Mom and son finally make love

Mom and son finally make love, incest stories, My parents divorced while I was still in high school. I did go off to college and found a job after I graduated. I didn’t get home very often. My mother call me and asked if I could take a few days off and come visit her. I told her I would ask for some vacation time and then on Friday I drove the three hours to my Mom’s place. Mom greeted me at the door and gave me a big hug.

I went up to my old room and dropped off my bags. Mom had already cooked dinner for us both. We sat down and my Mom broke open a bottle of wine.

“I don’t remember you drinking wine,” I said to her.

She told me she liked a glass of wine to take the edge off. I didn’t know what edge she was talking about and I didn’t ask. After we ate we sat down and talked for awhile. I hate to admit it but I was looking my Mom over. She was just in her early forties and she looked hot to me. She maintained her figure and I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits. She had big ones and I could see her nipples pressing through her bra.

Mom finally said she was tired and she went to her bedroom. I went into my room and stripped down. I got onto the bed and I reached for my cock. I started to stroke myself. I was thinking about my Mom. My love life was a bit sour these days. I had my mind on my Mom’s big breasts. I made myself hard but I didn’t cum. I don’t know what got into me. I got up and walked down the hallway to my Mom’s room.

I could see the light was off. I thought I would just open the door and take a quick look. My Mom was on top of the sheets asleep. All she had on was a short nightie. I should have left right then but I didn’t. I walked closer to the bed. I reached out and touched my Mom’s ass. I ran my fingers across her bottom. That was when my Mom stirred. There was just enough light that you could barely see. Mom opened her eyes and looked directly at my cock.

“Keith?” She looked like she was puzzled by me standing there.

My cock was just inches from my Mom’s body. Mom sat up on the edge of the bed. Her face was right at my cock’s level. She reached out with her hand and took my rod. She brought me to her lips and then began to suck on my dick. I never thought anything like this could happen. I took my hand and brought it to the back of her head. I held my Mom onto my prick as she bobbed up and down my stiff cock. I remember we were both moaning as she went down to the root.

Mom looked up at my face. She wanted to see what my reaction was. I was in heaven right then. It was hard to say how long this went on. My nuts were starting to pinch. I couldn’t bear having my Mom pull away. I arched my body and then I flooded my Mom’s mouth with my sticky load. Mom’s head snapped back but she didn’t pull away. She took her one hand and squeezed my balls. That really made me shoot a load of my cream down her throat.

Mom got everything from my dick that night. When she pulled away there was still cum dripping from the tip of my shaft. I guess we both came to our senses. I left my Mom’s room and then went back to bed. When I woke up it was daylight. I got up still naked and went into the kitchen. My Mom was sitting there drinking coffee.

“Don’t say anything,” she told me. “I guess we both needed a release last night.

Maybe she was writing it off as a one time thing. I reached over and pulled my Mom up from her chair.

“Keith please, we can’t,” she told me.

I couldn’t stop now. I pulled my Mom’s nightie off and I finally saw her big tits. I put both hands on them and I squeezed her fleshy mounds. My Mom let out this loud moan. I pulled Mom into my body and we kissed each other. My cock was pressed against her belly. I was rubbing my dick up and down her flesh. All I knew was I had to have her. I took her by the hand and we went back to my bedroom. I had my Mom get onto her back and I knelt in between her thighs.

Mom was completely shaved down. I lowered my face and I started lapping at her folds. That set my mother off. She put her hands on the back of my head. She was urging me to continue. I slipped a finger inside my Mom’s pussy as I licked up and down her wet slit. My bone was rock hard right then. I knew I had to have my Mom. My Mom was panting as I pulled away. I took my dick in my hand and I pushed it into her warm hole.

“Oh my God!” My Mom said.

There was no turning back. I took my mother hard that morning. Our mounds were making that slapping noise as I would bury my dick inside my Mom’s tight quim. There was no telling me to stop now. Mom wrapped her legs around my back. I used my cock like a jackhammer. I was feeding Mom every hard inch of me.

“Fuck me Keith,” she said.

I pounded my Mom’s pussy for all it was worth. I circled my dick around inside my mother’s tunnel. I must have been hitting just the right spot.

“Right there,” she said, “your cock is driving me crazy!”

My mushroom head pressed against the walls of her pussy. Mom’s body was shaking hard as I fed her my prick. It seemed we had been doing it for a long time. I didn’t think I could cum but I was feeling close again. I knew it was wrong to cum in my mother but I couldn’t help myself. I blasted my Mom with another load of my cream. I was surprised I had anything left after last night but I did. Mom clamped down hard and milked my bone of whatever cum I had in me.

I could tell Mom was having orgasms as well. Her pussy would grab my cock and Mom was squeezing my bone to get all my cum out. I gave Mom the last of my load and then I withdrew slowly. I looked down to see my sticky cum spilling out of my Mom’s tummy. Mom pulled me on top of her and we kissed. Our tongues touched as we tried to come down from our love fest.

“This has to be our secret,” she told me.

Those couple of days went so fast. Most of the time was spent in bed. I took my Mom in every position I could think of. I liked it best when my Mom climbed on top of me and then sunk down onto my erection. Oh did she like to ride my cock. I was able to reach up and massage those big cans of hers. She loved it when I would use my fingers and pinch her ripe nipples. That made her cum more than one time.

Mom took most of my cum from my body. Towards the end I didn’t have anything left to give her. I just made her orgasm by filling her tummy with hard cock.

The morning I was to leave, we were in bed one last time. My Mom said she had something she needed to tell me.

“When I divorced your father, I stopped taking birth control pills.”

I must have gotten this surprised look on my face. I must have cum inside my mother ten times at least.

“Don’t be mad at me Keith,” she said.

I wasn’t mad just shocked. What if I had made my Mom pregnant from all the times I came in her. Maybe it was her revelation that morning. I took my mother one last time with my bare cock. This time seemed to be more intense than the other times we made love.

“Please baby, cum in me one last time.” She said.

I gave my mother exactly what she craved. I fed her cock until I could no longer hold back. I sprayed my man juice into her tummy that one last time. When I did finally pull out my Mom reached down with a finger and scooped up some of my cum. She brought it to her mouth and then she tasted our loving. How fucking hot was that, I thought.

I’m driving back now and all my thoughts are on my mother. I worry that she might become pregnant by me. What would we do if that happened. My cock is getting hard in my pants and I do know that I will need to be visiting my Mom again very soon.

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