Family fun day

Hi all, this is my first story that happen about 1 years back, this was something unexpected.

This was a family fun day, let me introduce my family we from south Asian island country, my dad 55 years old, height about 5.10 feet sort of big made man, normal body person, He worked in cooperate office, but was closed due to lockdown.

My mom she’s same age as dad, 53 years old, 5.4 feet height, she’s has a chubby round face. Her body is about 38-36-40, she has a huge round ass. She’s a traditional housewife, wears dress at home.

Then my sister, she’s age 22, university student with slim body height 5.4 feet, her body 34-32-34 in shape.

Then it’s me age 18 years old, 5.8 feet height, I’m not a thin boy, got some fat in my body. Due to lockdown I was jobless and what I did was playing games and watching porn, I liked mature section and also had some like for those Japanese incent game sex shows.
Hope you have idea about our family. Without wasting your time let me get to the story.

With the lockdown we all was stuck at home, no dinner outs or trips, everyone was very much stressed. To pass the time we normally play cards in the evening. That evening we had early dinner and started playing cards, the 2 teams were myself and dad, mom and sister. After playing for time, we were board. As same thing every day stuck in the house.

Then We started watching a movie, in midway it had 2 young couples playing cards and who ever loses each time takes off a cloth they wear.
Then suddenly out of nowhere my dad asked mom “Shall we try out that game”. The mom answered “are you sure??” with a smile.
Then dad said “look guys you both are adults now, shall we spicy things up and play a new version of cards?”
I asked what is it? And was bit shocked and sister started to laugh. Then dad took the remote controller and offed the TV and said let’s go… As said this will take our boredom away, as its only us 4. No need to be shy. So we sat on the carpet in the living room and started the game. (had more conversation on this, I have skipped them)

As usual teams we started. As we had been playing this during the lockdown, we all 4 was good at it.

Game round 1 – Mom and sister won, so me and dad took the t shirt off. (no big deal it was to take t-shirt off)

Game round 2 – we won, mom and sister had to take off one piece of, mom was wearing a dress, she started to smiled, dad said rule is the rule and laughed. She got up, as we were sitting on floor and took the dress off, she’s in black bra and white petticoat, it was not much of thing as I have seen her in bra some times while passing her room door. She sat down. Then Sis, she was wearing a pair of shorts & t-shirt, took off the t-shirt, she’s in blue bra.

Game round 3 – We lost, we had to take our shorts off, I felt bit wired but dad and me stood up and took the shorts off and was in underwear. We all had a laugh, and both sat down.

Game round 4 – They lost, (Got some happiness from inside, as I haven’t seen them in panties, as I was more attracted to mature women, I wanted to see mom more than sister) Mom said “ohh my god, are we going to continue?” dad said “yes we are, obey the runs” I felt butterflies in my stomach and felt my penis is trying to get hard, but I had to control myself…
Mom stood up, and smiling lowered the petticoat, OMG I was feeling so happy… it was the first time I saw her in bra and panties, she was wearing a pink panty (bikini type). in shy she sat down. Sis also removed her shorts, she was wearing a blue lace hipster style.

Game round 5 – we won again, then they while sitting removed the bra. We all started to laugh again. I can seem mom’s boobs fallen down, they were fair with black nipples. Those nipples seemed had and big. My sister’s boobs were perfect size and stiff. The nipples are dark brown in color. I felt my dick was fitting inside my underwear, it was half stiff now, but the position we sat on floor I could hide it bit.

Game round 6 – I was trying my best to win this round as losers has to get naked and also when I see waiting for years to see.
But we lost, me and dad had to get naked first, so we stood up, I knew it was going to be embarrassing, because I haven’t got naked in from of them before. And also my dick was half way up. Mom started shouting “rule is rule, get on with it” looking at roof I took my boxers off. My dick jumped out. It was halfway up. Mom and sis started to laugh. But they didn’t comment anything, mom only said “ahh you have trimmed & laugh” I normally trim my pubic hair. I looked at dad, he then while laughing took his boxes off and jumped his dick out. He hasn’t shaved at all, it was hairy and I would say 30% harden. (he has more self-control that me). Mom and sis was still laughing looking at dad’s dick. We all laugh and sat down.

Game round 7 – we lost again, then sis asked what now, as we were already naked. Then dad said “from next round winners and asked losers to do anything for 2mintues. We all agreed and continued with game.

Game round 8 – spot on!! We won… the moment of truth, which I was waiting for… Without even seeing I felt my dick getting hard. Dad said “ah haaa” while smiling mom stood up, and with her smile in her face, she took her thumbs to side of the hip and held the panties and lowered it. As her thighs was fat, she spreads her legs and slowly took off the panties. That view, I still remember as it is. She had little bit shy face, her pussy was full of black curly hair. I only had the front view, my dick was straight up 100%. Then my sis, she also while laughing lowered her panty’s. Hers it was clear shaved, but due to our skin color, pubic areas are bit darker than rest of the body. We all shared are laugh and they sat down, I just had a look at my dad’s dick it was up too. I think it’s mainly due seeing my sis.

Game round 9 – they won. Dad asked what do we have to do, then sis and mom looked at each other’s face, sis then whispered to mom ear. Mom then said “ah that good”, then sis asked “suck our toes and laugh” we also laugh and said ok, 1 minute each. As sis was closer to me, is sucker her first, and dad did on mom. Then in 1 minute we changed to other person.

Game round 10 – they won. Mom asked “suck our boobs” I was over joyed. As before I started with sis, it was nice and hard. Then when we changed. (I could see the joy in dads face while he was sucking sis boobs)

Game round 11 – we won, dad asked, “son what do you want” I said “you tell dad”. Then he thinks for few seconds. And said “as we are enjoying this a lot, give us a blowjob” As soon as I heard it, I felt my blood rushing through my veins. Mom and sis agreed. Me and dad stood up, I still get that feeling, sis knelled down near me and slowly took my dick to her mouth, and started to go front and back. I closed my eyes.
Then came the best, after 1 minute they switched. Mom in her kneel down, looked at my faced and smiled. Slowly took my dick to her mouth, (my dick was like to explore). I could see the same joy in dads face too and sis was sucking his dick.

Game round 12 – they won. And mom said “eat our pussy” This time I mom was closer to me, so I reached near her, I knew dad wanted sis more and I wanted mom more, so it was win, win situation.
The time came, I wanted it so badly & waited time came. Mom lied down and I slowly spread the legs. Wow, it was hairy and black. Even the thigh was little darker than skin, through the hair I slowly reached down, she had big pussy lips and is spread then with my fingers. Slowly took my tongue, I felt her muscles getting stiff. And she started to moaning. then we had to exchange, my sis pussy was clean shaved, dark brown and pick inside. I did the same to her. Now we all was in that mood.

Game round 13 – we won, dad gave me the choice. As I was now in mood of sex not to play any more cards. Mom looked and asked me “tell us” Then is asked “can I ask anything” then dad said “yes, we have gone all the way now, go on”, I again asked “are you sure” with a smile. Then sis said “yes men, go on”

I said “okay, (I had this fantasy of rim job. I knew this was the time) give us a rim job” them my mom was like “what is that??”. Then sis jumped in “ahhh, (she laugh loud) mom he’s asking to lick his ass” Then all of us laughed. (the best moment up to now) mom said “ok stand and turn” I stood and turned, mom kneeling down (I still can feel the feeling) and I bend bit forward, Mom spread my but cheeks and started to lick my ass hole, the feeling of her tongue going up and down was soo awesome, I could see that dad was enjoying as much as I did, while sis was eating his ass. Then they changed sis licked mine and mom did on dad.

Now we all was in the mood and specially me, wanted to try sex… waited moment for years. Mom and dad proposed it, we all started to laugh. But them my sis was virgin (based on our culture no sex until marriage) so we didn’t want to take it away from her. Mom said try on me, she can watch and masturbate maybe in a smile. Dad asked me to try, as he has had many time with mom, so my first try was missionary position. We got in the position, mom directed my dick to her pussy and asked me to push, I started, I could feel it going in smoothly as she was already wet.

Then did it for a while and I asked dad to come try, then they tried doggy style.
I knew sis was already in need, from the look in her face. But we had limitations. Then my sis said “hey, try anal on me” I asked her “are you ready for that?” she said “yes, it will have no harm on been a virgin”. Mom and dad also agreed smiling. I knew dad enjoyed sis more than me, so I asked “dad why don’t you try?” He can up be saying “let’s try, smiling” my sis was in doggy position and dad spread her but cheeks, her ass hole was brown in color. Dad split as it looked dry. Tried to incest his dick, but it seemed not easy. Then I said let’s try baby oil, and I got the bottle. That worked. Sis started moaning and dad enjoyed a lot, as he also started to moaning.

While me and mom watched, I asked mom, can I try too on you. She said “yes, will try”, she also got into doggy position and I spread her but cheeks. Her as hole was barker in color and when I tried to insert the dick it was tight too. So I used some oil and then it went easily. I asked her “have you had anal before?” her answer was, “no this is first time” I started pounding her hard and fast, we both also started to moaning, as it felt so great. Then dad and me shifted. Then as their ass was already fuck, it was loose. We had good anal sex for about 10minites. And we all sat down, we were bit tired. Resting for few minutes. Dad asked what now.
Then I asked can we have a threesome, as my wish was to fuck mom as possible. Then dad said let’s do it, and he lied down on floor, mom sat on his dick, and opened her legs, I fuck her pussy. (I wasn’t that easy, as I saw in porn) We enjoyed it so much. We had threesome for good 10minutes.

Then sis got us some cool drinks, and we had them, as we all was tired. Then mom turned towards me and asked “what is next”. I was smiling and thinking. Then this naughty idea came, I wanted to see some lesbian action, but wasn’t sure will they like it. But now as we were much open is said it. “I have something in my mind, but not sure, you’; like it” Mom “tell it, we have done almost everything now”
I said “I like to see you and sis doing 69” Then all laugh, Dad also said “yah me too”. Then mom and sis looked at each other’s face and smiled. Mom said “let’s try” and sis “yah let’s do it”. Mom lied on floor, sis came sat on her face and slowly lied and they both started licking their pussy. It was great to watch for me and dad, they did it like pros. I felt almost like Cumming. I both of them cum, as I think mom and sis had great pleasure too. They did it for about 10 mintues.

Then they both asked us to cum in them, so I took the shot at mom mouth while dad used sis mouth, both in happy face drank it. Then we went to take wash. This is how our lockdown card game ended.

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