Mom was a great teacher

My life had sucked for the last eight years. One day I came home early from a business trip and found my wife of ten years sucking off the lawn guy. I said nothing but just left to go find a lawyer. My ten year old daughter Kelly, was in the next room as Brenda’s mouth was being filled with his jizz. When I got back Brenda, was gone along with all her clothes and sundries, and the $3,000 stash I kept for emergencies. I was devastated, but just changed the sheets, had a few drinks, and went to sleep. I was mentally exhausted. I found a note in the morning that simply said “What the fuck did you expect! You are always gone. I’m still young and needed you!”

I had to admit that my job did take me out of town almost every week, but I had always attempted to make my time home “quality time”. I thought we had enjoyed dinner and movies, etc and the sex when we had our date nights had always been pretty good, especially if she had a few drinks beforehand. In addition I had provided her and Kelly with a nice house and a financially stable lifestyle. Neither Brenda or Kelly lacked for any material things.

In the morning I talked to Kelly and tried to explain the situation as nicely as I could. I told her that her mother was gone and would not be coming back. She cried, of course. I held her and told her, as only a dad can do, that I’d do my best to make everything better.


I had been Brenda’s first. On her eighteenth birthday she had practically attacked me. Little did I know or expect that she was knocked up on that first night. Her two best friends, Marsha and Candy, were pregnant as well. They all gave birth on the same day. Out came Kelly, Casandra and Missy as my fellow fathers sat in the waiting room. This whole history ran through my mind that night.

I made an appointment to see my boss later that day and explained to him that my wife had left and asked if there was any way I could work out my personal problems and still be productive for the company. He invited me into his office and told me they had been considering a work from home program and I might be a logical candidate for a beta test. It meant a slightly lower salary but a higher commission rate and I was all in.

Since my territory spanned all four time zones I was pretty sure I could manage being Mr. Mom while still contributing to the bottom line of the company. They provided me with a computer and I was ready to go. I adapted quickly to the change and did well while still providing my ten year old with all the parental nurturing she deserved and needed. I took joy in her growth and on the rare occasions when I had to go somewhere Candy and Marsha were always willing to pitch in.

Kelly, Casandra, and Missy all became fast friends. I was a good Mr. Mom and them loved coming over to the house and lolling in the pool or playing Foosball. I loved watching them grow up.

Candy and Marsha’s husbands had left them about a year before Brenda left and I have to say that I enjoyed the praise of the two women about my parenting skills. Candy was always a bit flirty and I enjoyed that too even though I never took her bait.

On the girls eighteenth birthday I hosted a party for them. Both Candy and Marsha were out of town for some real estate convention so I was the lone chaperon. It was a small gathering with just the girls and their dates. My daughter’s boyfriend, Jeff, was a really nice kid. He was respectful to Kelly and me. Casandra’s boyfriend seemed to be cut from the same cloth. Missy’s boyfriend was a jerk and after they had words he soon left. He sort of ruined the party.

I turned up the music to ease the atmosphere. Everyone seemed to relax and have a good time. Missy jumped back in the pool and swam for a bit until she climbed up on a raft and sunned herself. All three of the friends had grown to be beautiful young women. Missy was the most stunning of all. She has flaming red hair and nicely developed tits. The pool water was cold and as she climbed onto the raft I could detect some hard puffy nipples underneath that thin top. I watched her sunbathe on the raft for a bit while I tended to the snack bar. I mentally chastised myself for having the thoughts that were running through my head.

She sort of slithered up the wall of the pool and nested in a chaise. She pulled her bikini bottom up and the fabric was securely nestled in her beautiful soft slit. In addition, I could see her bright red pubes peaking around the crotch of her bottom. I started to get hard and hid it behind an empty tray as I went in the house.

I rushed for the shower and as I felt the warm water pulse over my body, relieved the pressure on my balls. I squirted my stuff all over the shower door and then turned the temperature down until I was presentable again. Missy was still on the chaise and greeted me with a smile.

Fast forward three months.

They had all been accepted at the same college and vowed to be best friends for life. It was graduation weekend and of course I attended the ceremony. Someone hosted a party and I went home. I wondered what my life would be like without Kelly as the focus. I was proud that I had raised a bright, inquisitive, and caring ten year old to maturity. Men aren’t really equipped to answer questions about things like mensuration and sex to a young blooming woman. It embarrassed us both but I got the job done. Thankfully Marsha and Candy stepped up when it came time to buy bras.

I was home alone and pulled off my swim trunks and took a dip before taking my place on the chaise and reflecting on the last eight years. I pulled the trunks back on before the girls came home at about midnight. I woke to Kelly kissing me on the cheek and could smell the whiskey on her breath.

“I shouldn’t drive. Can you take Missy home?” The previous plan was for her to be the designated driver if they served booze at the party. I told her I would and headed off to pull on a tank top. When I got to the door Missy was waiting for me.

“Thank you Mr. G! We can always count on you.” There was definitely whiskey on her breath as well. I took her to the car by the arm and held the door for her as she climbed in. She thanked me and we drove the fifteen miles to her house in silence except for her humming to the music. When we pulled into the drive I asked where her mother was. She told me she was out of town at a convention again with Cassandras mother. They both sold real estate.

I walked her to the door. She looked up at me. “I know I locked this door and it’s not locked now.” I went back to the car and unlocked the glove box to pull out my .380 and a flashlight. I told her to stay outside while I checked the house. I searched all the rooms and told her all was clear.

“Did you check under the beds?” I admitted that I hadn’t and this time she wanted to go with me. It was a three bedroom ranch and I checked the first two while she walked close to me. The last was her room and she sort of leaped on the bed while I got on my knees and checked under it.

It was all clear and as I got up I was looking at her on her knees on the bed with her skirt hiked up and no panties on. “How do I look Mr. G? Do you see anything you like?”

I saw a lot that I liked and it had been a few months since I had felt or tasted the pleasure of a woman. I told her it was beautiful but reminded her that I was old enough to be her father. It was, indeed, beautiful. I could see her brown rosebud of an ass and the same large labia I had spotted some months ago when she gave me a show. The pussy fur had been trimmed back from her lips but she was still stunning.

She reached her hand down between her legs and began to stroke herself. I know I should have gotten up and left but I was sort of riveted to the spot.

She rolled over on her back and proffered her wet fingers to me. I opened my mouth and sucked all her dew from them. “Do I taste good to you? I like the way I taste.” She pushed her fingers in her cunt again and then licked them seductively. I told her she tasted fantastic. She did.

Somehow her blouse was down to one button and as she undid that I could see the bright pink lace bra that held up those nice firm tits. She shrugged off the blouse and undid the catch at the front of her bra. They were fantastic, with glowing red puffy nipples.

“Please suck on them. No man or boy has ever even touched them before. I know my mom can suck her own but I can’t. I need a man to do it. I need you to do it!”

I started to object. I knew it was wrong but my lips seemed to be magnetically drawn to them. I tasted her sweet flesh and felt her nipples swell in my mouth as her moans demonstrated her pleasure. My fingers found their way up her leg to her dripping pussy. I slid them in and out as her moans got louder. She finally clamped down on them and soaked my palm with her juice. I backed off and licked my hand clean.

“Why not go to the source of all that juice? Be the first man and last man to ever drink from that maiden fountain. I backed off.

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“What do mean by last?”

“Tonight you are going to fuck me. Tonight you are going to make me a woman!”

She spread her legs for me and my tongue found her clit while my fingers stroked her cunt. She came long and hard. My balls were aching.

My fingers were once again inside her soft and tight cunt. “Why do you want me? I’m old and the young guys probably swarm around you like bees to honey.”

“You’re handsome, nice, and definitely well hung.”

That took me back a bit. “How do know how large I am?”

“At the birthday party I saw you watching my nipples swell in the cool water and when I showed you my pooched out pussy I saw your bulge grow before you ran into the house trying to hide it. You were in such a hurry to relieve your need that you left your bedroom door open. I followed you and watched you jerk off in the shower and shoot your seed all over the shower door. I was amazed at the size and amount you produced. In sex-ed we were taught that most guys are half your size. After you finished and left I went in to lick any residue from the door but you had rinsed it all off. I want to taste you.”

She pulled me to my feet and yanked down my swim trunks. My hard-on pointed straight at her She took it in without hesitation. She was amazing. It was like she had been sucking cocks for years. She had me gone in about ten minutes. I told her how great that felt and asked her what she thought.

“I loved the taste of you and the smell of you. I really loved the taste of your cum and I could almost feel those little squiggly guys swimming in my mouth and down my throat. Now, part of you is part of me! Will you eat me again while you recover?” I told her that first I wanted to know how she learned to suck like that.

“After the birthday party I came home and was horny as hell. Mom wasn’t home so I went into her room and took the largest dildo she had from the collection in her nightstand. It was as close as I could get to you. I got out an old used towel and sat on it while I imagined that it was your cock in my cunt and busting my cherry. It didn’t hurt as much as I expected and I didn’t bleed nearly as much as I had been warned about. Two days later Mom was looking for it and checked my drawer. She didn’t reprimand me at all, but decided to teach me how to keep a man happy and what I could hope to find in a partner. She reached into the drawer and pulled out the dildo and proceeded to show me how to suck it. I practice with it every night. Everybody in town knows what a slut she is so she certainly has had the experience to teach me.”

“That’s not a nice way to refer to your mother. I like the way she has stepped up and helped me with Kelly and taken care of you.”

“Mr. G, you are probably the last man left in this town that she hasn’t fucked or sucked, although that’s not for lack of effort on her part. I’ve been watching her throw herself at you for years. You had to notice.” I acknowledged that I had noticed but since she and Brenda had been such good friends it just felt wrong.

She stroked her clit a few times and offered her fingers to me. “Are you going to eat this pussy again or what?” I grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her hips. My tongue worked her clit while I fingered her again. When she came I moved my hand down and swirled a finger around her rosebud. Her motor started running and I raised her hips to give me free access to her anus. I pressed my tongue as far as I could into that tiny thing and her pleasure moans became pants and then screams.

I was ready to fuck. I asked if she was on the pill and she shook her head no. “Just pull out in time and finish in my mouth!” It had taken Brenda about seven years and a bunch of booze to comply with that wish from me and here was a young nubile goddess asking me for it!

“Please. Just fuck me! Make me a woman tonight! Push that beautiful big hunk of meat into my tiny virgin cunt! “She was once again on her knees with her ass in my face. I gave her anus another few licks for good measure and stood behind her. I pushed in just my head and she moaned a bit. I didn’t want to hurt her but I also didn’t see how I could prevent it. I pushed in as slowly as my little brain would let me. After about ten agonizing minutes I finally I had all ten inches in her cunt and began to slowly stroke her. She screamed with delight.

“Yes Mr. G fuck me like the little bitch in heat that I am and your the top-dog that you are! Make me your bitch!”

I picked up the pace and she began to moan loudly. I was glad the nearest neighbor was a half mile away. I reached around her and pressed on her clit and could feel her cunt tighten around my cock. I was ready to cum as she did and when she clamped so hard I wasn’t sure I could pull out in time. She screamed as I pulled out and I spun her around and pushed my hard cock into her mouth just as I came. Her orgasm continued as I blew in her mouth for the second time that night. When we were both done I laid next to her on the bed as we caught our breath. My hands gently caressed her young firm tits. I knew what I just did was wrong but I also knew that she had just given me some of the best sex I’d ever had.

“Thank you Mr. G. I’ve been looking forward to that for so very long. I can’t believe your wife let you get away. Can I ask you a favor? ” I told that she could, of course. “I want you to come back tomorrow afternoon and take my virgin ass. One night when my Mom was pretty drunk she told me how much she enjoyed it even if she couldn’t sit down afterwards.”

I told her that would hurt a lot but she said, “I’ve been using the dildo there as well and even though it isn’t as big as you, I think I can handle it.” I told her I’d have to think about it for a while and wondered aloud how much that happened tonight was because of the drinking.

“Mr. G, none of us were drinking. We each took a mouthful and swirled it around so we could convince you we had. This was a ruse to get you out of the house. Please don’t tell Kelly I told you, but at the same time you were giving me that wonderful fucking, Kelly and Casandra were losing their virginity too. I guess the apples really don’t fall far from the tree.”

I was totally confused and shocked. “You mean my little girl Kelly…?”

“Is not a little girl anymore. We all have to grow up sometime. We decided that tonight was the night. Kelly is with Jeff who is a nice guy and Cassandra’s with Bobby.” The shock gradually went away. I knew it would happen sometime and I wouldn’t be there to comfort her and hold her to ease her pain like I had when she fell skating and broke her arm.

“What did you mean about the apple?”

She looked incredulous. “You don’t know about that night?” I just shook my head. “Didn’t it always seem strange to you that three best friends gave birth on the same day after being knocked up by their boyfriends?”

“I just thought it a weird coincidence.” In truth I had always remembered that night when three eighteen year old girls sort of threw themselves at three twenty-two year old guys who were about ready to graduate from the local college.

“They had been so close for such a long time that their cycles were all in sync. They all knew that they had just ovulated that day and wanted to get knocked up by a college grad who could take care of them comfortably for the rest of their lives. You were all used as sperm donors and future breadwinners! I’m guessing that’s why none of the marriages worked out.”

An alarm went off in my head. “Kelly’s not going to get pregnant is she?”

“No. As you know she is on the pill and so is Cassandra. We’re much more prepared to make our own way in the world. We decided we needed to get over the hurdle of virginity before we left for college. Better with someone we liked then some drunken frat boy who just slipped us a date rape drug. I will certainly never want to forget this night.”

“Does Kelly know that I’m here with you?” My heart sank.

“She thinks I’m here with Ben and that you are with my Mom. It was sort of a ruse within the ruse.”

I had to go but didn’t really want to. I gave her the first long kiss on the lips of the night and thanked her for her gift. She thanked me as well and I started to get dressed. I pulled my shirt on first and when I bent over to pull up my trunks I felt her fingers gliding up and down my ass crack. She turned me around and knelt behind me.

“This felt so good to me I thought I should return the favor.” She spread my cheeks and her tongue found the target. Her hand found my cock and began to stroke it as it got hard. She turned me around and started to take me back in her mouth for the third time. She gave me a wicked little smile. “If I do this will you promise to comeback tomorrow afternoon?” Of course she had me and her warm mouth readily accepted my hot cock as her fingers continued to tease my anus. It took longer this time but not for her lack of skill. And when I finally came, the portion I fed her was not as generous as the last two. She still seemed to savor every drop.

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When she was done sucking out even the residue I pulled her to her feet and gave her a nice long and deep kiss.

Should I bring my own lube or do you have some?”

She gave me a derisive look and opened her drawer to pull out a squirt bottle of almond oil. “Three o’clock then?” I assured her that I would be there and she told me the door would be unlocked and to just find her in her room. I left wondering what I had just done and how wise it was.

When I got home I was tempted to check on Kelly but resisted the urge. As I walked by her door I could hear her and Cassandra giggling. I guessed there was no need for comfort from me. A milestone had been breached.

When I woke I was surprisingly hard. Normally, when this happens I usually take care of it but I knew that Missy wanted to feel my balls unload in her ass and fill it. I wanted to provide her with a full measure. I just took a cold shower, dressed and went to the kitchen. As I walked by the laundry closet I could hear the washer running.

Cassandra and Kelly already had bacon on, toast ready to be pushed down, and eggs ready to scramble. It actually did seem like they had grown up overnight. Normally the only times Kelly cooked me breakfast were Fathers Day and my birthday. Every other day it was my morning task.

I thanked them and they asked what my plans were for the day. I told them that I had an appointment in the afternoon but nothing else. “Is it OK if we invite some friends over for a swim?”

I went along with the ruse from the night before, trying to sound stern. “No more booze. You’re both under-age and drinking and swimming can be very dangerous!”

In almost perfect unison they replied, “Yes sir!”

I puttered around in the yard for awhile and they offered to help. In retrospect, I think they were just trying to get rid of me. I showered again, left them to their plans, and went to lunch. I enjoyed a burger, fries, and beer at the local tavern while listening to the usual bar-banter. I left at two-thirty and took a slow drive up to Missy’s place. I arrived about ten minutes early.

The door was unlocked and I could hear a muffled buzz coming from her room. I decided to sneak down the hall and watch her preparations. She was laying on her back with her legs bent at the knees. She had a vibrating dildo jammed up her ass and I could see the oil running down her crack. In one hand she had the dildo that she had shown me last night and she was stroking it in and out of her cunt. In her other hand she had another dildo that she appeared to have mostly gotten down her throat.

I watched her succumb to four good orgasms as my cock grew hard. When I couldn’t take it anymore I made my presence known. She looked up at me, smiled, and rolled over and assumed all fours at the edge of the bed. I knelt behind her, pulled out the vibrator, and substituted my tongue. I turned it off and presented it to her lips. She looked surprised at first but then eagerly began to suck it clean. The other dildo was still in her cunt and I took it from her hand and stroked it in and out slowly as I rimmed her ass. She came hard and sprayed my chin with her sweet juice. I licked it up and the mix of the almond oil and her cum was fantastic.

I felt her anus open even more with that orgasm and was ready to plunder it. I stood, grabbed the bottle of oil and lubed my cock up well before presenting to her gaping hole. She began to beg me to do it and I slowly pushed in. I didn’t stroke yet because I was afraid I would cum if I did. I had thought her cunt was tight the night before but this was like pushing the camel through the proverbial “eye of the needle”. It was so tight that it hurt and that slowed me down just enough so I could try something different.

I pulled the dildo from her cunt rather abruptly, which made her moan and then turned on the vibrating one and began to push it in and out. Her orgasm was like nothing I had ever experienced. I knew it was numbing her a bit and turned it off just as I squirted my load deep into her ass. She came with me and I stayed in until I began to soften.

She was still panting when I pulled out and rolled on my back. “That was fucking amazing! I can’t imagine sex ever being that good again. Is it OK if I clean you up?” I just nodded. “I hope this is OK to do.” She took my soft cock in her mouth and scrubbed it with her tongue. Then she licked the almond oil off my balls where it had run down. I returned the favor and fed her my spent cum when I had sucked out all I could.

“I know there are only a couple of months before I have to leave for college. Will you keep this up until I have to go? We can keep it a secret. Kelly and Cassandra have jobs for the summer. I don’t, and my Mom is always at work. You seem to have a pretty flexible schedule.” We could just have afternoon trysts?”

She was right, we could probably get away with it and we did for two more months. The sex was always great and no one ever knew except she and me. When it came time for the girls to leave for school I volunteered to drive them. Candy and Marsha were working as usual, but were there to send them off. Before we left, Candy leaned into my car window and said she and Marsha would like to treat me to dinner for taking the time to do this. I agreed and she gave me the name of a nice restaurant in town. She asked if I thought I could make it back by eight. I told her that barring some difficulty or traffic I would be there.

When I got the girls to school I helped them take their stuff to their room. They had been lucky enough to get a tri-room with all them assigned to it. When the hauling was done they all thanked me for the ride and all I had done for them over the years with a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

I walked down to my car and as I put the key in the ignition When I put it reverse there was Missy, standing outside my window. I put the window down and asked what she had forgotten. “I wanted to thank you for making me a woman and doing it with such care and consideration. You always put me first and I thank you for that.” She leaned in and kissed me full on the lips as her tongue found it’s way into my mouth.

I was pretty retrospective as I drove home. I knew in my heart that she would find a lover to grow old with and hoped that he would treat her like the bright young woman she had become. The ride home was uneventful and I easily made the eight o’clock appointment for dinner. Since I was early I sat at the bar and ordered a Boodles on the rocks with three olives. The bartender looked at me with respect as he served it. He knew it is the best gin in the world.

Candy and Marsha came in soon afterwards. I insisted on paying for their drinks. Candy sat to my right and was very close. Marsha was to my left and not much further away. We made small talk about their dorm and room and remembered all the sleep-overs and parties that had ensued over the years.

We were called to the table and I was the envy of every guy in the place as I held their chairs for them. Candy look stunning with her simple black dress held up by linguine thin straps. I wondered how they could possibly be expected to hold up those DD tits that obviously were not being supported by a bra. Marsha was dressed only slightly more modestly with a red silky and slinky dress that actually showed off her A or B tits by covering everything but hiding nothing. Her hard nipples, poking through the material, left little to the imagination.

Candy ordered a bottle of wine and told the waiter to keep it coming if it looked even close to empty. He brought it to the table and after letting me sample filled our glasses. Candy took charge.

“We both want to thank you for stepping in to help our daughters through their teens. You have always been there to give them rides when they needed them and fed them about three days a week while we worked. I was silent for a minute and told them that they had wonderful children and it had been a joy for me to watch them all grow up.

The food came and we ate in silence while the waiter brought another bottle of wine and filled our glasses. Candy broke the silence again. “The morning after the night we were all knocked up we compared notes. When Brenda described you we all realized that we had picked the short straws.” Marsha laughed at the pun.

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“Both of us have been searching for that kind of satisfaction for nineteen years. Now that the girls are all away can we finally reach that goal tonight?” Perhaps aided by the wine and the soft feet rubbing my legs. I was hard and ready to go.

They paid the bill and followed me to my house. We didn’t make it through the living room before we were all naked. They just used my cock with their mouths and cunts until I eventually had to cum. When I did, Marsha went down and licked the excess I was pumping into Candy with each stroke. I had the definite impression that they had done this threesome thing before. I had also but it had been years.

By dawn I was totally wiped out but was happy to see that they were both satiated. We slept until noon when I woke to them kissing my balls and licking my cock. I told them I probably had only one more in me and they taunted. “Brenda told us you could do it eight times a night.”

Marsha chimed in, “Yeah; are we not good enough for you?” She pouted but there was mirth in both their eyes. I reminded them that all that was almost twenty years ago. They both sidled up next to me and squeezed me between them. Candy said, “Believe me; we are not disappointed. You’re every bit as good as Brenda told us.”

They each kissed me before sliding back down and licking and sucking me until I came in both their mouths at the same time. They both said they had afternoon showings and left after showering. I decided to clean up and go buy a steak and baking potatoes to cook on the grill. I was used to cooking for two. I went for a swim and decided to nap on the chaise before dinner. The house seemed so quiet without Kelly and friends there. My reverie was shattered when I heard the door chime ring at about six. I got up and pulled on my swim trunks.

At the door was Candy. She had bags in her hand and I invited her in and helped her with them. “I saw you at the market and I saw what you bought. I picked up some cooked shrimp and wine to go with it all. I make a mean cocktail sauce. Marsha and I had a chance to talk today. We decided that we’d like to take care of you and all your needs but we would mostly take turns. Are you OK with that?”

“I thought the two of you were going to kill me last night!”

“You have to realize that between us there was almost forty years of pent up wantonness. Occasionally we would still like to do threesomes but we promise to not hurt you so much.” She moved closer and stroked my semi-hard cock before hooking her thumbs in the band of my trunks and pulling them down. “Can we cook and eat alfresco tonight?” She didn’t wait for an answer but pulled off her top, chemise, and bra before pulling off her slacks and thong. She bent over and kissed my cock. “Poor baby! I promise to be gentle tonight.”

We cooked and ate in almost silence out by the pool. I had put on some mood music and as we ate I felt her soft foot move up to gently fondle my cock. I have to admit to a bit of a foot fetish. One of the best hand-jobs I ever got was actually a foot-job. We complimented each other on the main course and the shrimp and wine as we loaded the dishwasher. As she bent over to put the plates on the bottom rack I was tempted to tease her rosebud but I just wasn’t sure I could follow through.

She must have felt my eyes on her butt. “I want to feel that big cock in there, and I know you like it too, but it can wait.” I had never gone anal with Brenda. She wouldn’t allow it and I honored her wishes, but I said nothing to Candy. We went to bed and I spent most of the night eating her juicy pussy before giving her a long and soft fucking. In the morning I woke to her gently massaging some very soothing balm into the skin of my cock. She didn’t finish me but because of all the recent activity I needed a little break.

I watched her pad to the shower and enjoyed the view as she soaped her soft body and washed her hair. She got dressed as I watched. “I’m pretty booked all day. Marsha just sent me a text saying that she would be here at four and was bringing Chinese food with her.” She leaned over to give me a nice warm kiss. “Have a nice day and tonight enjoy Marsha.”

I showered and went to my home office. I had been considering offering to go back out on the road when Kelly went to college but, in truth what little bit of travel I had done in the last eight or nine years had been a pain in the ass with all the heightened security and restrictions. The idea of having two very sensual women ready to please me, either one at a time or in tandem, pushed my decision to maintain the status quo at work to finality.

Marsha and I enjoyed the Chinese food. Romance and foreplay seem to be much more important to her than it is to Candy. The night was tender and sweet until she finally climaxed. Her orgasms are like fireworks on New Years eve.

Things went along nicely for a few weeks. Keeping up with the two of them was a bit of a challenge but one I enjoyed. One night Candy called and told me she was going to be a little late. I went to the store and bought a couple of lobster tails for the grill along with a decent bottle of a white Chablis. I made some nice rice pilaf to go along with it all. As usual we ate outside and naked. The meal was memorable.

After dinner we cleaned up and Candy asked me if I had heard from Missy. I told her I hadn’t but Kelly gave me regular progress reports on how the three of them were doing. I warily asked why she thought Missy would call me.

“I know the two of you had a thing that, I guess, started the night of that graduation party. I was pissed at first and then jealous. I’d been trying to find a way, or the nerve, to seduce you for years. Missy had been hot for you for who knows how long and I guess she just had the moxie and the young body to pull it off!”

I tried to feign innocence but she obviously knew it all. I asked her how she found out.

“The afternoon after the graduation party I got home early. Marsha and I had an engagement with an older gentleman who was looking for a threesome. As it turned out all he wanted was to watch the two of us go at it and had no interest in participating. We came home early on that Sunday and since I was right next door I stopped at your house to see if Missy needed or wanted a ride home. Kelly greeted me at the door with a bathrobe on and positively reeked of sex. I could hear Cassandra in the front bedroom moaning.”

“Kelly told me that Missy wasn’t there, had left the night before, and had called earlier to say she wasn’t going to make it there that day. I was a little worried about her and decided to skip my plans for a late lunch and head home. Your SUV was there. When you didn’t come out for a half hour I sort of knew and walked around to Missy’s window to look in. As I got close to the window I heard a scream and thought about calling the cops or barging in. Then a second scream came and I recognized it for what it was. Whatever you were doing for her was giving her a whole lot of pleasure. I got to the window and watched as you slid that huge cock in and out of my little girls ass. I was pissed. But when you came in her and later went down to clean it all up I was green with envy.”

“I went to the tavern and picked up some poor guy and fucked his brains out. I had gotten so very hot watching you. I was still a bit pissed and still very jealous but the next day I changed my mind. My first guy was a dick with a small “D”. Her first was a guy who knew what he was doing and did everything in his power to make her happy. My one concern is that she will hold every man in her life up to the standard you set. She may never find it and I hope she doesn’t follow in my footsteps, always seeking it. She’s had three boyfriends so far in college. The last one is a man. He’s a professor. I just hope one sticks that will make her happy for life.” I told I did as well.

“One thing I never understood is why Brenda cheated on you one day and bragged about you the next. When I found out that she was fucking “Once a Day Needle Dick” I was flabbergasted. I gave him one night and said never again. I think Marsha did the same. I told her I understood that I was never there but had always tried to make up for the time away.

“Brenda was an ass, and speaking of asses you haven’t taken my ass yet. I brought the lube with me. Pleasure me like you did Missy that day. I did just that.

My how life had changed.

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