She was just relaxing in the pool

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There were two things I liked about the house next door. The swimming and the daughter. The swimming pool was quite large, with a kiddie-pool at one end and a diving board at the other. The previous owner had been quite lavish in having it put in. It must have been a real disappointment to him to suddenly find himself going bankrupt and having to sell.

The new owner and his wife were fortyish, with two children. The son I hadn’t met as of yet as he had a place of his own but I had met Larissa. She was a honey. A blue-eyed blonde with a delicate face, she had a lovely figure. She was all sweet curves, those curves showing she was nicely padded everywhere a man wants a girl to be padded. She also had a pair of the nicest legs I’d ever seen, long and shapely, seeming to go on forever.

I was observing Larissa right then. She was relaxing in the pool. Not swimming in the main pool but idling around in the kiddie-pool, mainly lying on her back and enjoying the sunshine. Every so often she’d roll over, keeping her skin moist so she wouldn’t burn. At least, I assume that was her intention.

I was fairly sure that it hadn’t occurred to Larissa that my house overlooked the pool. Or if it had occurred to she had assumed that I wasn’t home. Totally wrong, as I both overlooked the pool and was home and looking.

Who wouldn’t be looking if they had the chance? She’d opted to go nude for her little dip. My appreciation of her figure had gone up significantly when she’d come trotting out of the house undressed like that. I was thanking my lucky stars that I’d looked out the window at just the right time and had a chance to enjoy a rare sight.

I was guessing that her parents were both out as she hadn’t seemed as though she’d sun-bathe naked with them about. As a matter of fact I vaguely remembered seeing them drive off once I stopped to think about it. They were both keen golfers and I guessed they were going to spend some time on the links. I just hoped they were going to play eighteen holes.

Reluctantly tearing myself away from the window I went downstairs. Once on the move I wasn’t anything like as reluctant as my destination was the pool next door. It was time I got to know Larissa a bit better. A friendly little chat would help accomplish this.

“Afternoon, Larissa,” I said, sitting down comfortably next to her, her in the pool, me next to it. That didn’t really matter. She was within reach if I cared to reach. I suspected that I would.

“Oh, Tim,” she said, looking slightly startled. “Um, I’m not exactly dressed to receive visitors.”

No kidding? I’d never have guessed. Her reaction struck me as rather strange. No blushing. No screaming or yelling. No frantic attempts to cover herself. Just a blatant disregard of her nudity except to explain she wasn’t really dressed for visitors.

I was a little taken aback. I’d assumed that at this stage I would be trying to persuade her to move her hands, or frantically trying to calm her down, or watching while she ran a time that Usain Bolt couldn’t match while she headed for the house and safety. I was all ready with soft soothing words intended to her a little. Hell, if I relaxed her any more than she already was she’d be comatose.

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