This is what happened next on that hot Summer day

This all started one day many years ago on one particularly hot Summer’s day.  All my Brother Brad and I wanted to do was use my aunts swimming pool in exchange for a few chores. One thing led to another and the both of us found ourselves in a lust-filled unprovoked consensual fuck session in her garage, We were shortly caught in the act by my crazy Aunt who saw the whole thing and demanded that we finish while she watched. Afterwards Aunt Karen had decided she would taste my snatch and then be next in line to receive Brad’s amazing length.

Brad looked as if he were beside himself. There stood our Aunt Karen almost completely naked with the exception of her tan colored pantyhose and shoes. It was almost as if the shitty garage light were reflecting only her entire supple silhouette. Being the odd-ball of our family, I guess I never really noticed that she had such an amazing figure. This woman had great breasts, a firm ass, and perfectly toned legs. She must have gotten them from wearing her high heels almost every waking moment. I don’t remember her ever having them off, unless it was to put on another pair. She looked amazing right now and I felt a little envious at her phenomenal female frame. She was just smiling away at my brother as she collected some of the moisture that was forming around her crotch with her fingertips.


“Don’t be so shy Bradley, come over here.” Karen said softly as she too sat on the edge of the old work bench giving a few pats to the top of it. Brad slowly eased his way back toward the both of us still trying to hike up his skirt. Now our Aunt had both of his hand in hers and started to rub them against her perky bosom.

“See, that’s not so bad is it?’ She chuckled.

“No, they feel really nice but, I can’t do that with you Aunt Karen….you’re my Aunt Karen.” Brad stammered out. He was obviously nervous.

“Sure you can.” Karen assured him. “You just did those things with your own sister, right? Don’t worry, I won’t tell anybody. It will just be our little secret.”

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She smiled and Brad smiled back. In doing so Karen maneuvered his hands toward her crotch. She was now giving him commands on what to do to her next as if he were under some sort of seductive hypnosis. the only thing I could do was sit back and see how this all played out as sweat continued to poor from me. Was my Brother really going to fuck our Aunt now too?

Karen sat back a bit further on the bench almost exactly where I was just a few minutes before. She drew Brad in close with her.

“Honey I don’t want to take my shoes off in here and I can’t take my pantyhose off so you will just have to make a hole in them for me.” Karen said slyly.

“You want me to rip your pantyhose?” Brad said stunned.

“Yes dear, just big enough so you can get to all my…. yummy parts.” laughed Aunt Karen.

I had to see this. Brad dug his fingers in the weakest point in the nylon and tore her hose wide open exposing her soaking wet vagina. I had to admit from one female to the next, she had a very pretty pussy. Brad wasted no time and his skirt, my skirt, hit the floor. Up sprang his mighty length again like this had all happened before.

Aunt Karen gasped at the sight of her costly hosiery being shredded and the thought of being impaled by her nephew’s girth.

“Oh that’s right honey, you know what to do with that now don’t you?” Karen said in a breathy voice.

Seeing it from the outside was kind of surreal for me to see. I had just been on the receiving end of my Brother’s rigid shaft, but seeing it from another point of view was somehow making me even hornier. Without warning Brad grabbed both of my Aunt’s knees and threw them over his shoulders tossing Karen flat on her back. She seemed surprised on how focused my Brother was on impaling her now. I too waited in anticipation to see my Aunt would manage to fit all of him inside of her. I could feel my own opening starting to twitch with envy. Brad wasted no time testing the waters and instead crammed his entire self up into our Aunt’s abdomen in one swift motion. Karen’s eyes widened and she looked as if she were about to scream bloody murder. She clutched the edges of the bench and gasped aloud obviously in pain.

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“Oh! Oh..Oh my!” She shouted. “It has certainly been a long time since I’ve felt that!”

Karen’s eyes fell into blissful state as she just wrapped her hosed leg around Brad to keep him in place. Now she just stared longingly into her Nephew’s eyes and smiled.

“I’ve never had anything or anyone in me that big before.” Karen cooed looking back at me. “How did you manage to fit his great big cock in you like this?” she asked. But I just smiled back. She slightly loosened her leg lock around Brad and shortly after he began to pump her gently. The two of them began to quietly moan as Aunt Karen began to toss her head about.

“Mmmmmm!” yeah! Bradley keep fucking me just like that.” She moaned as my Brother continued to fill her entire body out.

As she lay there writhing in bliss, Aunt Karen started to paw at my feet and legs. Just watching her getting pounded by my Bro’s massive cock was starting to get me even hotter than before. I could hardly stand it anymore. I moved closer to my Aunt and squatted right down over her face.

“Lick my pussy some more Aunt Karen, it feels so good!” I exclaimed.

Instinctively, she crammed her tongue back up my pussy hole and swirled it around. It felt incredible! Karen wrapped her arms around my thighs and pulled me right on top of her mouth. I could somehow feel my Brother’s stroke in her lips against my clit every time he entered her. I came almost immediately as my eyes rolled back in my head from the pure pleasure I had never known to exist until now. Fuck I never wanted her to stop lapping my juices from my crotch with her smooth lips.

Brad retracted his drippy shaft and flipped my aunt over on her belly. Now she was laying with her head in my lap and bean to lick me good. Brad continued to drive his cock deep inside of her from behind. All I heard was the sounds of their moist genitals colliding faster and faster. At one point our Aunt howled with uncontrollable fury as I was sure that my Brother had mad her reach orgasm.

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“Oh! Oh! Bradley, fuck me harder! C’mon honey, pound my pussy!” She shouted back at Brad. Now our Aunt was REALLY getting into it as she was licking and sucking my snatch even harder. I thought I was going to cum again instantly when she started fondling my tits while tonguing my box. Fuck! I had never dreamed of experiencing anything like this, especially with another woman, in my life. My own Aunt had her mouth on my snatch as my Brother pummeled her defenseless ass from behind. I guess this was officially a threesome.

Suddenly Aunt Karen sat up, wiped her mouth and muttered “your turn.” with a grin. With no previous experience, instinct took control as my Aunt and I switched places. She sat down on the bench where I just did as I bent myself over the front of it. Karen spread her legs far apart and I could see her raw cunt glistening in the light. I had never really seen another woman’s vagina before but I knew what had to happen next. I brought my face closer to the opening in her now shredded nylon stockings. She gently placed her hand on the back of my head and began to imitate what she had been doing to me for the last several minutes. It was a strange feeling but an interesting taste. I swirled my tongue around the openings of her puffy cunt lips and she bucked wildly. I was doing it! I was orally pleasing my first woman and she was loving it!

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