My friend’s sexy wife

My friend’s sexy wife, one Saturday morning we noticed that we were getting a new neighbor (me) a couple of doors from us in the apartment complex we lived in. it appeared he was moving all of his stuff by himself so I went over to ask if he needed some help. he said he would really appreciate it, so I helped him get the rest of his belongings into his apartment. my wife came over just as we about to finish and I introduced them. she asked him if he would like to have lunch with us and he accepted. during lunch we found out that his wife had just left him and that he had moved to our town to get away from the memories. we invited him over at least 2 to 3 times a week to eat with us and he usually stayed around for a while to talk and watch TV.

One day we went to a minor league baseball game. after a couple of beers we both had to go to the bathroom and when we got there it was one of those with the long trough-like urinal with no privacy. I was shocked when he pulled his penis out of his pants. it must have been at least 10 or so inches long and he certainly wasn’t excited because it hung limply. it just so happened that very night my wife asked me if he had ever told me why his left him. I told her he had not but I could assure her it wasn’t because his penis wasn’t big enough. she asked why I said that so I told her about the bathroom visit. she didn’t say much at the time but that night in bed she asked me if I was serious about how big he was. I assured her it was not a joke. she said she still didn’t believe it could be that big. I asked her if she wanted me to ask him to show it to her and she said no. so I suggested that sometime when he was over at our place that she wear some revealing clothes and see if he got an erection, then she could tell through his pants that he was huge. so sure enough, we invited him over for dinner on Friday night. after dinner we went to the den to watch TV and my wife excused herself, went upstairs and came back with a very skimpy teddy on and sat down by me on the couch. after a few minutes she laid down on the couch with her head in my lap which meant her feet were toward him and he had a very good view of her crotch.

Her teddy had gotten pulled up into her so she was giving him a good view. sure enough, it was becoming obvious that he was getting aroused and soon his erection could be seen bulging in his pants. It looked to reach half way to his knees. She sort of jokingly said to him that he must like what he was seeing and said he sure did. She said “I can’t believe that your penis is that large”. so I said “why don’t you just reach over there and feel it through his pants and maybe that will convince you”. So she did very gently rub up and down the length of it a couple of times and said “ok, maybe it is that big.” then everyone was kind of quiet for a couple of minutes and she said “I have never seen one anywhere near that big. would it embarrass you to let me see it with my own eyes?” he said no and asked if I minded if he took it out. I said I didn’t mind so he undid his pants and dropped them along with his underwear. He was huge and I was surprised that besides being over a foot long it was also very large in girth. My wife couldn’t resist, she reached out and took it in her hands. She moved it around in a couple of directions just looking at it from end to end’s decided it was time to add to the fun so I issued her a challenge. I bet her she could not get her lips around it. She laughed and said she would sure give it a try. Actually she didn’t have that much trouble getting it in her mouth. Of course she couldn’t take the whole length down her throat but she gave him a good sucking and licking for several minutes. so now I said, ok you can do that, but I bet you can’t take it in your pussy. She asked me if I really wanted her to try and I said yes. So off we went to the bedroom. She said she wanted to be on top so she could be more in control of the action so he laid back on his back and she went to work on him with her mouth again and got his juices flowing good. Then she turned around and put her pussy in his face so he could lick her and get her really wet. after a couple of minutes she moved back straddle of his groin and started rubbing his penis all around her pussy and gradually started slipping it i.e. thought for a minute that she really wasn’t going being able to take him inside her but she kept moving slowly and finally got the head in. man was that a big old smile when she got it in her. I could tell she was having a good time now. she gradually worked it deeper and deeper and got all but 2 inches of it in. then she started really fucking him. she moaned and sighed and made all sorts of noises and in about 10-12 minutes or so they both had an orgasm. she stayed on top of him for several more minutes until he got totally limp. when she rolled over off of him a huge load of semen started running out of her. needless to say, by this time I was so horny I could hardly stand it so she called me over to the bed and gave me a blowjob.

She went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up a bit, came back to the bedroom and said she wanted to do that again. So she sucked on him until he was hard again and this time she mounted him facing his feet. This gave me and the neighbor a really good view of her pussy sliding down over his penis. I don’t think I ever enjoyed seeing anything as much as I did seeing her pussy stretched out around that monster. It was a beauty to behold. she wound up fucking him 3 times that night. He left just before daylight to go his apartment. We slept till about noon and when we woke up she asked me if I had any regrets about last night’s told her no, and asked how she felt about it. she said she didn’t regret it either and then thanked me over and over again for letting her have the best night she had ever had. I assured her it had been wonderful for me also. we agreed it would be great to it again so it became a regular Friday night thing and occasionally we would do it an extra night during the week. after about 6 months the neighbor got transferred by his company to another country because of his job. He (I) was in navy. I figure in the 6 months time we were probably together about 30 nights. she usually fucked him at least 3 times each night so I figured she enjoyed that huge penis at least 100 times. it still brings a big smile to her face when I mention those times. and I still have visions of that huge thing in her sweet pussy.he was the first man we had shared our bedroom with but not the last.

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