Girlfriend Fucked In Front Of Her Drunk Boyfriend

Hi guys, . Finally, I have an erotic experience to share with all of you. About me, I’m 6 feet tall.

Coming to the story. This story happened during 2015. I had a plan of going to the Sunburn festival in Goa since many days. I booked the tickets to goa and back to Hyderabad as I live in Hyderabad. I went to the venue at Vagator.I got to know that the show starts at 6 in the evening.

So I decided to
go to the beach there. I saw a couple playing at the beach. I just went closer and saw the girl. They were in mid-twenties. I guess they were friends. The boy saw me while walking. I just smiled at him and he asked me to take a picture of them on his phone. I did the same and said hi.

I got to know that the boy was also from Hyderabad. The girl was from Gujarat. We said bye and I went to the festival.I was a professional photographer not a regular guy who works in an MNC or any firm.

I went to the venue and started taking interviews of people from different nationalities and there I saw these two people the boy and girl coming to my side smiling. I smiled back and we greeted each other. The show was started.There were many counters for drinks. I was in search of water.

They offered me some water. The guy started drinking like a pig and was dancing with the girl. I was watching them.He was a bit out of control and she was holding him.

At one point, she felt tired of dancing and holding him and she let him go and he fell on the ground. I grabbed him and made him sit at a distance. She thanked me for that.

When the party was over, the guy had more credits in his account. Since they were not refundable, he went back to the counter and had even more vodka. I helped him till his bike and she asked for my help for taking him to the hotel as she was afraid he might fall.

I went to her place and made him sleep. She thanked me and offered me a drink. I said I don’t drink. She asked me to give her a company as she was feeling bored. I took Pepsi.She had a shot of vodka. She was little drowsy. She came closer to me.

I held her hand, it was soft. She asked me to help her and take her to her room. I had her hand over my shoulder and her boobs touching me. I wanted to hold her and kiss her tight. After reaching her room door, she hugged me and said, “thank you”.

“You thanked me more than required”. She smiled and saw me in my eyes. She was very close to my face. Soon we ended up kissing each other. The touch of her lips made me hold her tighter. She shivered to the touch of my lip on her lip.

She smiled and saw me in my eyes. She was very close to my face. Soon we ended up kissing each other. The touch of her lips made me hold her tighter. She shivered to the touch of my lip on her lip.

She held my hair, rubbing it slowly. I held her hip and her back and was kissing her. She took me to her room. That guy was totally drunk. We moved him out of the bed and got him to the couch. She then sat on the bed. I went near her kissed her again on her eyes, then slowly came to her ears and licked her ear lobes.

Then I went to her cheeks. They were super soft. I kissed her hard there and after that went to her neck and kissed her neck. She was moaning all the while like, aaahhh…. Mmmmaaa…. And holding me even more tightly.

I pulled her shirt up and her breasts covered by her bra were staring at me. I went to the top portion of her boobs and was kissing there very slowly. She kept her head back and was trying to hold her moans but was failing. Slight moans were coming out of her mouth as mmmm aaaa ssshhh….

I went to her back kissing and didn’t remove my lips off her body. I was kissing her all the while. I went to her back and was kissing her back.

Then I went near her bra hook and removed them with my teeth. She was pressing the pillow on her side and was saying, “you are an expert in making a girl hot” in a very feelable voice.
I came back, kissing her nipples one by one, and rolling my lips on them. She was pressing me hard towards her. I took her entire boob in my mouth and was chewing her nipple.

Then I went to her belly, kissed her there, removed the short skirt with my hands and in one go, I pulled her panty and skirt. She was stark naked now.

I went to her hips sucking and leaving love marks all over her body. I like it when a girl is totally aroused and makes such sexy sounds. That’s the reason I make them feel even more pleasured.

I kissed her hip and then kept her legs over my shoulder. I sat on my knees, started kissing her toes and took each in my mouth and sucked them.

I came down kissing her calf muscles, knees, thighs and reached her pussy. I blew some warm air over her pussy which was oozing wet juices. I kissed her pussy walls. She was shivering. I liked it and was pressing my head there.

I went to the other leg starting from the thigh back till the toe.

Suddenly I came to her pussy and started licking it. She didn’t even realize that I would reach her pussy in a second.She shivered and squirted on my face. I wiped it with the bedsheet.

She pulled me up and told me she wants to take my tool in her mouth. She was shocked looking at my tool. It was 6 inches long and 2 and a half inches wide.

Her hand wasn’t enough to completely cover my dick. She was stroking the dick and pulling the foreskin back and forth. She kissed the cock tip and took all of it in her mouth.Even though she gagged, she didn’t take it out for 15 seconds and was shaking her head.

Then she took it out of her mouth and my dick was covered in her saliva. Again she took the tip of my cock, licked it and took the cock in her mouth and bobbed her head in and out. I was feeling like I would cum any time now.

My cock was vibrating and she noticed it and took her mouth out and said that she wanna see her boyfriend who is a pimp and a drunkard while getting fucked. I lied on the bed, she came on top of me, held my cock and pressed into her pussy slowly as it was a bit painful for her.

Within 5 minutes of 10 slow pushes, my dick vanished inside her cock. She was looking at her boyfriend and started stroking slowly. I was looking in her eyes and her dancing boobs. She increased her speed and started moaning loudly.

I was unable to control. I rolled her on the bed and started fucking her at jet speed. She cummed twice but I hadn’t finished yet. She said to hold on for a while and asked me whether we can have a break. But I didn’t listen to her words and kept fucking her.

When I was about to cum, I pulled my dick out and sprayed my semen on the bed. She said she had seen people getting done in 5-10 minutes but I was fucking her for half an hour and still managed not to cum. We slept hugging.

I woke up at 5 in the morning and saw her sleeping next to me. I slowly spread her legs and started licking her cunt putting my tongue deep in it. She woke up pressing my head. She was all wet. I got on top of her.

She asked me, “Can you fuck me while I face my boyfriend standing and on doggy style?”

I was more than happy for that. I made her face her boyfriend, held her hair from the back and her hip with other hand and started banging her. I didn’t stop for a long time and finally when I was about to finish, she held my cock from the back and stroked it. I came. Her pussy was filled with our juices. I kissed her pussy and made her sleep again.

She said she came twice and also counted the number of strokes it went in and out for 1040 times non-stop! She asked me how I did that? I said I read a lot of body control books and practice them. In the morning, her bf woke up and said thank you for dropping her safely and being there for them. I shook his hand and went to the festival.

As it was a four days festival, we had sex for 3 days. The last day her boyfriend had sex with her and she said she remembered me while he was fucking her or if not she wouldn’t have cummed. I took it as a compliment. I don’t want to reveal their names and I guess our readers are far intelligent to not get confused.

Please give me feedback on the story (good or bad) and if you are looking for any sex-related tips, email me and we can discuss. I stay in Hyderabad. If any female wants to talk about their sexual issues, do mail me at [email protected].
this story is only my imagination only i do not have any sexual experience in my life im still virgin and i’m 26 years old young man waiting for a hookup

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