Ashley’s yoga sessions get steamier – Part 15

I slept hard and woke to the first rays of dawn. I rolled on my side facing Frankie but she wasn’t there. I heard her tinny voice over the baby monitor talking baby-talk to Mikey. I could hear him giggling in response. I pushed myself to the floor and went to the bathroom. From there I quietly climbed the stairs and stood in Mikey’s bedroom doorway watching Frankie in a robe bent over the crib ‘goo-gooing’ Mikey. I made it halfway across the hardwood floor before she heard me. She turned her head to me and brushed her hair aside that had fallen across her face. She grinned at me as I pushed my naked body up behind her. I looked over her shoulder at the still grinning Mikey as I pushed my hands between the folds of her robe and cupped her tits in my palms and tweaked her nipples, which hardened to my touch.

As I looked down at my grinning baby boy, it occurred to me that if or when we talked about having another child, we would definitely have to consider the fact that Mikey was such a good baby and if the universe was inherently balanced and even handed, then our next baby would have to be the worst child imaginable.

My dick hardened and pushed against the small of her back as I pressed myself to her. Even with her robe preventing skin to skin contact she was aware of my state of arousal. I leaned in and kissed her on the neck below her right ear. She moaned and cocked her head to the side. I flicked my tongue in the same spot and she moaned again. She dropped her left hand off the crib rail and reached behind her and curled her fingers around my hardened shaft. She gripped it hard and moaned again as I flexed my cock against her hand.

I kissed her right earlobe and whispered, “I love you today.” She giggled as usual when I said that. She turned her face to me and we kissed with passion and my cock surged harder in her hand. She started stroking it slowly as her breathing became ragged.

I dropped my hands from her breasts and traced my fingers down over her tummy to her pubic mound. She was sopping wet and she groaned hard when I touched her clitoris. Mikey grinned at the strange sounds that his mother was making.

Frankie dropped her face to the crib rail and pushed her robe covered ass back against me. I spread her robe open and pulled it to her right side and draped it over the crib rail. She took the opportunity to drag my cock across the bare flesh of her butt-cheeks. I returned my hands to her breasts. Frankie groaned again and Mikey grinned again apparently thinking that she was playing a game with him.

Frankie put her right foot on the bottom of the crib rail and put her weight on it, lifting herself as she pulled my stiff cock between her thighs and pushed it up under her as I moved forward. When she released it, the top of my shaft slid through her sex as she lowered herself. She whimpered when my glans grazed her clitoris. When she realized that she couldn’t reach the floor with her left foot, that she would be hung up on my cock like a coat on a coatrack, she leaned her breasts onto the rail to take her weight and reached down her front and held my cock tight against her sex as I slid it forward and back. She whispered, “Oh my God, Baby. I’m so hot.”

She pushed my glans back toward her pussy and I adjusted my angle to push myself into her. When she felt my glans push inside, she started to let out a scream but she squelched it immediately as she pushed a fist to her mouth. If she had let loose with her usual scream, she would have likely startled Mikey and he would have started crying.

I brought my hands down to Frankie’s hips and held her in place as I started fucking her from behind. She was gasping for oxygen as she grabbed the railing with both hands and held on. She moaned and groaned softly as I maintained a steady pace. My momentum caused the whole crib to rock to the same rhythm.

Frankie could offer nothing to the action in her position. She was fine with it as her gasping search for air continued. After a few minutes, I felt her tension building as her moans increased in volume. She was going to cum soon and her moans were building to a crescendo and would likely turn to a scream any second. If that happened, we would likely be finishing this to the sobs of a crying baby.

Frankie whispered, “Fuck. I’m gonna cum, Baby.” She reached down and grabbed a pillow that was shoved up into the corner of the crib and pulled it to her face as I felt her clenching pussy grabbing my cock. She screamed hard into the pillow just as her orgasm crested like a wave and crashed down on her. She was trying hard to add her momentum but she was pretty much trapped between my hips and the crib. When I added my orgasm to the fray, she screamed even harder into the pillow and Mikey wasn’t grinning anymore.

I plowed my cock into her as hard as I could and Frankie pulled the pillow from her face and mumbled, “Oh my God, Baby. Give it to me. Fill me up. Oh Jesus.” I shot long powerful blasts of cum into her and she trembled with each one. She was still clenching her pussy on my cock when I was done. We were both gasping for oxygen as I lowered my body to allow her to put her feet on the floor. Frankie rested her face on the rail and surged air into her lungs. I bent forward and put my face into the crook of her neck and shoulder and did the same.

Mikey examined both of our faces with a confused expression on his face. He didn’t cry. He almost never cried. Our next child would most certainly be named ‘Satana’.

I bent lower and pulled my softening cock from Frankie. She groaned when my glans came free. She turned around and immediately grabbed the sides of my head and began kissing me everywhere. Her robe fell back in place but she didn’t try to pull it together. I slipped my hands inside and grabbed her ass and lifted her up to my face level. She threw her arms around my neck and drove her lips onto mine. We broke the embrace only to continue our search for oxygen. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I stepped back from the crib. I carried her down the stairs just like that.

The sun had cleared the tree tops and lit up the living room. It looked like it was going to be another hot, sunny day. When I set her on the bed, she unwrapped her legs but she refused to release my head as she rained kisses on my face. When she did pull back, she said, “I love you Jack.” I kissed her lips softly and climbed over her to place my knees at her waist and gazed down into her eyes and then bent down and kissed her on the nose. She giggled and tried to get her lips on mine. I bent lower and pulled one hard nipple to my lips and then the other. She moaned from the contact. She had stopped lactating but her boobs were still fuller than they were before. As it turned out, they would stay that way.

I rolled off Frankie and went to the bathroom. When I returned, I was surprised to see Frankie at the foot of the bed with her left foot on the cross-rail using that leg to drive her hips up and down, dragging her wet pussy along the finely scrolled contours of the bedpost. She reached up and grabbed the post and using her left foot braced on the cross-rail, pulled herself up to a squatting position as she continued to rock her sex on the post. Her eyes were on fire again and my cock responded to her sultry gaze as she stared at it. She pulled her eyes from my cock and looked into my eyes and smiled as she waggled her ass, which was the only signal that was needed.

Last night, I had figured that she would be indisposed today with a wicked hang-over but she was anything but that. Her sexual needs were insatiable and I was determined that I would sate her. I moved onto the bed and pushed my thighs to either side of her ass. She followed me with her eyes as my cock slapped on her ass.

With her pussy still in contact with the bedpost, she lifted herself up so I could push myself under her. My legs fell over the foot and side of the bed on either side of the bedpost. She looked down over her shoulder at me and muttered in a low-pitched demonic voice, “Fuck my ass.” I had read her signals correctly.

Frankie dragged her pussy along the bedpost again and in the process dragged her butt-cheeks along my rock-hard cock. I pushed my cock in to place and Frankie slowly dropped herself onto it. She had already smeared leaking cum and juices from her pussy around her rosebud so she was ready to go and didn’t hesitate.

Frankie pushed herself down my shaft and groaned hard the whole way down. She didn’t stop. She didn’t even slow as she ground her ass into my pelvis when she hit bottom. She used her arms and legs to rotate herself around the bedpost and back again, taking my cock with her.

With my legs dangling off the bed and my balls pressed to the base of the bedpost, there was nothing I could do to add to the action other than pivot my hips forward and back, being careful not to crush my balls on the post. That did add something, but Frankie was in total control and she used her arms and legs again to pull herself up my shaft and then drop back down again, never breaking contact between the post and her pussy.

To get the angle right, Frankie had to pull her torso closer to the bedpost. This did two things: her clitoris was now dragging on the post and she was tit-fucking the post at the same time. Her hips snapped back a few times taking my cock with them. I guessed that she was reacting to her blood engorged clitoris riding on the post.

As strong as she was from our continuing workouts, I knew she was getting tired. I figured that she could probably continue like she was to get herself off on the bedpost, but I doubted that she would be able to continue long enough to get me off since I had so recently cum. I tried to help her by lifting her gorgeous ass as she pulled up my shaft.

Frankie started a long groan that built into a scream as her muscles tensed and then went spastic as her ass was going everywhere taking my cock on a wild ride. She groaned out, “OH MY GOD, JACK. IT’S A BIG ONE.” I could feel her vaginal clenching through the thin membrane. Moments later, Frankie groaned again, “OH FUCK, BABY. HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE.” In my cock, it felt like the same one, they were so close.

Frankie had stopped her fucking motion and had wrapped her arms around the bedpost pulling it tight into her cleavage. Her hips continued to pulse until her pussy stopped clenching. Then she surprised me by releasing the post as she let herself fall back toward me. I caught her and rolled her off to my left. My cock was still buried in her ass so I had to go with her. She pushed her ass back at me indicating that this was as good a position as any to continue.

Between her physical exhaustion and her multiple orgasms, her chest was heaving in search of air. We were both on our left sides as she started driving her hips back at me. I took up the pace and started humping my cock in and out of her ass. Between gasps for air, she groaned with each penetration. She was on fire and the heat and pressure on my cock was incredible. Then, suddenly, my orgasm arrived like a freight train. I let out a long groan, “UUUNNNGGGG,” as my muscles tensed. I was crushed by that first salvo and Frankie screamed, “OH FUCK JACK. YOU’RE GONNA TEAR ME IN HALF. OH JESUUUUUSSS.”

I was on automatic at that point. We both rode out the many remaining shots. Even when I had finished, my cock still pulsed like more shots were coming. We laid there unmoving for many minutes. The heat and pressure in her bowels were keeping me hard as I randomly broke into a body wracking spasm. Frankie groaned hard every time.

All became quiet as I kissed Frankie’s shoulder. She shuddered as I lazily dragged my fingertips down her right side and up the slope to her hips. My cock was only then beginning to soften. She waggled her ass as though she was trying to keep me hard inside her, but it eventually dropped out of her. She whimpered when it came free. I kissed her shoulder again and brought my hand to her breasts. She pulled her arm out of the way to give me free access. Then she took my hand and pulled it to her lips and kissed each finger and then rolled over to face me. Her beautiful emerald green eyes flashed at me. The heat was gone. She kissed my nose and then each eye before pressing her lips sensuously to mine. I kissed her the same way.

She broke the embrace and pulled back from my face and said, “Holy Shit. What a way to start the day.”

I chuckled and said, “I think I could get used to this.” She giggled and pursed her lips onto mine again.

She responded, “I’d be a puddle of goo if we did that every day. I think I may be a puddle of goo for the rest of the day.” I chuckled and kissed her.

Frankie rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling fan as the blades slowly rotated. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around my flaccid cock. I doubt that she even realized that she’d done that. She squeezed the yielding flesh and giggled. Still staring at the ceiling, she said, “It’s so cute when it’s soft.” I waited for the second half of that statement but she said nothing more. She just held my dick in the palm of her hand.

I had the urge to fall back asleep but Frankie released my dick and rolled to the edge of the bed and went into the bathroom. I heard the shower come on and decided to join her. I opened a window on the way to air the room out. It was hot out already. We showered and kept our sexual hijinks to a minimum as we kissed and washed each other. We rinsed and dried each other between kisses.

Frankie pulled out a skimpy thong bikini and pulled it on. She stripped the bottom right back off as she said that her rosebud was sore and then giggled. She opted for a regular bikini bottom. Her bikini was purchased before her boobs had grown so the top barely contained them. She fooled around with her tits for several moments trying to get them in place. I watched every second of that exercise and she giggled again when she caught me gawking at her. When she got the top in the best possible position, she pressed her body against me and pushed her hand down into my bathing suit and fondled my semi-erect dick. She smiled and pulled her hand back out and stretched up and kissed me. In spite of the morning’s sexual activity, I found myself hoping that she’d go further.

Frankie toasted a couple English muffins while I made two cups of coffee and we went out on the deck to enjoy the early morning sun. We stood at the railing and scanned the shoreline for activity. It was a Saturday morning so boats would be more plentiful today than during the week. Ashley was on her dock, dressed in a new spandex yoga outfit. It didn’t contain her tits any better than the old outfit. My guess was that that was her plan. It was too early for the boat parade to form. She usually did her yoga later in the morning. Jacob was stretched out in his chair on his deck. He was paying no attention to Ashley.

Frankie was paying attention though, as she pulled a pair of binoculars from the deck box to watch Ashley’s every move. I scanned down the lake to the right and saw Divi sitting out in a lounge chair with a cup in her hands. She was looking at us and waved when she saw me looking her way. She couldn’t see Ashley because my pontoon boat blocked her view. She got out of her chair and headed for my yard. She was wearing an extremely sexy one-piece bathing suit. The top started with thin straps over her shoulders and then cut deeply to well below her tits exposing all of her cleavage and half of each boob. The bottom half was cut very high on her hips and provided a very narrow strip of material that disappeared between her thighs. The effect was to provide a neon green arrow pointing from her shoulders to her sex. The message was as clear as if her suit was strobing lights down her body to her pussy.

She came up my steps and said, “Can I refresh my cup?” I smiled and motioned her inside. Frankie hadn’t noticed that Divi had arrived until she spoke. Frankie put down the binoculars and got up and went to Divi as she was pulling the screen door back. They kissed and hugged and neither said a word to the other. Then Divi noticed Ashley doing her thing on her dock and she stepped to the railing and said, “Holy shit. No wonder the boats stack up out here.” Frankie laughed and nodded. Divi spotted the binoculars that Frankie had put down and she picked them up to get a better look. She whistled and said, “She can barely hold those fun bags in that outfit.” Frankie took Divi’s coffee cup inside and brewed a pod in the machine.

I was standing behind Divi as she continued looking through the binoculars. I said, “Have you ever noticed the things that go on in the boats that stop to watch her?” She looked back at me and shook her head. “Some serious hardcore sex. Pretty hot sometimes.”

Divi giggled and said, “As hot as last night?”

I shook my head and said, “Nothing was ever as hot as last night.” She smiled and nodded as she pulled the binoculars back to her eyes. Frankie came out with Divi’s filled coffee cup and commented on how sexy Divi’s bathing suit was.

Divi looked down from the binoculars and turned to Frankie and thrust out her chest and adjusted the position of her tits with her hands and said, “It makes me feel so sexy. I’m glad you like it.”

I chuckled and said, “Divi. You’d be sexy in a burlap sack.” We all laughed.

I noticed movement from Jacob’s yard and I looked to see him coming down the stairs from his deck. He was fiddling with the front of his bathing suit as he sat down in a plastic chair at the end of his dock only a few feet from where Ashley was continuing her yoga routine. Divi raised the binoculars to her eyes to see what he was doing.

I could plainly see without the binoculars that Jacob was slowly jerking himself off. When Ashley changed into a new position, she saw what he was doing too and stopped her routine. She reached up and pulled the zipper of her spandex outfit down to her waist and pulled aside the spandex material and pressed her tits together with her hands. Jacob increased his pace. We were all glued to our spot watching to see what would happen next. We didn’t have the best view as we were positioned fifty feet away, slightly behind him and to his right. We could plainly see his arm movement and his hand when it rode his cock up to his glans.

Without pulling her eyes from Jacob, Frankie ran her hand up my thigh into my bathing suit. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from Ashley’s exposed tits to look down to see what she was doing. My cock hardened from Frankie’s touch as she wrapped her fingers tightly around my shaft. She just held it as she stared down onto Jacob’s dock. Divi’s eyes were glued to the binoculars and she had started to breathe heavily and erratically.

When Ashley came up on her hands and knees and cat-walked the few feet to Jacob, Divi’s right hand dropped from the binoculars to slip inside her bathing suit to fondled her left tit. Her nipples were pressing hard against the flimsy material. I was sharing my attention between Ashley and Jacob and Divi’s hand on her tit and Frankie’s sultry expression as she slowly started stroking my cock.

Ashley came to a stop between Jacobs knees and sat back on her feet as she wrapped Jacob’s cock up in her massive tits and started rocking her body up and down his shaft. Jacob was humping his hips up out of his chair driving his cock up and out of Ashley’s cleavage. He was obviously trying to get Ashley to suck on his knob when it came up and she got the message and pulled her chin in as far as she could and pushed her lips on his glans for the brief moment that it was available before disappearing back down into her cleavage. Divi muttered, “Jesus Christ. That’s hot.” Her hand dropped from her left breast to her lap as she pulled the thin strip of material between her thighs to the side and pushed two fingers down through her sex until her palm rested on her clitoris and she curled her fingers into her pussy. She shuddered and had to put the binoculars down.

Divi looked back to see if we were watching what she was doing. She gave me a sultry look when she saw that I was watching her every move. She grinned when she saw what Frankie was doing before her attention focused back on Ashley. All of our attentions shifted to the dock below when Ashley released Jacob’s cock from her tit-job and bent down and started a rapid paced blow job. Her head was a blur as she bobbed up and down on his knob while she furiously stroked his cock with her right hand. Jacob was examining the clouds as he groaned every time Ashley pushed her lips down his shaft. Then he was firing his hips upward and Ashley pulled back as streams of cum blasted her in the face and tits. She was laughing and turned her face from side to side to make sure she was covered.

The scene on Jacob’s dock drove Divi into her self-induced orgasm as she groaned and throbbed in her chair. Frankie heard Divi groan which pulled her attention from Ashley. Divi was whimpering through the remains of her climax as she continued to stare down at Ashley’s cum covered face.

Ashley was pushing cum past her closed lips and sucking it back in as she turned to look up at us watching her. She pursed her lips and pushed cum back out again. She used her index finger to push it back in again. Then she blew us an air-kiss and pushed her lips back on Jacob’s cock and drove her mouth down and back off again before lashing his glistening cock with her tongue. She looked back up at us and smacked her lips and pushed Jacob’s cock back in his bathing suit. She ran her fingers down through her cleavage collecting cum and then cleaned them off in her mouth. She nonchalantly zipped up to the original position and returned to her yoga mat as if nothing had happened.

Divi’s attention had moved from Ashley’s antics to Frankie jerking me off. My cock was unbelievably hard and my balls were objecting a little. When Ashley zipped up and went back to her workout, my attention went back to Divi, with her fingers still working in her pussy. The bathing suit material that covered her pubis was so narrow that she had shaved her pubic mound completely bald. Then I noticed that she was staring wantonly at Frankie’s rhythmic motion in my bathing suit. She looked from my crotch to Frankie. They made eye contact and I don’t know how women do it, but they seemed to communicate an entire plan between them with their eyes.

Without a word spoken, Frankie released my raging hard cock and pulled my bathing suit down to the deck. Frankie pulled her eyes from Divi’s and looked into mine. The sultry expression on her face told me to brace myself. I started to back into a chair but Frankie grabbed my erection and prevented me from moving as she started jerking me off with both hands, counter-rotating and palming over the top of my glans. She was in her chair grinning up at me. Divi stood and maneuvered her chair around beside Frankie’s. She didn’t try to join in. She just sat there expectantly like she was patiently waiting for something.

Frankie had a wicked smile on her face as she watched the various contortions wash across my face. She stopped palming my glans and pushed her closed lips over it and let her teeth gently graze down over the ridge and then she pulled back and off before repeating several times. Divi and Frankie made eye contact again and they shared a wicked smile between them.

Frankie made one trip down my shaft with her lips and flicked her tongue on my balls and then backed off again as she resumed her hand job. My orgasm, swirled around as my balls prepared to launch another load. They were objecting slightly but I was way past worrying about that. My knees started to buckle but I caught myself. Divi and Frankie shared another smile as Divi moved herself forward in her chair. When I groaned out, “Oh fuck, babe. Here it comes.” Divi leaned forward and put her hands on my thighs under Frankie’s arms.

I didn’t know where this load was going but I didn’t care either. It was coming and my hips snapped forward and Frankie changed to a one-handed hand job and aimed my cock at Divi’s face. That was what she was waiting for. She wanted a facial like Ashley had gotten from Jacob and she sure got one. Cum splattered on Divi’s forehead and then Frankie aimed lower and kept up her hand job. Divi opened her mouth to collect what she could catch but most of it splattered across her face into her hair. She was screeching with delight and her hand joined Frankie’s so she could direct the subsequent streams down her neck to her cleavage.

When they were sure I was done, Divi pulled her hand back and my cock pulled back toward Frankie as she started to bend forward to push her lips on. I could feel one more shot building but I didn’t warn Frankie and she caught it across her face from right ear to left. She was startled and instantly pulled back with a shocked look on her face.

Divi laughed at Frankie’s startled expression as she was running her fingers through the cum on her chest. She wasn’t trying to collect it to push into her mouth. She was rubbing it into her skin. She dropped the straps off her shoulders and vigorously rubbed cum across her tits and continued rubbing it in like skin lotion.

Frankie was drawing the fingers of her free hand across her face and pushing them into her mouth. Then she released my cock and licked cum from the back of her hand. Divi pushed forward and pushed her lips down my softening shaft cleaning it thoroughly with her tongue. Frankie watched her do that and grinned up at me. I’m sure she could tell from the expression on my face that I had enjoyed every second.

Divi didn’t try to wipe the cum off her face. It was covered from hairline to chin and ear to ear. She stood up and said, “I’m going to take this home for Mom and Donna.” With that she pulled her bathing suit back between her thighs and pulled her straps back up over her shoulder and she was gone.

Frankie looked at me as she pushed an index finger through her pursed lips and giggled. She popped her finger out and said, “Never a dull moment around here, is there?” I chuckled and bent down and kissed Frankie on her cum flavored lips.

Frankie got up and went inside and returned twenty minutes later with Mikey in her arms feeding him a bottle. I pulled a small playpen out of the deck-box and set it up in the shade from the big oak tree and Frankie set him down in it. He pulled himself to a sitting position and started playing with his favorite toys. We lounged there on the deck for the rest of the day. Frankie was getting a nice tan. She was almost as dark as Priya and Divi.

Our days were all pretty much the same. We amused ourselves with each other and Mikey. The weekly dinner parties continued and they occasionally broke out into an orgy, but nothing ever compared to that first one. Eddie and Sylvia came over one afternoon and we had Divi come over and babysit for Mikey while we took my boat to the ‘secret spot’ for a wild afternoon of drinking and sex. Sylvia wanted a DP with Eddie and me and Frankie was fine with it. She didn’t want anything to do with a DP and I didn’t ask. Sylvia had become a big fan of vigorous anal sex after that time with Jimmy at our wedding. Eddie was eager to take his position at the back door and play the role of Jimmy. I expected that Frankie would go for a swim while we had our two on one but she sat down in the captain’s chair and watched. It didn’t take her long before she pulled her bikini bottom to the side and started masturbating.

I was on my back on the padded sundeck under the boat’s bimini top. Sylvia had placed her knees on either side of my waist and pushed her hips back and laid her tits down on my chest. She reached around behind her and lifted her ass in the air until she could get my hard cock inside. While Eddie got into position kneeling on the sundeck between my knees, Sylvia took the opportunity to fuck my cock with her vagina and was groaning hard when she suddenly gasped air into her lungs and gritted her teeth as Eddie slowly pushed his hard cock into her ass. I could feel it slide past mine. The pressure and heat were incredible.

Sylvia’s face lifted off my chest and the contorted expressions on her face morphed from one to the next. In this position, Eddie and I could hold our cocks steady in Sylvia’s vagina and anus respectively and Sylvia rolled her hips onto my cock and off Eddie’s and then rolled back to pull her pussy off my cock and push her anus onto Eddie’s. We weren’t sliding back and forth along our cocks, which would have hastened our orgasms.

Sylvia was screaming more or less constantly as she rocked on and off our cocks. Frankie groaned through her own self-induced orgasm as she watched us. Then she’d apparently had enough and pulled herself out of the chair, climbed up onto the sundeck and put her feet on either side of my head and squatted down over my face. She leaned back and held her torso up with her arms behind my head. She had intentionally presented her rosebud to my tongue so I started rimming her. In this position, her pussy was inches from Sylvia’s face and Sylvia got the message and immediately started tonguing her clitoris and pussy. I could hear Sylvia’s tongue slurping through Frankie’s sopping wet pussy.

Then the slurping stopped and Sylvia went rigid and then groaned out, “Oh fuck. Here I go. GO. GO. GO.” Her muscles locked up so Eddie took up the action and started plowing his cock into her ass. I was going to blow any second so I added my thrusts to the action. Eddie and I were completely out of synch as our cocks slid against the other, separated only by the thin membrane between her vagina and her bowels. When Eddie started cumming, this new sensation pushed me over the top and all three of us were groaning and screaming through our own climaxes at the same time.

Frankie was close too so she rotated her hips back so her pussy was on my lips and I took up the tonguing of her pussy and clitoris. Frankie didn’t last more than a minute after that and as we were coming down, she erupted into another orgasm and flooded my face with her vaginal juices.

No one moved for a long time until our breathing returned to normal. Frankie slid back off my face and laid down on the front facing seat just below us. Eddie, Sylvia and I disengaged in the reverse order. Sylvia sat up on the sundeck and said, “Oh my God. That was incredible. Frankie. You have to try that. Their cocks are both fatter than normal. Amazing.” Frankie simply giggled as her whole body shook. She didn’t respond to Sylvia’s statement.

We got ourselves back together again and passed beers around. We wrapped up in towels as the sun went down and the air cooled. The water was warmer and we all got in and crowded in together and exchanged kisses and some fondling.

Frankie and I visited next door at Priya’s house a lot to see Anna. She was growing like a weed. Mikey was fascinated by Anna and he rolled from his back to his stomach to keep her is sight. Our visits would always start with the kids playing as we all watched. Then a signal would be given by Priya or Donna and Divi would collect the kids and take them upstairs or outside depending on the weather. It wasn’t hard to figure out that the signal was meant for Frankie and me too. Either Donna or Priya would come over to me and the other would start kissing Frankie. Clothes would disappear and the sex would start. Donna always started with a blow job and she was good at it. Priya always wanted my cock buried in her pussy as fast as she could get it there. She never started with preliminaries.

Today, Donna started with me and Priya and Frankie started with kissing and fondling. I loved the sultry expression on Donna’s face as she pushed her lips over my knob and inch-wormed her way down to my balls. She always stared up into my eyes the whole way down. She pulled back up again and dragged her teeth along my velvety crown and flicked her tongue all the way down the underside to my balls again. I groaned long and loud as Donna pulled my right testicle into her mouth and then did the same with the left one.

Frankie and Priya had moved to a side-by-side sixty-nine and they were both moaning as they writhed in each other’s arms. They kissed their way back and started sucking on each other tits. Frankie had commented on how she loved Priya’s tits. I confessed that I did too. Priya’s lips sucked onto Frankie’s right nipple as Frankie twirled her tongue around Priya’s left nipple.

I was getting close to my orgasm and I didn’t want to shoot in Donna’s mouth. I wanted to fuck her pussy and drive her to one or more orgasms. Just as before, Donna seemed to be reading my mind as she pulled her lips up my shaft with a huge vacuum that concaved her cheeks, and popped her lips off. With her eyes still on mine, she kissed my glans.

She moved back and dropped onto her elbows and spread her legs to invite me in. She gave me that sultry grin and pursed her lips for an air-kiss. I moved down to my knees between her legs and lowered my hips toward my target. My cock was incredibly hard. I looked over at Priya and Frankie and Frankie smiled at me as I pushed my cock into Donna’s pussy. She watched my cock penetrate Donna and then she maneuvered back down into Priya’s pussy.

Donna watched my glans push into her and then she dropped back off her elbows to her back and drove her hips up at me to hasten the penetration of my shaft to her depth. She pushed too hard and yelped as she eased her hips back down again. She let me take control after that. I varied my attack on Donna’s pussy from long, slow, full-depth strokes to rapid, short strokes that prompted Donna’s scream and then I’d pull my cock all the way out so that just her labia were in contact with my glans and then quickly driving back in again to more screams.

Donna was the first to explode into her orgasm and she screamed and groaned and moaned as she pulled her head up to kiss my lips with considerable passion. I kissed her back with the same passion. I was in my quick short-strokes when she started and I slowed my pace and reverted to long, slow full-depth strokes while her pussy clenched vigorously on my shaft. I loved the look of pure ecstasy on her face. I knew she loved pussy but she was thoroughly enjoying my cock. We didn’t do this often but I know she loves it when we do.

As Donna was coming down off her high, Priya started into hers. She had stopped working on Frankie pussy as she went spastic. Priya was eyeing Donna’s recovery. Apparently, she was calculating how long it would take before she could get her pussy on my cock but she had to recover from her own orgasm first. Frankie seemed content with getting Priya off without a reciprocal orgasm. I smiled over at Frankie and sent her an air-kiss. She smiled and sent one back.

Priya started to move away from Frankie and toward me. She wasn’t going to wait for Donna and I to separate first. She was on her hands and knees, crawling over Donna’s body as she pushed me backward. I fell to my ass and Priya was still coming. She pushed my torso back and I went onto my back as Priya crawled over my legs and sat down on my hips as she pulled my rigid cock to her soaking wet pussy. Her nipples were pinched up to a point.

The moment that my glans was inside her pussy, she groaned and grabbed both of her tits and started mashing them with her fingers. Her beautiful dark eyes displayed her pure lust. She was on fire as she pushed herself down my shaft. She had forgotten where her depth was and she groaned and flinched when she plowed her cervix into my cock. I felt it too. She muttered, “Fuck. That hurt.” Then she resumed her motion. I let her take control because all I could do was rock my hips up and down.

I couldn’t see Donna or Frankie with Priya’s body blocking my view but I heard the unmistakable sounds of lips and tongues on wet pussies and it wasn’t long before Frankie screeched into her orgasm. Then, other than the urgent gasps for air, and the unmistakable sounds of the natural rhythms of vaginal sex, all was quiet.

Priya’s eyes were glazed over as she stared off into some other place behind me. She was lifting herself with her thighs and slamming her hips down over and over. She was concentrating so hard on her own pleasure that she was holding her breath and then she’d explosively exhale and suck another breath in and held it again as she renewed her attack.

My orgasm was starting to build and I hoped that I could get her off first. I added my hip rocking to her motion and Priya’s head rolled to the side as her mouth opened to form an “O”. Her eyes pinched shut and she groaned her breath out and erupted in a scream to expel what air remained. She heaved in a breath and her hips shuddered and then went spastic as her pussy clamped down hard on my shaft. I let myself go and my balls fired an explosion of cum up my shaft accompanied by a loud groan from me and a simultaneous scream from Priya.

Priya’s body throbbed from her orgasm. She was muttering, “Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus,” over and over again until she collapsed her torso down onto mine. I lifted my chin as her head came down on my neck. She was gasping for air and then Donna appeared to my left and Frankie appeared to my right. They both put their heads down on my shoulders and cuddled up with Priya.

When I was done filling Priya, I pulled my cock back from her pussy until my glans was just barely touching Priya’s pussy. She groaned when she felt me come out of her and she groaned at a higher pitch when I pushed back in again. Donna came up off my shoulder and looked down at me as she giggled and said, “You’re evil.” Frankie giggled too. I chuckled and then pulled my cock back again and before I could repeat my action, Priya drove herself down on my cock, driving the air out of me. Now, all three of them were laughing as I struggled to get my breath back. The remains of my erection were gone in an instant.

When I got my air back, Priya had pulled herself off my spent cock and all three of them were positioned around my hips sucking my cock into their mouths and lashing it with their tongues. They continued this until I started to respond and then they stopped. They were teasing me as payback. We dressed and found Divi with the kids. She was pouting because she always had to take care of the kids and never got in on any of the fun. She got plenty of Donna and her mother but she wanted cock. Frankie suggested that we pay her for her services with ours. Divi got the jist of that right away and she and Frankie launched into further private discussions. I watched Frankie and Divi in a conspiratorial conversation as they whispered and giggled and stole quick glances at me as I held Mikey in my lap. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what they were conspiring about. Although I hadn’t overheard any firm plans being made, I suspected that I would be a Jack sandwich tonight. I walked home with Mikey in my arms and an erection in in my pants. Frankie spotted it and pressed her open hand to my crotch. She grinned up at me but didn’t say anything.

After putting Mikey down for the night, Frankie and I showered but Frankie was resistant to my advances, which was unusual, especially since I could always tell when she was aroused, like right then. Now I was sure something was up. Frankie never turned down an offer of sex; unless there was a promise of something better. We dried each other and she moaned hard as I ran the towel up through her sex.

I opened the bathroom door to our darkened bedroom and the bathroom light illuminated our bed and a naked Divi was sitting right in the middle of it with her legs crossed Indian style. She was tweaking both nipples with both hands. The bathroom light glistened off her wet, naked pussy. I had stopped dead in my tracks when I saw Divi. Frankie, who was behind me, pushed me into the bedroom. Divi grinned up at me as Frankie reached around and ran her fingertips under my growing hard-on. It went instant raging hard when she firmly grabbed it and slowly began stroking it.

With her naked body pressed to my backside, Frankie continued to push me toward the bed. Frankie looked from my face to my rigid cock and said, “Now that’s what I want.”

Frankie giggled behind me and said, “Let’s go. He’s been teasing me with this thing since we left your house this afternoon. I’m so horny just thinking about tonight. Sorry Baby. I’ve been holding back in anticipation of this.” She increased her grip and the pace of her stroking hand.

I climbed up on the bed and leaned down and kissed Divi passionately on the lips. She moaned as she reached out to share my cock as Frankie climbed up on the bed behind me. Frankie was already breathing heavily and erratically as she came around and sat beside Divi. I broke the embrace with Divi and pushed my lips onto Frankie’s and kissed her gently and sensuously as she pulled my hand to her sex. She was soaking wet with anticipation. I pushed my other hand to Divi’s equally wet pussy. A wet squishing noise came from both of them that could be heard over their moans.

Divi’s stroking hand continued as my lips pulled back from Frankie’s. Her face was flushed with blood coursing through her body. Her breasts had firmed and her nipples were as hard and long as I’d ever seen them. She pulled both hands to them and palmed her nipples, which elicited a loud groan. Divi leaned toward Frankie and they passionately kissed.

My cock was like a granite post in Divi’s hand as I watched their embrace. Then Divi pushed Frankie onto her back and followed her lips down. Divi released my cock and ran her freed hand up Frankie’s thigh and into her sex. Frankie yelped when Divi pushed three fingers into her pussy. The squishing sounds returned. My cock was bouncing up and down as I knelt there sitting on my feet watching these two beautiful and erotic women enjoying each other. I wrapped my fingers around my cock and slowly began masturbating.

Frankie was gasping for air as Divi maneuvered her toward the head of the bed and then rolled her body between Frankie’s spread thighs as she pushed her lips to Frankie’s sex and sucked on her labia. Frankie screamed from the contact.

Divi lifted her ass in the air by arching her lower back. She reached back and spread her butt-cheeks as she writhed her hips up and down like an undulating snake. I grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her hips and she settled down onto it with her sex and anus in full view. She was making it clear that I could take my pick. She went back to Frankie’s pussy and drove her tongue inside pulling a loud groan from Frankie as she dropped her hands from her breasts to the back of Divi’s head to hold her firmly in place.

I came up off my feet to my knees and maneuvered my legs to the outside of Divi’s slightly spread thighs. I pulled my cock down to aim it at Divi’s sex. I had already decided that I would take Divi up on both of her offers. Divi pulled her face out of Frankie’s sex and turned to look at my cock. Her face was flushed red and her eyes were seemed to glow. Frankie lifted her head off the pillow to see what had happened to Divi’s tongue. She grinned up at me as I lowered my hips and pushed my cock into Divi’s pussy.

Divi lowered her turned face to Frankie’s pelvis and groaned hard as I pushed into her. She muttered, “Oh fuck. Yes. Oh my God. Yes.” She lifted her hips off the pillow as I pushed into her. She groaned hard all the way down. Frankie lifted her hips up to remind Divi that she was there and needed some attention. Divi responded by turning her face back into Frankie’s sex and picked up where she had left off. Frankie’s head dropped hard into the pillow as she let out an erotic moan.

After a few minutes, I could tell from the building tension in Divi’s body that she was getting close. I wasn’t, so I decided that I could pull a vaginal orgasm from Divi and then take her up on her other offer to try for an anal orgasm. I was sure that I could get it up again for Frankie if she wasn’t orgasmed out from Divi’s ministrations. I had never seen Frankie orgasmed out. She could go and go and go. The others were multi-orgasmic but Frankie was in a league of her own.

Divi’s body hardened further as I pummeled her pussy from behind. The view of her perfect dark-skinned ass was contributing to my arousal and I could feel the first vestiges of my orgasm. It was far away but it was there. I picked up my pace and Divi moaned into Frankie’s pussy.

Then Divi lifted her head as high as she could and groaned out, “Oh shit, Jack. I love your cock. Here I come,” and as she finished that groan, her hips snapped down and away from me. I was in the process of following her down when her hips snapped back at me and I found myself buried to my balls. Divi screamed from the deeper penetration and her pussy was furiously clenching on my cock. She began muttering, “Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus.” I pulled back and continued driving full depth strokes into her until her face collapsed back into Frankie’s sex.

When Divi’s pussy stopped clenching, I pulled my cock slowly back until only my glans was embedded and then I pushed back in again and Divi screamed hard and resumed her mutterings of, “Oh Jesus.” I didn’t tease her any longer and pulled my cock from her pussy. I was still as hard as ever and I maneuvered it up to her anus. Divi flinched when my glans touched her rosebud and then she turned her concentration to getting Frankie off and it didn’t take long.

Frankie suddenly drove her hips up into Frankie’s face and held on to the back of her head. I held my position at Divi’s anus and watched the glorious expression on Frankie’s face as she was crushed by her orgasm. She was in pure ecstasy as her head rolled lazily from side to side as she mumbled, “Oh my God. It’s a big one. Oh fuck. GO. GO.” Divi did go as she began furiously driving her head down into Frankie’s sex. She had to pull back to breathe as they were both gasping for air. Frankie’s hips were undulating under Divi’s head.

I firmly pushed forward and my glans entered Divi’s anus. Her face came out of Frankie’s pussy as she screeched, “Oh my God. Jack. Fuck my ass. Oh my God. YES.” Frankie drove her hips up to Divi’s elevated face and pulled her head back down to finish her off. I held my position once the glans was inside. Then Divi lifted her hips signaling me to continue. I slowly pushed my gooey cock into her bowels. The heat and pressure immediately pulled that far away orgasm closer. When my balls pushed against her pussy, she moaned from the contact. I reversed direction and pulled back out again and a little more rapidly pushed back in again. Divi resumed her mantra, “Oh Jesus. Oh Jesus.”

Frankie pulled herself up to her elbows so she could watch my cock driving in and out of Divi’s sphincter. Divi was face down in Frankie’s pussy but she was oblivious to anything but my cock driving her closer to her goal, which had been my goal too. I carefully managed my orgasm to accomplish our mutual goals and then I wasn’t sure I could hold back long enough. I felt it coming and it was too late to stop. Instead, I increased the pace and began slamming my cock deep into her bowels. She screamed from the change and I screamed right behind her as my balls felt like they’d just explode as the pressure kept building. I suddenly realized that I was holding my breath. Divi looked back at me with a grimace on her face and muttered, “OOOHHH MMMYYY GGGAAAWWDDD, JACK. NNNOWWWW. GIVVEEE ITTT TOOOO MEEEE. NOW.”

Divi’s sphincter clamped down hard on my cock just as I blew my first powerful salvo into her bowels. She screamed. I screamed. Frankie grinned at what must have been very amusing facial contortions. All the air in my lungs, that I had been holding back, exploded from me as I expelled it into a final wheeze and then I sucked air back in and launched my second, long stream. All the rest exploded into her ass in a steady rhythm. Divi was throwing her face from side to side against Frankie’s thighs as I held tightly to her hips.

The grip of Divi’s sphincter was incredible. It wasn’t pulsing like her vaginal clenches. Her ass grabbed me hard and held on for a moment and then released only to renew the grip at random intervals. Divi groaned and moaned and screamed until she went limp under me. I was able to extract my cock then.

I bent forward and kissed both of Divi’s butt-cheeks and she moaned each time. I couldn’t resist biting her ass. It was a gentle bite and Divi rapidly shook her ass to get me to stop. She giggled when I kissed the same spot that I had bit her. Frankie was still on her elbows watching when Divi crawled out from between Frankie’s legs and up her right side to suckle on her right breast. I did the same thing on Frankie’s left side and suckled on her left tit. She put her arms around both of our heads and held us in place.

I pulled myself away from Frankie and went to the bathroom. I wetted a washcloth in hot water and soap and thoroughly washed my sticky cock. It was completely flaccid which made it harder to clean. I rinsed the washcloth and brought it back to the bedroom. I lifted Divi’s top leg and washed her backside. Cum was oozing out of her anus. She purred as I cleaned her.

I bent down and kissed Divi’s ass again and she giggled. Then I moved further past Divi and pushed my lips to Frankie’s swollen clitoris and kissed her there. She lifted her hips at my touch and let out a long low-pitched groan as her hips settled back on the bed. I flicked my tongue through her bubbling pussy and her hips came up again before settling back down again. I didn’t tease her any further. I was sure we would be back at it again before the sun came up.

We all took a quick shower and then slid, squeaky clean, under the covers with me in the middle and Frankie on my right with Divi on my left. Frankie and Divi pulled themselves together above my chest and kissed each other goodnight and they both kissed me and then snuggled down with their heads on my shoulders and their tits pressed to my sides. They both wrestled for control of my cock and Divi relented.

I was awakened before dawn by the tinny sounding baby monitor. Mikey was crying hard. Before I could react, Frankie was already out of bed saying, “I got it.” Before I could even drop my head back to my pillow, Divi had my cock in her hand jerking me up to hard. She yanked back the covers and pushed herself down my body and sucked my rapidly hardening cock into her mouth. I groaned as she pushed quickly down my shaft. Divi was acting like she had a small window to get me off before Frankie got back. I was pretty sure that Frankie would not have been surprised if she walked in to find Divi in full control of my cock.

Then Divi surprised me as she turned her body around and pushed her sex to my face without losing a beat on my cock. She was wet and I didn’t hesitate to curl my tongue into a dart and drilled it into her pussy. She groaned hard around my cock. I could hear Frankie talking to Mikey over the monitor. She was apparently changing him.

I reached down and held Divi’s head in one place and started fucking her face. She was taking it all without gagging. She forced her head back so she could breath and saliva poured down over my cock. She ran her hands up and down my shaft to rub it in and then she spit on it for good measure. Divi started to push back on as I drilled my tongue up through her clitoris and she groaned and dropped her forehead to my cock as she ground her hips to my face.

This delay allowed me to recover from my pending orgasm. I lapped my broad tongue along her sex, concentrating on her clitoris and she groaned again as she grabbed my cock in her hand and held it so she could push back on again. In seconds, my orgasm was back.

I felt her body spasm into her own orgasm and I didn’t fight mine anymore. She felt my cock hardening further and she pulled back to clamp her lips on the ridge in anticipation of the surge of cum that was on its way. Then her pussy was clenching hard on my tongue, pushing me out as I pushed back in again. Divi screeched hard and I wasn’t expecting her squirt until she mumbled around my glans, “Oh no. Not now. Oh fuck.”

I was drenched from my head down to my chest. The bed was soaked all around me. Divi had erupted into a loud groan from her own orgasm and then started gagging hard as stream after stream of cum launched down her throat. She was swallowing as fast as she could. Divi’s squirt went through three diminishing streams. I tried, unsuccessfully, to block her stream of fluid with my tongue.

Divi rolled off to my side gasping for air, while she muttered between breathes, “Sorry, Jack… I never know … when that’s … going to happen.” I heard Frankie’s footsteps coming down the stairs. She climbed into bed and was greeted by cold, wet sheets. She nearly launched back out of the bed and stood there beside the bed before flicking on the lamp on her nightstand. She looked at my soaked hair and chest and said, “Fuck, that’s cold. Either you two threw a bucket of water onto the bed or Divi had a huge squirt.”

Divi raised her hand and said, “Guilty as charged. Sorry. It wasn’t planned. It was a big one too.” Frankie giggled as she looked at the extent of the spray.

We started to get up as Frankie went to the linen closet and pulled out another set of sheets and pillowcases. She said, “You two get in the shower. I’ll take care of this. It’s not the first time, and it won’t be the last. I put a plastic sheet on the mattress for just this occasion. She wiped down the plastic sheet and by the time Divi and I returned from the bathroom, Frankie was done. Divi had saved the blanket by pulling it down when she started her blow job.

Divi slid in behind me apologizing again to Frankie. Frankie waved her off and said, “I could very likely be the next one to do that.” We cuddled back up and went back to sleep.

I woke again to bright sunlight. Divi and Frankie had gotten up without disturbing me and they were sitting at the bar sipping hot cups of coffee. I stepped to the toilet and relieved myself. The sound told them that I was up and they both giggled when I walked my naked body into the kitchen. Frankie was already pushing a coffee pod into the machine.

Divi was dressed apparently in whatever clothes she had worn over last night. Frankie was wearing her robe. I pulled her to me and kissed her hard while Divi watched closely with her cup to her lips. I couldn’t resist molesting Frankie’s tits. She fended my hands away as she giggled and then got laughing at my persistence. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her tight to my body as she stretched up for another kiss.

Divi giggled and said, “I love watching you two together.” Frankie smiled at her and then kissed me again as she grabbed at my flaccid dick as retaliation. I didn’t even try to fend her off. If she wanted to fool with my dick, I was fine with that.

Divi drained her cup and said, “I’d better go before I can’t pull myself away.” She stepped to the sliding glass door and pulled it back. “Thanks for last night guys. I love you both.” She stepped out on the deck and pulled the door shut. She threw an air-kiss through the glass and was gone.

The summer was dwindling away. The weather had been great. Maybe a little humid but New Englanders tend to not complain about heat. There are much longer periods of teeth chattering cold to complain about. We had already decided to not go south until after Christmas. Anna would be a fun age this year and Frankie’s parents had had a tough year, health wise. She was concerned that this might be the last year for one or both of them. She would most likely have to visit them alone, as her mother still hated my guts for taking two of her babies away from her.

We were moving into mid-August and there was still hot weather to come. We had introduced a sippy-cup to Mikey and he thought it was something to play with. He was sitting up well and he could roll himself up to his knees with torso on the floor with his ass up in the air. I teased Frankie with this activity by saying, “Like mother like son.” She punched me playfully in the arm every time. Mikey would be crawling soon when he figured out how to push himself up with his arms to his hands and knees.

We were on the deck enjoying the warmth. Mikey was in his playpen in the shade. It was mid-morning and Ashley walked down her boat ramp and said ‘good-morning’ to us. She was in her yoga outfit carrying her yoga mat to the dock. We waved and said ‘good-morning’ back. It was Ashley’s usual time. The boat parade had started to form up in anticipation.

Ashley stepped onto the dock and spread her mat out. She knelt down on it and waved vigorously to her fans. Horns tooted and beeped. We had learned to watch the boaters with the binoculars too. There was always some kind of sex that might not be obvious to the naked eye. There was a half-dozen boats that drifted to a stop just off Ashley’s dock as she warmed up.

Frankie and I watched the boaters more than Ashley. I had to chuckle when Ashley got down on her knees facing the boats and sat back on her heels. Then she bent forward into the ‘child’s pose’ with her arms extended and put her forehead and hands down on the mat. She stayed like that for a few moments and then she lifted her head and stretched her neck back to look up at the sky. This position provided the boaters a view down Ashley’s cleavage that was enhanced by the compression of the spandex material. Horns immediately began tooting again. Ashley ignored them this time. More boats were motoring into our cove.

Jacob came down the boat ramp heading for the water. He said, “Good morning,” as he walked by. We responded in kind. Frankie knew immediately what was going to happen next and she adjusted her chair so she could easily watch. She had become a connoisseur of voyeurism. Jacob walked down to the dock and sat down in his plastic chair. Ashley was facing out at the boats and didn’t immediately notice Jacob’s arrival.

Our position on our deck provided a view of Jacob’s right side and slightly behind him. We could see when he pulled his bathing suit up his left leg and started jerking himself off but we were out of his line of vision, even his peripheral vision. The boats tooted again and some of the women hooted and started simulating stroking their own cocks. Ashley saw them and turned around to see what they were hooting at. We could hear her laughing as she pushed herself up to her feet and then walked down the dock toward Jacob.

She usually dropped to her knees and gave Jacob a blow job, but she must have been feeling particularly frisky this morning as she unzipped her spandex yoga outfit and peeled it down her body. The horns really started tooting and beeping then. She turned back to her fans and spread her arms and shook her naked tits at them. We could see her massive side-boob wagging in and out of view.

Ashley looked back at Jacob and moved backward until she was between his thighs. She reached down between her legs and took Jacob’s cock from his hand and positioned her sex over it and lowered herself on to his shaft and sat down hard in his lap. A cheer went up from the boaters. Frankie giggled and scanned her binoculars over the boats to see if any of them had started anything yet.

I was watching without the binoculars. Jacob’s hands came around Ashley’s front and spread his fingers over as much of Ashley’s tits as he could manage. She grabbed his wrists and moved his hands where she wanted them. No one but me noticed the Marine Patrol boat slowly make its way down our cove drawn by the natural inquisitiveness of a law enforcement officer toward the collection of boats that had congregated off a dock. He pulled up to one of the boats and now Frankie saw him too. She looked back at me with a concerned look on her face. I shrugged my shoulders.

We watched the Patrol Officer talking to the occupants of the boat. One of the occupants pointed toward Jacob’s dock. The look on the Officer’s face when his eyes moved to where the finger was pointing was priceless and Frankie giggled at his reaction. The Officer motored back away from the boat and moved slowly through the randomly spaced collection of drifting boats heading for Jacob’s dock. He ignored the young woman on the closest boat giving her partner a blow job and nudged his boat up to the dock. When the recipient of the blow job saw the Marine Patrol Boat ease past him, he pushed her off his cock and started his motor and moved away.

The Officer stepped up on the dock and tied his boat to a pylon. Ashley must have had her eyes closed as she was vigorously twerking her hips rapidly up and down Jacob’s cock. She gave no indication at all that she knew the Officer was there. Ashley’s body was blocking Jacob’s view and he was staring at the sky anyway.

The Officer stepped over Ashley’s yoga mat and moved to within ten feet of Ashley and Jacob. She still wasn’t aware of his presence. He stood there, all decked out in full police garb with his hands on his hips, watching the erotic display of Ashley’s incredible body sliding up and down Jacob’s cock. He gave no indication that he noticed us watching this whole scene.

A boat tooted it’s horn several times and Ashley must have opened her eyes to see what was going on. She gave only a slight indication that she was shocked by the Officer’s presence. She stopped fucking Jacob. Frankie laughed when she saw Ashley reach out her right hand toward the Officer and flex her index finger motioning for him to come closer. Frankie said, “Holy shit Jack. She’s inviting him to join them. She’s unbelievable.”

I was shocked to watch the Officer move right up to Ashley’s hand that was reaching for his crotch and then took one more step closer. She pressed her hand against him and then reach both hands to his Utility belt and unbuckled it. He eased it down to the ground and then he unfastened his belt while Ashley unzipped him and reached inside. She came out with his erection and started jerking him off. Jacob was leaning off to Ashley’s right side watching. She had stopped fucking his cock when she noticed the Officer and he eased her back into her prior motion. Ashley was fucking Jacob’s cock again and jerking off the Officer.

Then Ashley bent forward and adjusted her motion as she sucked the Officer’s cock into her mouth. He went rigid and immediately began scanning the tree tops in front of him. He placed his hands on either side of Ashley’s head and began fucking her face.

My cock was as hard as a steel pipe and Frankie’s face was flushed bright red. She looked past me at Mikey and I looked too. He was lying on his side facing away from us. He was apparently sound asleep. Frankie looked at me and then at the bulge in my bathing suit. She glanced back at Mikey again and reached her hand up my leg and grabbed my erection. She turned her attention back to Ashley as she eased up and down Jacob’s cock and feverishly sucked on the Officer’s cock. He seemed to be oblivious to anything but Ashley’s mouth.

Frankie was stroking my cock. With everything that was going on, I could feel my orgasm building already. I looked down at the trio on Jacob’s dock and it was apparent that Jacob was going blow any second as he started thrashing around in his chair. When Jacob groaned hard and long and drove his hips up into Ashley’s pussy, the Officer let loose of his load too. Cum pushed past Ashley’s lips and dropped toward the ground. She reacted instinctively and tried to catch the escaped cum with her hands. The Officer was driving his cock in and out of Ashley’s mouth until he was done. Then he released her head and pulled his cock from her lips. More cum fell from her lips and she tried to catch it with her tongue.

Jacob was driving his cock in and out of her pussy and she went rigid and exploded into her orgasm. Frankie turned back to me and pushed her lips over my glans and pushed down as far as she could and then began a furious blow job. I let out a loud groan when my entire body seized and I blew my load down her throat which cause her to gag and pull off in a coughing fit. The rest of my load splashed across her face into her hair. She was busy trying to clear her throat and made no attempts to deflect the shots to her face.

Without a word, the Officer pulled his pants back into place and zipped up and buckled his belt. He bent and picked up his Utility Belt and fastened it on his hips. Ashley was struggling to recover from her orgasm as Jacob pulled her body to his to hold on to her.

Without a word, the Officer turned and walked back to his boat and eased away from the dock. He didn’t even look back at Ashley as he headed back down the lake. When he was out of sight, the boat parade launched into a cacophony of beeping and tooting horns and hoots and hollers. Frankie and I joined them.

As casually as possible, Ashley pulled herself off Jacob’s cock and stood up and did an arm waving bow as though she had just completed a virtuoso performance on stage. The hoots and hollers erupted again.

Mikey had rolled onto his back and was crying. He was probably startled by our hoots and hollers as we joined the others. Frankie moved over to pick him up while I stuffed my softening cock back into my bathing suit.

Mikey stopped crying the moment that his mother’s face came into view. She picked him up and pulled him to her shoulder and returned to her chair. Ashley had pulled her spandex outfit back on and had resumed her yoga session. Jacob pushed his spent cock back into his bathing suit and sprinted down the dock, jumping over Ashley, and dove head first into the water. He surfaced near one of the pontoon boats and treaded water for a few moments while he was obviously washing the cum and juices off his cock and balls.

A youngish woman was bending over the railing of the boat looking down at Jacob. I lifted my binoculars to get a better view and saw that a young man stood very close behind her in the shadow of the bimini top. The woman’s lower body was braced against the rail while the young guy’s hips were driving forward and back at a furious pace. His hands had grabbed her hips and he was pulling them back as he slammed his forward. I couldn’t see the woman’s face as she was bent over the rail like she was talking to Jacob while he continued to tread water.

Ashley moved into the warm-up pose sitting on her mat with her knees spread wide with her lower legs crossing in front. Her back was perfectly straight and vertical with her hands resting near her crotch. She was watching the couple fucking on the boat not thirty feet from her.

I moved my binoculars from Ashley back to the boat just in time to see the young guy pull back from the woman and she quickly scrambled back over the rail to her knees in front of the guy and drove her lips onto his cock. He grabbed her head and began fucking her face and then his head flew back as he went spastic and struggled to keep his hips going in any coordinated way.

The woman took all that he had to offer and then pulled her face back and ran her tongue around her lips. Then he pulled her up and hugged her with his hands on her ass and her arms around his neck. The boat had drifted around so they were in bright sunlight and I chuckled when I saw that the woman was cousin Jimmy’s wife, Rachel. I had never seen the young guy before. He looked to be maybe twenty years old. I knew that Rachel had a taste for the young studs on the lake. This wasn’t the first time I’d seen her with a young guy.

Frankie missed it all as she was talking her baby-talk to Mikey. He loved it and was laughing. I loved the sound of his laugh. He didn’t chuckle or giggle. He laughed hard and uproariously like he was being tickled. He always got Frankie and I laughing too. I looked over at Frankie and Mikey with a sudden flush of love for both of them. I smiled at Frankie and she gave me a curious look, as if she wondered what I was thinking at that moment. I pursed my lips and sent her an air-kiss and she did the same before she went back to snuggle her nose to Mikey’s nose. He burst into laughter again and we did too.

I raised the binoculars to the pontoon boat again and saw in the foreground, out of focus, that Jacob was climbing the ladder at the end of his dock. In focus, was the young guy sitting on the padded sundeck with his feet in the seat below him. On her knees between his feet was Rachel with her head jack-hammering in the guy’s lap. They were back in the shadows again with the sunlight backlighting them.

As I watched, Rachel’s head slowed and then she pulled her face back and came up off her heels and wrapped her tits around the guy’s erection as he started rocking his hips driving his cock through her cleavage. She was staring up at his face. With the backlighting, I couldn’t see either of their faces; only their dark profiles.

After a few minutes, Rachel pulled back away from him and started jerking him off at a furious pace. He leaned back bracing himself on his locked arms propped behind him. They came out of the shadows again just as he launched another load all over Rachels’ face and tits. She was trying to catch his cum with her open mouth and extended tongue. After his last salvo, the young guy released his arms and dropped onto his back. I could see his chest heaving up and down.

Rachel stepped to the swim-deck and dove in. She splashed water with her hands and washed the cum from her face and body before climbing back up on the swim-deck. Through it all, she had never even looked to the shoreline, only fifty feet away to see if anyone was watching them. She obviously didn’t care either way.

The young guy pulled himself up and stepped down to the deck and pulled his bathing suit back on before pushing into the captain’s chair. Rachel sat down in his lap and threw her arms around his neck and pecked her lips all over his face and then stood up. He started his motor and they cruised slowly down the lake. I wondered if Jimmy was aware of Rachel’s penchant for younger men. I suspected that they had an open marriage and they both went wherever their desires took them.

Ashley concluded her yoga session and stood up and waved to her fans again as the motors started up and the procession of boats moved off down the lake. Ashley stopped on the boat ramp even with our deck and said, “That was pretty hot with the Marine Patrol guy, wasn’t it? I got filled from both ends.” She looked back over her shoulder at the lake and then continued, “I should really wash this cummy twat in the lake.”

Frankie giggled at what she considered to be Ashley’s natural vulgarity. She didn’t like the term ‘twat’ and I never used it. But that was Ashley. Without another word she stripped off her yoga outfit and walked back down the ramp and waded naked into the water. She stood in waist deep water and thrashed water all around her crotch and started washing with her hands. She suddenly went rigid and sucked a lungful of air in and blew it out again. We could hear her mutter to herself, “Fuck. Stay away from the sensitive clit.” Then she dunked herself totally underwater. When she came up, she whipped her blonde hair over her shoulder, wiped the water from her face and waded back to shore. She picked up her outfit and walked naked back up the boat ramp to her house. When she was even with our deck again, she looked at us watching her go by and vigorously wagged her mammoth tits for our amusement.

Frankie laughed and said, “Love ya girl.” Ashley pursed her lips and threw an air-kiss. When she was out of sight, Frankie looked at me and giggled and then said, “God, I love her.” I got laughing and so did Mikey. He thought we were playing another game with him.

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