Gokuldham Society : Ch 2 ( Dayabhabi )


Sex stories continue from Gokuldham Society : Madhabi

Characters :
A ) Gada family :-
1. Jethalal, owner of Gada Electronics
2. Daya, Jethalal's wife
3. Tappu, their son
4. Champaklal, Jethalal's father
5. Padmabati, Daya's mother
6. Nattu Kaka, their servant cum asst. of Gada Electronics
7. Bagha, Nattu Kaka's nephew, also an asst. of Jethalal
8. Sundar, Daya's brother, unemployed
9. Bawri, Bagha's wife

B ) Bhide family :-
1. Atmaram Tukaram Bhide, teacher of Gokuldham Society
2. Madhabi, his wife
3. Sonu, their daughter


C ) Sodhi family :-
1. Roshan Singh Sodhi, owner of a car garage
2. Roshan, his wife
3. Gogi, their son

D) Hathi family :-
1. Dr. Hathi, doctor, suffered from obesity
2. Komal, his wife
3. Goli, their son

D ) Iyar family :-
1. Krishnan Iyar, Scientist
2. Babita, his wife

E ) Mehta family :-
1. Tarak Mehta, writer
2. Anjali, his wife

F ) Others:-
1. Popotlal, reporter
2. Rita, reporter, lover of Popotlal
3. Chalu Pandey, SI
4. etc.

*( 20 yrs ago )*

Jethalal's wife Dayaben Gada, at 19, is the hottest woman in the Gokuldham Society ! She's 5'5", with long soft jet black hair, a hot sexy ass, and an always-wet shaved pussy. And she's got the sweetest soft mouth that loves to suck cock. While Daya has always had an above average sexual appetite, she has recently been on some medicine, which is a fertility drug normally used to regulate a woman's cycle.

But one of it's side effects or added benefits, depending on ones perspective, is that if brandi ( doctor prescribed to take it with the medicine ) is consumed when on the drug a woman's need for a man increases at least one hundred fold... Daya was on the drug for several weeks and continued to drink the brandi with dinner every night and they were both enjoying the "Side Effects" she was experiencing.

With her substantially increased sexual appetite Daya was always rubbing herself against her husband and soon she was doing it to several of Jethalal's friends like Tarak, Bhide and Sodhi. During their lovemaking Jethalal had noticed that her vulva has also enlarged greatly -- becoming pouty, the surrounding protective lips almost doubling in size when aroused.

In addition, he had heard of sexual pheromones but with Daya in a constant state of arousal, she oozed sexual receptivity, and her husband could actually smell her arousal, as he is sure his friends could as well... While enjoying an intense fucking session one-day with Daya on top, with her husband's dick buried deep inside of her pussy, as she deep-fingered her asshole at the same time, he mentioned their shop-assistant cum servant Nattu Kaka, and how well they all got along.

Her husband asked if she thought he was sexy-looking. Daya looked at her husband with hooded eyes and slid two fingers all the way up her into her asshole, rose up, and came crashing down on his dick, her cunt squeezing it to oblivion, forcing his cum to shoot deep into her womb.

Daya moaned... and came hard at the same time as her husband. That was the answer to the question; just talking about another man, combined with the fertility drugs in her system, gave Daya hot, sexy, nasty fantasies, that brought on her a joyous cum! --- Over the next several weeks Nattu Kaka visited often.

That night Daya dreamed the Goddess Santoshi Maa in which the great Goddess blessed her that she would be a mother of a beautiful son by Nattu Kaka. Daya felt depressed for not becoming a mother by her own husband but at the same time she became aroused by the idea that she would become a mother only by their servant. Daya's devotion to the Goddess increased as doctors gave up the hope of her motherhood. She told her husband about her dawn's dream in which Jethalal became very much pleased because the late night's dream couldn't be wrong. At last he would be a father by Santoshi Maa's blessings, although it would be by their lower-caste servant.

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After that Daya always seemed to be getting out of the hot tub or walking by a bedroom window giving Nattu Kaka a glimpse. Several times Nattu Kaka stayed for a few brews and Daya, after having a few herself, would get a chance to accidentally rub herself up against him.

After Nattu Kaka would leave, Daya's husband would be treated to what could best be described as sexual rapture. Daya would make love to her husband's penis, sucking and licking its length, looking directly into his eyes with that hooded expression on her lovely face as she worked the head with her lips and its length with her lightly oiled hand. When her husband was about to explore she would stuff it in her pussy, or sometimes make him spray her tit's. It was always followed by him licking her swollen clit or working her favorite dildo into her hot snatch until an orgasm rocked her beautiful body.6

Finally one cold winter night while entertaining her husband's friends with the help of their servant Nattu Kaka, Daya whispered in his ear that she didn't want Nattu Kaka to go home that night. Her husband handed Daya another beer and suggested she change into something more attractive like a new bride. Then after his friends had left started, Jethalal entered into their bedroom which was already decorated with different scented flowers, insane sticks, soft but exciting music and dim light and suggested to Nattu Kaka that given the late hour, why didn't he just stay the night.

However he had no idea what his Setji and Sethaniji had in mind for him! Jethalal got Nattu Kaka another beer and turned on the TV. So he sat on the couch, while Jethalal relaxed in the easy chair. They carried on small talk while watching some late night smut on the pay channel. Jethalal then gave Nattu a brand new Mangalsutra which he recently bought for him, when Daya entered into the bedroom with a red benarasi saree, golden ornaments in hands, legs, neck, waist.

Just like a newly wed bride Daya offered Nattu Kaka a glass of milk. Taking the glass Nattu Kaka first drank half of the milk and returned to his Sethaniji who finished the remaining milk. All the time Nattu kaka's eyes locked on his Sethaniji, while her eyes were locked on the Mangalsutra in his hand... Without warning Daya straddled Nattu Kaka, pressing herself against his groin, and looked right in his eyes as she anxiously waited for the Mangalsutra to be tied by him.

Nattu Kaka became surprised by his Sethaniji's behaviour and looked at his Sethji, then back at her. Daya's thin blouse covered nipples were inches way from Nattu Kaka's lips as she extended her hand toward him. Nattu Kaka looked at Daya and slowly tied the Mangalsutra on her neck. Then Jethalal gave him a small pack of Sindoor and requested him to put it on Daya's forehead. Nattu Kaka obeyed his Sethji's request, taking some Sindoor he put it on his Sethaniji's head.

Sliding down from Nattu Kaka's lap Daya touched her second husband's feet in presence of her first husband and looked herself through the dressing table mirror for several seconds.5
Then she climbed again on his lap, pressed her sensitive breasts against his chest, leaned in and gave him long French kiss.

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Jethalal was getting hard watching his wife mauling by their lower class servant, it was so hot seeing her go after him so intensely. Nattu Kaka responded naturally by wrapping his arms around his Sethaniji. His hands roaming over her warm body, still slightly concealed by her blue blouse and red benarasi saree. Daya moaned softly encouraging him to feel her full blooded engorged breasts.

Even from where Jethalal sat, he could see her pink nipples through the thin blouse, stiff and eager to be sucked, fondled and stroked. Nattu Kaka did just that. While Daya let her hands slip between his legs and slowly began to work his hardening cock through his pants. Jethalal could hear their servant breathing deeply as he burying his nose in Daya's soft flowing hair. Daya continued to rub her second husband's dick as well as herself.

As they broke their kiss, Daya lifted herself off from her second husband and leaned over to her first husband to give him a kiss... Jethalal felt the heat pour out of her as their lips touched. And as they kissed Jethalal slowly removed her saree, blouse and petticoat giving Nattu Kaka full access to her wonderfully wet, pouty womanhood.

Jethalal and Daya continued their kiss fully aware of Nattu Kaka, who had moved closer to them, starting to touch Daya for the first time. Jethalal could feel his wife's body shiver with excitement and anticipation as Nattu Kaka began to tentatively touch her. Jethalal so wanted this night to be perfect to see his wife pleasured by their servant, she found attractive and secure with. Jethalal pulled his wife closer, making her leg move up onto the chair, now fully exposing her charms to their servant.

Daya's hand dropped to her first husband's crotch and worked his shaft out through his fly where as her second husband continued to lightly touch her other wet lips. Jethalal's cock was stiff as an iron rail. He suggested that they all get more comfortable. Daya immediately took her second husband's hand and, led him in to the flower covered queen-sized bed, where they watched Daya slip out of her panties and sprawl out on the soft bed. She lightly touched her clit as she watched her second husband removed his clothes, sucking on her pinky clit.

Daya clearly was pleased by what she saw hanging between her second husband's legs. Soon they were all on the honeymoon bed, Daya's nipples were rock hard and her two husbands each paid attention to one. They could both see the wetness between her legs in the mellow dancing light. Finally Daya rolled back gently pulled her second husband over her. She guided his cock to her mouth. (She always loved sucking cock)

Daya's first husband watched as she slowly examined her second husband's huge black cock, sucking at the head while feeling the length and girth of his shaft. She continued to suck hard on his cock, pressing her nose deeply into his hairy crotch; her lips all the way to his balls.

Jethalal couldn't just sit there and watch he was too turned on by it all. He lowered himself to his wife's perfect snatch and lovingly teased her clit with his tongue, watching her sweet smelling lubrication pool at the entrance of her opened flower. After several minutes of this wonderful three-way foreplay, Jethalal moved from his wife allowing Nattu Kaka between her legs. Daya smiles as if possessed guided his throbbing cock toward her soaking wet cunt as they prepared to fuck.

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Jethalal didn't want to miss anything, so he moved away slightly, and started to record the raunchy scenes of Nattu Kaka's snake-like cock pressed against his wife's slick vagina through his mobile. It was everything he thought it would be. His heart was pounding in his chest as he anticipated his wife being fucked by another man for the first time.

Nattu Kaka was in no rush, Daya was moaning softly, enjoying the sensation of his length slowly slipping into her, she spread her legs wider, as he pushed in deeper, then suddenly Daya wrapped her perfect legs around her second husband's lower back, pulling him in even deeper.

Jethalal watched with dry mouth as his wife's body tensed as wave after wave of intense orgasm coursed through her tight prefect body. He was so aroused watching their lower-caste servant pleasuring his religious minded lovely wife to become a mother...

Jethalal came spontaneously. He hadn't even touched himself, and he was gushing like a fire hydrant. Finally, catching his breath, he got up and left the new husband-wife sometime alone together... Somehow, he stayed out of the room for about 10 minutes, and when he returned, the two of them were enjoying a tight, sexy 69. Jethalal's wife sucking her second husband's steel-hard nigro-like black cock deep into her throat, as his tongue disappeared in and out of her shaved smooth pussy.

Jethalal watched open-mouthed, they stopped for a few moments only to catch their breaths, as they groped each other's sweat-soaked bodies. As they faced each other, Jethalal caught their eyes meeting, and as they embraced tenderly, he saw "that look" in his wife's eye.

"You're falling in love with him, aren't you, Daya!" Jethalal asked.
"Yes," was all she could say. Jethalal thought about that for a moment, then said, "Well, Nattu Kaka, how about you? Do you love my wife, too?"

Nattu Kaka looked at his Sethaniji cum newly wed wife, and then at his Sethji and sheepishly said that he was in love with her, and that he had always been jealous of him for having gotten to her first.

"Then that settles it," Jethalal said. "And consider that Mangalsutra that you tied on Daya's neck and put the sacred Sindoor on her head, there by registering your marriage. You are now my wife's second husband, and its time for all of us to consummate this new marriage."

Daya had started to suck on her first husband's cock working its length deep into her mouth as he said this while her second husband watched. She worked on the dick slowly, building the pressure inside until his balls started to contract sending a fountain of hot flooding onto Daya's mouth. Jethalal looked over at Nattu Kaka who was still hard as a rock as Daya lay back and waited for him.

Jethalal and his wife had been trying to have children every which way but failed and now with Maa Santoshi's blessings, Daya get her second husband. At last he said in a loud nervous voice, "Okay, Nattu Kaka, now that Daya is your wife, shoot that sperm deep into her pussy and make her pregnant! Give her a boy she wants so badly."

By now, Nattu Kaka knew this was for real, and the "Newlywed" groom slipped his prick back into Daya's fertile tight slit.

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