Son & mom entertain mom & daughter from next door, everybody Needs Good Neighbors

Son & mom entertain mom & daughter from next door, everybody Needs Good Neighbors, Mom and I had just started another of our regular suck and fuck sessions, both of us in the nude and about to embark on a hot sixty-nine, when the phone rang.

“Bloody hell!” mom expostulated, letting my cock fall out of her mouth to speak, “of all the times …”

“Ignore it,” I said, likewise removing my tongue from where it had been about to bury itself deep in my mother’s pussy.

“Best not,” replied mom, “it might be important.”

“Oh, very well,” I said, giving mom’s exposed and very juicy cunt a quick kiss before sliding off the bed and going over to the phone on mom’s dressing table and treating her to a view of my bare ass cheeks as I did so. I picked up the phone and spoke into it, smiling as a familiar voice came down the line and grateful that I had not taken my own advice to ignore the call.

“Oh hi, Mrs. Simpkins,” I said, turning my smile on mom and giving her the thumbs up sign, “it’s the widow woman,” I whispered to mom and then, raising my voice and speaking back into the phone, “this is a nice surprise.”

“Now, I’ve told you before, haven’t I?” the voice remonstrated with me, “that’s enough of all that Mrs. Simpkins nonsense. Beryl will do very nicely, thank you, after all, we’re more than just neighbors now, aren’t we?”

“OK, erm, Beryl,” I said, turning to face mom to show her that my cock had not sagged in the slightest, “what can mom and I do for you? No, don’t tell me, let me guess. You and Janey are feeling horny and want to call round, am I right?”

“You sure are, Peter,” Beryl replied, “that’s if you and Maisie don’t mind, of course.”

“Mom,” I said, holding the phone away from my mouth but near enough for Mrs. Simpkins, sorry Beryl, to hear, “our neighbor and her daughter are feeling horny and want some fun. You don’t mind, do you?”

Mom giggled since we all knew full well what the answer would be. “Tell her and Janey to get their tits and pussies round here pronto,” she said.

“Mom says to get your tits and pussies over here pronto,” I said, giving my hard-on another little tug and putting the phone up to my ear again. “In fact, we were just about to sixty-nine when you rang so we’re both on heat, too.”

“Good,” came the prompt reply, “we’ll be with you in a few ticks. Don’t shoot your load just yet, will you, Peter dear?”

“No way,” I said, “mom and I are just getting started. See you soon,” I finished, terminating the conversation and climbing back onto the bed with mom, giving her beautiful tits, not exactly in the same league as Dolly Parton but voluptuous enough, a good suck and lick as we waited for our neighbors to join us.

Perhaps before going any further I ought to say how this all happened; well, I never knew my father, he ran off when I was still a baby and left mom to bring me up alone which she did admirably. I was thus the man of the house from a very early age and now am also the man in more ways than one.

As soon as I realised that my dick was not just for pissing out of, I discovered the joys of wanking and also that I had an incredibly high sex drive. Night after night as I became more and more aware of how beautiful and sexy mom was, and still very much is I hasten to add, I would lie awake listening to mom pleasuring herself as I did the same and then, a few weeks after my eighteenth birthday, it was mom who made the first move.

“I’ve heard you wanking sweetheart,” she said, coming into my room one morning, “while listening to me doing the same. Seems silly to stay in separate rooms when we can both help each other out.”

“How d’you mean, mom?” I asked though I knew what the answer was going to be since I hadn’t been slow to notice mom casting me appreciative glances over the past few months too. In fact, probably more thanb I had been giving her.

“You’ve got a cock and I’ve got a pussy and I need a good fucking,” mom said, pulling back the covers of my bed to expose me in all my naked full frontal glory. I always sleep in the nude and had been wanking when mom walked in so my cock was nice and hard and, far from feeling any embarrassment, it gave me a real thrill to show it to the very lady who had, with my vanished father’s help, created it, along with my big balls of which, like my cock, I am inordinately proud.

Mom was very impressed with the size of my prick and of my balls too and she was soon undressed herself, allowing me to gaze for the first time on her firm delicious-looking melons, on which her nipples stood out proudly from the dark aureoles, and, more importantly, her beautiful shaven pussy. I had never seen a woman’s cunt before and I was overwhelmed by its beauty since it was not any pussy but the one through which I had entered the world all those years earlier.

I really enjoyed my first tentative licks of mom’s pussy and mom giving me my first ever blowjob but I won’t give you all the details of what we did together that night, I’m sure you can guess. Suffice to say, therefore, that after mom took my virginity, we just went on from there. As simple as that, no shame, no guilt, after all we were consenting adults and didn’t give a fig what others thought. Still don’t.

Mom realised from the start that I was a horny sod, well above average, a fact which has not diminished with the passing of time. I think about sex every waking moment, always wake up with a raging hard-on, and I am always slinking off to the bogs at work to lock myself in a cubicle for a nice pull on the Jolly Roger. As for my wonderful mother, as long as I give her a good loving shag every night, she has allowed me plenty of freedom to sate my sexual desires with other ladies.

And that’s how, incredibly, we got it together with Janey and her mother Beryl. I came home early from work one hot summer’s evening a year or so ago, a few weeks after Janey and her mother had moved in next door to us, and Janey was sunbathing in just her bra and panties in the Simpkins’ back garden. From my open bedroom window, I had a perfect view of my nubile young neighbor’s bra-enhanced tits and was physically undressing her in my mind’s eye as I unzipped my pants and took out my cock which, with its usual dexterity, had risen to the occasion. I fancied Janey almost as much as I did my mother while Janey’s mother, whom I have just been asked to call Beryl, wasn’t half fanciable as well.

As I feasted my eyes on Janey on the sun lounge, I stripped off and started to beat my meat. Mom came into my room and smiled at the sight of my hard throbbing cock in my hand which was flying up and down the shaft with quicksilver speed.

“My word, sweetheart,” mom said, “what’s got you so horny?”

“Come and have a look at this, mom,” I replied, “that girl from next door looks great in her underwwar, don’t you think?”

Mom quickly removed her clothes and came and stood naked next to me, placing a hand on my bare ass and stroking it as she craned her neck to get a look at the sunbathing Janey who was about the same age as myself, twenty-two or so then, give or take a month or two.

“She’s very beautiful,” mom said, licking her lips, “just like her mother.”

Mom and I had forgotten all about the windows being open and Janey must have heard us for she suddenly glanced up in our direction. “Oh, shit!” I said, “she’s seen us. Quick, get back in the room.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen you,” Janey’s voice floated up to us before we even had a chance to turn away, “but there’s no need to leave on my account.”

With that, mom and I watched fascinated as Janey slipped a hand into her panties and began to play with her pussy, stroking her tits through her bra with her other hand.

“Why, the brazen little hussy!” mom said, unable to disguise the surprise tinged with excitement in her voice. “Seems we have a sex-mad siren living right next door to us.”

At that moment, Mrs. Simpkins suddenly appeared in the next door garden and, even more exciting and surprising to mom and I was that she didn’t bat an eyelid at the sight of her daughter’s semi-naked state nor the fact that Janey was slowly and steadily continuing to finger herself.

“What’s got you going?” mom and I heard Mrs. Simpkins – Beryl – saying, almost echoing the words my mother had used when she’d entered my bedroom.

Janey nodded towards us and Beryl looked up and smiled. Even though she could only see mom’s and my head and shoulders from where she was standing, it was obvious we were naked but by then, mom and I had lost all rational thought and, far from covering ourselves up, we were both only too eager to see where this was leading as we threw caution to the wind.

“Well,” said Beryl, “what have we got here?”

“I think we’ve got a situation like ours, mom,” Janey replied, “except that she’s doing it with her son.”

“This can’t be real,” I said to mom, “another incest couple moving in right next door.”

“Coincidences do happen,” mom murmured, “and I think this rather proves it.”

“Well,” said Beryl again, taking the initiative, “we can’t just stand here staring at each other, can we? Don’t you think we ought to do something about this?”

Mom, whom I knew liked women as much as she did men, was still stroking my ass as she whispered in my ear. “Let’s go for it, eh, sweetheart?”

I turned and looked at mom. Up to that moment, my sex life had been devoted entirely to her and a few other young ladies I’d met from time to time, nothing serious, but the thought of being the only guy among a bevy of beautiful women, one of whom was my own mother, was intoxicating. I have always been very proud of my body and have never felt shy about showing it off or of people seeing it and the fact that it would be my prick the ladies were after without any competition from other men really turned me on.

And so it was that mom and I invited Janey and Beryl round that very evening and we had the first of our regular foursomes …


Now back to the present. As I replaced the phone in its cradle, mom slipped off the bed and onto her knees in front of me and grabbed my bare ass cheeks, pulling me towards her, her mouth open and making it obvious what she wanted. Mom, like me, has an insatiable appetite for hot hardcore sex and less than a tenth of a second later, my manhood had taken a dive into the deepest corners of her all-conquering experienced mouth.

“Oh yes, mom!” I cried, as she started the suction, my big balls dancing against her chin while she still held onto my ass, “you just get better and better.”

Indeed she does. Mom’s blowjobs have become more prolonged and intense over the years and even though Janey and her mother Beryl are just as adept at cock-sucking, I can honestly say that nobody sucks quite like my very own doting mother.

Mom was still making love to her son’s hard prick when we heard the side door downstairs open and footsteps started to climb the stairs. Seconds later, Beryl and her daughter Janey appeared on the landing.

“Wow!” said Beryl, smiling at Janey, “seems we timed things just right.”

“Sure did, mom,” said Janey.

Mom let my cock fall out of her mouth and glanced over her shoulder and smiled at the neighbors through the open door. “Hi girls,” she said, “glad you could join us. This horny stud son of mine is all raring to go.”

“Yeah,” I said to the new arrivals, “don’t stand out there, get your clothes off and get your butts in here now.”

Beryl and Janey didn’t waste a second as they divested themselves of their clothes, leaving them in haphazard piles on the landing. Being a gentleman, I have never asked Beryl her age but she must be in her mid-forties, as my mom Maisie is, but she is still really something to look at, especially as she was now, stark bollock naked. Janey, too, has inherited her mother’s fabulous looks and the sight of the mother and daughter’s tits and pussies openly on display with no shame nor embarrassment whatsoever spurred mom on to suck on my rigid horn even harder.

The neighbors advanced into the room and dropped onto their knees next to mom to worship at the altar of my aroused prick. As I said before, there must be millions of men who would love to be the only bloke in an otherwise all female scenario, and I consider myself very lucky to be in such an exalted position, not just once but many times in the course of the past year. It felt absolutely wonderful to stand there naked with no inhibitions and with my hard cock, my bouncing balls and my bare ass on show to three pairs of admiring female eyes and I smiled as I looked down at them to see that what nature had bestowed on me was having very much the desired effect.

“Your son’s got a beautiful prick, Maisie,” Beryl said, not for the first time, reaching out a hand to fondle my balls.

“Here,” said my mother, holding my uncut prick in her hand and pointing it towards Beryl, “let me see you suck it.”

“Yeah, mom,” said Janey, “suck that big prick. Fucking hell,” she went on, “it seems to get bigger every time I see it.”

“Mmm!” replied Beryl, her eyes alight with enthusiasm as she quickly opened her mouth and I plunged my thick rod into the elder neighbor’s gaping facial orifice. Beryl sucked long and hard, an incredibly good suck but, somehow, not with quite the same edge as the blowjob I had just had from mom.

“Go down on my balls, Janey,” I said, placing my hands on Beryl’s daughter’s head to draw her into the equation and Janey smiled up at me, a smile that would melt ice, as she opened her mouth, stuck out her moist pink tongue and began to slobber it all around my nutsacs. Another hot frisson of excitement ran through me like a raging torrent as mom moved back to watch her son getting a thoroughly good servicing from the mother and daughter who were now no longer mere neighbors but fully-fledged friends and sex partners, before scampering round on all fours behind me to get a good look at my bum.

“Not only has my son got a nice cock,” mom said, “he’s got a fabulous ass, too,” she added, before burying her face in my smooth hairless buttocks. She ran her tongue along the sweaty crack between the cheeks of my bottom and I couldn’t think of anywhere else that I would like to be at that particular moment. With my cock in Beryl’s mouth, my balls in Janey’s and mom’s tongue exploring the cleft of my ass, I was as horny as fuck.

Reaching round with my hands, I spread my ass cheeks to give mom’s tongue better access to my tight sweaty asshole and gasped as mom went straight in for the kill, her tongue in so deep that stars started to dance before my eyes. Kinky sex doesn’t come much better than this with a son being rimmed by his mother while a mother and her daughter give the cock and balls department a thorough going over. For sexaholics like us, this was life at its very best, no taboos, no shame, just pure unadulterated incestuous sex, hard and raw …


“He sure has got a great ass,” Beryl agreed, relinquishing my cock from her mouth but it didn’t stay out in the stratosphere for too long as, almost immediately, it was swallowed by Janey. Janey has inherited her mother’s cock-sucking skills and took me right to the back of her throat as Beryl manouvered herself round behind me to share with mom an eye-watering close-up of my firm naked butt. Mom slipped her tongue out after five minutes or so of non-stop incestuous ass licking and smiled at Beryl.

“Let me see you lick my boy’s ass,” she said to her friend, “you know he loves it.”

I did indeed and I spread my cheeks wider, my asshole now fully exposed to the watching admiring eyes of my mother and Beryl. Janey stood up and pressed her cunt up to my mouth so that I then had the mother and daughter at both ends of the spectrum while mom rested back to watch, a happy smile on her face.

Beryl ran her tongue along the groove between my ass cheeks, then sent it diving deep into my hole. As the tip of her tongue worked its magic, the tip of mine had slowly but surely worked its way into Janey’s pussy. I inhaled deeply, breathing in the dank odour of her womanhood and then began to lick for all I was worth, until Janey was wailing with pleasure as she rocked back and forth on her legs.

“Ooh, Peter,” she said, “that feels really good. You improve every time.”

“That’s it, sweetheart,” my mother said as she watched my tongue exploring again the silky soft folds of Janey’s gentle pink cunt lips, “lick it really hard. Stick your tongue all the way in like you do with me.”

I could only mumble a few incoherent words in reply as I had absolutely no intention of withdrawing my tongue from Janey’s juicy moist love box, at least not immediately, I was enjoying the sensation of licking pussy too much. Mom was fingering herself as she watched and moved into the armchair by her dressing table to get a better look.

Mom now had a completely unobstructed view of my ass and of Beryl’s tongue pounding in and out of my tunnel. Mom might be the world’s number one cock-sucker but Beryl was fast overtaking her in the rimming stakes. Her powerful and extremely versatile tongue felt so great up my ass that I stopped tugging on my cock, of which through the piss slit in the head a long gooey mass of pre-cum was emerging.

“You enjoying that, sweetheart?” mom asked.

“Mmmm,” I mumbled, again still reluctant to remove my tongue from Janey’s cunt until she decided it for me. Almost without warning, she moved back and knelt down on her knees in front of me, taking my head in her hands and kissing me longingly and lovingly on the lips. Beryl didn’t want to miss being a witness to our legitimate snog as Janey and I snaked our tongues into each other’s mouths and, much as I was enjoying it, Janey’s mother took her tongue from my asshole, gave my cheeks a few kisses and then a little pat with her right hand, then moved round to sit on the floor next to where mom was reclining in her armchair.

“I think it’s time the pair of you put on a nice show for your moms,” said my mother. “What d’you say, Beryl?”

“Sure do, Maisie,” mom’s contemporary replied, “Janey told me on the way over here that she’s absolutely dying for a fuck.”

“Yeah, Peter,” Janey said, as I moved onto my back and smiled across at mom and Beryl, “I need a good fucking as only you can give it.”

With that, Janey stood up and straddled me, allowing me a glorious view of true porn star quality up between her legs. I licked my lips as she slowly started to lower herself and her pussy drew closer until finally it made contact with my cock. Then she slowly impaled herself on my stiff pole, her legs splayed and facing towards mom and Beryl who, as always, were proving to be a very receptive and enthusiastic audience.

After an initial pause to acclimatise ourselves, Janey’s groans seemed to fill the room as her pussy started gobbling up my thick rod. When it was in up to my balls, Janey began posting up and down as I pressed my prick as deep as I could into her tight greasy quim. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could see mom and Beryl’s hands reaching over to fondle each other’s pussies as they watched.

“Yeah, fuck me,” Janey said, “fuck me hard while our moms watch.”

“Look at that, Maisie,” said Beryl, “my beautiful daughter getting fucked by your horny handsome son.”

“I’m looking, Beryl,” mom replied, “live porn shows are much better than movies.”

I was on cloud nine, not just with fucking Janey but knowing that my mother and Janey’s mother were watching. Although this must have been about our ninetieth session together since we first started out on our awesome foursomes, we never tired of each other, our enthusiasm was undaunted and I knew that when it was all over today, it wouldn’t be too long before we were all together sucking, fucking and rimming again.

Our fuckfest continued until well into the afternoon. After I had fucked Janey to the rafters, I then gave her mother a good seeing to, having enjoyed a nice long lick of Beryl’s pussy first to really get her in the mood for what was to follow. Beryl’s hungry cunt was just as compliant as her daughter’s and it was with effortless ease that she impaled herself on me and was soon posting up and down exactly as Janey had done.

Both Janey and her mother enjoyed a string of orgasms as I fucked them but they both knew that, out of courtesy for my mother, it was common practice for me to leave the “piece de resistance” to last. I wanted to save my spunk for my mother to show her just how much I love her, not that I really need to, she knows full well how much I, her loving son, revere her. But it is always nice to prove the point over and over again by treating her to a liberal helping of her offspring’s cream.

Indeed, not a day has gone by since mom and I started out on our taboo relationship five years or so ago without me serving up a nice big load of sex juice for her. I can cum by the bucketload, sometimes in her cunt, sometimes over her face or tits or bum but mom is always hungry for more and I am only too proud and happy to give it to her.

I treated mom to another round of pussy licking for a good ten minutes to prepare her for the invasion of my incestuous prick. Mom loves having her pussy licked and over the years I have perfected the technique and know just how to use my tongue to ensure that we both get maximum enjoyment.

As mom lay back on the bed with her legs in the air and I knelt down to deliver the cunnilingus, Janey climbed onto the bed next to her and did likewise, lifting her legs into the air and spreading them wide. Her mother then dropped to her knees alongside me and began to lick her daughter’s pussy with the expertise of the true sex slut while I concentrated my attention on mom…


My tongue located mom’s engorged clit and I started to run rings around it, mom whimpering and thrashing about on the bed. Beryl, I think, must have found Janey’s clit too and was giving it a good going over, judging by the amount of noise Janey was making. Her grunts and groans of pleasure mingled with those of mom and reverberated around the room as what was proving to be our most superb orgy went completely O.T.T. in both action and enthusiasm.

Mom suddenly lifted her head and smiled at me while Beryl continued to eat Janey’s pussy. “Oh sweetheart,” mom said, “you are so good at this, you nearly made me cum. But I need a fuck first and you know how I like it.”

I sure did and it took only a matter of seconds for mom to turn her body round and get onto her hands and knees on the bed. Mom likes being fucked doggie-style and if that’s what turns her on most, then I am only too happy to oblige. We do try other positions from time to time, like having mom sit on my cock as Janey and Beryl had just done but now I stood behind my mother, poised and ready with my cock primed for fucking as I placed the head at the entrance to her delectable pussy.

Beryl stopped licking Janey’s cunt and they moved round to watch the incestuous fucking. Mom was all ready for me by now and waiting impatiently for me to begin the penetration. My foreskin was peeled back as far as it would go and I wasted no further time as I slid the head of my prick into mom’s pussy, gently at first to allow her time to respond to the invasion.

“Oh boy, mom!” I heard Janey cry from behind me as I worked my cock into mom’s cunt, “look at Peter fucking his own mother.”

“Yeah, looks really great,” agreed Beryl. “Go for it, Peter, give her all you’ve got.”

I didn’t need any words of encouragement but it was nice to hear them, nevertheless. I glanced over my shoulder and smiled at the mother and daughter and then I began to fuck my mother in the way she likes best, long and hard, pumping in and out and increasing the pace with each thrust.

Mom clasped her tits with her hands and began rubbing them together, her eyes closed and a look of sheer bliss on her face as her cuntal walls tightened hard around my prick, making it feel as snug as a bug in a rug, to coin a phrase. The warmth of her pussy clamped around my throbbing hard-on was tremendous and, after ten minutes of sheer physical exertion, I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer.

“Fuck me, sweetheart,” mom said beatifically, looking over her shoulder and smiling the wondrous smile that only made me want to go on pounding her harder, “your big prick feels so good inside me.”

Mom’s screams of pleasure seemed to shake the very foundations of the house as her glorious pussy gobbled up inch after inch of my fat rod, my balls slapping against the insides of her thighs. Behind me, Janey and Beryl’s eyes were fixed on my bare clenching buttocks as I made Maisie the proudest mother in the world.

I was well into my stride now and it was a real privelege, as it always is, to be fucking my mother and my aching balls felt like they were on fire as they bubbled up with what I knew would be another hot load to rival the spewings of the greatest male porn actors. Sure enough, one final thrust tipped me over the edge and my legs started to buckle as the spunk started to work its way to its destination.

Mom sensed I was about to cum and wriggled as if trying to get free, that meant she wanted me to cum over her rather than in her which would also give Janey and Beryl a thrill too. Quickly, I pulled out and mom, with remarkable agility, twisted her naked body from the bed and dropped to her knees in front of me. I felt a couple of hands on my ass as Janey and Beryl clustered round me to watch me ejaculate over mom.

And what an ejaculation, I was helpless with emotion as I blasted my beautiful mother with a fresh load of my rich hot cream. I hadn’t wanked that morning and, fucking hell, it showed. I always try to improve on each cumshot and give mom an above aerage load to enjoy but this time, at the risk of sounding conceited, I had surpassed even my high expectations.

“Yeah, give it to her, Peter,” Beryl said, her voice full of admiration which lifted me to even dizzier heights, thrilled that she and her daughter were enjoying the show, “give your mom the lot.”

My legs almost gave way as I continued to shoot my load in several long hot ribbons of white hot incestuous sperm all over mom’s face and tits. Mom had her mouth open as wide as nature allowed to capture and taste what she could and when she had swallowed as much as possible, gulping and gagging as it slithered down her throat, the remains seeped out at the corners of her lips. Sweat had been breaking out on my face for several minutes and now my breathing had degenerated into a series of short sharp gasps as I slowly started to descend the mountain of one of the most explosive orgasms I have ever had.

Beryl and Janey clapped and cheered as they watched me spew my load over mom. I felt really proud and honored to have not only fucked mom till she almost screamed for mercy but also to have given her yet another enormous helping of my precious fluid.

“Wow, mom!” Janey said, “get a look at all that spunk.”

“Yeah, darling,” Beryl said, “he’s done his mom proud again.”

“He sure has,” my mother said, smiling up at me through the layers of rapidly congealing spunk that were temporarily disfuguring her soft gentle features, “I don’t know where he gets it all from.”

I stood with my sated cock in my hand while the three ladies lingered around me, Beryl and Janey licking my spunk from my mother’s body, Beryl washing mom’s face with her tongue while Janey gave similar attention to the load on mom’s tits. They lapped it up hungrily, enjoying the manly taste of sperm while I continued to feel immensely pleased with myself, not just for the sheer pleasure of fucking my mother which I always enjoy, but for having fucked Beryl and Janey too, not to mention giving them a nice afternoon tea to enjoy. And, we were all aware, it certainly wouldn’t be the last of our fuckfests, that was for sure …


After Beryl and Janey had showered and departed, mom and I went downstairs to the lounge and I slumped into an armchair to relax. Mom and I were both still completely in the nude, we don’t bother with clothes most of the time, and I smiled as I watched mom’s bare ass cheeks jiggle as she made her way to the kitchen.

“I think I need a cup of coffee,” she said, leaving the door open. “Want one, sweetheart?”

“Yes, please, mom,” I replied. “That was quite an afternoon, wasn’t it?”

“Brilliant,” mom agreed, “and the day’s not over yet,” she added, slyly.

“Fucking hell, mom,” I said, “you just can’t get enough, can you?”

“No, I can’t,” mom replied succinctly. “Not when I’ve got such a sexpert son to see to all my needs.”

“Thanks, mom,” I said, “I’m only too pleased to do see to all your … erm … needs,” I finished and we both giggled like kids.

“Yeah,” mom went on, “and I might even give that lovely ass of yours some attention from my strap-on, too.”

“That’ll be good, mom,” I said, as horny happy memories of the many times I have taken mom’s plastic prick up my ass in the past five years came back to me, “especially if Beryl and Janey are watching. They can fuck me too,” I added, smiling at mom with a mischievouse glint in my eyes.

“I didn’t know they were into that,” mom said.

“They did last week, mom,” I said, “we had a threesome while you were at work.”

“I see,” said mom, feigning a stern voice but I could see the admission was getting her excited again. “I’d love to watch another woman fucking that lovely tight ass of yours, darling. You can tell me all about what you got up to, since you didn’t think to invite me or tell me until now, while we have our coffee.”

“Sorry, mom,” I said, “but you’ve always given me leeway to fuck with who I like.”

“I suppose I have,” mom said. “Anyway, don’t worry about it, just as long as I can be present when Beryl and Janey have their strap-ons with them.”

“Sure thing, mom,” I replied, “we’ll have to invite them over again soon, eh?”

“Of course,” said mom, “we couldn’t wish for a better set of neigbors.”

“Certainly can’t, mom,” I answered, “we really struck lucky there, didn’t we?”

“Too right we did,” mom replied, returning to the lounge and sitting in the armchair opposite me as she waited for the kettle to boil, her legs splayed to show off her recently fucked pussy, “after all,” she went on, “everybody needs good neighbors.”

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