Friends having sex for the first time

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We are just , that’s what I keep telling myself. Of course he is cute, sexy, has a great body, and we both have a ton in common. But we click so well on all levels. He caught me off guard by coming to my place of work. We both love to workout but he knew I was training someone that day and he did it on purpose. Damn he looked so good in there. Ive never seen him actually workout before. I can tell you it got me so hot. When he asked me out tonight I couldn’t resist. I mean, we are just friends. And we are working on my new training ideas. So its a business dinner. That’s what it is. Nothing more. Shit he is here.

“Hello beautiful, you look amazing.”

“Why thank you Mr. polite, you clean up well yourself.”

“I have a great place in mind so we can talk and not be bothered.”

“Sounds good to me.”

We proceeded to his car and he took me to a great steakhouse. He had us a table in the back corner where no one is close by. He is up to no good. But I love it. We talked for hours and had a great time in each others presence. He is so freaking polite, its hard not to like him. Even the waitress was flirting with him. Bitch. He asked me to go on a walk to let the dinner settle. Im cool with that I said.

After the walk we headed back to the car. He drove me to my house and asked if he could use the bathroom. I sputtered, “I was going to ask you in anyway so you didn’t have to make up an excuse.” We both laughed. We went inside and he went to do his business. I proceeded to the living room and turned on the tv for some back ground noise. I hit the kitchen and poured some wine. From there we hit it off laughing and chatting. It was getting late and we both were slowing down.

“Can I try something on you?’ he asked.

“Sure” i said.

He went to his car and came back quickly.

“Can I put this on you, I want to show you something?”

“Ooooook…I guess. But its a blindfold.”

“Yes I know but I know you will like it.”


He wrapped the cloth around my eyes and tied it gently in the back. I was blind.

“Just be patient and go with it.” he said.

As im waiting for something to be presented or brought in the room, I hear him positioning himself next to me. I feel the couch sink in as he gets close to me. What the hell is he…he whispers in my ear…”Relax”

Oh shit. He begins to kiss my earlobe. No I have to stop…he puts his hand on my thigh. He moves his mouth around my neck. Hand goes down my leg. Goose bumps are on my arm. I close my eyes under the blindfold. I can feel my breathing slow down and get deeper. Both of his hands grab my arms. Still kissing me, he pushes me slightly forward to get behind me better. All in one motion he still keeps in rhythm. As he is working on the back of my neck, he begins to massage my body. Wow, his hands are strong and can get in deep. The feeling of passionate kisses on my neck and relaxing massages on my body is hard to keep the mind concentrated on one or the other. I feel like Jello.

As my head sways back and forth he keeps in tune with me. He is good. With the loss of eye sight I have to pick up on my other senses. I can feel his wet lips grip my skin. I can hear him breathe on my neck every time he pulls those lips from me. I can smell his cologne on his arms when he reaches around my body. After 10 minutes of pure bliss he places me facing him. I can now sense the room and feel his presence. He releases me from his grasp and I feel like im floating. Then he kisses me on the lips. As he literally touches my supple lusting lips I go after him like I was eating my last bite of dessert. I can almost feel inside of him.

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