Ashley’s yoga sessions get steamier – Part 15

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I slept hard and woke to the first rays of dawn. I rolled on my side facing Frankie but she wasn’t there. I heard her tinny voice over the baby monitor talking baby-talk to Mikey. I could hear him giggling in response. I pushed myself to the floor and went to the bathroom. From there I quietly climbed the stairs and stood in Mikey’s bedroom doorway watching Frankie in a robe bent over the crib ‘goo-gooing’ Mikey. I made it halfway across the hardwood floor before she heard me. She turned her head to me and brushed her hair aside that had fallen across her face. She grinned at me as I pushed my naked body up behind her. I looked over her shoulder at the still grinning Mikey as I pushed my hands between the folds of her robe and cupped her tits in my palms and tweaked her nipples, which hardened to my touch.

As I looked down at my grinning baby boy, it occurred to me that if or when we talked about having another child, we would definitely have to consider the fact that Mikey was such a good baby and if the universe was inherently balanced and even handed, then our next baby would have to be the worst child imaginable.

My dick hardened and pushed against the small of her back as I pressed myself to her. Even with her robe preventing skin to skin contact she was aware of my state of arousal. I leaned in and kissed her on the neck below her right ear. She moaned and cocked her head to the side. I flicked my tongue in the same spot and she moaned again. She dropped her left hand off the crib rail and reached behind her and curled her fingers around my hardened shaft. She gripped it hard and moaned again as I flexed my cock against her hand.

I kissed her right earlobe and whispered, “I love you today.” She giggled as usual when I said that. She turned her face to me and we kissed with passion and my cock surged harder in her hand. She started stroking it slowly as her breathing became ragged.

I dropped my hands from her breasts and traced my fingers down over her tummy to her pubic mound. She was sopping wet and she groaned hard when I touched her clitoris. Mikey grinned at the strange sounds that his mother was making.

Frankie dropped her face to the crib rail and pushed her robe covered ass back against me. I spread her robe open and pulled it to her right side and draped it over the crib rail. She took the opportunity to drag my cock across the bare flesh of her butt-cheeks. I returned my hands to her breasts. Frankie groaned again and Mikey grinned again apparently thinking that she was playing a game with him.

Frankie put her right foot on the bottom of the crib rail and put her weight on it, lifting herself as she pulled my stiff cock between her thighs and pushed it up under her as I moved forward. When she released it, the top of my shaft slid through her sex as she lowered herself. She whimpered when my glans grazed her clitoris. When she realized that she couldn’t reach the floor with her left foot, that she would be hung up on my cock like a coat on a coatrack, she leaned her breasts onto the rail to take her weight and reached down her front and held my cock tight against her sex as I slid it forward and back. She whispered, “Oh my God, Baby. I’m so hot.”

She pushed my glans back toward her pussy and I adjusted my angle to push myself into her. When she felt my glans push inside, she started to let out a scream but she squelched it immediately as she pushed a fist to her mouth. If she had let loose with her usual scream, she would have likely startled Mikey and he would have started crying.

I brought my hands down to Frankie’s hips and held her in place as I started fucking her from behind. She was gasping for oxygen as she grabbed the railing with both hands and held on. She moaned and groaned softly as I maintained a steady pace. My momentum caused the whole crib to rock to the same rhythm.

Frankie could offer nothing to the action in her position. She was fine with it as her gasping search for air continued. After a few minutes, I felt her tension building as her moans increased in volume. She was going to cum soon and her moans were building to a crescendo and would likely turn to a scream any second. If that happened, we would likely be finishing this to the sobs of a crying baby.

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