Me and my maid

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Hi readers this is about me and my maid. let me introduce myself am a mumbai born bachelor and my maid her name sonali is around 40 slim ,fair 34/30/34.

The incident am narrating happened last week.due to the ongoing lockdown her husband was at home ,a drunkard and with no food grains she was sad.she knew that I had a crush on her as on many occasions she has seen me viewing her body and admiring and many a times when her husband has trashed her I would try to touch her face ,hand wherever the scar is visible and try to apply cream.she must have noticed the bulge in my shorts but did not give away.this time however luck was on my side.

As it was total lockdown no work no going out I was killing time at home so getting up late ,all slow down .I could see a very sad sonali.i asked her wats the matter .she did not respond.i left it.

Next day again I asked she kept mum.but before leaving she called me bhayya aap puch rahe the na dho din say kya Huva may batao I said is liye tho pucha and flattered her tera chehra deka tho kuch gadbad laga muje sonali as tum hamesha hasthe rehthe ho sundar cha chehra etc.she sat on floor I on chair we both facing each other.

Her ears were filling with tears slowly I got up as I wanted to not miss this opportunity.i came near her and sat down told her kya hu sonu(shirt form of sonali) she said her voice was very low ki no ration in house and husband is beating as no liquor available and child is hungry .without even thinking for a moment I got up and wiped her tears and opened my purse and gv her money and told sonu ja aur ration le .

Daru ka muje nahi maloom and put my hand on her shoulder and made her comfortable and asked her to getup.she slowly got up my eyes were stuck in her blouse and navel part and her , slowly i caught her hand and said sonu gaya dho din se puch raha hu bolne nahi hota kyare chod abhi bhool jhav m there saying this I out my hand on her neck infact both my hand on her shoulder.i got excited and slowly embraced her it did not take much time for her also and she also gave away.

I fully embraced her and kisses her like mad she on the other hand was so much hot as it was months she did have sex. I did all I could and ass just telling sonu,sonali maji rani .and put my hand on her back pressed her ass and started lifting her saree within no time my hand was playing with her thighs and all possible body and chaddi .

I slowly put my hand inside her chaddi forgot that she us maid for me at that time she was sex goddess a hungry lady and I pulled down my shorts and gv my tool in her hand she started playing I opened her blouse then bra a white color and started kissing then pressing and then sucking fir each of my activity a sound used to come from her mouth she was enjoyeach and every step then I asked her to suck which she readily did fir may be 2o mnts then I wanted to fuck so I said to remove and asked her to sleep on bed then kissed her navel part at that point of time she got aroused and said bahu lov kar kara and starred playing with my hair and I then got up and slowly started pumping my 8’tool inside the juicy cave .we enjoyed our play for around 10 mnts or more then I was to ejacuate so asked she said andar as she is operated and I realised my full juice inside her.

We lay like that for sometime then went and had shower where we played all possible naughty game and wiped each other and then dress and she left.hope readers liked my story .

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