Met a beauty in the Bus stand

Hii Friends, This is Krishna. I work as a developer in an MNC. I want to share my first experience with you.

I was travelling to my hometown that day. I went to MGBS for my bus. I purchased a Thumsup tin as i fell thirsty. I was waiting for my bus, then i saw a girl whose is really beautiful and her eyes are damn attractive. I started observing her and suddenly she saw me. Immediately i turned out my eyes from her but my heart is pushing me to see. I have seen her again after 5 mins gap after sometime she started looking at me.

I thought she might be familiar to me and i just wanted to confirm. She is talking to her friend and i have waited till her friend left. Then i observed that she started looking at me. I went to her and asked her.

Me: Hi, Do i know you ?
She: Sorry, I haven’t seen you before.
Me: Its fine i feel you are familiar to me. Its nice meeting you.
She: Its okay. No problem.
Me: Are you travelling too ?
She: Yes, Thats why we come to bus stand right. With a smile.
Me: Seems you have nice sense of humor.
She: It seems you are too nervous in talking with girls.
Me: Wow how did you know it.
She: I can sense it on your face.
Me: Nice. Where are you travelling ?
She: Warangal, What about you ?
Me: Vijayawada, So different paths ? I said sadly.
She: Haha why are you so sad ?
Me: I thought you will be a great company to me in the journey.
She: Don’t you think we can have company if we are in different buses ?
Me: I understood her intention and asked her number. We exchanged our numbers.
We chatted the whole night that day and felt really happy about her.

After i returned to hyderabad i asked her for a date. She came to Indira Park and we talked nearly 4 hrs and had dinner and dropped her at her neighbors home. Like this we met few times and watched a movie.

In our conversation i sensed that she is slowly connected to me and i asked her to celebrate new year with me. She said i wanna celebrate it with you but i can’t come out that time from neighbors house. I told her to come by evening saying that you are going to friend’s room. She said okay and asked but where do i need to stay ? I smiled and said you can come to my room.

She asked its too long for me. Then i started thinking and told her that i will book a room and we can celebrate and stay there. She said ok and came with me. We both entered in to the room.

I asked her to turn around as she came in a traditional dress. she showed her dress to me and i just hugged her immediately and she responded casually. Then I slowly started kissing her and she started responding positively. I started removing her clothes and she stopped me and she wanted to tell something to me. I said please go ahead and she told me that she is no more interested in love. I was shocked and she said don’t make any emotional bonding with me. I was surprised and didn’t know how to react and said its fine to me.

She started taking initiative to the romance and I had my first experience with her and she is really sweet and beautiful girl i ever met. We used to meet frequently and had fun.

If any women interested in casual dates/relationship please shoot an email to [email protected]

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