My hot sister renu part-2.

Hello reader…….in previous true story i have written about physical relation with my younger sister what happens next? read it….We slept like couple and next morning she went to her friends home,why? i was not aware, i was feeling guilty for my sin but she have also complemented during sex…….she came in afternoon and we took the evening i went to market for shopping but have little drink also,i came with packed food and strips of today tablet…………at 9:00 p.m we took dinner and she–” roj roj bahar ka khana theek nahi hota……o.k,next time i will take u to have meal in a restureant………nice” after having meal i went to my bedroom and was watching t.v,she came wearing a red night gawn……..”i will sleep here with u…….but? r u afraid of living alone in that room….[she came near me ]..yah,i am afraid of lonliness.” she was near me and looking into my eye was desperate for physical act…..”u r looking gorgeous……thanks but why u have asked ……what?…..about my presence here,u dont know why i am here…..i know it,but?……….last night it was a precise note for us but today i will………”than she came closer to me and i was rubbing her back,she was slim with no extra flesh on her body….now i was sitting on bed and took her on my lap,she came on my lap and than i started kissing her lips,sucked it for while……renu gave her tongue in my mouth and i was sucking it,we both were in heaven,her closed eye…red face was showing her satisfaction.slowly she took her tongue out and started kissing me, i was removing her gawn,she was looking a beauty queen in her bra.panty—-both were of red colour.renu removed my half pant and took my penis in her palm to massage it…….”u r hot and sexy meri jaan……..yah,kitne ladke mere par fida hain…[uske chuchak ko bra par se masalta hua]…………oh,aur tum kisi ko line deti ho ki nahi………..nahi…….ever got penis inside you cunt or mouth…….never.” aur wo bra khol kar mujhe issare mein boli aur main uske chuchi ko chusta hua jaangh aur bur ko sahla raha tha,renu ki bur mast thi,bin baar ke aur darar aapas mein chipki hui thi,uske panty ko khola aur dusri chuchi chusta hua uske haat ka ehsas lund par le raha tha,my penis was 08-09 inches when fully erected but its have spl.quality and ejaculation is always late. now i left her boobs and she slept on bed ——–uske jaangh ko sahlaata hua ——-”renu jara jaangh to khol do…kyon tumko nahi aati.” uske gaand ke nichey pillow daala aur uske dono jangh alag kar apne chehre ko jhukaya,kissing her cunt i was massaging her boobs,i licked it and lastly took her vagina in my mouth for suck,she was moaning……

.”aaaaaaaaaaaghhhh……uuuuuuuuuuummmmm,paani nikalega meri jaan.”phir bur ke paani ko main piya.we both went to washroom and she came near me,jharna ke paani ke nichey dono nang maja le rahe the.renu was in her knee and took my penis in her mouth,she was sucking it fastly…i was enjoying her blow job,may be she have visited her friends for sexual information,she sucked my penis like a whore,than she embrassed me.renu ke gaand ko sahlaata hua chumne laga,main uske jaangh, aur kamar ko chuma,phir uske taang ko falkakar bur chatne laga…….”oh,no……ur a great cunt sucker,suck it hard.”today she is ejaculating water quickly,than we went to dinning hall and made her sleep on sofa…….”aaj tumhari jo chudai hogi wo life time yaad rakho gi……..[bur sahlakar] bur mein sabhi lund dheeley par jaate hain jaanu……….jarur saali,lekin bur kaa kachumar bhi lun hi nikaalta hai.”then i went to washroom and applied some cream on penis for delayed ejaculation,now i took charge and slowly pushed my long hard dick,massaging her boobs gave a hard fuck and she screame……

.”baap re meri bur to phat rahi hai……abhi batata hoon mere lund kaa dum,saali teri mom ko bhi chodkar rula dunga” and i was fucking her fastly,she was now in pleasure and her vagina was wet. than we rested for while and renu took some ice to rub on her pussy,mere bagal main baithi aur main…..”kyon lehar rahi hai….haan,maja bhi milega.” than we were in standing position,she opened her legs and i was fucking her from front,later on she was in doggy position and i was fucking her with more power,she was moving her bum to enjoy it,after 20 minutes i cummed in her vagina and she took my cock to suck.we both took bath and slept for night. next part ……wait for a week.

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