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Hello everyone, myself ankush joshi hope u all have read my earlier stories about passionate fucking with beautiful sister, erotic sister, rainy day fantasy with mom, if not go through it now it will energize u & ur incest relationship with with your mom & sister. So wasting no time my real life incident which was happen with me 1 month ago is described below.

Summer vacation where going on .my father went out for his business vacation. Leaving me & mom alone as it was his business trip so family members were not allowed. So me & mom decided to go to Shimla as it was in North the temperature is going to be cool . It was Friday morning my mom said she is having 5hours shout .our flight was in the evening at 7 & it takes 2 hours to reach airport so she said please pack up my clothes of ur choice.
She gave me key of her Cupboard& said to keep it safe .
Let me describe myself& my mom. My height is 5’10”, age 18, Weight 65 ,Handsome & fair skin. My mom age 38 is is 5’9″ Weight 55 , slim, fair skin & beautiful. She works as a lingerie model in jockie United . she has maintained herself like 20 year young girl that’s why still works as a model . She has nice boobs her buttocks is damned curvy. I have seen her boobs in lingerie magazines . Even i masturbate by seen her photos in bra & panty .

So my mom left for shout & i started packing bags i went on to pack moms clothes in her room.i opened the Cupboard with key she has given me & took t-shirts, shorts, jeans ,her bra panty
As i was alone i took the aroma of her bra & her panty which was amazing. I saw her bra size which was 32 b. I packed 3 sets of bra& panty suddenly one album fell down while arranging her clothes. I opened the album, oh my god it was her photo shout album she was wearing different types of bra & panty for shout.

So this was the reason my mom always locked her cupboard.i was amaze to see those photos there were thousands of pictures in the album her cleavage & curvy buttocks can perfectly seen from those pics. I was really hungry to fuck her . Then i went to my room &slept. She came home at 4 in the evening.

She asked,”Hey my baby have u packed all stuffs .”
I answer,” Yes mom all the packing has been done.” I was in desperate mood to ask her about those album but couldn’t find a perfect time so i let it go.

We took the flight & came to shimla by Saturday morning . We already booked our hotel so after arriving in shimla we directly went to hotel.my mom has booked a room.It was 5 in the morning so we decided to take 3 hours of sleep . The hotel was amazing with a master bed , classic dinner table, TV, & a big size washoom.

I was amaze to see it. As we have went in so many hotel earlier but this one was totally different.
My mom went in bathroom to change, so i change my clothes in the room weared a T-shirt &short. After a while i saw the bathroom door was open, my lust went high & i took a chance to see her. She was in sky blue bra&orange panty which i have packed for her. First time i saw my mom like this.my cock started erecting by seen her body shape as i seen her in magazines but the view was different as it was real. Than she took black nighty & wore it. The nighty too short didn’t even covers her knee.Then i suddenly went to bed so that she cannot see me admiring her self . She came out from bathroom i was pretending to be on mobile but i was watching her milky legs. In home she usually wears nighty but the nighty use to be cover all her leg, this was different. I took a chance &said,

“woww mom u r looking beautiful.

She smiled the red blush on her chins was fair enough for me that she was getting involve in me.
She said,”o common my baby u r looking me like u have never seen me before.”
She came on bed & sat next to me . We usually sleep together when my dad goes out for trip.my cock was erect so i took a pillow so that she couldn’t see my cock erected.

She said,”lets go to sleep my baby,we have travel a lot u must be tired now”.
She kisses me on my chin its a usuall goodnight kiss i get from her everyday.

She also took a pillow & slept facing myself. I was pretending as i was sleeping but few minutes later my cock erected as i was getting a deep view of her boobs from her nighty. I slightly pull blanket down so that i can admire much more of her . She than turned facing her back to me. Now i was in eager mood to watch her buttocks so i removed blanket from my side&lifted it up her nighty came up as it was silky. I was admiring her milky thighs her curvy buttocks. Earlier i saw her in bathroom but this time she was sleeping beside me too close. I than go on to sleep as various incest thoughts was running in my mind.

Later it was 9 in the morning my mom said wake up my baby our breakfast is here. She was sitting on the dinner table in her blue bra & orange panty.

I rubbed my eyes as i feeling incest before sleeping so i thought that i was watching dream. But it was not a dream she stood up form there &came near me hold my hand &took me to the dinner table. I was shocked to see her like this as it was never happened before. I was hardly making a eye contact with her as she was wearing bra only &i am in incest mood already,i couldn’t resist myself so i try& not watch to her.
But than she said,”hey baby why r u shy look up it’s ur beautiful mom,no one else is there.”

She came near me &kissed me on my lips it was not a normal kiss as she was not letting me go, she was accepting me to join her . Yeaahhh this was the moment i was waiting for since i was 15 old. I then remove all the thought from my mind &join her.

I took my hand & was pressing her buttocks while kissing.I am not a virgin as i fuck my girlfriend before this thrice.so i knew how to make her more lustful for sex. Yeaah this was working with me. She jumped on me i hold her &we started kissing even more hardly than before . We kiss for almost 8 mins her eyes was close during entire kissing session

Than i stopped for a while . She open her eyes & given me a smile which was a fair sign that she wants me to do even more than a kiss . I took her took her to bed &started giving kisses to her entire body. I was admiring every inch of her milky body .she was moaning,”ohhhhhh my baby ahhhhhhhh, u r too good in this.” I removed my T-shirt, now i was wearing nothing but a short &no underpants. She felt my erection while i was kissing her.

She pushed me & now it was her time to admire my body. She also started to licked my body ,wowww she is a expert in that her pinky lips was giving me satisfaction. Than she slowly pulled my shorts down my long &wide 8inch cock was erect like a tower. Her reaction told me that it was too big for her lust.

She said ,”ohh my god my baby u have got bigger cock than ur dad’s cock. Ohhh amazing it is too big.”
I took her to dinner table, i sat on chair she was on her knee & she started giving me blowjob. For a while i was enjoying a lot as she was master in giving blowjob. My cock was too big so i held her silky hair &try to put my whole cock in her mouth. I don’t wanted to hurt her that’s why i was pushing it slowly &calmly. I was going to cum i said to mom .
She said ,” I want to taste it put it in my mouth.”

I did the same my load of cum was in her mouth she was licking it like a pro. I usually do not masturbate &it was 2month since i fucked my girlfriend. So my cum was overloading in her mouth &felt down while she was licking.

I was in desperate mood to see her pussy &boobs. So i took her to bed & remove her bra. My reaction was “wooww” It was like two melons &nipples was pink in colour. I started pressing her boobs &licking her nipples. She moans,”uhhhmmmmm , uhmmmmmm”.
I slowly went down near her orange panty & pulled it down, wooww her pussy was shaved& Pinkish i wasted no time &started licking it. She was moaning, “ohhhhhhh my baby ooooooo,

I asked if she has condom,she said she is on pills so don’t bother about that,my baby. I tap my cock on her pussy. She was getting desperate too, like me. I slowly put my cock in her pussy. Only half off my cock was in her pussy &she getting mad & moaning,” Ooooooooo, baby, ahhhhhhhhhhhh, its too big, oooooooooo” .

I started stroking as my cock was big i was finding it difficult to put my whole cock in. So i took her to edge of bed & fastened my stroke this time she moans even louder,”ooooooooo baby its getting deep,yeahhhhhh,ooooooooo my baby its deep ooooooooooo”. But i didn’t stop as it was my dream to fuck her now my whole cock was in her pussy &i was stroking it faster than before. Her neck reason was getting hot red & she was holding the bed sheet tightly too. I asked her ,did it hurting u mom.

She said no, it dont,” Put it all way the way in my pussy baby, yessssss”.
I did the same i was going to cum. I put my cock well deep in her pussy &cum in her pussy.
She again moan”,ohhhhhhhh, ahhhhhhh it feels great baby oooooooooo.”
I pulled my cock out & sleep beside her in relief i never felt so relief before , we both were nude in a room alone .
I asked her,” Hey mom didn’t dad satisfy ur wants .
She said,”no baby ur dad is good to satisfy me,but he hardly finds time to spend with me, me &ur dad fuck last time three months before.
I was shock, that inspite of having beautiful wife my dad didn’t find time to have sexual relationship with her.
She said,”i don’t want to have a relationship with other unknown guy& spoil our reputation,so i wanted u to be my sex partner.
I said,”then why didn’t u told me this earlier when dad goes to business trip we slept daily with each other.”
She said,”i was afraid that u will hate me if i have done this.”But today i saw u watching me in the washroom ur cock was erect, so i felt that u also wants me just like i do.”

I said,” Yes mom i wanted u since when i was 15 . I use to see ur lingerie pictures daily in the magazines .
I Aksed,”than what about that album u hides from me.”
She said,”As i was eager to have sex with u i have kept it intentionally their so that u could see those pictures & try to build a relationship with me.

It was 11 in the morning we took bath together &went to see the natural beautiful places of shimla .
After at 9 in the evening we came back to our hotel my mom asked the receptionist for key .The receptionist answered,”Here r ur Honeymoon room keys mam”.I was shocked to here this.

I asked mom,” Do u really booked a honeymoon room for us but why?”
She said, “I knew it was going to be our first mating for sex so i wanted it to be like passionate one with my baby.”
I was amaze to hear those words from her &wanted to give her a passionate sex pleasure.
As soon as we entered the room i locked it & took her to the washroom started the shower &removed all her clothes & fuck her against the wall.
Believe me this was my dream which came true

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