My uncle

After my mom sent me to stay with my granny everything was going pretty good. My parents only came by during the day and my mom always tried to make sure my dad wasnt left alone with me.

My dads brother lived with me and my granny he was alot older than my dad and was single. I started to notice that him and my dad got to talking more and they would sit watch me whispering when they were together. I really didnt give much thought to either of them i was 13 and my cousin had got my interest peeked in girl on girl.

She would just show up sometimes and climb in bed with me when she would come over. She had asked me to always sleep in just my gown with no panties on so she would always have easy access to my little pussy. Especially if i liked her going down on me, which i did enjoy.


She showed up one saturday during the day and first thing she says to me is ” she had been thinking about my little pussy all week so she hoped i would be ready later ”
Ofcourse i was, i took my bath put on my gown and went to bed early. I knew once my granny had went to bed she would come sneak into my room.

I dozed off waiting for her so wasnt to sure as to why she had not come in yet. It was dark and inwas sure my granny must be asleep. I get up slowly open my door, start walking down the hall. As i get close to my uncles room i hear what sounded like my cousin talking. I sneak up to his door and see its already opened about 2 inches. I peek in and sure enough she was in there with my uncle. I couldnt beleave what i was seeing.

My uncle was sitting on his bed, audrey was on her knees in front of him and i knew from her head moving up and down she was giving him head.
He was layed back with his hand on her head as she moved up and down. She had her own hand between her legs fingering her self.
I heard my uncle ask her if she was wet enough yet. She takes his short skinny dick out of her mouth and tells him he better have it when they are done.

She stands up turns facing the door reaches between her legs and squats down guiding his dick into her. She moans out as he enters her. He places his hands on her hips and begins lifting her up and down. I lean closer to the door to getter a better view and dang it the door moved. Made a creeking sound so i turn and run back down the hall to my bedroom. Jump in bed and cover up. Cant. Beleave audrey was letting our uncle fuck her. He was old.

She never came to my room. The next morning when she got up i asked her what happened. She tells me she was sorry and would make it up to me next time but she needed some money to go shopping and to do some stuff. She hugs me says she will be back later and leaves.

my uncle walks by me stops and says its not nice to spy on people.

I ignored him and went on about my day. I kept seeing my uncle watching me, he would just sit and stare. Getting kinda creepy. I thought.

I go to bed kinda upset audrey hadnt come back yet and i was missing her going down on me wasnt fare she chose my uncle over me.
Later that night,
I wake up to a warm wet tounge on my pussy, a finger sliding in and out of me. My first thought is audrey came back. As i lay there enjoying this. I start to notice it was feeling differently than when audrey normally does it. I look down and shes under the covers. A hand starts sliding up my thigh pushing my gown up. It feels rough, not soft like audreys. Up my flat stomach to my small breast. Pinching my nipple,twisting and pulling on it.

My instincts kick in and arch my back start humping my hips as i feel 2 fingers trying to enter me. I no its not audrey under my covers. Is it my dad, had they came by after i went to bed. It must be my dad.

I cum as he gently bites on my clit and sucks on it. He cant get both his fingers in me. He tries to force them in. I push my hand under the covers pushing his head back and tell him to STOP. Your not sticking anything inside me dad. Already told you its not happening. If you must put it in you already know its my mouth or if you have to my butt.

He keeps licking and sucking as he rubs his fingers between my lips. He slides one finger inside me again. I push his head back again, he pushes forward. I move up the bed pulling away from him saying i told you dad i said no.
He is still under my covers as he grabs my legs pulling me back down the bed and twisting me on to my stomach all in the same motion.
I bury my face in my pillow cause i know he is gonna fuck me in the butt.
He pushes my legs together and straddles me. He places his hard dick between my ass cheeks and leans forward putting his weight against my back.

” first little girl im not your dad ” my eyes shot wide open. Its not my dad.
” second your dad already told me you hadnt had a real dick in that tight little pussy yet, he was right though you do have a sweet tight little pussy ” “he also told me you have a nice tight ass and he sure did miss getting to slide in it ” ” you know your pussy looks just like your moms”

He leans up begins sliding his dick between my ass cheeks. Im startled, in shock. My dad had told him about what he had done to me. He knows what my moms pussy looks like. How does he know?

He spits between my cheeks, rubs his finger around my hole smearing his spit around. Slowly pushes his finger in side. Begins working it in and out of me. ” dam girl your dad was right, nice and tight. ”
He puts the head of his dick against my ass hole, pushes forward. It hurts as his head enters me. Stopping only to place his hands on both my ass cheeks spreading them apart. Inch by inch he pushes into me. As his whole length is in me he leans forward onto my back. Slowly he starts pumping into my 13 yr old ass.
He reaches his hand under me, begins rubbing on my clit as he pumps his dick into me. I cum.
Humping against his dick and his fingers rubbing me. Cant help but moan.
” so you like that do you ” ” dont tense up michelle, it makes your ass tighten up even more, dammit girl you trying to make me hurry up and fill your little ass with my cum or what ”

He moves his hands grabbing my hips pulling my ass up higher to meet his thrust. I arch my back pushing my ass upwards. Please hurry uncle. Just do it.
I squeeze my ass cheeks together as tight as i can. He stops moving
” michelle relax i cant move if your squeezing that much ” as i relax he begins pumping into me again getting faster. He starts mumbling how tight i am how good it feels. Faster he pumps, i feel sweat dripping onto my back, he is grunting louder. He starts pushing in deeper and stopping buried in me. Pulls out till just his head is in and rams it back in. Pulls my hips back into him as he pushes forward. I feel his dick swell and start twitching. “Here it comes ” i feel his cum shot into me. He jerks and pumps into me a few more times before pulling out. After he gets off me He throws the covers up over me and i lay there with his cum running out of my ass.

The next morning i get up and see $100 bill on my might stand.

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