Best friend steals his cheating wife

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My wife, Alana, and I were at an upscale restaurant when I noticed my best friend in the world approaching our table. I quickly whispered to my wife.

“Terrance Landis is coming this way. You remember that I told you how he’s been my best friend since second grade? That’s true, but be very careful around him. He’s a huge pussy hound.”

“Luckily, my pussy is far from huge, so I should be safe,” Alana replied softly. “Isn’t he the friend who happens to be very wealthy?”

I nodded to my wife as I stood to shake Terrance’s hand. He would have none of it. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hearty bear hug. It was a bit embarrassing in such a public setting.

“Tim! It’s damn good to see you again. It’s been far too long since we’ve spent some time together,” Terrance stated as he slowly looked Alana over from head to tits, with his gaze lingering on her impressive breasts.

“Can I assume this is your lovely wife, Alana? I was in Singapore when you married her, but I did send a gift. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.”

“You’re the friend who sent Tim that new pickup truck, aren’t you?” Alana gushed as she stood and held her arms out for a hug.

“Alana, this is my best friend, Terrance,” I managed as he gently but firmly pushed me to the side so that he could gather Alana into his arms. “Terrance, meet my wife, Alana. I’ve told her a lot about you.”

“You never mentioned he was so tall and good looking,” Alana quickly pointed out as she hugged Terrance longer than I felt was appropriate for a married woman. “What brings you to Daytona, Terrance?”

“I just purchased a condo over at The Dunes, and I’m having it remodeled. I’m renting a room at a local hotel and just stopped in for a lonely dinner.”

“You bought a condo at The Dunes and you’re remodeling it? They’re practically brand new. I can’t imagine you’d need to change very much,” Alana responded. “I heard the smaller units begin at over a million dollars.”

“That’s true,” Terrance agreed. “However, they have small bedrooms. They feel cramped to me. Luckily, a penthouse was available, so I purchased it. I’m having it painted and I’m replacing the furniture.

It was obvious to me that Terrance was doing his best to impress Alana. He had always had the knack of determining what a woman was interested in and heading right to her happy place. Alana was a material girl to the extreme. I had a healthy income and more than a few bucks saved, but Alana seemed determined to spend us into the poorhouse.

We were celebrating our third anniversary, yet she seemed content to ignore me in favor of Terrance. It was so obvious some of the other diners were looking my way with apparent sympathy.

“It appears the waiter is bringing out our meal, Alana. We should retake our seats and eat while it’s still hot,” I reasoned, thinking we’d be able to concentrate on each other once again.

Alana didn’t dispute anything I said, but she upped the stakes as she merely glanced at our steaks. “Terrance, you have to join us! Tim is always talking so fondly of you and I’d like to get to know you better. My husband’s best friend is my friend as well.”

“I hate to intrude on a romantic dinner,” began Terrance as I nodded in understanding.

“Nonsense,” Alana broke in immediately. “Waiter, Terrance will be joining us for dinner. Could you bring a table setting for him? Thanks so much.”

The waiter turned on his heel and began his quest. In less than a minute, Terrance was seated at our table and monopolizing the conversation. I managed to win a game of solitaire on my phone as he and Alana discussed everything and anything. I was pretty much ignoring the entire conversation until I head Alana use my name, as in addressing me.

“Tim, we have two spare rooms. Why don’t we have Terrance stay with us? You two guys could continue to catch up. Terrance would have the chance to enjoy some home cooking. His condo will be finished in a week or so. It wouldn’t be any imposition at all.”

I was stunned at Alana’s statement. She thought Terrance would enjoy her cooking? I had no doubt she’d be ordering some very expensive takeout meals from some very good restaurants, then placing it on her best china. Knowing Terrance as I did, I was reasonably certain that he would be eating at the Y by week’s end. I had explained to her what a pussy hound he was, and I had to admit it. Her pussy would please any connoisseur of fine dining.

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