Mom comforts her daughter during a storm

Mom comforts her daughter during a storm, family taboo, I’m a 45 year old divorced woman. Since my husband left 5 years ago, I’ve been working my ass off to make a life for my daughter and I. I opened my own business and have been “nose to the grindstone” ever since, and now we are living comfortably without any major worries about money. I still have to work my ass off though, especially since my daughter Jenni will be starting college in the fall. So, there hasn’t been much of a social life- hell, almost no social life. I haven’t been laid since before my husband left. And to tell you the truth, I’ve been spending so much time working and taking care of Jenni that I haven’t really missed it. At least until the past year or so.

Since I don’t really have the time to date, and I actually don’t feel like putting up with the nonsense of dating, I’ve been “taking car of myself” so to speak. In the past year, I’ve gone from masturbating maybe twice a month to now doing it every night and maybe 3 or 4 mornings a week. You’d think I was back to being a teenager, for Pete’s sake. My main form of amusement has been reading erotic literature online. First I started out reading the traditional romance type stories – a man and a woman having mad passionate loving sex. After awhile that got a little routine, and I progressed onto stories about threesomes, and then group sex. With the group sex stories, there often was an element of girl on girl to the story. In the beginning I glossed over these parts, but soon they turned me on even more than the man-woman parts. So, this lead to reading the lesbian stories. I had never been with a woman, and had never given it much thought. I’m a “live and let live” type of person and am all for gay people to have the same rights as everyone else. But until I started reading these stories, the thought of making it with another woman was king of gross. But now most nights I masturbated myself to sleep thinking about women having sex with each other.

My daughter Jenni was the light of my life. She was 18 and a pretty, cute bubbly blonde, with hair almost all the way down her back and a gorgeous smile. She was in good shape, with a nice round rear end, tight stomach and cute perky, barely a B-cup boobs.

Anyway, it was a Friday night and it was very stormy. My daughter had gotten home about an hour ago form a party and was in bed. I think she was a little tipsy, but hey, kids will be kids and since she was basically a good kid, if she had a drink or two what the hell. I had a few glasses of wine myself and had just gotten done reading several very sexy stories online. I was drunk and horny. I took off my clothes and climbed under my covers and started fingering myself, thinking about the story I had just read about the middle aged woman seducing the sweet young girl. As my fingers danced across my clit and I pinched my nipples, I got closer and closer to orgasming. The next thing I know, I heard a knock on the door. I froze and waited. Next I heard the door start to open and another knock.

“Mommy?” I heard my daughter ask.

“Come in baby” I said, as I hoped she wouldn’t realize that I was naked or what I was doing.

“Mom, I’m scared. This storm is freaking me out. Can I sleep with you for awhile?” She had always been afraid of storms, and it was not unusual fro her to want to climb into my bed during a big storm. I usually liked to cuddle and comfort her during storms, except this time I was naked and horny and needing a release.

“Sure baby. Let me change first. I’m naked because I was feeling so hot. A hot flash I guess.” I said

“Don’t worry mommy. I do it too some times when it’s warm. Don’t leave me here alone.” and she climbed into bed with me.

We lay in bed together and as a flash of lighting and a clap of thunder, Jenni jumped and grabbed me in a hug. We stayed that way for awhile and she fell asleep hugging me. Usually this is a pleasant feeling, but her arm was pressing on my boob and stimulating my nipple, I couldn’t calm down from my horniness. Every time I tried to more to make the situation better, it just got worse and my nipples were now hard as rocks, and my thighs and pubic hair were sopping wet.

After 10 minutes of this torture, she turned over and turned her back to me. I dozed off for a few minutes and woke up spooning against her, with my arm across her. What woke me up was Jenni grinding her rear into my crotch. She was still asleep but as she squirmed, her cute rear end was rubbing against my clit and driving me crazy. Every time I tried to move my crotch away from her, she just pushed back and spooned in tighter. She was getting me so hot I couldn’t take it.

Next she turned slightly and grabbed my hand and held it tight to her chest, I was wondering what to think when I heard soft little baby snores coming from her. I held still for awhile and then tried to extricate myself from this trap. However, as I tried to move, my hand landed on her nipple, she clasped my hand tighter to her and her nipple started to get hard. She moaned and I froze again.

“MMMM Bobby, I love it when you do that.” Bobby was her boyfriend. I didn’t think my daughter was a prude or even still a virgin, but hearing her encourage what she thought was her boyfriend to feel her up was a little startling. It wasn’t unusual for her to talk in her sleep, she had been doing since she was a child, and I’d even caught her sleepwalking a few times.

As her cute, puffy pink nipple expanded and hardened under my hand, she moaned some more “mmmmm more, Bobby” and squeezed my hand tighter to her breast. Here I was, drunk, horny as hell, on the verge of orgasm for the past hour, feeling a girl’s boob – my daughter’s yet.

The next thing I know, I was fingering her nipple, tweaking it and pulling it and rubbing my thumb over it. And now Jenni was snoring again!

Okay, my daughter is asleep, she sleeps like a rock, she thinks she’s cuddling with her boyfriend and has asked me to rub her tits. My daughter! My mind was spinning. I was a buzzed, horny as hell and God, did I need to come!

The next thing I know, I was nuzzling her neck and I started to nibble on her neck. I slowly took my hand off her boob and reached down to the bottom of her over-sized t-shirt. It had ridden up to her hip and I reached under and slid slowly up to her boob. Now my hand was on her warm, soft skin. Her nipple felt hard as a rock. I started pulling it again, and rolling it between my fingers.

“MMMM Bobby!” she giggled.

She turned slightly toward me and again I reached down and pulled her t-shirt up further, exposing her boobs. God, they were so cute! I leaned down and took her left nipple into my mouth. I couldn’t stop. I was so horny I just had to suck her nipple. As my lips encircled her nipple and I started sucking, she moaned out Bobby’s name again and held my head to her chest. With my other hand I started stroking her light blond pubic patch. She was wet too!

Next I found myself sucking her tits, biting her nipple and running my hand up and down her slit. Her head started thrashing back and forth as I sucked harder and fingered her pussy.

“MMM Bobby! Oh Bobby, faster”” she groaned and thrust her hips up to meet my hand as I sucked harder and fingered her faster and faster.

“AAHHHH” her body went stiff, she held me tight and she came. I made my little baby come! Right now I was so turned on that the incest angle didn’t even dawn on me. I had made another woman come. I slid up her body and started kissing her. She kissed back. I rolled on top of her and started grinding my pussy against hers.

“No Bobby. We can’t do that, You know I don’t fuck” she groaned between kisses, but she kept thrusting up against me.

“It’s ok baby, It’s ok” I whispered in her ear. Her eyes shot open and she looked at me.

“Mom! Wh- Wha- what’s going on?”

“Shhh Baby, everything’s ok. Mommy just needed to make you feel better”

I tried to kiss her again but she turned her head. I persisted and got my lips on hers. She broke free and said “Mom! What are you doing? We can’t do this”. But she never stopped humping back against me. I was getting soo hot but couldn’t get over the edge. I kissed her again. I tried to jam my tongue in her mouth. She resisted for a few seconds then let it in. Soon her tongue and mine were twirling in & out of each other’s mouths.

I needed a release. I broke our kiss and looked into her eyes. “I need help baby. I need to come sooo bad.” She just looked at me and nodded. I got up and slid up her body. I straddled her head. My sopping pussy was inches from her face. She looked terrified. I grabbed the back of her head and held her face to my pussy. She didn’t do anything, but she didn’t resist. I started grinding my wet pussy against her face.

“MMMM Jenni baby. Ohhhh yeah baby. Help Mommy baby!”

I was basically fucking her face with my pussy. Harder and faster I started groaning. She still wouldn’t lick me.

“MMM baby. Please let me come baby. MMM Jenni, I’m sooo close”

Finally, I felt her mouth open. Her tongue peeked out of her mouth. I felt it touch my clit. A shock wave ran though me. I moaned and groaned. As I moaned and rode her face, held her by that beautiful hair and humped her face. She started licking and sucking even more. She seemed to be finally getting into it.

AAAHHHH, Jenni! MMMMM Mommy’s commminggg!”

I came like I never had before. Seven years of pent up frustration came out in that orgasm. I collapsed on the bed next to Jenni.

I looked at her. She seemed confused. Her face was wet with my juices. I started to cry.

“I’m sorry baby, I don’t know what came over me. Oh my! I’mm horrible! What have I done”

“Shh, Mommy” she whispered as she hugged me. “I’m glad I could help you feel good. It’s okay. I’m a little freaked out but I loved it. Just one thing though…”.

“What baby?”

“Next it’s my turn- I’ve never had anyone go down on me!”

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