The Night Mom Had to make me cum

My mother had me very young. She was and in some ways still is an underwear and swimsuit model. We lived in a rural area where there was one road in and out. This road would often get flooded which would leave us cut off for a few days. Since we were used to it we were prepared so most times it wasn’t a big deal.

There were only 4 houses on our road and one was a small farm that had a couple of horses and some other animals. Mom’s friend Rebecca owned that house and lived there with her two daughters and son. I was friendly with her and her kids. To be honest I would often go up to the farm to watch Rebecca, as she was doing farm work. We lived in a hot climate so she was often scantily clad. I still think Rebecca is one of the sexiest, most sultry women I have ever seen. She was a redhead, with green eyes, about 5’9 with extremely sexy legs, beautiful breasts and a perfect ass.

Mom and her were good friends. Rebecca was also an herbalist and practiced alternative medicine which came in handy a few times when the road was flooded. It also came in handy when I had been sick for about 5 days. I was running a high fever and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My mother had planned to take me to the doctor but the road had been flooded out in the morning.

Mom was pretty worried so she asked Rebecca to come over and see if there was anything she could do. I remember laying in bed when mom and Rebecca walked in. These two incredibly sexy women walked in and were both dressed in short jean shorts (daisy dukes) and very revealing tops that didn’t cover much (this wasn’t unusual).

Mom explained to Rebecca what was going on. Rebecca asked me a few questions and then proceeded to examine me like take my temperature, feel around my glands, stomach, etc. Rebecca then asked me about my urination and I told her it had been difficult. She then asked when was the last time I ejaculated. I said I didn’t really remember.

During this time mom had pulled up a chair and was sitting bent forward which gave me a great view of her cleavage. I also had my eyes on Rebecca and watched her every move. I must admit that between mom and her I was getting an erection.

Rebecca then said to me and my mom that she needed to examine my prostate gland. Rebecca asked my mom to help by helping me move to my side. My mom got real close to me and helped me get on to my side I felt her breasts rub against me. Rebecca started to get gloves on and told me mom to help me get my pants off.

When my mom did this I felt her skin against me as I watched Rebecca. When mom pulled my pants and underwear down I felt my cock spring out of the pants. I knew I was very erect.

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