Having sex with a unsatisfied married woman

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Summary: Falling in love with one of my mom’s female friends.

This woman, Amanda, she has been my mom’s best friend since a long time. They were always hanging out together, shopping together, most of the time, mom would spend her free time with her. I was 20 years old and she was a 25 years old married woman, her husband was a Spanish rich man, and they had a son together, that I’ve never met because he was attending college. Amanda was a brunette, her eyes were black, and she had a gorgeous dark brown hair, she was thin, but she did have thick thighs, her ass had a unique shape: it was round, big, it was just perfect. Her boobs weren’t that big, but they were average. She was a nice woman, courageous, humble, friendly and generous.

Well, it all started out, when one day, my mom wanted to pick up some stuff that she forgot at her house. She told me to go and pick it up for her, because she was busy that day. I did what my mom told me to do, and went to hers, she told me to wait in the living room until she finds it for me. She was home alone, I sat there admiring the modern villa that she was living in. She took a while, and when she came back she asked me with a smile on her face: “Did it take long? I’m sorry I thought I knew where it was. But here, I found it.”

“Oh, thank you. I’ll make sure to return it to my mom as soon as possible,” said I with a friendly smile on my face.

Whatever there was in her hands, it was wrapped up in a plastic bag, when she was about to give it to me, it fell from her hands to the floor. So she bent over to pick it back up and her ass was really close to my face, and when she tried to get back up, her butt slammed my face, I never imagined being able to feel her ass on my face, but it just happened. She turned around and said: “Oh excuse me, I didn’t know you were that close.”

My face was already red, it was kind of embarrassing and awkward, and I answered: “It-It’s okay!”

She handed me it, then I rushed to the door, I said good-bye, then ran to my motor-cycle. That’s when I learnt that Amanda was a sexual woman.

At night, I couldn’t stop thinking about that moment, I wasn’t able to sleep. I really felt horny, usually I’d look for some porn and masturbate, but I didn’t this time. I just kept thinking of us having sex. After cumming, it didn’t take much time and I was already asleep.

It was a friday night, 2 weeks after that happened, I was having dinner with my parents, then my mom said: “Hey, anybody wants to go to Amanda’s pool tomorrow? We could hang out there, she won’t mind.”

My dad wasn’t interested, he prefers watching TV the whole day and work on his computer, and since my mom didn’t want to go alone, I had to go with her. I really wanted to go, since I was finally going to see Amanda on a bikini, which is pretty close to being nude.

The next day, we went there by 1pm, I didn’t have my bathing suit on, so I went into one of the rooms and started changing up, I had a summer body, I wasn’t fat and I wasn’t really buffed but it was a well-built body for a guy of my age. I took off my shirt, my jeans and my underwear. Then when I was about to put on my swimming shorts, Amanda came in. She just walked up on me, and stood there watching both my penis and balls exposed, I didn’t have the quick reaction of hiding putting on my shorts. She giggled and said: “I know that you’re a dirty boy, and I would die to feel you inside of me”. Then she just turned around, after winking at me, and left.

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