Allie’s Bad Night

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Tonight would be the last night Allie would sneak out of the house.

Kristi, her mom, was at work. Her older sister, Casey, was at her friend’s house for the night. One of Allie’s partners in crime, Anna, was spending the night here. Poor girl. She’s very cute and sweet, but also gullible and not too bright. Me, I spent evenings alone flirting with women in various chat rooms and social sites. Yeah, my attempt at going straight got derailed before it even started. I just like women and girls too much. I tried, but Kelly came with two teenage daughters and those teenage daughters had friends and, well, it’s kinda like a recovering alcoholic walking into a bar. He’s gonna drink.

Allie can easily pass for fifteen and advertises herself as a young-looking seventeen. She’s a slightly heavy girl, more curvy than fat; a white girl with a black girl’s tits and ass. She’s already a c-cup, 36C, and I guess a size twelve or so, still sexy to me. Throw in the fact that she wears a little more make-up than a girl her age should and that she likes to prance around in short shorts and tight tanks, and well, if that don’t your motor running, you’re either gay, in denial or dead.

At about eleven, I heard them trying to sneak down the hall and out the back door. Allie had told me on more than one occasion that I was not her “real dad”, so I didn’t even bother to stop them and she knew it. Her brazenness irritated me.

I knew where they were headed, the high school down the street. I left five minutes after they did. I hid in the woods behind the visitor bleachers by the football field. The moon was full and it was more like dusk than night.

They were just behind the bleachers, maybe ten feet away from me. I pulled out my camera and zoomed in.

Two boys were there, skinny white guys with snapback hats and their shirts off. Allie was in one guy’s lap, topless and he was running one hand over her tits and the other inside her shorts. I snapped off a couple. They might come in handy later.

Anna and the other guy were a few feet away from them. She was laying on the grass and he was on top her, one hand pawing at her chest over her shirt. Anna seemed a little uncomfortable, but didn’t seem to mind kissing him.

Allie got off her guy’s lap and had him lay down as she unzipped his shorts and pulled them to his knees. She took his five-inch cock in her mouth.

She was a damn good cocksucker, stroking his dick, sucking the head and swirling her tongue around it, licking him up and down and taking him all the way in. I thought, you won’t be able to take mine, but I’ll definitely try.

She suddenly gagged and popped off him, cum dripping from her mouth as she spat it out.

“What the fuck, bitch?” he yelled. “You said you like to swallow!”

“If you warn me first, asshole!” She shot back.

“C’mon, Kyle,” he said to his friend who had just gotten his hand under Anna’s shirt. “We’re leaving.”

“Sorry, babe, he’s my ride,” Kyle said, a little disappointed. Anna looked a little relieved.

Allie and Anna stood up to leave. Their path to the bleachers took them right past where I waited. I pulled on a ski mask and put several zip ties in my pocket.

I took a deep breath and waited for them to pass. As soon as they did, I came out, arms spread and rushed them from the side of the path. Allie had Anna by the hand, leading her. I caught them both and we all fell into the brush on the side of the path. I managed to tie one of Anna’s wrists to a small sapling. Allie jumped up and ran, but not far. I tackled her and managed to get her ankles tied together with a pair of zip ties looped around each other like a pair of interlocking rings and dragged her back to where Anna was trying to free herself.

I knew she couldn’t and caught Allie trying to crawl away.

I jumped on her again and she screamed as I repeatedly slapped her face and beat her tits. A harsh knee to her cunt finally knocked the fight out of her and I tied her wrists to another small tree. Zip ties are a wonderful thing. Being six-four and two hundred pounds helps too.

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