Mom was a great teacher

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My life had sucked for the last eight years. One day I came home early from a business trip and found my wife of ten years sucking off the lawn guy. I said nothing but just left to go find a lawyer. My ten year old daughter Kelly, was in the next room as Brenda’s mouth was being filled with his jizz. When I got back Brenda, was gone along with all her clothes and sundries, and the $3,000 stash I kept for emergencies. I was devastated, but just changed the sheets, had a few drinks, and went to sleep. I was mentally exhausted. I found a note in the morning that simply said “What the fuck did you expect! You are always gone. I’m still young and needed you!”

I had to admit that my job did take me out of town almost every week, but I had always attempted to make my time home “quality time”. I thought we had enjoyed dinner and movies, etc and the sex when we had our date nights had always been pretty good, especially if she had a few drinks beforehand. In addition I had provided her and Kelly with a nice house and a financially stable lifestyle. Neither Brenda or Kelly lacked for any material things.

In the morning I talked to Kelly and tried to explain the situation as nicely as I could. I told her that her mother was gone and would not be coming back. She cried, of course. I held her and told her, as only a dad can do, that I’d do my best to make everything better.

I had been Brenda’s first. On her eighteenth birthday she had practically attacked me. Little did I know or expect that she was knocked up on that first night. Her two best friends, Marsha and Candy, were pregnant as well. They all gave birth on the same day. Out came Kelly, Casandra and Missy as my fellow fathers sat in the waiting room. This whole history ran through my mind that night.

I made an appointment to see my boss later that day and explained to him that my wife had left and asked if there was any way I could work out my personal problems and still be productive for the company. He invited me into his office and told me they had been considering a work from home program and I might be a logical candidate for a beta test. It meant a slightly lower salary but a higher commission rate and I was all in.

Since my territory spanned all four time zones I was pretty sure I could manage being Mr. Mom while still contributing to the bottom line of the company. They provided me with a computer and I was ready to go. I adapted quickly to the change and did well while still providing my ten year old with all the parental nurturing she deserved and needed. I took joy in her growth and on the rare occasions when I had to go somewhere Candy and Marsha were always willing to pitch in.

Kelly, Casandra, and Missy all became fast friends. I was a good Mr. Mom and them loved coming over to the house and lolling in the pool or playing Foosball. I loved watching them grow up.

Candy and Marsha’s husbands had left them about a year before Brenda left and I have to say that I enjoyed the praise of the two women about my parenting skills. Candy was always a bit flirty and I enjoyed that too even though I never took her bait.

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