, but I had you right there… I had caught you, Keshav, red handed.. The framed painting in the wall has so often served as a mirror my son… I could see everything you were doing, including you rubbing your balls, vigorously, in absolute clarity.

Keshav : Why did you not punish me right there?? Why did you not ask me about it??

Sonam : I just did not think I had to… I did not feel what you did was wrong… I was definitely surprised… But, I did not feel I had to stop you…

Keshav : Fuckk.. I still can’t believe this… But… You still dared to come with me to Delhi… Why??

Sonam : Who said it was a dare?! You really think that was the case?? I had come prepared.. Hahaha… I wanted to see what you will do to me… But, whatever that is… I am glad you said the truth about the ‘incident’ that day. At-least you admitted it. I just wanted to know if you were still planning on hiding anything from me..

Keshav : Why do I get the feeling you have been planning this all along, more and more??? Did you plot this, Mom??

Sonam : Hahaha… I think I will just answer your earlier question, for now… And… The answer is yes!!

Keshav : What?? What earlier question??

Sonam : Hahaha… Keshav…. Your earlier question… Whether I had these feelings for you even when things were fine between your Dad and me… Yes is the answer!!

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Yes, Keshav… I did think about you even when everything was okay in our relationship… There was also this one very crazy night, where he was banging me really rough, and I almost moaned your name.. It was in-fact a few months before I caught you in the ‘act’ I mentioned above, and I still don’t know what took me there. But, it wasn’t the first sexual inclination I felt towards you, either… It, however, confirmed a lot of things to me… I could feel my desires crossing over… I no longer wanted you to be a part of just my fantasies… I had started to wish you were in my reality…

Keshav : Ohh… Mom… And??

Sonam : What and??

Keshav : I mean… What about the time nothing happened with Dad?? What about the time you started feeling the distance?? Were you still thinking about me?? Or….

Sonam : What are you trying to ask me, Keshav??

Keshav : Did you have somebody else in your life?? Especially when you had all these yearnings…

Sonam : Oh, Keshav… Hahaha… Seriously?? You think that is a question you can ask your own mother?? You cannot ask your mother if she has hooked up with another man….

Keshav : Hahaha… I don’t think that really is a matter of concern here… And, above all, I have a very valid reason to ask you that… Hehe..

Sonam : Hahaha… Yeah?? Shoot!!

Keshav : You told me it has been a long time since you had sex with Dad… Then why is it that you have a very neat, clean shaven pussy?? I mean… Your vagina looks like it got a trim very recently…

Sonam : So, you did notice my peach… But, let me confirm it wasn’t for any random man… Or, to be more precise… I am not dating anybody…

Keshav : So… You always keep it bald??

Sonam : Hahaha…. Okay, I am a bit ashamed to tell you this… But, you won’t believe how hairy my pussy was… I never bothered to care for it…

Keshav : So, when did you use the blade?? Before leaving to Delhi??

Sonam : No… Even though I really hoped something would happen there, I never thought we would go the full distance.

Keshav : So when was it??

Sonam : I shaved my pubic hair after I shared the bed with you… After the room-boy in the hotel asked me if you were my husband…

Keshav : But, why Mom??

Sonam : I don’t know, Keshav…. I started having this feeling that I should be fully ready for you….

Keshav : What were you thinking, Mom??

Sonam : I still don’t know, Keshav… I just felt I had to keep my love hole ready…. Maybe, I did think how it would be if we were really a couple… Maybe, I was just making sure I can serve you a pussy you would love to feed on… I hope I got it right…

Keshav : Yes!! Yes, you did Mom… Let me just tell you this… Your pussy is indeed the best pussy I have ever seen… And just like how the mole, above your lips, makes your face look more pretty, the black mole just above your pussy lips makes it look extra special…

Sonam : Hahaha…. So…. You did look into my picture very carefully… You have found out a lot of ‘details’… I am equally impressed…

Keshav : You are so hot, Mom…. I have not been able to take my eyes off the picture you send me… Not even the sexiest of actresses would look so exciting in the nude.

Sonam : Hahaha… That is way too much of a compliment…. But, I don’t mind this attention from my son… So, what were you going to do looking at my picture??

Keshav : Well…

Sonam : Wait.. What are you doing now?! I completely forgot… Why were you in the lift, Keshav?? Where were you going??

Keshav : Don’t get angry, Mom.. I was on my way to my friend’s room… To show him the picture you just sent me… I thought I should share it with him…

Sonam : What?? Oh my… Keshav.. Please.. Don’t do that… Please!! Delete the picture!!

Keshav : Hahaha… Why?? Why should I delete it?? A picture of a mother’s naked body in her son’s phone is normal… Right?!

Sonam : Keshav!! Delete it.. Please… You cannot show that picture to your friends…

Keshav : Hahaha… Mom… Relax… Haha… I was just joking…

Sonam : Why were you in the lift, then?? Where are you heading?? What are you doing there?!

Keshav : I was walking towards the hostel gate, Mom. But, then I took a break to text you… I just could not walk reading all your explosive messages… I am now near the exit… I need to catch a taxi….

Sonam : Why?? Where are you going?? Isn’t it only 7:50 AM?? Where are you going so early??

Keshav : I am going to the Railway Station, Mom.

Sonam : Why?? Did you leave anything behind??

Keshav : Haha,, No… I have a train to catch…

Sonam : What?? Where are you going??

Keshav : I am coming back home!!

Sonam : What?? You cannot be serious!!

Keshav : I am…

Sonam : Are you really coming home??

Keshav : Yes, Mom!!

Sonam : And, what are you planning to do once you are here??

Keshav : I haven’t really thought about it. Maybe spend time with you, like we did in Delhi.

Sonam : So, you plan to do only what you did with me in Delhi??

Keshav : You only want me to sleep with you??

Sonam : Was it only just sleep that you did in Delhi??

Sonam waits for a minute, and on seeing no reply, she sends Keshav another text.

Sonam : Your Dad has just left…

Keshav : Dad is really going to be away?? So, it is only going to be you and me at home?!

Sonam : Yes…

Keshav : But, I don’t think you are very happy to know I coming home.

Sonam : Who told you that??

Keshav : I think so… I feel like you don’t want me to come home…

Sonam : I want you to, Keshav.. I really want you to be home with me…

Keshav : Then why do you sound so uncertain??

Sonam : No way!! Not at all… I am sure about this…I want this.

Keshav : I don’t know, Mom… I still think you don’t want me to come.

Sonam : Well… Keshav… Listen… I have been trying to tell you this for a long time. I am tired of typing all this down. I am just done texting you…. Now… This is what I want… I want you to come home… I want you to come home to your Mom… I want you to come home to your Mom, and cum inside your Mom!!!

As Keshav got into the same taxi that had dropped him off at his hostel gate, just a few hours ago, but now with a raging hard-on that clearly swelled out of his jeans, his mother pushed her fingers deeper into her craving cunt.

Keshav was heading to the Railway Station to hop into the same train he had got out of, but this time to head back home.

As Keshav reached the platform, unable to hide his excitement, his own mother moaned & groaned, imagining it was not her fingers but her own son pleasing her, as he found his way back inside her mature pussy.

The conversation between Keshav and his mother Sonam, was revelational, scandalous and unbelievable. Neither of them were completely convinced it was all really true. But, nothing could stop them from being thrilled about what the future had for them.

A few more hours and everything was going to be different. They could change their minds, of-course, but they were not going to do it. They did not want to.

Lines were crossed and boundaries were destroyed.

Each time the mother & son told each-other their truths, they were also constantly made to wonder how many lies they would have to tell the other people in their lives. They were constantly made to think how they were going to keep this a secret, as they continued to live their ‘normal’ lives.

Whatever they intended to do to make sure this stays between them, they very well knew they were never going to be the regular mother and son they were even until yesterday.

When Keshav gets back home, he wouldn’t be the son he thought he was, when he left for college, last night, as his mother watched anxiously, hoping for his best, suppressing her own desires. But, he was going to be the young stud his mother would be desperately waiting to welcome home, and spread her legs for.

He was going to be the hunk she would never want to stop being pleased by. He was going to be the man she would want to have inside her, for years to come.



Part 2, An alternate ending “OPENING UP TO MY MOTHER”

Thank you so much for all the love & support.

I am super excited to be back with the story of Keshav and his mother, Sonam – The protagonists in the story SEXTING MY MOTHER.

I know this is a surprise, and most of you may not have been expecting this – Especially after the long emotional note I had attached at the end of the story.

But, to all those who have been asking, I hope I bring a smile on each of your faces.

The unexpected appreciation I received very early into the series, did place me in a zone where there was pressure to do well.

I am back here now, but to have a little more fun, this time…

I had received a lot of messages that said I only managed to make the readers feel partially satisfied with the ending, even as I uploaded a longer & detailed conclusion.

Many were left desiring for a lot more, and the lack of the highly anticipated physical intimacy was also criticized. However, some of you also appreciated the novelty. All these feedback really mean a lot to me, and will only help.

I have read the story, multiple times, after publishing, and though I do not feel like I missed out on a few extra points by skipping a real sexual encounter, I started to think that there is so much more to this.

Reading the story gave me the impression that its incomplete.

Many scenarios were discussed, but not everything was fully disclosed. And, I wish to connect the major loose ends.

The Main Story featuring Keshav & Sonam is over. This is just a more carnal take on the same.

I have tried my best to maintain the theme of the story. But, I have also taken the liberty to make a few changes that would help better the experience.

You can call this a spin-off, but the situations, characters and emotions are very much in accordance with the original plot. And this, by all means, is an extension to the story-line.

I would once again like to stress on the fact that as far as the author in me is concerned, I strongly believe the story of the mother-son duo is an already complete chapter.

This new series is either a very long post-credits scene, or an alternative ending or maybe a whole new beginning. I hope all of you will like it…

“OPENING UP TO MY MOTHER” is a long expansion, and will focus on the very immediate events that follow, the backstory of the two leads and will also shed light on what the future holds for them.

The additional content is also aimed at strengthening the Universe – Desi Night Out’s World of Erotica – BWE, I had launched with the story MALLU MILF LAKSHMI, with some of your favorite characters, from my earlier works, making interesting cameos. Plus, sneak-peeks into my upcoming projects.

This particular episode begins with Keshav sexting his mother, Sonam, after he has boarded the train, and started his journey back home.

Even though this is a direct continuation, it can also be read by beginners who are willing to go ahead understanding that this conversation is between a mother & son who have just confessed their sensual feelings for each-other.

Happy Reading!!

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Keshav… Did you sleep well??

Keshav : Yes, Mom…

Sonam : Did I just wake you up?? I am so sorry I called… I just could not wait any longer!!

Keshav : Oh… Come-on, Mom… I am glad you woke me up… We can text… Hehe!!

Sonam : Haha… So… Slept well??

Keshav : Yes, Mom… Never felt so peaceful when sleeping. I did not even realize it had been five full hours…

Sonam : Haha… I hope you don’t feel tired skipping sleep last night… Few more hours ,and you are home!!

Keshav : Not at all, Mom… I am ready!!

Sonam : Ready for?!

Keshav : For You!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Somebody seems to be all excited…

Keshav : Well… I am coming for you… And, maybe, also because I had the same dream, again!!

Sonam : What dream??

Keshav : The dream in which I am naked on the bed with my mother, filling her with extreme vigour.

Sonam : What?! Even you have that dream??

Keshav : Yes, Mom… It surprised me when you first said how often you were having them… Now I know what it all means…

Sonam : Oh, Yes, Keshav!! You and I are perfect for each-other… Never believe anything else…

Keshav : I know, Mom… And, since that is the case… Wait.. I have something for you… Something that is just too perfect!!

Keshav sends a video of him stroking his erect dick, and ejaculating inside a filthy toilet cabin, that had names of women, phone numbers and lewd comments written on the the wall he shot his load.

Sonam : Whaaattt?!

Keshav : Hahaha… Yeah!!

Sonam : You dared to masturbate in a public toilet… It is so dirty in there!!

Keshav : Haha!! Yes!! It was stinking so bad… But, you know what?! I enjoyed it!! And, you know why?! Because, I imagined you sucking my cock, sitting in the squat.

Sonam : You are crazy!!

Keshav : I couldn’t wait, Mom… I just had to humble you, right there!!

Sonam : Keshav!! Hahaha… Well… Did I have my clothes on my body when you found me in there?!

Keshav : Fuck!! Haha!! Mom!! I don’t remember… But, what I know is… If I was your husband, you would never ever need to wear even your under-garments!!

Sonam : Hahaha… I think I know!!

Keshav : Yeah?!

Sonam : Yes!! Haha!! Keshav… I just cannot stop replaying the video you sent me… You are seriously so big!!

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : LOL!! Stop over reacting… Hahaha… All that feels so funny now… All the desperate reluctance shown… Haha… Wait!! The photo of the woman in the poster…

Keshav : What photo??

Sonam : The one in the video.

Keshav : The poster stuck on the wall??

Sonam : Yeah… Isn’t that Jisha?!

Keshav : How do you know that actress?? I thought you never watched movies!!

Sonam : Well… She has been the talk of the town, for all the wrong reasons… And… She was once my roommate… We were in college, together.

Keshav : What?!

Sonam : Haha!!

Keshav : I never knew my mother had friends in high places…

Sonam : Ohh, Shut Up!! We hardly ever talked after college… In-fact, I do not even know where she now is… Nobody has heard from her, after the scandal.

Keshav : Hhhmmm…

Sonam : She was always such a sweet woman… I still cannot believe she acted in that movie!!

Keshav : Neither can I, Mom… I have never seen anything so bold in Indian Cinema… She was almost fully naked, in one of the scenes… Almost all her assets were exposed… But, she has been crying foul since the release of the movie.

Sonam : I know… Poor soul… And, as if the humiliation she had to suffer being a part of that sleazy film was not enough, some insane loser had also circulated an adult video of hers, created using The DEEPFAKE Software.

Keshav : Yes… I had actually seen that… Sorry…

Sonam : No… No… It is… I can understand…

Keshav : She was getting fucked by a group, that falsely claimed to be Casting Agents. Everybody who saw that were convinced the video is real – Especially after seeing what she did in a regular feature film.

Sonam : I feel so sorry for her…

Keshav : What do you think must have really happened?? How can somebody agree to act in such a Film!!

Sonam : I have no idea, Keshav… I got to know about it when I saw her in the news. I assume there was some manipulation… Maybe, during the Editing Process… Maybe, they used a body-double during the shoot… But you never know… One can never be sure about Indian Actresses… Mostly the newcomers… And, more importantly, the married mature ones… I recently happened to watch Madhavi Doshi being interviewed. She is considered a Legend… But, she had revealed quite a few disturbing details, changing my perception of our Heroines.

Keshav : My mom seems to know a little too much about Bollywood!!

Sonam : Haha!! Not really… The thing is… My female friends have been sharing Jisha’s erotic scenes, in our WHATSAPP Group, and also forwarding all the possible theories… What I explained above is the least vulgar from all the speculated situations they have been saying.

Keshav : Okay… So, you trust her!!

Sonam : I guess!! I cannot be certain, but I would like to still strongly believe that she was tricked.

Keshav : Well… I would love to see you tricked, too, if the result is guaranteed to be as pleasing!!

Sonam : Haha… You are just too much!! I did not expect you to say that, Keshav.

Keshav : Haha!! Why not?! Jisha Aunty looked extremely hot… So, what is wrong in hoping to see my own sexy mom in an even more enticing avatar??

Sonam : Haha… But, seriously… Jisha Aunty?! Aunty??!!

Keshav : I mean… Since you know her, and she is your friend… I thought it is most appropriate if I call her Jisha Aunty!! Right, Mom?!

Sonam : Haha!! Well… Just stay informed that she has a 19 year old son… I think his name is Rohit… So… Each time you call her Jisha Aunty, remember there is a he, who would be calling me Sonam Aunty!! I hope you understand what I am trying to say…

Keshav : Hahaha!! I so wish I could tell you that you are very a possessive mother… But, that line of yours feels like right out of a porn movie!!

Sonam : Are you trying to call your own mother a Pornstar, now?!

Keshav : I don’t think I would mind one bit.

Sonam : Aaha… If I was in porn, I would only do scenes where I am cinematically fucking my own son!! Haha!! Maybe, even inside a moving train…

Keshav : Oh my!!

Sonam : I think I just won the duel, already. You have nothing with you to better my confession!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : I actually have something for you.

Sonam : Yeah?? What?!

Keshav : Haha… Nothing very novel… But, once I boarded the train, I felt the need to have the view of your wonderfully uncovered self, and rushed to the lavatory. And, before I knew it, I was once again touching myself, and I released a few more litres of love for my mother, looking at the bare images she sent me. Haha!!

Sonam : You bloody fucker!!

Keshav : Hahaha!!

Sonam : Did anybody notice?? Are you sure nobody saw my photos??

Keshav : Come-on, Mom. I would have obviously kept the door closed.

Sonam : But, still…

Keshav : Well… Nobody saw me… But, I cannot say the same about my moans being heard. I think I groaned your name a little too loud, when I ejaculated.

Sonam : You are one horny bastard!!

Keshav : Ohh… Sonam… Hahaha!! I love you too, Mom!!

Sonam : You love my name… Don’t you?!

Keshav : Why that question?? What made you ask that??

Sonam : I always felt so… I just wanted to be sure.

Keshav : But, why?!

Sonam : Haha… I just felt you like my name… And, my intuitions have been mostly correct about you!! So, is there anything to it??

Keshav : Okay… So, let me be honest here… It is a big story, actually…

Sonam : Tell me… I am all ears… Hehe…

Keshav : There was this girl in college, who shared the same name as yours, and she attended lectures for a couple of the electives along with students in my class.

Sonam : And??

Keshav : And… I was seated with this guy from Mumbai, who was totally into her… Into her body!! They were not exactly together, but were going out, every now and then.

Sonam : And??

Keshav : And… He soon started sharing with me all the details of the sexual encounters he had with his partner. I found it a bit odd initially, but then started to enjoy it, and he continued detailing to me, for the whole of that semester…

Sonam : Keshav!! Get to the matter!!

Keshav : Yes… Yes… Sorry… I am just used to stretching things, and at-times also leaving them incomplete… Where was I?!

Sonam : Haha… You are so funny!! Stop pissing me off!!

Keshav : Hehe.. Yeah… So… He started telling me about the hottest things he did with her… And each time, he referred to her by her name… “I fucked Sonam so hard!!”… “Sonam is such a bitch!!”… “I drilled Sonam in the ass!!”… “Sonam sucked me off, inside a bus!!”… He would just not stop!!

Sonam : Ohhhh…

Keshav : He easily managed to excite me, and also kept stressing on the name Sonam. Though unintentionally, he charged my mind with all sorts of twisted thoughts. And, when he once said – “I will make Sonam a worthless cum-bucket!!”, I just found myself forced to think about you on the bed with him. I imagined you having sex with him, until I started to drastically picture you being filled by own cock.

Sonam : Whoaa!!

Keshav : Yeah!! I was so hard after that… I knew he had done more than enough to make me lust for my mother, even more… He made me want to have you, each time he blurted the name Sonam!!

Sonam : Oh My… But, Keshav… I am… I am just glad!!

Keshav : Hehehe…

Sonam : You never told me what his name was…

Keshav : Haha… That is not very relevant, here… Hehe…

Sonam : Still…

Keshav : His name was Ranveer… And, before you ask, let me tell you that I also did fantasize hearing you moan his name!!

Sonam : Fuck!! That was just what I was going to quiz you about… I am impressed!!

Keshav : Haha!! I know my mom a little too well!!

Sonam : I am not so sure about that… Haha!! But… Tell me more about him!!

Keshav : Mom!! Hehehehe… Okay… He plays cricket really well… At-least, that is what the girls think. And, he is a regular at the gym.

Sonam : Yeah?! If that is the case, I feel he would be a great addition to our home. Haha!! Given the fact that your Dad is not around, and busy fucking his whore!!

Keshav : Whattt!! Mom!! You are…. Well… There is a chance we can make him family…

Sonam : How?!

Keshav : Hahaha!! He has a sister – Sonali!! I can marry her if you insist.

Sonam : But, what about Ahaana?! I thought she was great on you… I mean… For you!! Haha…

Keshav : Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! But, she is going to be around, anyway… I mean… Isn’t that what you told me?! Are you trying to now say, that my extra large penis has lost it’s charm?! Hehe!!

Sonam : Lol!! Never!! Haha… But, think about it seriously, Keshav… You can really hear me moan his name. And, also be rest assured that he will fuck your Sonam, with greater intensity than you can ever dream about.

Keshav : That could actually turn out to be true!! I will be very happy for you, Mom!!

Sonam : LOL!! You are the son every mother deserves!! Haha!!

Keshav : Hehehe!! But, Mom… What made you first feel that I have a liking for your name??

Sonam : Your Browsing History!!

Keshav : What?!

Sonam : Remember the iMac we had at home. The one we set up in your room… I am sorry to tell you this now… But, the CHROME Browser you used was synced with the Application in my mobile.

Keshav : Shit!! Mom!! I never knew. I am so sorry…

Sonam : Haha!! Chill!! It is okay… Anything & Everything is okay, now!!

Keshav : So, you were the one who deleted the List of Visited Websites, each time!!

Sonam : Yes… I did not think it was appropriate for Dileep – My Husband, Your Dad, and, now, The Man I Hate The Most, to have access to Searches that read ‘Sonam Pornstar’, ‘Sonam MILF’, ‘Sonam Hot Aunty’, ‘Sonam Fucked In College’, ‘Sonam Gang-Banged’, and also ‘Sonam Fucks For Cash’. CHROME was synced with his phone, as-well!!

Keshav : What the… Mom!! I had no clue… You saved me!!

Sonam : Haha!! You owe me your life!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : I am so sorry, Mom… I did not mean anything bad…

Sonam : Just stop being sorry, Keshav… Relax!! And… Well…I could assume all the searches you did ultimately led you to the Adult Actress – Sonam Lisa Walsh… I was aware of her existence… Hehe!! I confirmed the MILF Star had got my son enticed… But, the keywords associated with my own name did get me wondering… Now, I know what the real reason was!! Hahaha…

Keshav : Ohh… Mom!! This is just too embarrassing for me!!

Sonam : You don’t have to feel bad… We are in a very venereal space, anyway.

Keshav : I always loved your name, Mom… I always found it to be a very alluring one… I was addicted to it, until I realized it was you that I am addicted to.

Sonam : So… Are you really ready for this?? Are you ready for us?!

Keshav : Yes, Mom!!

Sonam : You know there is no going back!! Nothing will ever be the same again!!

Keshav : I know, Mom!! And, that is just what I want!! I want this!!

Sonam : I cannot wait to have you by my side, Keshav…

Keshav : Me too, Mom!!

Sonam : Keshav… Tell me this… What are you going to do to your mother?? How hard are you going to stretch me?!

Keshav : I will split you in half, with my giant tool, making you question your own loyalty. The very first thrust I make inside your wet cunt, will leave you convinced that I sure as hell got my genes from not your puny husband!!

Sonam : Whaaattt!! Fuckk!! More!! Give me more…

Keshav : I will do you with my huge penis all day, and every night!! I will make you realize that the very purpose of your life is to savor my cum!!

Sonam : Just don’t stop… Give me More!! I am so turned on!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! I would love to describe the rest of it, in detail, but I think I should keep it a secret, for now!! However, I assure you I will make you beg for mercy & scream with pleasure, very very soon!!

Sonam : Keshav… Fuckk You!! Haha!!

Keshav : I will take you in the shower, on top of the kitchen table, inside the garage, in the open terrace, on the couch… But first, on Dad’s bed!!

Sonam : Ohh… Yes… Please!! Give me all of your monster!! I need to be banged by a real man!! Be my Stud!!

Keshav : I want you to be ready, wearing only your inner-wear, from your favorite brand – RANDY’s… Hopefully, it will the Tangy Red, Non-Padded & Non-Wired Bra, with Double Layered Cups, over your rack & Black Low Waist Thong, with Lace Panels In Matching Powernet, hiding your clean shaven twat, when you welcome me home.

Sonam : Excuse me?! Keshav!! But, how did you know all my inner-wear are from RANDY’s?!

Keshav : I have always caught you sneaking inside their store, every time we go shopping…

Sonam : I never realized you were observing me!!

Keshav : Come-on, Mom… It is only you and me, mostly… And, I know you do not have the skills to vanish into thin air… I have always seen you go through their kinkiest collections.

Sonam : Yeah?! I thought I was being smart leaving you inside the Hyper Market, with Grocery Shopping.

Keshav : Hahaha… It was too obvious, Mom… However… When I saw their logo – A woman’s tongue, for the first time on the carry bag in your hand, I really thought you had brought yourself some of the exclusive sex toys they sold!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Lol!! Maybe, I should have!! Hehe… But, still…

Keshav :What??

Sonam : All those minute details about my intimate-wear… You mentioned it exactly how they had it printed on the Wash Care Labels… They don’t have these information on their website.

Keshav : I am sorry, but the line-drying setup, you have on the terrace, has always been a happy place for me, Mom… I have spent hours there… And, I read all that data from the very pairs of bra & panties you left under the sun… Sometimes, even feeling the soft material, with my very eager fingers!!

Sonam : Ohhh… Really?! That kinda sent shivers down my spine, Keshav… You have been spying on your mother!! You really did that?!

Keshav : Hahaha!! There are a lot more classified content I want to enlighten you with… But, maybe, after I make you understand how long I have been yearning to own you, when I touch places in your love-hole, no other man will ever reach!!

Sonam : Ohhh… Keshav!!

Keshav : I can’t wait to get home, and stuff my rod in to your horny pussy, Mom!!

Sonam : You have no idea how badly I want it from you!!

Keshav : I won’t pull my cock out of you, unless you pass out!!

Sonam : Damn!! I want it, now!! I want to lose my sanity, submitting myself to you!! And… Even after we cross all borders… Even after you destroy my holes… Even if you pound me, everyday, I still want us to continue this… I want to continue sexting you… This is the best feeling ever!!

Keshav : Haha!! I know, Mom… Even I want this to go on and on and on and on!!

Sonam : I always wanted to be in this space with you, Keshav… Even before I started seeing you as the man capable of giving me sensual pleasure…

Keshav : Yeah?!

Sonam : Yes, Keshav… Ever since I installed WHATSAPP, I wanted to spend time chatting with you. I wanted to know you better… But, I could not. I did not feel you will enjoy my company… And, now, I think I have got more than what I craved for.

Keshav : I promise you I will give you a lot more than you can ever desire.

Sonam : I love you, My Son!!

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Ohh Yes, Keshav…

Keshav : There is something else I need to tell you…

Sonam : Say… You don’t have to be shy… I want you to tell me everything!!

Keshav : I don’t know what this will do to our relationship. I am worried I will give you the feeling I have been lying all along… But, I think I want you to know.

Sonam : Just tell me!!

Keshav : I am sure you will understand… I only want to be in a position where we no longer need to exchange half-truths or keep details hidden.

Sonam : What is it, Keshav?! You are scaring me now… Haha!!

Keshav : I had this habit of sneaking into your bedroom, when you were sleeping. And, I have tried to grope you, too…

Sonam : Oh my…

Keshav : I am sorry, Mom… But, there were so many days I even wanted to mercilessly defile you.

Sonam : Ohhh…

Keshav : Each time you left the door open, giving me the majestic view of your curvy thick back, as you slept, I stood right next to your bed, vigorously rubbing my cock, and satisfying my lustful cravings.

Sonam : How come I never noticed!!

Keshav : I wondered the same… But my deeds only grew more sinful… Once I even masturbated looking at you, and tried to shoot my load on your covered back. I had

directed my tool straight againt your rump, but the pressure during the final release made me flicker. And, I came on your head, leaving cum sticking onto your thick black hair.

Sonam : What?! Did you just make that up?? Are you really serious?!

Keshav : Yes, Mom… Please forgive me. I am sorry, but I had to tell you this!!

Sonam : Hahaha… Ohh, My Son… Calm down, will you?! Just Relax, Keshav!! You know your mom well enough now. I really don’t mind… Okay?! And… Do you think I have been any less wicked?!

Keshav : Mom?!

Sonam : Do you have any idea how many times I frantically rubbed my pussy, standing just outside the door to your bathroom, when you were in the shower?!

Keshav : Fuck…

Sonam : All the early morning visits I made to your room… All the times I came to wake you up… They were all only to have the view of your very obvious morninghood. I have relished on your hardon everyday, Keshav. I have once even slid my hand under your blanket, and went all the way upto your thighs, almost touching your bare balls.

Keshav : Fuck!! Mom!! I cannot believe that really happened. Honestly, I just did not feel your touch on my body, and I do not know how I would have reacted if I sensed it. But, what surprises me even more is the reality that we already had so many intimate moments.

Sonam : And… We had all of them at home!! We have been having these for long now!!

Keshav : Exactly…

Sonam : But… Was that the only time?! I mean… Was it only at home that we had these encounters?!

Keshav : What are you trying to say, Mom??

Sonam : Don’t you think we should talk about what happened in Delhi??

Keshav : Yes… I guess so.

Sonam : We have to, Keshav… We should!!

Keshav : I know, Mom. But, before that, there is something I really want to know, and right now too.

Sonam : What is it??

Keshav : Since we are going all the way, it does not really matter anymore… But… Did you seriously think we would actually have sex?! Did you believe it would be possible for a mother and son to engage themselves in the most carnal activity??

Sonam : Maybe this will sound a little too cringy… But, I did!! I always thought so.

Keshav : Yeah?!

Sonam : Yes, Keshav… I have firmly felt it was possible… And now, I have reasons to conclude I was right.

Keshav : Haha!!

Sonam : What about you, Keshav?? Did you think this would all turn true someday??

Keshav : Well… Mom… I was never really sure about it. I thoroughly enjoyed the effect my wants had on me, yet I always assumed this was a just forbidden fantasy. I liked the taboo-filled pleasures associated with the idea… However, I was not fully convinced there was a genuine chance. But, there was also this one instance, during a train journey, last year, that really got me thinking…

Sonam : Train journey?? Last year?! We did not go on a train journey last year, Keshav.

Keshav : No, Mom. This does not have you in the scene. It was an intriuging experience I had, that made me think.

Sonam : What was it?? Tell me…

Keshav : I don’t know how I should put it in words. I am still not sure it really took place. It was early in the morning that this incident happened… I was very sleepy, and I could also never really confirm the event… But, now, since you and I exist, I feel even they exist. Hehehe…

Sonam : Keshav!! Haha… What?! What are you even trying to say?? What happened to you?!

Keshav : They were very sexually charged is what I felt!!

Sonam : What?! Who are you talking about?? Why the lack of clarity!! And, why are you taking so much time to type?? Just tell me what happened!! You don’t have to think twice before telling me things, Keshav!!

Keshav : I know, Mom. I am sorry, I just got distracted.

Sonam : You are sexting your mother, and you still get distracted?!

Keshav : I was just playing the visuals in my mind.

Sonam : Keshav… Is this something… I mean… Did you do something that you should not have?? Did you cause someone hurt??

Keshav : No, Mom. That is not what I am trying to say. I am just trying to describe the scenario in the best possible way. Sometimes it’s just not easy to type what you have in your mind.

Sonam : Haha… Lol!! Stop struggling to be a master of erotica. I already know what my son is capable of… Just tell me what happened, in simple words!!

Keshav : Haha… Fine!!

Sonam : Begin!!

Keshav : Okay… So, this was just after my Lab Exams. I was not planning to come home that very day, initially – I wanted to hangout with friends.

Sonam : Okay…

Keshav : Also, this was two weeks after I broke up with Viveka, but I had already started seeing Tiya. I really wanted to spend some time with her, and we were supposed to meet the next day…

Sonam : Aaha… I am delighted you are bringing in all your girls… Would love to know what you did with each of them, in detail!!

Keshav : Why?? Why?! Why!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! To make sure I give you more than those young bitches could!!

Keshav : Mom, please!! Not that again!!

Sonam : Haha!! Tell me what happened in the train…

Keshav : Yeah… But, Tiya had to be at her father’s ancestral house, and so the plan was cancelled. I was upset, and did not want to stay in the hostel, feeling dejected. It was a last minute decision, but I just got myself in the very next available train back home. It was a Special Train travelling through Goa – I had never taken it before, and did not even know when I would reach home. But still, just boarded it anyway.

Sonam : This is so boring, Keshav. Why do you have to spoil the mood?? You do realise I have been turned on since we started texting. Why are you wasting time explaing all these unwanted stuff?!

Keshav : I have been thinking about this for a long time… I just feel a little messed up, Mom!! I do not even know if this is interesting anymore.

Sonam : Please!! I was only trying to get the details from you as fast as possible. I am certainly enjoying this, Keshav. Don’t Stop!! Just take a deep breath, and tell me what happened.

Keshav : Okay… So… I am very sure I heard the guy in the adjacent compartment address the lady with him as his mother – I did hear him call her MOM clearly, when I was taking a stroll. But, on my way back, I am almost convinced I saw him fondling her tits, with a lot of passion… She still lay on her berth, but was wide awake, and she was finding pleasure in it!!

Sonam : What?! Haha!! Impossible!!

Keshav : I know!! I mean, I just don’t know if this really was the case… I couldn’t believe it either. I also wasn’t fully sure if they were a couple, or really a mother-son pair. The two looked very compatible. He was mauling her tankers!! I saw them indulge!!

Sonam : Keshav… That must not have happened!!

Keshav : I think it did, Mom…

Sonam : Maybe, you just felt it!! You already told me you were very sleepy and tired. Nobody would do something so sleazy in the open, however empty the space is – Definitely not a mother and son!!

Keshav : Hhmm… Maybe you are right… Maybe it’s just because I always had it at the back of my mind, but always remained doubtful, and I now feel confident about it since you and I have confessed our feelings for each-other.

Sonam : That has to be the reason, Keshav.

Keshav : But, do you think there are many other mothers and sons out there, who are in the same vereneal territory as we are in?? Who really do it!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Ohh, Keshav!! What happened to you?? Have you just lost the plot?? What exactly is it?? Or… Are you a little too exicted about stuffing your Mummy, that your sanity is extinct?! Lol!!

Keshav : Just tell me, Mom… I want to know…

Sonam : I don’t know, Keshav…

Keshav : You say you don’t know, only when there is something that you want to tell me!!

Sonam : Well… I wasn’t thinking about it. But, when I find you so obsessed, I am forced to wonder… I am however a little startled that they did it in public, regardless of the fact they are really mother and son.

Keshav : You wouldn’t do something like that with me, outside our house?!

Sonam : Keshav… I want to… You know that!! I want to be taken by you in ways no woman has ever been fucked… But, I am not sure about being adventurous in public…

Keshav : Are you worried about what people will think??

Sonam : To an extent – Yes!! But, we wouldn’t be here if we cared about what people would think!!

Keshav : Still… Are you bothered about what people will think if we get caught?!

Sonam : There will be things said, Keshav… There will be comments passed even if we just sit together. You can imagine the scenario if we are caught sharing intimacy.

Keshav : There is nothing they can do to us, Mom… They may not like it, but it is just a matter of us ignoring them. Let them express their hatred. Everything will be fine… I can protect you!!

Sonam : I know that, Keshav. That is why I am so sure about you.

Keshav : Why are you worried about what people dislike, then??

Sonam : Well… I won’t mind if they were genuinely disliking all public displays of affection. I may even respect them…

Keshav : What you are you trying to say, Mom?!

Sonam : Haha!!

Keshav : Why does this all of a sudden look like zero sexting and a little too much preaching on social norms??

Sonam : Hahaha!! No… No!! You started it!!

Keshav : Hehe… But, what were you trying to say?? Were you referring to any of your unpleasant experiences?? Maybe some of the lewd gestures you were subjected to, or verbal abuses?!

Sonam : I wasn’t pointing to anything in particular. But, I did have this horrible ordeal, when I once went to the Flower Market, alone… A group of men, most probably in their late fourties, flashed their poles at me, with one among them even asking me to suck him off, right there!!

Keshav : What?! This really happened?! I am so sorry, Mom…

Sonam : It is okay… I was shaken, but it hasn’t broken me. What is however funny is that they turned out to be members of a group formed to ensure safety of women in the city. And, they had also assaulted a young girl who was being walked to her house by her boyfriend, just the day before. You get it, don’t you?! The thing is they may fake values, but they fake disgust even more. They are using these sitautions to their advantage, to fulfill their deep unhealthy needs. These men are just a bunch of goons who love exploiting the female sex, caught in vulnerable situations… That is the shameful morality of these losers.

Keshav : How big were their cocks, Mom?! I guess not as huge as you would have liked them!!

Sonam : What?! You dirty creep!! Did you just ask that to your mother?! What perfect timing, too!!

Keshav : Haha!! Mom!! It is unfortuante that you had to go through the humiliation, but they just fell for your thick curves, Mom… They just cannot be blamed. Hahaha!! However, everything you said is right on the money!!

Sonam : Haha!! I don’t know where this is going. I think you have lost it!! You sound concerned, and at the same time you are also sexting me… What the… Hehehe… Whatever… But, yeah… See, I don’t mind if they sincerely hate something… I just don’t want random men to call me a whore, and declare my son a mother fucker, because we got touchy in public – Especially, when that fellow is a punk, in reality, who has already jerked off watching us exchange love.

Keshav : Lol!! Hahaha… Mom… I did not know there was an active feminist in you… Particularly after our very “normal” conversation. Hehehe!!

Sonam : I maybe a submissive mature for my son, but there is a feminist hiding in me. I decide who fucks me, and I had the guts to chose you!! Haha!! See… It’s just that I don’t want a bad episode in public with you, Keshav. I only need the pure satisfcation the touch of your warm young body will give me.

Keshav : The random men watching may not complain if you give them enough!! I mean, if you do the needful!!

Sonam : Haha!! Oh, Keshav!! That is a possibility!! Lol…

Keshav : Maybe, you are already doing it!! Hehe!!

Sonam : Lol!! Well, it did cross my mind, multiple times, over the last few months, that I should be an exhibitionist tease, and teach your Dad a lesson. But, since I have you now, I don’t think anybody else deserve my enticing assets. I don’t think I need to give them a chance… Yet!! Haha!! I think I should stick to being a naughty horny mom indoors, for the time being, keeping myself locked with my loving boy!!

Keshav : That is great news… For your son!! Lucky Kid!! Hehehe…

Sonam : I just want to enjoy the moments with you to the fullest, not having to worry about being judged!!

Keshav : Haha… I get that, Mom… But, the two I saw in the train – The suspected mother and son, definitely did not mind any of it.

Sonam : This is so… Keshav!! You seem to be hooked onto them. By choosing to glorify them, you have caused your unsatisfied Mummy to dry up!! Lol…

Keshav : They got me very curious, Mom… Hehe!!

Sonam : I think I get that, My Dear Son. Haha!!

Keshav : They actually unboarded the train a few stops before mine. I just could not let go of it… I was so eager, I checked their names on the Reservation Chart, almost grabbing the same from the TTE.

Sonam : Keshav… Haha!! Is there more to this?! Why do I get the feeling that the indirect set of questions & answers are actually reflecting your hesitation!! You can tell me whatever you want, Keshav.

Keshav : Neema & Arun – That was what their names were.

Sonam : Okay, enough!! I don’t understand what you are trying to prove, but maybe I should just play along!! So, listen… I feel Arun is a very steamy name. I don’t mind moaning it, if Neema screams your name out loud!! Haha!! Happy, now??

Keshav : Mom… You are impossible!! Hahaha!!

Sonam : Isn’t that what you wanted to hear?? You did think about a foursome, didn’t you?!

Keshav : No!! Haha!! Mom!!

Sonam : Why not?! How about one in the train, itself?! They still have private cabins, don’t they?! Haha!!

Keshav : Lol!!

Sonam : Okay… Wait… I don’t know why I feel so amused about this… Did you check their age in the Chart??

Keshav : Mom!! I know you mean none of this. But, for your information, I did look into their age, and it did indicate the woman was old enough to be his mother!! But, you never know… Haha!!

Sonam : Never know?! Why are you being unsure, now??

Keshav : Could be her son’s best friend, too… Haha!!

Sonam : What all fantasies does my son have!!

Keshav : I wish to call them soothing thoughts, Mom. Hehe…

Sonam : I just hope that you have saved the best to live out with your mother.

Keshav : If you were given a chance to be with one of my friends… Who would it be?!

Sonam : Haha!! Shut up!! That is not what I meant, you bloody fucker!!

Keshav : I know… Still!!

Sonam : What is going on here?! I guess your mind has been already re-programmed to start considering me as your partner, forever!! That is why the sudden waywardness & lack of urgency!! Haha!!

Keshav : Haha!! Then… We might as well have some kinky fun. Give me a name, Mom!! I won’t mind one bit…

Sonam : You are getting nothing!!

Keshav : I know you always wanted my friends. You need to tell me who makes you wet the most!! I won’t stop until you give me a name!!

Sonam : I think you have gone mad!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : Give me a name!!

Sonam : You won’t get it!!

Keshav : Give it!! Give me what I want!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Fine… Ron, maybe!!

Keshav : What?! Hahaha… Oh shit!! Did you seriously mean it??

Sonam : Whooaa… No way!! I thought it will make you happy.

Keshav : But, why him??

Sonam : He is the only friend of yours I know…

Keshav : That is just not true.

Sonam : It is… I remember only him…

Keshav : Haha… But, still… Ron?! Out of all people!!

Sonam : What?? Is their something about him that I should be aware of??

Keshav : Oh, No!! Nothing I can tell you, Mom!!

Sonam : Hahaha… Come on…

Keshav : Just No!!

Sonam : In that case, I will squueze the truth out of you when I milk cum out of your penis!!

Keshav : Whooaaa!!

Sonam : Hahaha!!

Keshav : I really cannot wait any longer to be used by my own mother!! I really wish you are careless enough to groan your secret lover’s name when you ride me!!

Sonam : Haha!! Why is that I feel I am witnessing a side of you I never thought existed?! Of-course, I cannot claim to be surprised. Lol!! Definitely not after what we have been doing since the last night… But, why the thought of another man??

Keshav : You don’t seem to be having a problem with your son’s twisted thinking…

Sonam : Hahaha!! I was a little bothered when you mentioned about the mother & son you met in the train. Your texts were a bit distorted. But, I am very grateful to them now. They helped me discover something very interesting about you, and us!! Haha!! However, still, what about them is actually giving you the vibes?? PDA is common, in India, whatever the consequences!!

Keshav : Exactly!! And, that is what I am also not sure about. I do not even know how they are really related. But, they were certainly the strangest couple I had come across, until then.

Sonam : You know what it is… You are just not comfortable telling me that…

Keshav : Nothing like that, Mom…

Sonam : Is it something as silly as a role-play, Keshav? I mean… You doubt they are playing Mom & Son, and you want us to try all that – Maybe have sex with me imagining it is your friend fucking me… Are you trying to tell me you are into such things?? I am just a little confused… Or, is it something like you are scared if you will hurt me – With a comparison?! You don’t have to worry telling me what you want, Keshav… Your Mom will be more than happy to be the lass you need her to be. You own me!!

Keshav : Mom… I am sorry…

Sonam : What?! Why!!

Keshav : I am very happy I have you… I don’t know what I even think about them… But, I guess it was the affection they shared, throughout the time I had my eyes on them that is haunting me!! It was just unreal, Mom – Absolututely stimulating in every sense. The way he massaged her shoulders, the way he had his hand on her hips as they got ready to get out of the train, and even the way he talked to her, the way he cared for her… They were a perfectly hot couple, yet there was also so much love. They really made me wish I had you for myself. I wished you were mine, and mine alone.

Sonam : Oh, Keshav…

Keshav : I am sorry, Mom… I really hope I did not hurt you…

Sonam : Noo… No!! I just did not realise what you were trying to convey. I was getting it all wrong. I did have the feeling, but the revelation of your fantasies made me overlook the same.

Keshav : I am sorry… I was not able to tell you what I was intending to let you know. I did not want to make you feel bad. I really enjoyed the sensual talk we have been having, and I want it everyday. I already know we are going to have a great time together. But, I want more than just that. I want to be the man who makes you cum, but I also want to be the reason for the smile on your face!!

Sonam : I know, Keshav… I love you, Babbyy!!

Keshav : I love you more, Mom… I just want to do with you everything I have been imagining Arun do to Neema.

Sonam : In that case, we should not stop with just a repeat of their acts. We should beat them… Haha!! We should set new benchmarks for other mothers and sons to follow!! I think that is what you really want too. But, try looking into the possibility of not sharing me, for real!! Lol!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Mom!!

Sonam : You are one small baby, Keshav. You are still Mummy’s little boy. Just that you have a penis too big!!

Keshav : Hahaha… Do you think Neema & Arun were on their way back from Goa?! After a special holiday?! A honeymoon, maybe?!

Sonam : What!!

Keshav : Oh, Mom… We should plan a trip, to the most romantic of places!!

Sonam : Hahaha… Definitely… I don’t think I can say no to you, anymore…

Keshav : Ohh, yesss!! I am done talking about them, but I just wish I knew their story… I would do it even better with you!!

Sonam : Maybe we know their story… Maybe her husband could never give her what she always desired for… Maybe her husband cheated on her… Maybe her son is her husband… Maybe her son is to her what you are to me!!

Keshav : What am I to you, Mom?!

Sonam : Everything!! More than what your Dad has ever been!! More than everything this world has to offer!!

Keshav : I love you so much, Mom…

Sonam : You are the best, Keshav!!

Keshav : Now, after everything we have discussed, including Dad’s disgraceful act, and the complete realisation of the attraction we have for each other, maybe this is just how Arun & Neema also started their journey.

Sonam : We may mever know their full truth, Keshav… But, what I do know is that there is nothing greater for a mother than to be satisfied in the rawest form by her own son!! I just wish you were already back inside me, and stretching my dripping holes!!

Keshav : You will regret you even wished that!! Haha!!

Sonam : Whatever you do, make sure you first make your Dad regret ditching his wife!! Fuck me so hard, let him never be able to fill me!! I just don’t want to feel his tiny puny inside me ever again!!

Keshav : I promise you it will be a rampage.

Sonam : I need you to cum inside me!! I want to walk in front of your Dad, with your cum leaking out of my pussy.

Keshav : I will, Mom…

Sonam : Inside both my holes!!

Keshav : For sure!!

Sonam : Keshav!! Why do you sound so low?? Where is the excitement??

Keshav : I am thrilled, Mom!!

Sonam : Come on… What is it, now?! You want to talk more about them – Your ideal mother-son duo?? Haha!!

Keshav : Hehe… No, I am finished… For the time being!! Haha… I am actually so glad we are sharing all these details. It feels wonderful to be able to talk to you without any barriers.

Sonam : I feel equally blessed, Keshav… I feel I have everything I can ever want… But, is there anything else you want to discuss?? I think so!!

Keshav : Mom… I know this is not something I should ask you this very moment… But, were you really upset Dad was cheating on you??

Sonam : What?! Is that even a question!! I was, Keshav!! You have no idea!! It really destroyed me.

Keshav : Yeah?? You really were hurt?!

Sonam : Yes, My Son. I did share a great bond with your Dad. And, so… I was hurt!! But, only until the day…

Keshav : Until the day?! What?? Don’t stop there…

Sonam : Haha… Only until the day I realised I had that special liking for you!!

Keshav : When did it all start, Mom?? The nation wants to know!! Haha!! I want to know!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! It was on your 18th birthday… When everybody started telling me that you have grown into a big handsome guy… It had never crossed my mind until then that my son was turning into an adult. It bothered me that you were not the child I considered you to be, but I was also greatly amused!!

Keshav : Whooaaa!! I really did not see that coming… I was starting to think I know you well…

Sonam : Hahaha!! Maybe, you do know me well… But… You know very little about the lust I have for you!!

Keshav : Haha… But… However… The timeline is confusing, Mom. Everything was fine between you and Dad, at the time of my 18th birthday.

Sonam : Haha… Yeah!!

Keshav : Then, how?!

Sonam : Just be clear that I had been waiting for the right time… And, I cannot tell you how happy I am that now is the right time… The right time I had been waiting for is finally here…

Keshav : I cannot agree more, Mom. I am equally delighted I have you.

Sonam : You better be!! Hahaha…

Keshav : But, still… I really want to know.

Sonam : I knew you were going to say that… Hehe… Okay!! So… After you turned into a man, I started having these feelings, Keshav. I wasn’t upset anymore when your Dad would stay away from home, for weeks together. I even wished he worked more. I started enjoying my time alone, thinking of you.

Keshav : Really??

Sonam : Yes, Keshav… Then slowly, even when Dileep was with me, it was you… It was a surprise the first time I saw your face flash in my head as your Dad drilled me, but after that, every time I spread my legs for him, I imagined submitting myself to you – My Own Son!!

Keshav : Ohh Fuck!!

Sonam : Once he strayed, it was only you… I knew you were the one, Keshav… I knew things would finally get to this… It still remained a dream, for long, but after Delhi, it just peaked. I knew I was going to succumb to my lust. I knew I was going to surrender to you.

Keshav : I love you, Mom!! Thank you for being so honest.

Sonam : I love you too, Keshav. I want to be yours, forever!!

Keshav : I wish the same, Mom… I know we always will be together!! And, I also want you to know that when you were spending time thinking about your fully developed son, on the night of his 18th birthday, he was also lost in similar thoughts – About his hot irresistible Mother!!

Sonam : Are you serious, Keshav?? No way!! You are saying this to make me feel less vulnerable!!

Keshav : This is the truth, Mom!! I was thinking about you, that whole night. It was only you I had in my mind, as I touched myself… I feel we are destined to do this, Mom… We are meant to be together… To crush the walls barring forbidden pleasures and all taboo!!

Sonam : What were you doing after your birthday celebration?? I want to know… The exact details!!

Keshav : Are you asking me to help you please yourself?? Haha!!

Sonam : Shut the fuck up, you bastard!! Just tell me everything about it!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! I think I just know what you are doing. I can almost guess you have at-least 3 of your fingers stuffed inside your cunt!!

Sonam : Fuck You!!

Keshav : With pleasure!! Lol!! I wish I too could stroke myself to ecstacy whenever & wherever I wished.

Sonam : You are one big pig!! Stop being a prude. Tell me the details!! Let mummy squirt!!

Keshav : Haha… Okay… So, after I heard almost everybody in attendance, for my very simple cake-cutting ceremony, tell you that you hardly look old enough to be my mom, I started thinking the same.

Sonam : And?! Tell me, fast!!

Keshav : It was just a few minutes later that my highly respected second cousin – Vimal, hehe, gifted me a Porn Video!!

Sonam : What?? Vimal?! He gifted you an adult video?? I thought he only knew to how to handle a Camera. And, I did not even remember he was there for the function.

Keshav : I was surprised to see him, but he was present. I think he drove the car Dad’s mother came in.

Sonam : Just quickly tell me the important details, my dear Son. You know your mother badly needs it.

Keshav : Haha!! So… I play it in my laptop, and see my all time favorite – Sonam Lisa Walsh, for the very first time.

Sonam : Ohh that bitch!! I hate her for being loved by my son.

Keshav : Hahaha… Well… I never knew she existed until that day. And, just minutes into the film, a young lad playing the character of her son, is told by his friends that his mom looked too young, and too hot.

Sonam : Just… Continue…

Keshav : I was however still only thinking about you… My mind was filled with images of you!! And very soon, I started seeing you in the Porn Star, featured in the video. I had already felt you were too young. Now, I had been made to think you were extremely hot too.

Sonam : Haha!! Keshav!! Damn!! Please be notified that I have already cum… I was playing with my clit since forever… Just needed a push… Hehe… Thank you, again!! But, don’t stop!! I want to know everything that followed at your side… Would be of help later!!

Keshav : Haha!! I am sure I am going to have so much fun with you!! You are such a sex starved MILF!!

Sonam : I am honored!! Lol!! But… What happened next??

Keshav : And before I knew it, I pulled my hard cock out of my pants, and within seconds I had stroked myself to an orgasm, with my thick seeds being jetted right onto the photo stuck on the wall behind the computer table – The photo that had you posing with the very same computer, you had won in the Lucky Draw.

Sonam : Oh Fuck, Keshav… I had that photo in my hands even today. Shit!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : That has a lot of my cum on it.

Sonam : I am leaking non-stop!! Again!!

Keshav : Hahaha… That night, I wanted to stop, but I would just keep on ejaculating. And by the time I was done, your face, in that photo, was drenched with my semen.

Sonam : I want to you to do it again, Keshav. But, not on my face in the photo this time. I want you to do it for real. I want you to cum on my face!! I will suck you so well, I will make you cum all over me, Keshav… Degrade me to the level of a shameless Cum-Bucket!! I am begging you… I will lick your balls clean everyday!!

Keshav : You make me so hard, Mom. I may just explode. I don’t think I even need to touch my meat.

Sonam : Hahaha… I want to see that Porn with you. I want to watch your eyes glow when you picture your Mummy as the pro. And, I will stroke your monster cock, the whole time!!

Keshav : That is easily my biggest dream, Mom… And, I will fuck you too, right there!! I will make sure you moan a hundred times louder than her!!

Sonam : I will love that!!

Keshav : I have been watching that video since my 18th birthday, Mom. I really feel it is you in there… Every time I have the urge to bang you, I control my lust watching the same. Even yesterday, at home, before I left to the Railway Station, I was keeping myself tamed by playing it. I have it in my mobile, too, now. It was the same video I watched that day you came out of your room, all of a sudden – The day you almost caught me. And… No points for guessing it was Vimal who helped me compress the file to suit my phone’s specifications. He was surprised I still watch it, when I asked him the favor, and even offered me his 10TB worth of stash. But, I still wanted only this one special video.

Sonam : I, at-least, now know why Vimal wants to get marrried so fast. Haha!! I hope he does not break Namitha into two, with his greater knowledge of sex!! Haha… And, also, there is a Correction – I did catch you that day. I just did not make you realise I caught you!!

Keshav : Hehehe… True that!!

Sonam : Take me back to your 18th birthday!! I want to know how my son turned. I am so lucky to be hearing this from you!!

Keshav : Yaaas… And, the whole night, I kept re-playing the erotic movie. I lost all track of time, and was in a sensual zone of my own, cumming countless times, until you knocked on my door, the next morning.

Sonam : That was the last time I knocked before entering your room.

Keshav : I know… I did notice the change. Just that I never realised why!! I did not bother either.

Sonam : Now you know!! And now, I also know why you had the blanket wrapped over your body, that morning, even as you sat on the chair!!

Keshav : I was fully naked, otherwise.

Sonam : I would have never guessed…

Keshav : I was stunned when you came in. I could not even act fast and turn the computer off!! I was just glad I had my headphones on.

Sonam : I did not have any idea what you were doing. I knew the Monitor was on – I could see the light flashing out, but I just did not look into the screen. All I did was kiss you on your forehead, and leave!!

Keshav : I clearly remember… I was filled with guilt for letting you down, despite the trust you had in me. But, it hardly mattered. Because after imagining you in the hardcore sex film for hours, the moment I saw you walk towards me, I was certain I was going to stop lusting for you only after I plough all of your holes.

Sonam : And, when I kissed you?!

Keshav : I had my eyes fixed onto the inviting cleavage the deep cut of your satin nighty was gifting me. I was just hoping, I could rub my face on your rack!! I wanted to pull you closer to me, and eat you!! I wanted to push you on to my bed, and fuck you right there!!

Sonam : And that would have helped you stop craving for me??

Keshav : All this time, I thought one real encounter with you will close the chapter. But now, I don’t think I ever can put an end to being hungry for you!!

Sonam : You wish you had made a move, before?!

Keshav : You have no idea how I control myself, every time I see you.

Sonam : I would not have resisted, Keshav!! You always had me!! You should have filled me that very morning!! Every day since has been spent hoping to be on the bed with you!!

Keshav : If only I knew, Mom!!

Sonam : If only I could tell you!!

Keshav : I would have never had to watch Porn again!! Haha!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! I would have been your Porn Star!!

Keshav : There were even times when I spent the whole morning laying on the bed, completley undressed, and hoping you will walk into my room. I was ready to expose myself to you. I so badly wanted my mother to see what her son was hiding.

Sonam : There were so many days I waited outside your bedroom, with the very intention of storming inside when you have very little covering you. I still remember an afternoon I had my ears fixed onto the door to room, and even heard your zipper go down. I should have just come in.

Keshav : You should have… Maybe the only reason I pulled my zip down, was to get my meat out and fap to you.

Sonam : I should have let you fap looking straight into my eyes.

Keshav : You were still the woman I came for.

Sonam : I wish I had given your young mind more alluring moments.

Keshav : You always did, Mom… Plus, Sonam Lisa helped!! Haha!!

Sonam : Maybe My Sister From Another Father is not so bad, after all!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : Lol!! Every day after my birthday, each time you told me you were going to have a bath, I would play the part in the video that showed Sonam Lisa in the shower, wet & naked… I would visualise you undressing, and there were even days I would challenge myself to guess the color of your bra & panties… Everytime you said you were going to one of our neighbour’s house, I would play the part where Sonam Lisa is fucked by not just her neighbour’s husband, but also her sons, at the same time!! I would imagine you getting screwed, as I watched!!

Sonam : What about the ocassions I told you I met one of your friends?!

Keshav : I thought you said you remember only Ron!!

Sonam : That is the truth. But, what would you have done if I said I happened to bump into a few of your mates… You must have definitely played the part in the video where your darling MILF is gang-banged by boys half her age!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Well… You will get to know what I think about my friends pounding you, very soon…

Sonam : Oh Gosh… Are you serious?? Hahaha!!

Keshav : Hahaha!!

Sonam : Your boys like me??

Keshav : Well… You can keep guessing. But, I won’t tell you that right away!! Too many requests to keep this between just you and me!!

Sonam : Haha… You are a sadist!! A big-dicked sadist!!

Keshav : Haha… For now, let me assure you that you have been my Cum Queen ever since the day I turned into a man, Mom!!

Sonam : But, you needed Porn to make you love me!!

Keshav : I have watched that Porn video infinite times… But, all of it was only for the satisfaction of picturing you in it. And deep inside my mind, a part of me strongly enjoyed believing that you have been taken for real by those men!!

Sonam : The other men theory is a bit worrying, Son!! Haha… Still… You really saw me in there?! You could really picture me in there??

Keshav : Yes, Mom. I don’t know how or what it is about her… But, I cannot help feeling you both are the same.

Sonam : Haha… So, that means I am your MILF?!

Keshav : Without doubt!!

Sonam : Say it, then!!

Keshav : I already said that.

Sonam : Keshav!! Say it the way I want you to!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Ohh, Mom!! Okay… My Mom is My MILF!!

Sonam : Oh My…

Keshav : Not that, please!!

Sonam : Haha… Well… All I can say is… Vimal is a very helpful kid, at times!!

Keshav : Haha!! Lol!! We owe him, but don’t you worry… I won’t make you suck him off!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! I thought I could… Lol!! Shouldn’t I be?! Lol!!

Keshav : Hahahaha!! It needs to be better than that, Mom… Maybe a foursome once he is married?? I have heard Namitha is a one hell of an item!! Haha!! Or, how about I let you pose naked for him?? You might just end up trumping Sonam Lisa Walsh… Hahaha!!

Sonam : Haha… Keshav… You are so much fun!! And… Listen… I am so happy you are competely opening up to me… I am delighted talking to you. Just be sure that you can tell me anything & everything!!

Keshav : Ohh yes… I feel great, Mom… I know I can tell you my dirtiest secrets!! Sharing all these details with you is actually so enticing… Sexting My Mother already feels better than all the orgasms I have had my whole life combined!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! I love you, Keshav… I want to kiss you right now!!

Keshav : Mmwwaahh!! Haha!!

Sonam : Damn!! Hahaha!! Okay…

Keshav : Lol!!

Sonam : Fine… Hehe… Now, since we have shared so much, and also already brought it up quite a few times, can we talk about everything that happened in Delhi?? Afte all, it was our time there that has clearly driven us here…

Keshav : I just don’t know where to begin… I never thought we will talk about it.

Sonam : We have to!!

Keshav : I know, Mom… I am just too… You know!!

Sonam : That is okay… No more keeping it for later…

Keshav : I know!! But…

Sonam. : It’s fine… I will start… So, the last night there…

Keshav : It was a very eventful one!!

Sonam : Haha!! It was a crazy night!!

Keshav : We were so lost…

Sonam : And tipsy!! Haha… We were so lost & tipsy at the party!!

Keshav : We even danced, together. I never imagined you will be my pair.

Sonam : It was only a few seconds that we grooved together… But…

Keshav : But, what?? Mom… Wait… Are we going to talk about everything?? Like, everything?!

Sonam : Yes!!

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! We danced together for a very very small time, but I clearly felt your hard dick press against my ass!!

Keshav : You did?!

Sonam : It was a raging hard-on!! There was no way I would have missed it, Keshav.

Keshav : I am sorry!!

Sonam : Oh, come on… Haha… Shut up!! You are a long way away from having to apologise to your mother, ever again, My Son!! Hahaha!! Just tell me what made you so stiff!! Were you checking me out?! Lol!!

Keshav : I did realise I was very erect. I clearly remember trying my best to hide the bulge, in public.

Sonam : Haha!! What aroused you is the question I need an answer for!!

Keshav : I first thought it was the drinks… But it wasn’t!! To be honest, I don’t need to tell you what!! You know the truth!! I have already told you everybody were looking at you, during the functions. And, it just went on and on and on. The reason for my manhood being so excited, was the very fact that a lot of men – Young & Old, wanted to be on the Dance Floor with my mother, and they all asked you out, as I watched!! That is what turned me on!!

Sonam : I did see that… I could see you staring at the lot, though from a good distance. There was a certain rage in your eyes… Haha!! Yes, I thought you were feeling angry & jealous at what was happening. I could never guess you were losing yourself, at your mother’s expense… Haha!!

Keshav : I was not happy, at first. Gradually, I felt my cock harden.

Sonam : As if you were not lusting for me!! You too clearly were enjoying the shape of me!!

Keshav : I guess so… Hehe…

Sonam : Hahaha!! But, you still were a very responsible son, that night, Keshav… You intervened just in time… I am glad you did that!!

Keshav : I had to, Mom. There was no way I could let some random pervert force you into pleasing him!!

Sonam : I was actually feeling so scared, and helpless. He certainly was very strong – The way he grabbed my body was a clear indication of that.

Keshav : I saw that, Mom.

Sonam : I really did not like the way he was behaving to me. He was giving me a very bad mood. He had already tried talking to me when I was getting a glass of vodka, and I just did not like his approach. He was very rude!!

Keshav : I did see you walk away, unimpressed.

Sonam : He told me his name was Athul, but his women called him DADDY. Can you believe that?! That was the first thing he told me. Such a filthy pick-up line.

Keshav : Seriously?! You should have just called me right away, Mom…

Sonam : I did not want to create a scene… And, I had no idea he was going to go that far… He was on a call, too, as he flirted with me. I thought he will go, when I ask him to. He was just boasting how badly he had destroyed the holes of some Priya, just the other day, licking his lips looking at me. I felt disgusted, Keshav. He noticed it, and hung up immediately, but the very next moment he tried clicking a selfie with me, and his hands were all over my body. I was feeling high, but I was sane enough to hate his advances.

Keshav : I could have helped you, Mom.

Sonam : I know, Keshav. You ultimately did. You saved me!!

Keshav : It was obvious things were turning bad the very second he wrapped his arms around you, from the back.

Sonam : He kept asking me for a dance, and I clearly told him I am not interested in doing anything with him. But, he just wouldn’t let me go. He was soon forcing himself onto me, pushing me onto the Dance Floor. And to my utter shock, he pulled his dick out, in public, almost immediately!! It was quite dark in there, but I was just not expecting it.

Keshav : I know!! I first thought he was handing over to you a microphone or something.

Sonam : Haha!! Lol!! Well, his pole was huge. But, let’s not go there.

Keshav : Hahaha…

Sonam : I just stood still, stunned… And, he dared to direct my hand towards his dick, with his very firm grip. He actually even made me stroke his hard meat, Keshav!! I feel so bad to tell you this…

Keshav : I can understand, Mom… But, it’s okay. Don’t worry about it. I will never bring it up, ever!!

Sonam : I know Keshav… But, I am still furious at him. He had the attitude of a criminal who would not mind defiling a pure virgin girl, to satisfy his dirty carnal wants. I told him he needs to stop!! I told him I am a married woman!! I was begging him!!

Keshav : I was seeing you starting to get uneasy.

Sonam : I knew you were around, but I did not know how to let you know what was happening. There was no way I could shout, and let everybody know I was being abused. Word will spread, and it will not sound good!! There will be a lot more said, and I may even be made the more interested participant.

Keshav : I know, Mom. I trust you!!

Sonam : I tried my best to make him leave me. I told him I am a mother. But, all he do was grin as he resumed making me play with his toy.

Keshav : What was it that he whispered?? I initially thought he was going to kiss you!!

Sonam : Me, too. I was so worried, I almost peed!!

Keshav : What did he say?!

Sonam : He said he had been fucking his own brother’s wife for months, now, and he is going to tear my holes apart, just like he treats the other mothers in his life. I really could not believe it was happening. He definitely sounded like someone who can kill a woman, by just fucking her. I was about to cry, and that is when I saw you walking towards me.

Keshav : I knew I had to intervene.

Sonam : You came like a true hero, and helped me away from him. I loved how you calmly pushed him far.

Keshav : I will never let anybody hurt you, Mom!!

Sonam : What exactly made you believe he was trouble?!

Keshav : I don’t know…

Sonam : Tell me, Keshav…

Keshav : Maybe, I know men who are like him… Men who see women only as an object of sexual desire.

Sonam : And, who are these men?!

Keshav : I meant boys!!

Sonam : You are talking about your friends, aren’t you?! Now, I know why you never brought any of them home!!

Keshav : Haha!! Maybe…

Sonam : Hopefully, Ron does not find a place in that list!! He is too sweet a kid.

Keshav : I am sorry, but yes!!

Sonam : What??

Keshav : Actually Ron is the only guy in the list!!

Sonam : What?! Shit!! Oh my…

Keshav : Hahaha…

Sonam : I cannot believe I said his name when you teased me with your question of who I would want to be with, if I was doing it with your friends… I thought he was harmless.

Keshav : Lol!! You are very bad at reading poeple, Mom. Especially when it comes to understanding what a man wants from you… Haha!! Now, suffer!!

Sonam : Okay… Fine, if you insist!! Hahaha… I know you will be there for me, Keshav. He may almost get me naked, but you will save me, again!!

Keshav : Aaha…

Sonam : You will, right?! Lol!!

Keshav : I will!! But, only if I am not too tempted into joining him to double penetrate you!!

Sonam : Fuck You!!

Keshav : Hehehehe…

Sonam : You still haven’t told me what exactly Ron did…

Keshav : Well… He has been doing a good job.

Sonam : But, with what?!

Keshav : Haha… He has been making serious inroads into a family who considered him their own…

Sonam : What?!

Keshav : A muslim family is now at his mercy!! It’s quite complicated, Mom – Blackmail, cheating and all sorts of twisted stuff.

Sonam : Ohhh… Whatever!! I don’t think I want to know. Not another hour of “difficult to put down in words” stories. Please!!

Keshav : Haha…

Sonam : Let us just stick to the two of us!!

Keshav : As you wish, Ma’am!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Keshav… I just… Thank you for protecting my modesty. Being taken against my will was the last think I wanted. That too in a place like Delhi, so far away from home – Nobody would have got us justice. You saved me!!

Keshav : I was doing what I had to do as a son!!

Sonam : I am proud of you, My Son!! You stopped him from humiliating me. And you also agreed to shake a leg with me, not letting anybody feel an akward incident happened. You were the man among men there. Thank you, Keshav!!

Keshav : Mom… It was my duty!!

Sonam : If it was your Dad who had accompanied me, I am not very sure he would have done his duty. I am pretty certain he would have either not cared at all, wasting himself drinking, or he would have just watched as the young stud completely abused me. Maybe every man on the floor would have feeded on me that night!! I am grateful it was you.

Keshav : I am so happy you hate Dad… Hahaha!!

Sonam : Haha!! He was a great lover, once. Now, he is nothing but a failed husband.

Keshav : How hot were the times you spent with him on the bed??

Sonam : Never as great as what we are going to do!!

Keshav : I can’t wait. I am glad Delhi happened to us.

Sonam : I will never forget that night, Keshav…

Keshav : We were just too drunk, Mom!!

Sonam : Haha… I know, Keshav. I almost even jumped into the swimming pool, dragging you along!! I had never been so drunk my whole life. In-fact, it was only my 3rd time. You can imagine what my state would have been… High!! However you seemed to be fine – Guess you are a regular at the pubs… With your girls!!

Keshav : Haha!! No, Mom… I very rarely drink… And, I don’t party much. It was just a fun night there in Delhi… The other functions were tiring, and I was just trying to relax.

Sonam : I was surprised you still managed to keep your emptions in check… When I first sensed your stiffness brushing against my butt, I thought you had sent that prick away only to replace his toy with yours. Haha!!

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Hahaha… Come on, Keshav. You know you liked that – Athul did!!

Keshav : Well… Can’t blame him… You sure looked super sexy that night… Irresistible. Even the newly-wed dude was stealing glaces at you. Hahaha!!

Sonam : Haha!! And, you looked equally impressive… Not just the new bride, but also her mother – my best friend, Ramya, had eyes on you.

Keshav : So, what are we looking at?? A fivesome?!

Sonam : Hahaha!! We are doing nothing with Ramya… Don’t ask me why!! Lol!! But, if you are adamant about a fivesome, we have Vimal to help. I have seen his future-wife’s mother, and she is just your type. Hehe!! The kind of things I have to tell to my son…

Keshav : Hahahahaha!! Mom, I am literally laughing out loud, inside the train… We should have started this, a long time ago… At-least before we left for Delhi.

Sonam : I know… Or… At-least that last night in Delhi!! I still have no idea how I managed to not pounce on you, in the taxi, on our way back to the hotel. I was leaking, as I sat right next to you!! Now, after knowing what you did to Ahaana inside a car, I so wish I had got myself the same treatment.

Keshav : Haha… Ohh, Mom!! When will you stop talking about my girlfriends?!

Sonam : You never told me the full account. You just keep giving me unimportant details.

Keshav : Because it is nothing interesting, Mom!!

Sonam : I do not believe that… And, even if that is case, I still want to know… I hope you did not do her inside a moving car!!

Keshav : Haha… Noo!! That is practically impossible.

Sonam : Nothing is impossible. Having sex in a moving car, is very much possible… I am definitely making you take me in a moving vehicle!!

Keshav : And who will drive?! I hope you are not intending to bounce on me, when I have the steering in my hand!!

Sonam : Lol!! I am not so cruel. We will get somebody to take care of that.

Keshav : What?! And, have sex as he watches??

Sonam : Do you mind?! Also, who told you it will be a he?!

Keshav : Aargghhh… Mom!! You were clear you want to keep us within the premises of our house, and you did not want any creeps seeing you with me!!

Sonam : I also said I am a feminist, and I decide who I fuck. That also means I decide where I fuck, and who gets to watch me fuck who I want to fuck!!

Keshav : Oh Fuck!! You are one fucked up woman, Mom!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! But, seriously, you really did not want to feel my body, once inside the car, that night?! The idea never came in your mind?? Even after you clearly had your fingers rested on either of my tits, as you stopped me from falling into the pool?! Be honest with me!!

Keshav : No, Mom.

Sonam : You sure??

Keshav : Yes…

Sonam : But, I am convinced I saw you ogle at my deep cleavage when I accidentally showed a little too much, as I got myself out of the cab. I agree I wasn’t careful enough with my low-neck, but you always had the option to look away.

Keshav : I wasn’t doing that…

Sonam : I am going to break your balls if you ever fake innocence, again!! Haha!! What else were you doing then?! Or, did you just assume that it was okay you peeped inside your mother’s dress, since everyone around were anyway feasting on her body?!

Keshav : Come on, Mom… It was just one wierd night!!

Sonam : I know, Keshav… I don’t blame you. But… To be very honest, everything we talked about until now, is not what I really wanted to open up about. I want us both to come clean on what exactly happened inside the room!!

Keshav : Nothing happened inside the room.

Sonam : Keshav… Come on… Open up!! At-least respect the topic. Haha!! Tell me, Keshav.

Keshav : Do I really have to??

Sonam : You need to, Keshav… We have to talk about it!! It is important we get over our time in Delhi… I really think it is important.

Keshav : Why??

Sonam : To get over it!! To bring this to an end!!

Keshav : What if I don’t want to?!

Sonam : What is this!! How many times do I have to repeat the same phrase?!

Keshav : What if this is a memory I want to cherish??

Sonam : Oh My Love… Haha!! I never ever will ask you to forget this trip… And, I will give you a lot more to cherish forever!! But, about Delhi, I know even you need the closure!!

Keshav : What makes you say that??

Sonam : Because… Only a mother will truly understand what her son wants!! You don’t have to be shy with me.

Keshav : Mom, please…

Sonam : Everything will be fine once you reach home… Whatever happened that night will be our new normal.

Keshav : Everything is already new!!

Sonam : So, why still bother?! Just tell me what you were feeling that night.

Keshav : Are you sure??

Sonam : Yes!!

Keshav : I don’t know what got into me, Mom… Maybe it was everything that had been happening over the last few days… Everything from travelling together to sharing the bed!! Maybe, it was what happened at the party… The realisation there are men who see in you greater hotness than I ever did!! Maybe, it was the very craving I have been having for the last few years… Maybe, it was the alcohol!! Things just went out of control.

Sonam : I can understand, Keshav… You don’t have to worry.

Keshav : I know, Mom!!

Sonam : So, yes!! Continue… We have got a head-start… Good!! Now, tell me… Tell me everything… What did you want to do to me once we were back in our room, and on the bed we shared?? We did not even change our clothes. We were so sloshed, and we just crashed. We did not care to make the bed. We did not close the curtains. All we did was switch the lights off.

Keshav : I wanted to hug you, really tight.

Sonam : I wished you had hugged me!!

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Let it out, Keshav!!

Keshav : I so badly wanted to spoon you and sleep!!

Sonam : I wished you did that. I was certain you were right beside me… For a second, I even confirmed you were going to do it. I was ready.

Keshav : I wanted to cuddle on the bed with you!!

Sonam : I wished your arms were wrapped around me.

Keshav : You were sleeping, with your back facing me. I knew I had the extremely scintillating thickness of your curves at my disposal, but I still wanted to turn your face around, and kiss you.

Sonam : I wasn’t sleeping, Keshav… But, I had my eyes closed… Yet, I could easily sense you were looking at me, checking if I had dozed off.

Keshav : I wanted to feel your body!!

Sonam : I wished you did… I wished you made a move.

Keshav : I wanted to touch your tits!!

Sonam : I felt you bring your palm upto just a few millimeters away from my rack.

Keshav : I really wanted to have my hand on your bust!!

Keshav : I hoped you will slide your fingers inside my top.

Keshav : I checked your firm butt. Though I could hardly see any of it, I traced the shape of your booty, thanks to all the images of your round plump bum I had stored in my head!!

Sonam : I did push my ass out for you.

Keshav : I came really close to you, as slyly as I could, and nearly rubbed my hard dong on your cheeks!!

Sonam : I almost felt your throbbing pole…

That is why I moaned!!

Keshav : That was all I could take… I rushed to the bathroom. I was scared if you had caught me… But, I also knew I had to unload!!

Sonam : I knew when you got out of the bed… I knew you were at the edge.

Keshav : Even as I pulled my black pants down, and got my penis out, I had kept the door open. I don’t know if it was the booze, but I was just not concerned!!

Sonam : I could see you looking at me, through the reflection on the large glass windows.

Keshav : I was masturbating looking at you, Sonam.

Sonam : I know!!

Keshav : I mean… Looking at you, Mom!!

Sonam : Call me Sonam, please!!

Keshav : The light from the toilet hardly brightened the bedroom, but was enough to help perfectly glorify the rear view of you… I stroked my cock shamelessly, letting myself be lost at the sight of your hot figure!!

Sonam : I saw your naked cock in all it’s grandeur. I felt like I had been hit on the head. I had shock waves sent across my body – It was as if I had been electrocuted. But the very next moment, I was also very proud at how big & complete my son has really grown into. All I wished was you would notice I was watching…

Keshav : I came so fast, that night!! It did not even take me a minute!!

Sonam : It was just a few seconds – I could hear you grunt & groan.

Keshav : Once I returned on to the bed, I was

overtaken by lust, almost immediately, again. I felt the urge to turn the lights on, and I did just that.

Sonam : Did you like what you saw?!

Keshav : I straightaway observed that your red bodycon dress had it’s hem raised all the way up to your thighs. The toned nature of your luscious legs was enough to make me ooze pre-cum, again!!

Sonam : Were you surprised?!

Keshav : I doubted you were awake… I feared I was being tested… I had my eyes fixed on you that whole evening, and I was sure your outifit covered a lot more than just your knees. It also hung onto your body very tightly, wrapped around your assets, and there was no chance it would lift itself. But, I also felt it was too impossible that you will do it – To show me what you had underneath!!

Sonam : I had done it for you, Keshav!! Just for you!! Infact, I had even dressed up that evening only to impress you!! At-least to get your attention!! I was giving you all the right signals.

Keshav : You looked gorgeous!! You were the best dressed!! Yet, all you really did was make me hope I could see you in your bare form!!

Sonam : I wished you would strip me off my clothes… I really wished you would!!

Keshav : I so badly wanted to… I wanted to rip everything that covered you into tiny bits. I tried to control my cravings, but only to end up smelling your ass!!

Sonam : I could feel your pleasant warm breath, against my soft duff… I wished I got more of it… I hated myself for wearing my panties that night.

Keshav : I wanted to slide my hands in between your legs, and pull your undies down!!

Sonam : I wished you would dare to!! But, I also wished that I had not worn any, and I could surprise you even more when you realise your Mummy’s panties are missing…

Keshav : This was the first ever time I saw you in a proper dress!! I would have died of shock if I got to know you had skipped your panties!!

Sonam : This was the first time I had nothing on my lower body. I have never got out of the house without my pair of leggings or underskirt.

Keshav : My mind was quick to register that!!

Sonam : Keshav!! There is more… I did not wear anything under my Saree, for the Wedding and the Reception. Of-course, I had my padded blouse & petticoat below, during either of the functions, but not my bra or panties…

Keshav : What?!

Sonam : Yes!!

Keshav : I so wish I could have guessed that!! I wish more that I was the one who made you do that!! I wish I had forced you into walking out of the room with me, sans your intimate-wear.

Sonam : Those were the very first ocassions I ever skipped my panties. I am used to padded tops, but this was new… I don’t know what made me do that… Maybe, it was because I badly needed an andrenaline rush… Maybe, it was because I had just shaved my pussy, after so long… Maybe, it was because I wanted to exhibit myself, at-least in a way only I am pleased.

Keshav : Why did you wear one that night?! Why, Mom!!

Sonam : Because everytime I am near you, I feel my clothes are non-existent. I wanted to be re-assured I am keeping myself covered, in front of my son. I had attended both the functions with you, feeling completely in the nude, despite covering my visible skin more than usual. I fully enjoyed the feeling, but I also wanted to be sure I am being decent with my son. It was a strange set of contradictions…

Keshav : But, why?! Tell me you regret that!!

Sonam : You have no idea… I spent the entire night desparately wishing my clothes would just vanish, and you saw me in my purest state!!

Keshav : You just don’t know how badly I wanted to tear your dress, especially the part around your butt, and fuck you in the ass, and leave a gaping hole!! I even forgot you were my mother!! I was so charged, had I taken you from the back, nobody who saw the ambush would believe you were fucked by a human!! You yourself would not trust it was your own son who did that to you!!

Sonam : You can forget I am your mother??

Keshav : I always wanted you to be my wife.

Sonam : I wished I was your wife!!

Keshav : But only after the room-boy quizzed you.

Sonam : No!! You don’t know!!

Keshav : Enlighten me, then… Since when did you wish you were my wife?!

Sonam : Ever since the day I saw you undressed… Ever since the day I saw your cock…

Keshav : That was in Delhi… It’s been not even a whole week.

Sonam : Wrong!!

Keshav : Then?! When did you see me naked??

Sonam : The same day you saw me naked!!

Keshav : What?! What are you saying, Mom?! I never saw you naked before you send me those photos.

Sonam : Wrong!!

Keshav : Then, tell me when it was that I saw you naked…

Sonam : I won’t…

Keshav : Please!!

Sonam : You don’t deserve to know!!

Keshav : When did you first see me naked?! I need to know, now!! Please, I am leaking, sitting in the train!!

Sonam : I was leaking, too… That last night in Delhi, on the bed with you… I was so wet… I was dripping.

Keshav : I did not know!! Really!!

Sonam : I thought you will catch my scent…

Keshav : I did!! I was already intoxicated, but the pungent smell, which had it’s origins deep inside you, was too strong to miss out on…

Sonam : But, you did not like it…

Keshav : I loved it!!

Sonam : You did nothing to show me your love.

Keshav : You have no idea how badly I wanted to taste your pussy, and drink your gummy juices…

Sonam : I don’t believe you!!

Keshav : Mom!! Please!!

Sonam : I would have gladly let you lick my cunt, and eat me for the rest of your life, Keshav… You declined the chance to savor me!!

Keshav : I just passed out, Mom… I don’t remember when I fell asleep… But the next morning, as soon as I woke up, I did something extremely dirty, to make up for the lost oppurtunity…

Sonam : You jizzed on my toothbrush, didn’t you?!

Keshav : You knew?! You had realised?! I actually even let a few drops of urine fall over it…

Sonam : The moment I caught hold of the handle, I knew you had tampered with my toothbrush. It actually stunk, but I loved it!!

Keshav : I watched in awe as you pushed the same into the interiors of your mouth. But, also doubted if you had understood what I had done, when you winked at me, as you brushed…

Sonam : I was letting you know I was liking it… Did you like it?!

Keshav : Haha!! Mom!! Well… It was as good as watching you swallow my cum…

Sonam : I did not use any toothpaste, that morning. I wanted to taste your seeds

in it’s true form!! I so easily imagined myself sucking your dick!!

Keshav : I wished I had ejaculated directly inside your mouth. Or, on your face!! At-least on your naked body.

Sonam : I so badly wanted to leave the door open, even as I stripped to wash myself!! I reluctanly closed it, still hoping you would rush inside!! I was hurt that my wait was not yet over, but it did not stop me from directing the hand shower against my starving pussy. And as it drove me to orgasm after orgasm, I craved more and more to have your cum on my wet, clean and shining body, immediately after my bath!!

Keshav : And when you were bathing, I opened your bag, wrapped all 3 of your remaining fresh inners around my cock, rubbed them against my sagging balls, came on them, and also spat on the trio!!

Sonam : I noticed that as soon as I unpacked, once home… The stains were obvious!! However… I haven’t washed them yet. In-fact, I have kept it along with my other unused pair of panties.

Keshav : Okay… But… I really wish you just told me that you were wearing one of them, right now!! Haha!! I feel let down… I had to do a lot of risky hardwork, that morning!!

Sonam : Well… That is the only instance where you too let me down…

Keshav : What?? You did not like what I did?!

Sonam : No!!

Keshav : You hate me for doing that??

Sonam : I hate you for not doing enough!!

Keshav : What more should I have done?!

Sonam : If you had opened the zipper on the other side of my bag, you would have been blessed with the used pair of panties, I had just removed… The one I had worn since the previous morning… The one that was soaked in my fluids – My Sweat, My Pee, My Cum!! But most importantly, My Lust for You!! I really wanted to be content imagining there was a possibility you had sniffed it, and maybe even licked it clean. I was disappointed when I realised you had left it untouched… I had kept it in there just for you, Keshav – Along with a note that read “Your Mother Wants Your Dick”.

Keshav : Fuckk!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Your loss!!

Keshav : I cannot believe this… I cannot accept you did that… But… How did I miss out on it?!

Sonam : Haha!! I really wish I could see my son’s calm & composed face, right now!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : If only I had checked the right side of your bag!!

Sonam : Lol!! Well… Consider yourself lucky I am giving you a second chance…

Keshav : I now wish that the trip never got over… One more day, and I would have definitely taken you!!

Sonam : You should not have hurried… You were the one who booked the flights… You wanted to rush back to college!!

Keshav : I booked the tickets well in advance… I had no idea we would be doing this!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! A train journey would have been perfect… A long train journey… One as twisted as my Arun & your Neema’s!! Lol!!

Keshav : Or even a never ending bus journey… Where we have the back seat for ourselves!! Shit!!

Sonam : Haha!! I would have even gladly walked all the way from Delhi to Home – Oh Yeah, Yes!! If you agreed to fuck me once every 5 minutes. Lol!!

Keshav : What is the guarantee?! Hehe…

Sonam : Well… I would simply be walking the entire two thousand kilometres fully naked!! Isn’t that very thought enough guarantee?! Hahaha!!

Keshav : Mom… Wait!! You still haven’t told me when you first saw me naked… Can you just please tell me when that was?!

Sonam : Nah… You were supposed to know when I saw you naked. You did not – Not my fault!! Sorry.

Keshav : Come on, Mom… I tell you everything. Don’t do this to me… I don’t think I can breathe anymore until I know the truth!! Please!!

Sonam : Hahahaha!! Yes!! But, I ain’t tellin you shit!!

Keshav : Please, Mom!! Stop being a Rock for once!!

Sonam : You know it!! You know when I saw you naked!! You are just not in a position to admit everything we have been doing!!

Keshav : What?! You are just lying, Mom!! Nothing ever really happened before Delhi!!

Sonam : How can you be so sure?? And, why should I lie now, after all this?!

Keshav : I don’t get it… You are just messing with me!! When did you ever see me naked!!

Sonam : I have told you from the very beginning that I have always been seeing you naked!!

Keshav : Okay, fine. I have no idea. You Win!!

Sonam : Okay.

Keshav : Okay!!

Sonam : Okay…

Keshav : Mom, Please!! Stop this. Just tell me!!

Sonam : Who is Diana Mariam?! I noticed you are friends with her in Facebook.

Keshav : What??

Sonam : Who is she?? Who is this Diana?!

Keshav : How does that matter?? Why don’t you first give me an answer to my question.

Sonam : Who is Diana Mariam??

Keshav : What the hell!! You don’t know her… What difference will it make?! Why can’t you just stop fooling around, and tell me when it was that you saw me naked!!

Sonam : I have seen you naked many times. I lost count, actually!!

Keshav : Why do you have to make everything so hard, Mom?!

Sonam : Keshav… Tell me who she is. I want to know!!

Keshav : Why are you so worried about her??

Sonam : I am not!!

Keshav : Then what is it?!

Sonam : I just want to know…

Keshav : Ok… Did she send you a message??

Sonam : No… Why?!

Keshav : I am just asking you…

Sonam : Why do you sound worried?! Does she know something about my son that could bother his mother??

Keshav : Stop it!! There is nothing… Why don’t you just tell me the truth!! It is as simple as that…

Sonam : Tell me who she is, and I will think about sharing the truth with you!!

Keshav : She is in my Friend List – You saw her there!! So, she is my friend.

Sonam : Your friend?! Like a friend who studied with you in school??

Keshav : Okay… My Facebook Friend.

Sonam : When did you meet her??

Keshav : What do you mean by that??

Sonam : What is so confusing here?? I asked you when did you meet her!!

Keshav : Why do you want to know all that??

Sonam : Tell me…

Keshav : I haven’t met her.

Sonam : You sure??

Keshav : What?! Of-course!!

Sonam : Why?? You did not feel like meeting her??

Keshav : We just talked Online.

Sonam : Talked?! Who talked to who first?? You don’t talk to her anymore??

Keshav : Why can’t you simply tell me when you first saw me naked?!

Sonam : I already told you, Keshav. I have been telling you that for a long time now – I have been telling you that very very early into this conversation of ours. I have always been seeing you naked.

Keshav : You are irritating me!!

Sonam : Okay… Sorry. Bye!!

Keshav : Mom!! What is this?!

Sonam : How do you know Diana Mariam??

Keshav : Fine… Have it your way… But, stop being so stubborn!! Okay… So, we met online, Mom. We never had a meeting in real – We never had a chance. And, to be very honest, I haven’t even seen her face yet. Neither has she seen mine. I mean, she has seen me in the pictures I upload… But, she has none in her profile.

Sonam : I don’t get it… Why are you stressing on the fact that she has seen your face only in pictures you upload?! How else is she supposed to see you face, if you haven’t met her in real!!

Keshav : Mom… We are just… You know… What people call Internet Friends!! Yeah?! You understand, now?? She is my chat-mate…

Sonam : Chat-mate?!

Keshav : Yeah…

Sonam : Just chat-mate… Or…

Keshav : Or?? What are you hinting at??

Sonam : Is she your sex-chat-mate?!

Keshav : Are you fucking crazy?!

Sonam : Don’t swear.

Keshav : What made you ask that question?? What are you trying to prove??

Sonam : I don’t like it when you lie.

Keshav : I am not lying.

Sonam : You cannot lie, Keshav… You cannot, if you want the truth from me. So, stop lying!!

Keshav : I don’t know what your problem is… But, I don’t want to fight with you, Mom…

Sonam : Then don’t!!

Keshav : Fine… She started texting me a year ago… More than that actually… I guess. And, we slowly started talking about our relationships, and soon about the physical intimacy we shared with our partners. It did not take a lot of time before we started telling each-other about our fantasies. We did not even realize when we had started sending sex messages.

Sonam : So, it is not just your mother you sext with!! You have a lot of women!!

Keshav : Mom… Please!! That is not how this is… I have been sexting only Diana.

Sonam : And, how often have you been sexting her??

Keshav : Okay… I don’t want to hide this from you… Very often!!

Sonam : Everyday?!

Keshav : Almost everyday…

Sonam : Even as you continued dating your girlfriends?!

Keshav : Err… Yes.

Sonam : Ahaana has any idea??

Keshav : Not really… She did ask me if I am doing something that would hurt her. But, she does not know…

Sonam : You never felt you were cheating on her??

Keshav : Mom… I don’t know how I should explain this to you… It was just too easy with Diana. I mean, she made me feel so good. We talk about a lot of things. I don’t know why, I just feel she understand me perfectly.

Sonam : Hahaha!!

Keshav : What?!

Sonam : Nothing.

Keshav : Tell me…

Sonam : You been exchanging pictures too??

Keshav : What?? No!!

Sonam : Yeah?! You sure?? I think you have already admitted to doing that, though not intentionally.

Keshav : Well… Yes…

Sonam : With your face cropped out??

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Yes OR No!!

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : You have been sending her naked pictures of yours, haven’t you?!

Keshav : Mom… Please!!

Sonam : Tell me…

Keshav : Yes!!

Sonam : Okayyyyy… So, she has seen you naked!!

Keshav : What does this have to do with you, Mom?? Why can’t you just stop harassing me like this!!

Sonam : I need you to tell me everything, Keshav. I deserve to know… Have you seen her naked?! Tell me!!

Keshav : I don’t remember, Mom…

Sonam : Stop bullshitting!!

Keshav : I have, Mom!! You cannot ask me all this…

Sonam : I can, Keshav… I can… Did you like it??

Keshav : I am not liking this!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Did you like seeing her naked?? That is what my question was!!

Keshav : I don’t remember…

Sonam : Okay… I understand… This must be difficult for you… Did you text her today?? No way you can forget that…

Keshav : No!! I did not text her today.

Sonam : What about yesterday??

Keshav : Well… Yes!! But, we hardly talked. We didn’t talk at all, actually. I had sent her a message, and she did not reply… I was texting you, Mom…

Sonam : What about the time in Delhi?? You did not miss her when you were in Delhi with me??

Keshav : Why would I miss her, Mom!! She is just a very casual something…

Sonam : I thought you said she was special!!

Keshav : I don’t know, Mom… Maybe, I did miss her.

Sonam : You were upset I was there with you, and you could not text her??

Keshav : Come on, Mom… I wasn’t upset. There was no way I could talk to her all those days, anyway. She had gone to attend a Yoga Camp, in an Ashram.

Sonam : She shared all these details with you?? I think you two are very close…

Keshav : It is nothing serious, Mom… We are just good with each-other.

Sonam : You still haven’t told me if you liked seeing her naked…

Keshav : Oh, Mom!! You are one stubborn human being… It was okay…

Sonam : Okay?!

Keshav : Yeah… Just okay!!

Sonam : Just okay?! Seeing her naked only made you feel okay??

Keshav : Yeah…

Sonam : All her pictures were just okay??

Keshav : Yes, Mom!!

Sonam : Aaahh, Diana!! You are one horny seductress!! This is the hottest thing I have seen my whole fucking life… I would die to have those tits in my hands for real… Your pussy is worth a billion dollars, Babby!! I so wish I could at-least sniff your hairy hole… I will gladly be your sissy slave if you would even let me lick your naked feet clean!! You know you never have to pay me!! You do not even need to feed me. I will survive just on your scat!!

Keshav : What??!!

Sonam : You don’t understand??

Keshav : How dare you?? What the fuck!!

Sonam : Exactly…

Keshav : You just crossed all lines of decency, Mom!!

Sonam : Oh, yeah?! I crossed a line?!

Keshav : You should just not have done that!! You were not supposed to!!

Sonam : What makes you say I am not supposed to do that??

Keshav : Stop arguing for nothing!! You should be ashamed of yourself for logging into my Facebook Account.

Sonam : I thought you said you wanted me to be your wife. Your wife has the right to check what you are doing on Social Media!!

Keshav : You just cannot access my chats like that. You betrayed me… You are such a disgrace!! I hate myself for talking to you all this while!!

Sonam : Keshav… I understand you are angry. But, don’t be so rude to me… You are hurting me. I did not do any of that!! I did not log into your account!! I did not access your chats.

Keshav : Oh, yeah?! Really?? You expect me to believe that?! How else do you know the exact messages I sent her?? You were spying on me, all this time!! You are so cheap, Mom…

Sonam : Keshav!! Stop it. You have got it all wrong!!

Keshav : You are wrong here!!

Sonam : I am not!!

Keshav : No wonder Dad left you!!

Sonam : Hahaha!!

Keshav : What??

Sonam : Hahhaha!!

Keshav : Stop laughing!! This is not funny…

Sonam : Hahahahahahahaha!!

Keshav : Fine… Laugh!! Cry!! Do whatever you want, and just get lost!! You are worth nothing!!

Sonam : Hahahahahahahahahhahahh!!

Keshav : Stop it!! Stop ridiculing me!! What you did is a crime!!

Sonam : Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

Keshav : Where did you get that text?? I checked my Account – It says it is connected only to my mobile. Is Diana in contact with you?? You better answer!! How do you know her?!

Sonam : Lol!!

Keshav : What is happening here?! I just checked my chat with her, and she hasn’t come online since last week. She did not even see the message I sent her yesterday. How long have you been in touch with her?! I need to know, Mom!!

Sonam : Loool!!

Keshav : No…

Sonam : Lol Lol!!

Keshav : The Text you sent me… You did not copy it. You typed each word… And, there is a mistake. You used the phrase ‘whole fucking life’. I had said ‘fucking whole life’. You did not just forward this message to me. Neither did Diana send you the same. All our conversations are in Private Mode – I just reconfirmed that. One cannot Copy or Screenshot. One can only save it for Offline Reads. You typed this message down, Mom… Either you have an extra-ordinary memory, and can remember each word in almost the very order Diana told you, or you have hacked into her account!! You got to tell me what you exactly you have been doing!!

Sonam : Lol o Lol!!

Keshav : What is this!!

Sonam : Lol Lol Lol!!

Keshav : Wait…

Sonam : Lool Lool Lool!!

Keshav : No way!!

Sonam : Lol o Lol o Lol!!

Keshav : No fucking way!!

Sonam : LooooooL!!

Keshav : Mom?!

Sonam : Haha!!

Keshav : No way!!

Sonam : Hahaha!

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Hahahahaha!! Lol!!

Keshav : Mom!! It was you?! You are Diana?!

Sonam : Excuse me?!

Keshav : Mom!! Enough of this hide & seek!! You are Diana Mariam?! I was talking to you?!

Sonam : Nah… I am just some no good worthless female, who was abandoned by her husband, and who is a shame for her adult son.

Keshav : I did not mean that, Mom. I was just too shocked. I feel so embarrassed… About everything in that chat… You do know this is something so unbelievable!!

Sonam : What is so unbelievable here??

Keshav : The very fact that you are Diana Mariam – That I was talking to you all this while!! Shit!! This is unreal.

Sonam : I don’t know what you are talking about… I don’t know any Diana Mariam!!

Keshav : Come on, Mom… Please!!

Sonam : Oh, Sir!! Kindly do not talk to me with respect. A low woman like me does not deserve that… I kindly request you to continue with your verbal abusing!!

Keshav : Mom… I am sorry I was rude… You do realize how shocking this whole revelation is. I just did not understand any of it!!

Sonam : I am done texting you, Keshav… Bye!!

Keshav : Mom, please!! Don’t do this to me… I am begging you to stay… Leaving you was Dad’s biggest mistake. I cannot afford to make the same. I need you, Mom!! I am sorry I said all that.

Sonam : Okay… But, still, Bye!!

Keshav : Mom… Please… Stay!! I have been thinking too much about us… This just cannot stop right now.

Sonam : Hahaha!! Idiot!! Fine… Lol!!

Keshav : So, it was really you?!

Sonam : Maybe…

Keshav : Please, Mom!!

Sonam : It was me, Keshav!! I was the one talking to you in Facebook… I am Diana Mariam!!

Keshav : I really cannot accept you actually did that…

Sonam : I have been addicted to you for so long… I had to do something, Keshav!!

Keshav : Still… How did you get the courage to?!

Sonam : It was a matter of survival, Keshav!! I wanted to be with you so badly!! It is as simple as that.

Keshav : You could have told me, Mom. I had no idea it was you. I am not upset, but I feel so bad and guilty!!

Sonam : I couldn’t tell you, Keshav… You would not have talked to Diana if you knew she was your mother.

Keshav : I would have…

Sonam : No!!

Keshav : Yes, Mom…

Sonam : Maybe, you would have… But, definitely not how openly you talked to her!! You would never have told me all those intimate details…

Keshav : Wait!! Stop!! What about the photos we exchanged?? What about the photos she sent me??

Sonam : I send them…

Keshav : I mean… Yeah, I know that!! But, where did you get those pictures??

Sonam : What do you mean by that??

Keshav : I am talking about the naked pictures we exchanged!! Well, obviously, we traded images without showing our faces… But still, how did you manage to get the photos ready, with the exact poses I asked for??

Sonam : You are so dumb, My Dear Son!!

Keshav : What?! Why can’t you answer my question for once!!

Sonam : Hahaha!!

Keshav : Are you trying to say… What?? Noooo!!

Sonam : Yess!!

Keshav : It was you?! You were sending me nudes all along??

Sonam : Finally!!

Keshav : You were the nude person in the nudes being sent to me?!

Sonam : Oh, My Keshav!! Hahahaha!! Yes Yes Yes!!

Keshav : Do you even realize I have half of my phone’s memory filled with naked pictures of yours?! Mom!!

Sonam : Why are you feeling so disgusted?? Lol!! You send me plenty, too… Ten times more than what I sent you!! I had to subscribe to Cloud Storage to keep your pictures.

Keshav : Fuck!! I had no idea it was you!! I cannot believe I never found out!!

Sonam : I thought you will catch me the very day I send you an array of pictures from your bedroom – Laying on your bed!!

Keshav : I had no idea!! You gave me no clue!!

Sonam : Maybe, you were a little too careful about admiring Diana’s body!!

Keshav : Mom… This is so unfair!!

Sonam : I did tell you I have always been seeing you naked, Keshav.

Keshav : Who would have guessed?! And you said that only hours ago. We have been doing this for so long…

Sonam : I had stripped down for you wearing the same Saree I wore the day of my wedding. The same attire that is on so many pictures framed in our house. You just got distracted!!

Keshav : I would have found out if any of it distracted me, Mom…

Sonam : Hahaha!! I take that as a compliment, Keshav!! My body too!! Haha!! But, I seriously thought you will confirm Diana & I were the same person, at- least today morning – When I sent you that picture of myself… As the real me… From the real me… But, you were least hit!!

Keshav : I could have never guessed it was Diana!! She was always very bushy!! You tricked me there, Mom…

Sonam : She was!! Until, she shaved!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : No wonder the legs looked so familiar… Yet I let myself be hooked onto the mole around your pussy, so easily!!

Sonam : Your Fault!! Again!!

Keshav : I was so used to seeing Diana with her very covered, almost fully black, crotch, I had no clue about how she would look clean & shining!! I had been feasting on her body for months now. I just did not know it was my own mother!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Yessss!! You just did not know… I am glad to know you are so smart. Diana Mariam is pleased!!

Keshav : Shut Up!! This could have turned bad, Mom. You should have warned me in some way… I feel so relieved I did not show any the pictures you send me as Diana, to my friends!!

Sonam : Whaaaat!! I thought everybody in the hostel were fapping to me – I feel dejected I have been kept locked in your mobile. Let me free, Keshav!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : I am going to make you pay for this, Mom!! You are one big bitch!!

Sonam : Hahaha…

Keshav : How did you get that name?? Diana Mariam?! That is such a fake name!! Not to forget the extremely unique image of a pink butterfly. Lol!!

Sonam : Haha!! Yeah?! You think so?? Well… That did not stop my maturing son from telling her everything about the smallest of happenings in his life. Not to forget the very elaborate daily talk about the great pure love he has for his current girlfriend’s mother!!

Keshav : Fuck you!!

Sonam : Hahaha… I think I know why you love Ahaana so much… Lol!! Hope you won’t forget your mature old mom, as you indulge with the duo…

Keshav : Shut up, Mom!!

Sonam : At-least, promise me you will never stop thinking about Diana Mariam!! You really craved for her melons, didn’t you?! Lol!!

Keshav : Mom!! Please stop this… You are humiliating me!!

Sonam : Hahaha… This is all going to sound so funny when I tell somebody about our encounter… I mean encounters!! I really can’t wait to open up!!

Keshav : Mom!! No… Please… You cannot do that… I can’t let you do that!!

Sonam : Haha… Keshav!! Stop reacting like this!! Act normal!! Why can’t you talk to me like how you talk to Diana?! Hahahaha!!

Keshav : Mom… Please do not tell about us to anybody!!

Sonam : Why??

Keshav : Just don’t!!

Sonam : Okay… I won’t!!

Keshav : Please, Mom… Don’t do it, okay?! You no why I am saying this!!

Sonam : Relax… I know, Keshav. I won’t tell about us to anybody.

Keshav : Argggghhhh… I still cannot believe you are Diana!!

Sonam : You mean D?! That is what you used to call her!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : Mom!! This is so humbling. You are so cruel…

Sonam : Hahahaha!! I love you too, Keshav…

Keshav : This is so twisted… Impossible!! Her language… I mean, the words she used… They were all so different from what you normally say. I clearly remember a minimum of two instances where you had called me on the phone, as yourself, while you texted me as Diana. How did you so easily live two separate lives?!

Sonam : Hahaha!! I am actually enjoying this praising from my son…

Keshav : I can guess how much you would have relished those conversations, in particular.

Sonam : Well… It helped me understand what my son means when he says he is tired, and sleeping – Send D Nudes, the whole night!!

Keshav : Mom… This is so unexpected!! I feel we are in a totally different zone… Somewhere we shouldn’t be…

Sonam : We never were in places we should have been, Keshav!!

Keshav : Are you really Diana?! All her views, and all that deep knowledge about everything sensual… How do you know so much about sex, Mom?!

Sonam : Why are you so amused?? It was nothing extra-ordinarily new that I told you as Diana.

Keshav : I know… But… Most of the things you said, and we talked about, were what people in my generation are into it… How do you know all of it?! I know that you know that I never asked Diana her age. But, I was thinking she would be 25, to the max. I was certain I was talking to somebody only a couple of years elder than me. How did you manage to do it so perfectly?!

Sonam : Maybe, your mother is not as old as you think she is!!

Keshav : Mom… You know what I am trying to say!! All the sexual terms in those chats… How is that you are so well versed in things related to sex?! I will never forget the naughty dirty things she said… I mean you said!! Diana Mariam talked like somebody who owned a Porn Empire!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Maybe, I do own a Porn Empire!!

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : Maybe, you do not know your mother well enough!!

Keshav : Mom… Just tell me what it is!!

Sonam : Well… Maybe, it is from everything I have been exposed to!!

Keshav : What?? You are still not telling me the reason!! And everything you tell me sound like riddles… There is something else to this… It’s just that I am not able to understand what!!

Sonam : There is nothing else!! What more is left, anyway!!

Keshav : What about all the adventures you said you had with your ex-boyfriend… Yeah, exactly!! What about it?? I mean, what about all the adventures Diana said she had with her ex-boyfriend!! They were your fantasies, Mom?!

Sonam : Reality.

Keshav : What??

Sonam : They were all from my real life!!

Keshav : You had a boyfriend?!

Sonam : I had a husband!!

Keshav : What?! Mom!! This is killing me!! Why can’t you just tell things clearly??

Sonam : Keshav… I think it is best that we skip discussing everything we chatted in Facebook… Because if I start quizzing you on the things you have told me, you will wish you were dead!!

Keshav : Shit!! Yes!! I know that!! But, still…

Sonam : Hahaha… No more ‘but’ or ‘still’!! This discussion is over here. We talked about it because you are in the train, and there is nothing else we can do, until you are home!! We are not having another word on this once you are here!! Okay?! I have too many other important things to do with My Son!!

Keshav : Mom… Haha!! But, still…

Sonam : What do you want, Keshav??

Keshav : I want to know what your reality is!! At-least the part of your reality that tells me what turned you!! Please, Mom… We won’t talk about this, after today!! Even I don’t want another episode of this!!

Sonam : Good!! Nobody wants another episode of Just Sexting!!

Keshav : Hehehe… Mom… But… Please!! Tell me!!

Sonam : Well… Everything I told you as Diana is true!! Not truly true… But, they are all true events that I told you. I just had to say it from a different perspective.

Keshav : I still don’t get it…

Sonam : All those things Diana said she did with her ex-boyfriend, were what I did with your Dad!!

Keshav : What the hell!! That is impossible!!

Sonam : Hahahaha… Ohh, Keshav…

Keshav : You are lying!! You did not like being with him!! You had a hard time with Dad…

Sonam : Yes, you are right!! But, that was only after I had the steamiest of sex with him, for years!! Your Dad has a small dick, but he has got some skills!! He knew how to do it… Your Dad and I… We had so many of those bold moments… I had too much fun with him… That is just why I cannot take the deceit.

Keshav : And, what about the times you said, I mean Diana said… You had said… Ohh… This is so… Okay… So, what about the whole scenario where Diana Mariam told Keshav Dileep that her ex-boyfriend fucked her imagining she was his mother?! That was a blatant lie, right?!

Sonam : No!! You just don’t know me… Or your Dad!!

Keshav : What!!

Sonam : Your Dad fucked me imagining I was his mother – Your Grandmother!!

Keshav : What??!!

Sonam : He used to make me dress up like his mother, and drill me relentlessly!! Once he had enough of it, he even fucked me asking me to visualize it was his father who was taking me… Your Dad wanted your Mom to think your Grandad was fucking her!! And then, there was also this day, that he pounded me telling me to picture my own dad screw me!!

Keshav : Mom!! This is all just too much for me… Please tell me you hated Dad after that!!

Sonam : Not one bit, Keshav. Haha!! I enjoyed it in ways I cannot explain. Your Dad knew what I could take… Your Dad knew what I had to be given… That is how great the understanding between us was… That is how great our relationship was!!

Keshav : So, that is why you kept telling me Incest was normal… You never had a problem with the thought of your son lusting for you, because your husband lusted for his mother, and you loved it!!

Sonam : Yes!! Right!! I would have never complained… Haha!!

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Keshav… I wanted you to be crazy about me. Hahaha!!

Keshav : You really did not mind Dad talking dirty about his own mother??

Sonam : Maybe you have not seen much of your Grandma in her prime… She still is a very beautiful woman… But, back then, she was just too hot… I was a little taken aback when your Dad first told me his fantasy, yet I could not blame him… Everything else just followed… I let him has his way, and I only found pleasure. However, after everything I had with him, and now you, what really surprises me the most is the fact that I had once told your Dad that a day might come when his son would feel the same for me… Hahaha!!

Keshav : Seriously?!

Sonam : Yes…

Keshav : I am sure he must have not liked it… Please, tell me that was the case!!

Sonam : Haha… You still want to think so?? You really don’t know your Dad, Keshav… His response to my statement blew me away – He skipped work for a whole week, banging me as if his whole life depended on it… I was taken in ways I never thought was possible… He was one sick twisted bastard… Unfortunately, he still is!!

Keshav : You miss him??

Sonam : Sometimes, Yes… But every-time I feel I am going to break down, I close my eyes, and I think about you. I imagine you standing right in front of me, stroking your thick hard naked cock. And just a few seconds later, I forget your Dad even existed!!

Keshav : I love you, Mom!! I promise I will never let you miss him!!

Sonam : I know that, Keshav… That is why I love you more… And, I want you to know none of this will change what I have for you… All these things we have just shared does not matter… I really need you, Keshav!! I want you to be sure about that!!

Keshav : I know, Mom… I know!! It is just that everything is beyond belief… I do not even know what I should call you, anymore!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Calm Down, Keshav… It is all fine…

Keshav : I am okay…

Sonam : What do you prefer?!

Keshav : What??

Sonam : Do you want to call me Diana?? Hehehe… Or, are you happy with me continuing to be your Mom?? What about Sonam?!

Keshav : What do you want me to call you?? What did Dad call you?!

Sonam : Hahaha!! I guess my son is the jealous type… Lol!!

Keshav : Shut up, Mom…

Sonam : Haha… I think it would be best if I whisper it into your ears, as you truly fuck me!! Let it remain a suspense, until then!!

Keshav : You are one sly fox, Mom!! You completely crushed me!! I never ever would have guessed you are Diana!!

Sonam : Whatever you say, the bottom-line is that you have always been sexting your mother.

Keshav : Yes!! I have always been Sexting My Mother!! And, it’s time to put an end to it!! Haha!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Oh, Yes… Pheww… Lol!! I so wish I could tell all this to Maya, at-least!!

Keshav : Mom… Please don’t tell anybody… Please!!

Sonam : Maya is safe.

Keshav : Maya Aunty will not like it, Mom…

Sonam : Haha… She is my sister, Keshav!!

Keshav : Exactly… That is why I don’t want you to tell her… She will not like it!!

Sonam : You don’t know her…

Keshav : I know her very well!!

Sonam : You just don’t know her, Keshav…

Keshav : I admit I made a mistake thinking I know my mother well… But, I am certain I know my Aunt!!

Sonam : Nope!! Lol!!

Keshav : What is that I do not know about her?!

Sonam : Well… She loves such kinky stuff…

Keshav : Mom!! We are not doing anything kinky, Mom… We are just two extremely lost souls… I wish I could say we are a mother and son in love. But, still, I really don’t want you to be sharing this secret with anybody.

Sonam : Hahaha!! Relax, Keshav… You really need to work on your anxiety problems.

Keshav : I am fine, Mom… I just want you to know we are not doing anything kinky!!

Sonam : Whatever we are… This is indeed kinky, Son… I don’t know why you are worried… I don’t know why you now feel bothered about doing things rated taboo, but let me assure you one thing… The moment you let your dick slide inside my wet pussy, it is all going to be fine… You will love it, Keshav!!

Keshav : You mean to say… You and I are perfect for each-other… And… Never believe anything else…

Sonam : Hahaha!! Exactly!! I am glad you are learning fast!!

Keshav : Hehe!! But, what is it about Maya Aunty?? Why do you think she won’t have a problem with our relationship?!

Sonam : I thought you were not liking her presence in our conversation!!

Keshav : Well… I just want to know…

Sonam : Haha… We are sisters!! So…

Keshav : What does than mean?! Wait… Did she do anything similar, Mom?! You know what I am asking… Is she and Aman already doing it?!

Sonam : Keshav!! No… Noo… No, I guess.

Keshav : What!! You guess?! Why do I feel like you are hiding something…

Sonam : I am not hiding anything, Keshav…

Keshav : Yeah?! Okay… Fine… I understand there are secrets you cannot tell me…

Sonam : Keshav… Come on… See, I am really not fully sure about Maya and Aman. I don’t think there is anything happening between them. And you know how much Aman loves his mother… I don’t have to tell you that…

Keshav : I know that… But, that does not mean he cannot do what I am doing!!

Sonam : Listen… Keshav… I don’t know… But, what I do know is that Maya has been trying to get laid with some Deepesh. She has been flirting with him since forever!!

Keshav : Haha!! Really?? I cannot imagine Maya Aunty flirting… Hahaha!! And, who is this Deepesh?!

Sonam : I have no clue… Some young hunk he is… That is all I know about him.

Keshav : Really?! I thought she hated all this!!

Sonam : Hahaha… But, this Deepesh dude has turned her!! Lol!!

Keshav : There are thousands of Deepesh around… Such a common name!!

Sonam : I know!! And, I am not expecting you to find out who he is, anyway… So… Just relax. Lol!!

Keshav : Haha… Yes!! But, still…

Sonam : Why are you so bothered!! Wait… I think she did send me his Facebook ID…

Keshav : Waiting…

Sonam : Don’t worry… I have not been talking to him… And nor has Diana!! Lol!!

Keshav : Mom!! Please…

Sonam : Hahaha!! So, yeah… He is Deepesh K Acharya… That is what his full name was. Lol!! As if it is going to make a difference. You don’t know him, Keshav!!

Keshav : Whoaaa!! Hold on… Deepesh K Acharya?! The one who owns the Car Wash in Highway Junction?! Are you talking about him??

Sonam : I don’t know, Keshav… Maya send me the link… I just can’t seem to find it…

Keshav : The Deepesh I am talking about owns a Mercedes E-Class… Do you remember the Profile Picture?! Is it one that has a guy standing next to a red colored sedan??

Sonam : Oh My… Yeah!! Yes, Keshav… Are you friends with him?! Shit!!

Keshav : Well… Mom… I am not really friends with him. But, for your kind information, he is dating Sonakshi!!

Sonam : Sonakshi?! Now, who is that?!

Keshav : Mom… Meghna Aunty’s daughter!!

Sonam : What??!! This Sonakshi is Meghna’s daughter?? The President of The Women’s Wing – That Meghna?! The one we all call ‘Social Queen’?? The Bubble Butt Bitch!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Yes, Mom… Exactly!! Deepesh is her daughter’s boyfriend!!

Sonam : Yeah?? You sure?!

Keshav : Haha… Yes… Fuck!!

Sonam : This is so messy!! I really hope nobody gets to know about Maya’s failed attempts at seducing the young stud!!

Keshav : Hahahaha… Everybody knows Deepesh & Sonakshi are a couple, Mom… Maya Aunty must have been aware of it!!

Sonam : Yeah!! No wonder Maya once said that she does not think she can have him forever, and she feels he is actually quite serious about someone from his college… That is also when she blurted she may just try her luck with Aman…

Keshav : What?!

Sonam : She said she found her son quite hot!!

Keshav : Mom!! You told me you were unaware of any mom-son stuff, when I mentioned about Neema & Arun, from the train. And now, you are saying that your own sister was into her own son!!

Sonam : Oh, Keshav… Hehehe!! It is just because I was not sure about it…

Keshav : You lied to me!! Why didn’t you tell me about Maya Aunty & Aman when I asked you?? I did specifically ask if something was happening between them!!

Sonam : Because, you are close with Aman. I am clueless if he knows about this yet. I couldn’t risk it!!

Keshav : You should have told me the truth… I do not deserve your lies!!

Sonam : As if I was being honest with you all this time!! Lol!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : Damn, Mom!! Shut up, will you?! You first made a fool out of me by faking as Diana. And now, you are going too far taunting me with it!! You are being cruel by shaming me here!!

Sonam : Lol!! Calm down you big-dicked angry young man!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : I still can’t believe I fell for your Diana trap…

Sonam : You very well did, Keshav… Convince yourself of that!! Hehe… In-fact, my Diana act was good enough to make you tell me that you so badly want to fuck your girlfriend’s mother… What was her name, by the way?! Also, does Ahaana know about your love for her mom?? Or, is it just Diana you share your intimate secrets with?!

Keshav : Stop!! Enough!!

Sonam : Hahaha!!

Keshav : What else have you not been telling me?!

Sonam : I am telling you everything!! I am just keeping the suspense intact… Haha!!

Keshav : Mom… I feel like I know nothing about you… But, what I do know is that one can never win an argument with you… And so, I quit!! I just want you to be sure of the fact that I am here for sex!! Real Pure Unadulterated Hardcore Sex!! You have given me too many hopes!! Please don’t forget that… I really wish you are not going to say that you were only joking, when I finally reach home. This has been a long journey, My Dear Mom!!

Sonam : Hahahaha!! Keshav… I am sorry, Baby!! I will never say No to sex with you. Lol!! And, if at all I do, just force yourself inside me. Haha!! I love you!!

Keshav : Hehehe… I love you too, Mom…

Sonam : See… We are perfect!! That is why I want the world to know about us!! I certainly want Maya to know!! Maybe, I just want to make her jealous. And, it would do you good too. Your cousin will certainly be impressed!! Haha!!

Keshav : Lol!! Mom… You make all this sound so easy and normal… Aman is going to have a heart attack if he gets to know about any of this!!

Sonam : Hahaha… Well… You never know…

Keshav : Hehe… Is he already aware of what his mother thinks??

Sonam : I don’t think so… Maya would have definitely updated me if she had made any progress… Hehe… She cannot keep things away from me… She has never been a very patient soul, but I think she is still just figuring how to get Aman’s attention… She did tell me she was trying to start dirty talking with him… I have no idea what she is planning, but I think she is just going to say something very provocative, and see how he reacts… That is a decent try, in my opinion!!

Keshav : What?! Dirty Talking Mother & Son?! That is a decent try?! That is making it completely obvious!!

Sonam : Hehehe… But… That is what we mothers normally do with our sons!! Lol!! We begin the tease, make them fall for the offer, and get them to believe they cannot live a day without lusting for us!! I guess you would have already understood about that!! Hahaha!! Now, don’t worry… This has been happening ever since the human race began to exist!! Okay, maybe I shouldn’t generalize it so much. But… This has definitely been the case in our family!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : Mom!! You are so evil!! Our family is so fucked up!!

Sonam : Supremely fucked up!! That is what I would actually say!!

Keshav : Haha!! Still, I love my family!!

Sonam : Lol!! Me too – I think so!! Hehe…

Keshav : Did Maya Aunty influence your thoughts, Mom?! Was she the reason you had these feelings for me??

Sonam : Hahaha… I knew you would ask me that… It definitely was a push, Keshav… Maya’s confessions made me feel I am not doing anything unusual. But, that was all it did… I was always sure you & me would would have happened!! I was always confident about us being where we are today…

Keshav : If only Maya Aunty had that conversation with you a little earlier!! Haha!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! I know!! I had that strangely pleasing discussion with Maya at a time I was fully unsure about when that someday I submit to you was coming!! The wicked want stayed tamed inside me for long, and I was starting to confirm I was going to act soon!! Maya’s words perhaps triggered the need to make a move… She may have forced me to take quick steps… That was how Diana was born… But… Regardless of all that… I was always going to make this happen… I wanted you & me to be us!! And, I think I did just that!!

Keshav : I am glad you did… I love you, Mom… You are the best!! I just can’t wait any longer to repay your kindness!!

Sonam : Lol!! You better do me good!!

Keshav : Hahaha!!

Sonam : Wait a second!! I agree I have been hiding things from you… A lot of it!! But, have you been telling me everything?!

Keshav : What?! Why do you even ask that question?? You know I have been telling you all my secrets!! And… Even if I haven’t been telling the ‘Sonam’ you my everything, I have surely been telling the ‘Diana’ you my everything!! Right?! Hahaha!!

Sonam : Lol!! Yeah… You have been telling me everything!! Just that you never really made it clear why you are so against me sharing this with Maya. We had already decided we were going to be a couple, Keshav!! Why are you worried now?!

Keshav : I know, Mom!! But, we cannot say that to somebody in the family!!

Sonam : Maya and I are very close… You know that!!

Keshav : No… No… I mean… Yeah… I know you are close with her… It’s just that you cannot share these details about me with her… Okay, Mom?!

Sonam : That is fine, Keshav… But, why?!

Keshav : I just don’t want you to discuss anything about me with her… That is all, Mom!! What else could it be!!

Sonam : Are you worried about something?? Like talking about you to Maya, may result in a few other topics being discussed?? Is it because you are worried she will tell your mother a secret you and her have been keeping for long?? A secret you have been desperately hoping she always keep… Or, to be more precise – A secret you hope she forgets!!

Keshav : Mom!!

Sonam : Why do you sound so stressed??

Keshav : I am not!! What nonsense?!

Sonam : Hahaha… Keshav… I knew about it the very next day…

Keshav : It was a mistake, Mom…

Sonam : Haha!! I know… And it’s fine!! I am glad you did not try defending yourself, making up a story your mother would never believe… So, it is okay…

Keshav : Mom… Please!! It was really a mistake…

Sonam : Shut up!! Hahaha… Just keep your mouth shut!! I know everything you told Maya!! I know what you tried doing!!

Keshav : Mom… Stop it!! Please!!

Sonam : Hahahahaha!! Lol!! Don’t you ever say please, again!! I know where exactly you have been using all your ‘pleases’. I read what you sent to your Maya Aunty!! You were not just pleading with her… You were begging her… And, for what?! What was it that you were asking her, Keshav?! I think I just forgot what exactly you wanted from her!!

Keshav : I am so sorry, Mom… Please don’t be angry at me…

Sonam : Haha!! Come on… I am not angry, Keshav!! My very first reaction when she showed me your messages was actually quite scandalous, even for my own standards!! I really wished you sent those texts to me, Keshav… I even asked her if I could reply on her behalf, and also go ahead and give you what you had been asking her for!!

Keshav : Mom!! Enough!! Please…

Sonam : This is the truth!!

Keshav : You are just too dangerous, Mom!!

Sonam : That is it?! Just dangerous?? You don’t think I am bad?? You don’t think I cannot be trusted?? You don’t think I am persuasive??

Keshav : I think I am afraid of you, Mom!!

Sonam : Hahahaha!! Relax, baby boy!! I love you, and I know you love me!! So, this is all fine… All that has happened is fine… In-fact… Everything is fine now!! And, also… You don’t have to feel bad why Maya did not encourage your advances… Just telling you this because I feel you are disappointed that Deepesh managed to do what you could not. It is only because Maya Aunty does not know how wonderful you are!! Haha!! She has no idea how big your dick is!! Lol!!

Keshav : Mom!! I am least concerned about this Deepesh episode… I don’t know, Mom… I really don’t know… What else do you know about me?! This is actually giving me the shocks!! I will not be surprised anymore if you tell me you are a shapeshifter, and Ahaana also is actually you!!

Sonam : Ohhh… How I wish I was one, Keshav!! Hahaha…

Keshav : Mom… Lol!!

Sonam : I would have thrived as Ahaana, but then I would have also gladly accepted to being even a street whore, if it guaranteed the fact that my son would lose his virginity to her… I would be every lowly women in this world, just to have you inside me every day!!

Keshav : Fuck!! Mom!!

Sonam : Hahahaha… I don’t know… Maybe, I would just turn myself into that plump ass Meghna bitch, and spread my legs for every man on this planet!!

Keshav : Lol!! I don’t know, as well… Maybe, if you were Meghna Aunty, I would have been seriously tempted to fuck her too!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Loser!! Lol!! And… Okay… So… Are you in touch with your Meghna Aunty?? And… Why do you Aunty everybody so easily?!

Keshav : Hahaha… Ohh, Mom!!

Sonam : You talk to her??

Keshav : Not at all, Mom… It has been a long time since I even saw her… I do have her number, though… Maybe I will message her sometime soon…

Sonam : I won’t mind if you don’t!!

Keshav : Hahahaha!! You are so possessive!!

Sonam : Maybe… Hehe!!

Keshav : She actually used to send me these random forward messages… But, I never replied!!

Sonam : Good that you did not!! At-least, good that you say you did not!!

Keshav : Mom!! I really did not reply…

Sonam : Don’t!! Her messages turn raunchy very quickly!!

Keshav : Yeah?! I guess I should then!!

Sonam : Whatever!!

Keshav : Haha!! Come on, Mom… It will take a lot of effort from her, to better our sexting saga… You don’t have to worry, even if I fall for it!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Oh, Yes Babbyy!!

Keshav : I have never really even talked to her, Mom… But she also used to tag me in photos she posted in Facebook – All of them contained facts connected to meals and excercise. I think she is very health conscious.

Sonam : I have been hearing she is a real slut!!

Keshav : Haha!! Yeah?!

Sonam : Yes!! Did you hear anything about her??

Keshav : I only heard that she is a gym rat!!

Sonam : Yeah… That is true… But, it is not just for the sake of good health that she spends time in the gym, and keeps herself fit!!

Keshav : Haha!! Then, what else it it for?! Mom!! Why do you sound like you really hate her?? You have been bitching about her ever since I mentioned her name!!

Sonam : Maybe, I really do hate her!! I don’t know… See, Keshav… It is just that I know for sure that she is sweating it out in the gym not to live a day more. Her only intention is to be on as many beds as possible!! That is what she is working for!!

Keshav : Yeah?? And, what about you, Mom?!

Sonam : Are you asking me if I sleep around??

Keshav : Haha!! Why would I waste time asking you that?! I already know you do!!

Sonam : Shut up!! Lol!!

Keshav : Why do you keep yourself fit?? That is what I really asked!!

Sonam : Lol!! Hahaha… What makes you think I take the effort??

Keshav : It is obvious you workout… You have a great body.

Sonam : Nahh… I just do simple exercises… That is all!!

Keshav : How do you stay so fit, Mom?!

Sonam : Are you making fun of me?? I look just okay!!

Keshav : You don’t know, Mom… You are one amazing sexy woman!! Haha…

Sonam : Lol!! I don’t want to argue, then… Hehe… And, I just do the basics, Keshav… A little bit of running, a few squats and some push-ups, as well… And, before you imagine my hunky young gym trainer drilling me, let me straightaway disappoint you by adding that I workout at home!!

Keshav : Hahaha… Ohh, Mom!!

Sonam : Hehe… I have been doing just fine in keeping myself look less bad… I actually enjoy this routine… Helps me relax, you know… I am nowhere close to being a pro like your Meghna Aunty, but my stamina has improved over the last year or so!!

Keshav : Aaha!! That is interesting…

Sonam : Hahaha… Well… You will see the result once you are here!!

Keshav : How exactly are you going to show me that?!

Sonam : You will make that out the very second I start riding your thick hard monster… I am gonna bounce on your meat so recklessly, you will cry with pain, but I will still be doing exceedingly well!! You will beg for mercy, but I will only find the greatest pleasures!! You will realize all of it, very soon…

Keshav : Hahaha… I just love the way you talk, Mom!! I cannot wait to experience my new life, as my mother’s new man!!

Sonam : Mmmwwaahh!!

Keshav : Hehehe… So, Meghna is a gym rat who sleeps around… And, Sonam is a low-profile fitness enthusiast who dash dash dash?!

Sonam : Hahahaha!! Lol!! What?! Dash Dash what??

Keshav : Fill in the blanks!!

Sonam : Haha… What do you think is the right answer??

Keshav : I don’t know… Hehe!!

Sonam : What do you think I do?? What kind of person do you think your mother is?!

Keshav : I really don’t know, Mom!! Hahaha!!

Sonam : Well… Be rest assured that you are my first, after your Dad, and there is nobody else who has truly excited me… That is all you need to know… Right, Keshav?! And, the only thing you need to do now is to make sure there will be nobody after you!!

Keshav : Hahaha… Ohh, Fuckk Yess!!

Sonam : Hehe!! Good!! And listen… I am still angry at your Dad… But… I don’t know what it is… Maybe, it is because I have been talking to you all this while, I don’t hate Dileep as much as I hated him before you & I started this conversation. So, be very good to me!! Lol!!

Keshav : Hahahahaha… Are you telling me that you are going to get back to him?!

Sonam : It is really up to you to make sure that I don’t. You really got to be at your best!! Haha!!

Keshav : Lol!! I will try to keep you less dissatisfied, Mom!! That is all I can say…

Sonam : Hahahaha!!

Keshav : Mmwwaaahhh!!

Sonam : Lol… So… What is happening in there?! Anybody worth crushing for inside the train?? Haha!! Isn’t that where my son goes hunting!!

Keshav : Come on, Mom… There is nobody in here… And… I am doing absolutely nothing, other than you know what!!

Sonam : Hahahaha!! That is so sad… Still!! There has to be at-least a dozen beautiful lasses in there… I am certain you might be having your eyes on somebody!!

Keshav : Lol!! No, Mom… I am no stalker!!

Sonam : Lol… Wrong Train!!

Keshav : Hehe…

Sonam : Ohhh… Keshav… I completely forgot!! I am so sorry I did not ask you this before… Did you eat anything?? Are you hungry?!

Keshav : No, Mom!!

Sonam : Why?! You should have got yourself a good meal!! You deserve it!! Lol!!

Keshav : Haha… Well… I am hungry… But, I don’t want to eat anything from inside the train… Definitely not now!! I don’t feel a meal is what I want… Hehehe!! I am enjoying texting you…

Sonam : Hahaha!! Good!! I mean… Great!! Maybe, I will cook something special for you, as a token of appreciation!! Something very cheesy… Something very sticky… You know!! Hehe… And, also serve it to you somewhere very special… You won’t need a spoon or fork… Your tongue would do!!

Keshav : Haha!! Would love that!! However, I politely decline!! Please do not cook anything for me. I think I already know just what I want!! I am going to eat your raw ripe body, just how you wished I had in Delhi… I will suck your tits, and lick your leaking mature pussy clean, until it dries, just how a horny housewife of your age would be craving for.

Sonam : Hahaha!! Why do I keep getting this feeling it is not just your mature mother that you really like?! My question is very fair… You did tell me that you have a thing for older women – Especially the Moms!! Wait… Lol!! Did you tell that to me, or did you tell that to Diana?!

Keshav : Mom… Please!! Stop embarrassing me!!

Sonam : Hahahaha!! Of-course, I know there are plenty of mothers you would be fapping to… Including your Ahaana chick’s mummy!! Sorry, but please be noted I will not refer to this ‘A’ Babe as your girlfriend anymore – I know you will ditch her once you have me!! Hehe…

Keshav : All these MILFy dreams are just dreams!! They hardly turn true!!

Sonam : I know!! But, is there something really serious?? Anything I should know?! Do you or did you have any other MILFs in your life??

Keshav : Why do you ask me all this, Mom?!

Sonam : How else can you so easily guess what I want?! How could you guess I would like a good licking?! Haha!! It definitely has to be experience!! Lol!! And also, since your victory over me would have given you the much needed confidence, I need to be wary about my contemporaries!! Lol!! The kind of things I have to keep asking and saying to my son!! Hahaha…

Keshav : Haha!! Oh, Mom… No!! Okay?! There is nobody!! No is the answer… I guess!!

Sonam : Haha!! You guess that is the case?! Okay… So that is an opening there… Hehe… Let us try doing this one more time… Be very honest!! This is a test to find out how quickly you will let yourself be seduced… Hehe!! I know you have walked around the train, quite a few times… I know your restless ways… So… There has to be people in there that you would have noticed… And, did you happen to see any of these mature cunts?! Any more of your Neemas?! Somebody must have given you the ‘MILFy dreams but please come true vibe’!!

Keshav : Mom!! There is no one in here!! I swear!! This train really is almost empty!!

Sonam : Ohhh… Okay… So, one more time… The final time… Or… Let’s try this another way… Let’s make it easy for you… What about your fantasies?! You got many MILFs in there!! I know you have plenty, for sure… I want to know about the women I should be careful about!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : No, Mom!! This is all so unwanted!! There is nobody who can threaten your place!!

Sonam : And, my place where?! My place on top of your dick?! Haha!!

Keshav : Mom!! Hahaha!! There really is nobody else!!

Sonam : You can tell me… You don’t have to feel shy… You do enjoy talking about your fantasies… You have told very crazy things to Diana… You don’t want me to remind you any of it, do you?!

Keshav : Ohhh!! Mom!!

Sonam : You got to tell me, Keshav!! You did say earlier that you would have talked to me even if I did not fake being Diana, and had messaged you as your own mother… This is your chance to prove how much you really meant that!! I want to know about the other MILFs!!

Keshav : Well… I always had a huge thing for Asha Aunty!!

Sonam : Which Asha Aunty?? Wait… Our Asha Aunty?!

Keshav : Hehehe… Yes, Mom… Dad’s old colleague Anil Uncle’s wife!!

Sonam : Ohh, My… Really?! I did not see that coming!! But… Why?! She is too simple and normal!!

Keshav : I don’t know why, Mom!! I always felt she oozed hotness even in the most traditional attires… I was always attracted to her…

Sonam : And?!

Keshav : And… I really wanted to fuck her… Simple!! Also, it was never the thought of ploughing her pussy that I had… I wanted to fuck her thick round ass!!

Sonam : What the hell!! Maybe, I should not have asked you that question!!

Keshav : Haha!! The very mention of her name makes me hard!! I was super stiff all this time, texting you, but still, I felt an extra throb when I said ‘Asha Aunty’!!

Sonam : I am happy that your Dad quit working with her husband… She was never an interesting person!! Plus, nobody knows where she came from, and what the couple’s backgrounds are… She may have got all her little beauty from her mother… But most probably, she did some plastic surgery and does a lot of make up to look decent every day!! Also, very well possible that she is the least pretty female right now, and the least wanted!! A lot can happen in a year!!

Keshav : Hahahahha… My Dear Mom… I love it when you act possessive!!

Sonam : I was being serious, Keshav!! I am extremely happy that your Dad took the right decision of changing jobs, at the right time!!

Keshav : Hahaha!!

Sonam : You would have easily forgotten her!! She is not worth much… I don’t know why you would like her!!

Keshav : I was heartbroken, Mom… For months!! I was seriously into her!! You have no idea…

Sonam : Lol!! Ohhh, Keshav!! You are one funny person!!

Keshav : But very soon, I changed focus!!

Sonam : What?!

Keshav : I shifted to someone I firmly believed was more reserved, yet equally enticing!! For the unknown, these elements certainly helped make the fantasies hotter!!

Sonam : What!! There is more?! Even better!! Great!!

Keshav : Hehehe… Yeah!! I was only getting started…

Sonam : I know you love me more, anyway!! You always only wanted me!!

Keshav : Maybe… But, there are a lot of other mothers in my Universe!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Lol!! Fine… I asked for this… So… Bring it on, then… Tell me all about your MILFs!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Okay… The list is not very big… Lol!! But, does have a few more people you know well…

Sonam : I never thought it was a possibility. But after knowing about your love for Asha, I am certain this is going to be difficult for me!!

Keshav : Hehehe… Maybe, your Diana act was not so good enough!! You hardly got anything from me!!

Sonam : Shut up!! Lol!! Just tell me about your MILFs!!

Keshav : Haha… So… After Asha Aunty, it very quickly was Lakshmi Aunty’s turn to receive my love!!

Sonam : Please don’t tell me you are talking about Gopal Ji’s wife here… Please!! Please!! Please!!

Keshav : I wish I could tell you it was not Gopal Uncle’s wife. But, that would need me to lie to you!!

Sonam : This is ridiculous… Gopal Ji used your Dad’s service for months… Dileep was his Chief Consultant for their Steel Project!! I used to forcefully bring Lakshmi to our place, from their rented apartment, so that she does not feel lonely & lost while her husband is fully occupied… Don’t tell me you used that opportunity to lust for her!! I really don’t want to know I gave you that chance!!

Keshav : I am sorry, Mom… But, that is what happened!!

Sonam : What nonsense!! Okay, fine… I know you and me are doing something that is extremely sinful, and nothing will beat that!! Still, more than being my best friend of that time, Lakshmi was a perfectly pure soul. Why would you sexually crave for her?! Imagining you fucking Asha in the ass was easy… However… I simply cannot picture you with a naked Lakshmi. In-fact, I cannot even think about Lakshmi exposing even a little of her skin!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Is this some new way of expressing your hate & sadness?! Has my possessive mom just lost it?! Why are you playing all concerned & goody-goody here?!

Sonam : Because, Lakshmi was too innocent!! I feel bad I let her into my son’s dirty world!!

Keshav : You are one very very strange lady, Mom!!

Sonam : I mean it, Keshav… Dileep was so close to Gopal Ji… He was such a nice person… And, Lakshmi was even better… I really liked her… She is among the very few people I always wish to be surrounded by!!

Keshav : Even I really like her, Mom… That is what I have also been saying!! Haha!!

Sonam : Shut up!! I should meet her soon… It has been long…

Keshav : Even I haven’t seen her in a long time…

Sonam : But you still fap to her!! That is what you are trying to say!! Right?!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Lol!! Not bad, Mom!!

Sonam : This is so filthy… Hehehe… I cannot accept you are telling me all this… I thought Diana had taken everything out of you… I don’t know why I have to be shocked… I know the circumstances here… But… Maybe… I was just not expecting this!!

Keshav : Hahaha!!

Sonam : How often do you fap to her??

Keshav : I last fapped to her… Hmmm… When was it?! Don’t worry… It wasn’t very long ago… Oh, yeah… It was last week!! Hehe!!

Sonam : What!!

Keshav : Hahaha!!

Sonam : What about your Asha Aunty?!

Keshav : That was… Err… Three days ago!!

Sonam : After we got back from Delhi??

Keshav : Yes!!

Sonam : At home?!

Keshav : Yes!!

Sonam : Even after we had all that in Delhi?!

Keshav : Yes!!

Sonam : What Yes?! You still masturbated thinking about Asha?! Even after everything you did in Delhi!!

Keshav : Oh, come on… What is this Sonam Darling!! I need to be showing love to the other Moms as well… It would be so unfair, otherwise!! Hahaha!!

Sonam : Great!! I did not know it was so easy for you to forget your mother!!

Keshav : Now who said I forgot about you!!

Sonam : You were fapping to Asha!!

Keshav : Yeah!! So?!

Sonam : What So?! Huh!! You wouldn’t do that if you were happy thinking about taking me!!

Keshav : Ohh, Mom… I think you have got it all wrong!! I did stroke my dick dreaming about her… But, the scene also had you in it!!

Sonam : What?!

Keshav : I imagined I was fucking Asha Aunty… I agree!! She was riding my pole, but it was only as you sat on my face, and rubbed your pussy all over, and all the cum I had just ejaculated inside your pussy gladly found its way into my own mouth, mixed with your lusty slimy fluids!!

Sonam : Fuck!! This is insane!! Your fantasies are a lot more twisted than I ever expected them to be…

Keshav : Hahaha… This is just one of my regular settings, Mom!! And, you know what?! There was one more person in there!!

Sonam : Stop it, Keshav!! I don’t want to know!!

Keshav : Hahahaha!! That is a welcome change!!

Sonam : Whatever!! I am more than satisfied listening to you share your views on Asha and Lakshmi. I am done… The only thing is… I just yet cannot understand what about them turns you on!!

Keshav : Lol!! I am not sure what exactly it is… But, they are similar in a lot of ways!!

Sonam : Like what?! How are they similar??

Keshav : Well… To start with… They are both from Kerala… Mallus!! They are both Mallu MILFs!! Hehehe…

Sonam : You have a thing for them because they are Mallus?? Just like that?!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Being a Mallu woman also means being the owner of a rare ripe sexy horny fuckable inviting dripping pussy!! That has to be respected!! Even more, when it is a MILF’s!! Lol!!

Sonam : Crap!! I hate these women from Kerala!! They always and always have been a threat to the other Indian ladies!! They take our men away!! And now, they are taking away our sons too!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Mom!! I still can’t understand you!! Are you really upset?! Lol!!

Sonam : I am!! You dumb loser!! I hope these MILFs never make another appearance!! And everybody – primarily you, even forget about their existence!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Whaaaattt!! Whyyy???? I was hoping there will be more of them… I mean… My first demand would be to have more of Asha Aunty and Lakshmi Aunty!! But, I will also greatly appreciate more Mallu MILFs!! Hahahaha!!

Sonam : Why stop with calling them just ‘Aunty’?! Call them ‘Mummy’, too!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! I never thought I will see you this jealous!!

Sonam : Will you continue to leak for all these Mallu Whores, and your other slaggy bitches, even after you do me for real?!

Keshav : Mom!! Hahaha… That is not even worthy of being a question!! Come on… Why would I?! Why should I waste my juices in the drain, when I can safely deposit them deep inside your begging love-hole!!

Sonam : You dirty bastard!! I thought I lost you!! Mmwwaahhh!! Hehe… I just hope you don’t go all the way to prove your love, and end up making me pregnant!! Lol!! I love you, Babbyy!! And… You are mine and mine and only mine!!

Keshav : Hahahah… I love you too, Mom!! And, I don’t know… Maybe, a baby bump would make you look even more irresistible!!

Sonam : Ohh Shitt!! Keshav… Wait!! Did I tell you that there is a somebody in our neighborhood who is expecting a baby?!

Keshav : No… You did not!! And, neither have I heard anything from anybody there!!

Sonam : You won’t believe who it is!!

Keshav : Who could be carrying, among our neighbors!! I have no clue, Mom!! The only girl there is Pooja, and she is yet to marry… I don’t think she has it in her to do anything pre-marital!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Keshav… It is Kavita!!

Keshav : What?!

Sonam : Yes, Kavita!!

Keshav : Whooaaa!! What!! Kavita Aunty?!

Sonam : Yeah!! But… Why do you sound so horrified?! As if she was also in your list of To-Do MILFS!!

Keshav : Lol!! I mean… Actually, Yes!!

Sonam : Whatttt??!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! She is in there!! That is the truth!!

Sonam : Wait… This is just a gut feeling!! The third woman in that fantasy of yours… Who was it?? Was it Kavita?!

Keshav : Damn!! Hahahaha!! Fucking Yes, Mom!! It was Kavita Aunty, along with you and Asha Aunty!!

Sonam : What the hell!! Your ‘Aunty’ bullshit has been pissing me off, since the morning!! But, you have just shown that there are things a lot more worse… You were having a sleazy thought about a pregnant woman!! Perfect!! That was so kind of you, Keshav!!

Keshav : Isn’t she over 40 now?! She does not look that old, but who would have thought she would be impregnated at this age!!

Sonam : Well… She is only 38!! Same age as mine!!

Keshav : Ohh… Yeah!! Still… You are serious, right?! Kavita Aunty is really pregnant?!

Sonam : Yes, Keshav!!

Keshav : Fuck!!

Sonam : I know!! But, it is their choice!!

Keshav : Yeah…

Sonam : How will you react if you get to know that I am pregnant?? Like… Right Now!!

Keshav : Haha!! Depends on who has impregnated you!!

Sonam : Lol!!

Keshav : Hehehe… Quite strange hearing this news about Kavita Aunty!! I had completely screwed her holes, in that fantasy of mine!! Hehehe…

Sonam : I could sense that!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Was that a signal, Mom?? Why else would I have been tempted to choose her as the third participant?!

Sonam : Hehehe… You don’t get such carnal signals, Fucker!! Lol!! The actuality is that Kavita is pregnant, again, 19 years after she gave birth to Karthik!!

Keshav : I don’t know if that is good or bad, Mom!! I am nobody to judge… So, it doesn’t matter… But… What is Karthik saying say about this?? Did you see him recently?!

Sonam : No… No… I haven’t!! But, I can go meet him, if you insist!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! I am not insisting!!

Sonam : Lol!! Well… Keshav… Listen… Don’t tell this to anybody… But, there is something about Karthik that is leaving everybody concerned…

Keshav : What is it, Mom??

Sonam : Karthik has been acting very weird of late… Rimi said she had seen him buy strips of sleeping pills, on consecutive days, from the medical store adjacent to her house!!

Keshav : What is so weird about that??

Sonam : See… When the shopkeeper asked him why he needed so many of those pills, he said it was for his father!! Why would Kaushik need sleeping pills!!

Keshav : Mom!! Why can’t Kaushik Uncle take sleeping pills!! There is no rule that says he cannot use them!! You people really have no idea what is happening inside their house!! That is the truth!! You guys are just assuming things are wrong!! Worst case, Kaushik Uncle is a bit stressed after the news, and maybe also feeling a little shy or even shameful about being a father again, after all these years…

Sonam : Or… They want him asleep!!

Keshav : What?? I mean… Why?! This is why I ask you to stop assuming. Who in that house would want him asleep?! This whole sleeping pill story could be some misunderstanding, Mom!! Why would Karthik buy them for his father?!

Sonam : The ladies here did an investigation, and have found out that Kavita locks herself inside her bedroom with Kaushik, all day long!!

Keshav : So?? She is in there with her husband!!

Sonam : But, Mugdha – The Maid, says each time she got in to clean the room, last week, Kaushik was sleeping almost unconscious, and Kavita lay on his side, without anything covering her!!

Keshav : What?? In front of the maid?!

Sonam : Yeah… Karthik said the room had to be cleaned, and he unlocked the door from outside. When Mugdha walked in, she saw Kavita there, on the bed, seemingly waiting for her to be seen with Kaushik… This was actually before we all heard she is pregnant… And that is not all… The maid also says Kavita keeps giving Karthik strange silly errands… Like making loud banging sounds with the plates!!

Keshav : What exactly are you suggesting is happening in there?! You first hint at the possibility of wanting Kaushik Uncle asleep, then you say Karthik is asked to make banging sounds!! Wouldn’t that wake his father?! Why get him to sleep then!! And above all, why would Karthik help his mom, if it was something unpleasant?!

Sonam : I don’t know, Keshav… Whatever you said shows the contradictions!! I think I just got the feeling that Karthik is also upto something… Why would he listen to his mother, otherwise?!

Keshav : Do they have any idea that people are noticing?!

Sonam : No… I think No!!

Keshav : Who told you she is pregnant??

Sonam : Mugdha told Rimi, and she told me.

Keshav : I don’t get it, Mom… There could be nothing about it… That is what I feel… All you ladies in the neighborhood should perhaps just quit gossiping, and do something more meaningful!!

Sonam : Like teasing each-other’s sons?!

Keshav : Haha!! No!! Lol!! What I am saying is that your biggest source here is a maid. There is now way you can trust one, especially her!! All the boys still strongly doubt that she was the one who stole the camera & mobile during Diwali… And… Rimi Aunty is a very sweet woman, but she enjoys such loose talks… Being married to an older man, from a conservative family, sometimes does that to ladies used to a more open life… They end up to love making up such rumors…

Sonam : I am gald you took time to give me that information, My Dear Son… Really appreciate the fact that you have been a keeping a close watch on The Maid & Rimi Aunty, too!! That is really very appreciatable!!

Keshav : Mom… Hahahaha… Come on… See… Listen… I know you haven’t said anything directly… But… You are trying to suggest that Kavita Aunty was having an affair, and she ended up getting inseminated, and now her son, Karthik, is helping her cover it up?! Right?!

Sonam : Noo!! I mean, that is not what I have been thinking!! Well… The women here do, and that is already a good enough scandal… But, we would have easily found out if she was having an affair… Nothing happens here without the ladies knowing… So, I am assuming it is something else.

Keshav : What else are you pointing to?? The only other possible conclusion here is that you are telling me it is Karthik, himself, who has impregnated his mother!!

Sonam : Yeah!! Exactly!! That is just what I meant!!

Keshav : What the hell!! Ohh, Mom… Don’t be so insensitive, and make yourself look stupid!! That is impossible!!

Sonam : How can you be so sure?? Why is it so impossible?!

Keshav : Because that is how it is!! He is her son!!

Sonam : Wait A Second… Have you already forgotten about you and me?!

Keshav : Ohh, Mom… Hahaha!! We are meant to be together!! This is our Destiny!!

Sonam : Lol!!

Keshav : We are special!!

Sonam : I know, Keshav!! I know… But, what if Kavita is special for Karthik?!

Keshav : Come on, Mom… In that case, we will have to presume that all sons are fucking their mothers!!

Sonam : Hahaha… And… Isn’t that how it should be?!

Keshav : Haha!! My Darling Mom… You are so wonderful… If only this world had more Sonams!! Hehehe…

Sonam : Hahahaha!! Yeah, Right!! But, I would chose to say how lovely this world would have been if there were more Karthiks here!!

Keshav : What?! Lol!!

Sonam : Nothing better than having a son who would be ready to impregnate his own mother!!

Keshav : Mom!! You do know he is a very harmless lad!! There is no chance for him to be the one responsible!! It is extremely unfair of you to confirm that!!

Sonam : Maybe… Maybe Not… But… Why don’t you in the meantime tell me whether you will be ready to impregnate me if I ask you to!!

Keshav : What the hell is wrong with you!!

Sonam : You got to give me an answer, Keshav!!

Keshav : Well… Impregnating My Mother is not on the cards, as of now!! I am happy just enjoying this new phase of my life!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Is that so?!

Keshav : Yup!! Yo!!

Sonam : And… Is that because you were told that is how it should be?! I mean… By any of your friends?!

Keshav : What??

Sonam : Keshav… Has any of your friends ever told you they were having that special feeling for their mothers?? Do you know anybody who is already living this love filled phase!! Lol!!

Keshav : Hahahahaha!! No, Mom!! How ever close boys might be, and whatever be the nasty thoughts they share about the mothers, they almost never concede that their own mothers spread their legs for them!! Lol!! Never reaches there actually… Hehe… Still… You know… Only harmless fantasies are said in the open… The acts – successful & failed, are never mentioned… Hehehe…

Sonam : Hahaha!! That is news!! And, why so?! Lol!!

Keshav : Maybe, it is not just lust that they have for their mothers!! They love them, too!! And… They may not want the world to be calling her a slut!! They may not want their revelations to be the reason for the others to be making a move on her!! Hehe… Maybe… They want their mothers to remain special!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Well… In that case… What about your friends finding mothers of their friends special?! You got to be knowing that!! This certainly will a topic very gleefully discussed, in my opinion!!

Keshav : Hahaha… Of-course, Yes!! Obviously!! Lol!!

Sonam : Like something very very real?!

Keshav : Very Very Real Cravings!! Nothing more than mostly!! Again!! Hehe…

Sonam : Whaaatt!! That is so underwhelming!! Lol!!

Keshav : Haha!!

Sonam : Well… I don’t care if any of your boys are into me or not… I am least interested, anyway… But, I am adamant I want to know if you are into any of your friends’s mothers!!

Keshav : Okay… So, there is actually this very MILFy MILF that I have something very serious for!! Actually, it’s not just me… Almost the entire male population in our college is attracted to this extremely enticing female parent!!

Sonam : Yeah?! Have you ever seen her for real??

Keshav : Just once!! It was when she had come to meet her son, in the hostel…

Sonam : What is her name??

Keshav : That is the funny part!! Nobody knows what her real name is!! And, what is even more intriguing is that we all actually call her THE ARABIAN HORSE!!

Sonam : What?! Why?!

Keshav : Because, we all think she is one perfectly bangable MILF!! Her figure deserves a lot more than the regular basic praises!!

Sonam : The fact you pricks want to bang her was already very obvious!! I was asking why the need for so much glorification!!

Keshav : Simply due to the very fact that the boys here are addicted to her, in insane ways!! You have no idea, Mom… She is celebrated like she is a Movie Actress… While some draw her portraits, in lewd postures, obviously, the others even write erotic stories featuring her!!

Sonam : Oh Shit!! Seriously?! Keshav… Have you ever talked to her?? Have you made any progress?!

Keshav : No!! I never had a real chance to meet her and introduce myself, and tell her about my love for her!! Lol!!

Sonam : Good!! Lol!! Great!! Phew!! Hahaha… Hope she is not in your Facebook Friend List!!

Keshav : Mom!! No… She is not on Facebook.

Sonam : Hehehe… What about the other boys?? Has anybody else made a move??

Keshav : No… No… Everybody are just waiting for the right opportunity!! Haha!!

Sonam : That is so sad… Boys of your age should be more proactive!! Lol!! But, not you!! Okay, Keshav?! Hehe…

Keshav : She has only made very few visits!!

Sonam : That is so so sad!!

Keshav : Lol!! But that hardly matters… It is still like she is always there… Her pictures are so often shared in the Groups… It is however a bit odd that none of us know where exactly these pictures are coming from. We haven’t found her on the Social Media, and even her name is still a mystery, but the Seniors seem to be having access to her images… It is… I don’t know what I should say… The thing is… Nobody seems to care… Everybody in the hostel still spend hours ogling at her images!!

Sonam : That includes you?!

Keshav : Mom… Haha!! Yeah… Yes!!

Sonam : Really?!

Keshav : Well… Mom… Don’t Worry… I don’t waste time on all the photos being circulated… I only check out the the edited & fake ones!! Hehe…

Sonam : Fucking Shit!! Her son knows about this?!

Keshav : I don’t know… He has to be aware of it, with so much happening!!

Sonam : It must be so hard on him!! I don’t know… Keshav… You good friends with him?? You must be having a lot of cruel fun by secretly lusting for his mother, behind his back!!

Keshav : No!! To be honest, he does not even know I exist!! I have never even talked to him!! So, he is not exactly my friend… And, she is not exactly my best friend’s hot mom!! Hehe… But… I don’t know…

Sonam : What is that you don’t know?!

Keshav : If you and I never had this conversation, then maybe I would have taken the effort to make myself his best buddy, just to make his hot mom my cum whore!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! You Dirty Bastard!! Lol!! I wish I could go on and on hearing all about your secret fantasies… It is hurting me, a bit!! Lol!! But… It sure is turning me on to hear my son lusting shamelessly for women of his mothers age!! Keeps giving me the feeling, and hope, that you are going to take out all the helpless frustration on your mother!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! Maybe, that is just what I am going to do!!

Sonam : I won’t mind!! Hahaha!!

Keshav : Hehehe… And… Mom… What about you?!

Sonam : What about me?!

Keshav : Did you feel that special something for someone… Someone younger?!

Sonam : Haha!! What!! No…

Keshav : You can tell me… You don’t have to be shy!! Lol!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! No, Keshav… Nobody!! Nobody – Until You Happened!!

Keshav : You are so sweet, Mom!!

Sonam : Hehehe…

Keshav : Then… What about… Somebody older!!

Sonam : Hahahaha.. Oh My… Keshav!!

Keshav : Tell me, Mom…

Sonam : Well…

Keshav : Aaha… So… Looks like there is something, after-all!!

Sonam : Hahaha… Actually… I don’t know what to say about it… This happened almost 10 years ago, when you were still in school, and very young… I had this very strange experience with this very strange looking man!!

Keshav : Strange experience?! Like what?! And, what is the deal with this strange looking man?!

Sonam : I mean… See… This man was strangely dressed for that period of time… He also had some kind of yellow colored raincoat in his hand, in the hot summer… He was at the door, one fine morning, asking if some person by the name Gautham lived there!! I had no idea what he was talking about!!

Keshav : And?! What did he do??

Sonam : Nothing!!

Keshav : What??

Sonam : He just stood dejected when I told him he was at the wrong place!! To which he stressed that he was at the right place… But, at the wrong time!! And… He just asked me what year it was!!

Keshav : What?!

Moan : Yeah…

Keshav : What are you trying to say with the story of this weirdo, Mom?? I don’t get it…

Sonam : Keshav… Listen… I know… I know this is just something that sounds idiotic… But, still…

Keshav : What happened next?? Tell me that…

Sonam : I just looked back at him, starting to feel a little bothered… He for sure had a very pleasing vibe around him, and he looked very calm… Yet, I felt I had enough reasons to be worried!! I was very shocked by that question of his… I did sense he was acting weird, Keshav… But, there was also a certain desperation and hopelessness in his face, that suggested he really meant it when he asked me what year that was!!

Keshav : And??

Sonam : I was worried, but then something made me completely startled!! I started to doubt if he had a weapon of some sort or maybe even a gun kept hidden in his pocket… There was a genuine bulge, and while it scared me, it also… I don’t know… I don’t know why I felt my pussy turn moist… I began getting this strange feeling… I was thinking what would happen if he was going to threaten me and force me… And it amused me that the idea was exciting me!!

Keshav : Hehehe… You said he was older, right?! How old do you think he would have been??

Sonam : He was at-least 60!! Haha!! More than twice my age, that time… But… Keshav… I would have still gladly let him in, regardless of my happy equation with your Dad!! Lol!! Hahahahaha!! I can’t believe I am admitting this!!

Keshav : Ohh, Mom… Okay… But… Wait… He was a man that old?! Yet, you doubt if he had a weapon in his pocket… And the very next second you are also dripping!!

Sonam : Well… Even though I was left stunned, I also checked with my eyes to try and find how dangerous a tool he had inside his pocket, and in the process I was carefully observing his… You know!!

Keshav : Crotch!!

Sonam : Lol!!

Keshav : And that was all what was needed?!

Sonam : That was all what was needed, when I realized it was his meat that poked out of his pants!! His cock was thick and firm like a pole, proudly standing erect!! The old man continued to look like somebody’s grandad, but all of a sudden also seemed to be a very untamable bull!!

Keshav : Hahahaha!! No wonder you leaked!! But honestly, a woman like you would have strayed even if he had a dead prick!! Lol!!

Sonam : Okay… Fine…

Keshav : Haha!! Sorry!! Hehehe… And, what happened next?! Pretty sure your bottoms came down straight away!!

Sonam : No!! Shut Up!!

Keshav : Hahaha…

Sonam : Well… He knew I had noticed his manhood, and just like I expected, and wished, he took two steps forward and stood right in front of me… He was so close, I could feel his breath on my face!!

Keshav : And?!

Sonam : I was all set to let him have his way with me, and I had already surrendered myself!! But then… Leaving me completely baffled, he told me that he only wanted to check for a package buried in the backyard!! And… He just stood there, waiting for my permission!!

Keshav : What?! What the hell!!

Sonam : Yeah!! I felt he was crazy and I shooed him away!!

Keshav : Whaat!! But… This is nuts…

Sonam : I know…

Keshav : I also meant who would skip such an opportunity… Hehe…

Sonam : Lol!! But, Keshav… He still did not leave… He was trying to explain… Like it was something very important, and he is trying this for the third time, and he cannot afford to go wrong once more…

Keshav : What is this!!

Sonam : No idea!! I still remember asking him to leave before I am compelled to call for help…

Keshav : Did he leave right away??

Sonam : Not immediately… He kept explaining some strange theory to me, and that is when I lost it, and I just shut the door!!

Keshav : Who was he?! What was he doing there?!

Sonam : He did tell me his name… But, I don’t clearly remember… And… A name will in no ways solve the puzzle…

Keshav : You are lucky he never came back… You can never tell with such people…

Sonam : I know… But… Well… The truth is… I could push him out of the house, but I could never stop thinking about him!! He kept coming back to my mind… Hehehe!!

Keshav : Fuckk!! You are so…

Sonam : Hehehe… Not straightaway!! I very well believed he was mad… All my thoughts about him initially had him as a crazy lost soul… But what changed everything was the day we moved to our new house.

Keshav : What happened??

Sonam : The old property was brought by the heir of a considerably big business family, and he had personally come to receive the keys from us, shortly after the house-warming ceremony at our new home. It was all normal… Until, he came forward and greeted me, and introduced himself, leaving me more than just merely surprised – His name was Gautham!!

Keshav : What?! Seriously?? Gautham?!

Sonam : I am serious!! Yes!! The very same name the old man had mentioned!!

Keshav : Ohh!! Mom!! This is actually so unbelievable!! Insane!! That is almost paranormal!! Or, was it some kind of time travel shit?!

Sonam : Haha… I just don’t know, Keshav… I have no clue!! Still gives me goosebumps!!

Keshav : Hahaha!! That Was Dark!! Never Saw Or Heard Anything Like That!!

Sonam : Exactly!! I know!!

Keshav : What did you do?? You must have been totally shaken!!

Sonam : Well… you won’t believe it!!

Keshav : Tell me… I want to know!!

Sonam : Haha… Okay… So… I am not sure if it was the feeling that I had behaved a little too harshly with him that day, or the very impossible nature of the events, I was filled with thoughts of the strange visitor, and I was being reminded about of the old man, continuously!! Soon, I felt so lubed up that I fingered myself in the new bedroom of our new house, on the new bed I was to share with your father, imagining it was the old man taking me!! And, I did all this while your Dad unloaded our things from the truck.

Keshav : Fuck!! Hahahaha!! I thought you were typing down how you found out the truth about him!! This is so filthy!! You are such a sex starved slag, Mom!!

Sonam : Hahaha… I cannot agree more!! Lol!! But… ywuou alkweays kjnnwew thgaayt

Keshav : What??!!

Sonam : Sorry for the typo… It gets very difficult at times for me to type… Especially when my fingers are all sticky!!

Keshav : Lol!! Fucking Bitch!! Hehe… Your pussy must be so sour!!

Sonam : I like this pain!!

Keshav : You deserve to be gang-banged!!

Sonam : I think I just pushed my entire first inside my cunt!!

Keshav : What?! Fuck!! Mom!!

Sonam : I am squirting, You Bastard!! Shit!! That felt so good!! I just don’t want to pull my hand out!!

Keshav : Who are you thinking of?! Me?? Or, your old lover?! Hehehe…

Sonam : I guess You… But, I hope it was him!! Hahaha!! It does not really matter… I can take the two of you together!!

Keshav : You are so wild!! If only I was there already!! Lol!! Hahaha… Mom… And… Is it only inside your pussy that you have your fingers stuffed?!

Sonam : I am not very sure, Son… It is very difficult to guess correctly which hole is being used, when they are all loose & gaping, and feel the same!!

Keshav : Fuck!!

Sonam : Hahaha!!

Keshav : You are such a slut, Mom!!

Sonam : Damn!! Finally!! Haha… I was waiting for you to call me a slut!! I feel like I am the Queen of the World!! Lol!! Please make me the sluttiest among the sluts!!

Keshav : Bloody Horny Slut Mom!!

Sonam : Hahahaha… Say something really really dirty, Keshav… Say something that will make me cum just reading it… Sexting My Son is the best thing that has happened in my life… Turn into the only thing I will ever want!! Right Now!!

Keshav : Mom… Will we do more of this once we really have sex?! Will we still sext each-other??

Sonam : We can, Keshav!! We will, Keshav!! We have to, Keshav!!

Keshav : Are you really sure we can continue this forever?!

Sonam : I am really enjoying it!! Isn’t that all that matters!!

Keshav : Yes… I know, Mom!! I feel the same!! But, it is not just that what I was asking??

Sonam : What else is it?!

Keshav : Do you think we can be together, forever?!

Sonam : Of-course!! Yes!! Definitely!! Unless you ditch me for Ahaana & Her Mother!!

Keshav : Fuck you!!

Sonam : Hahahaha!! The pleasure will be all mine!!

Keshav : Lol!!

Sonam : Make me your girlfriend, Keshav!! Please!! I can do you so much more good than Ahaana… And you know that!! Tell her you don’t want to continue the relationship!!

Keshav : Hahahaha… Mom!! Well… In that case… Maybe once we actually do it, we can have some very hot phone sex, every time I need to be away from home… That is what I did with Ahaana… And, that is what I intended to with my other girlfriends, as well, if I was going to have more… Hehehe… Once I have sex with them, I am done sexting them… It is only phone sex, thereafter!!

Sonam : My dear Son!! Haha!! Oh Yes!! Hahaha!! That would be great… In-fact… Why didn’t I think about it earlier?! Lol!! Typing all this with one hand of mine fully concentrating on my pussy is indeed a difficult & messy process!!

Keshav : Haha!!

Sonam : So… You are going to break up with her… Right?! For real!! It is going to be only me… Right?!

Keshav : I am seriously thinking about it!!

Sonam : Hahaha… Then… Maybe, we too should quit Sexting, and really do Phone Sex!!

Keshav : Hehehe… Always ready…

Sonam : How about I give you a call, right now?! Why don’t we start right away?! I think we should!!

Keshav : Yes… Yes… We should!! That is just what we should be doing… But…

Sonam : What?! Keshav… Make me your girlfriend, already!! I don’t mind if you consider you have been fucking me for ages, if it is a must that you have to do me before you & I engage in phone sex!! I will let you make up for all the lost time!! I promise you that!! Please… Just let me call you!! I want to hear you tell me the nastiest things!! Now!!

Keshav : Hahaha… Mom!! Still…

Sonam : What??!!

Keshav : We will do that, Mom… But, first… Before Phone Sex With My Mother, it will be Fucking My Mother!!

Sonam : Haha!! What?! Why are you talking like you are reading out titles of sleazy erotic stories??

Keshav : Hahaha… I was just Opening Up To My Mother!!

Sonam : Lol!! But… Why is that I feel you are losing interest in this conversation?? Are you busy with something… Or, someone!!

Keshav : Hahaha…

Sonam : Hhmmm…

Keshav : What??

Sonam : Nothing…

Keshav : Tell me, Mom…

Sonam : It is… Keshav… Ohh… Wait… Give me a second…

Keshav : What happened?? Are you upset??

Sonam : No!! Why??

Keshav : You know why…

Sonam : No… It is just that somebody is outside… I just heard the bell ring…

Keshav : Yeah?! Who is it??

Sonam : I don’t know!! Let me just put on something, and go check. I am not wearing much… Hehe…

Keshav : I thought you were all dressed up, and ready to welcome me home!!

Sonam : Who said I am not ready?! I am ready… For my son!!

Keshav : Oh, Mom!!

Sonam : Hahaha!! Let me just cover myself, okay?! My special attire is only for you!! Lol!!

Keshav : Mom…

Sonam : What??

Keshav : Don’t bother!!

Sonam : What?!

Keshav : Open the door, without putting on anything more!!

Sonam : Haha!! Are you crazy?!

Keshav : Just open the door, Mom… It is me… I am home!!

Exactly 24 hours later, Keshav was back to the very same spot where he began his journey – Finishing it right there, and starting another…


Thank You for your love & support…Enjoy…

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