Fulfilling cuckolding fetish of a husband

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Hi friends, this is Kumar. I received so many mails appreciating my previous story published in this site “Helping a Marwari couple to become parents”. One of the mail friend named Rahul (not real name) told that he wanted to see his wife being fucked in front of him by me. This was his long cherished wish. He told me that he loved my story very much and he imagined his wife in place of my female partner. The thought itself gave him immense pleasure. He was really waiting for an opportunity to be cuckolded.

In 15 days chatting, we became very close friends. He requested me to make love to his wife in front of him. But not able to ask his wife to cuckold him. I assured him that I Will do it and make his wish fulfilled. As we both stayed in same city, it was a little easy task to me. Rahul is an IT employee in a big company and Priyanka(Not real name) is a homemaker. They were married for 3 years and no child yet. Their sexual life was getting little bored and they needed some spice in their sex life.Rahul had a chat with me and told me Once again that he is desperately having a dream to be cuckolded and he really wants to see his beautiful wife to be fucked by other man in front of him. His desire is increasing a lot day by day.


But He did not know whether his wife would be interested or not.I asked to send his wife photo and he sent his wife photo.I saw his wife photo and astonished. Wow she was an absolute beauty. She was wearing a saree in that photo and looking gorgeous. I told him that he is really very lucky that he had a very beautiful wife.

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He asked me how to go ahead to fulfill his dream and make his wife ready for sex with me. I told him that we need to execute a small plan for it and told him to plan a visit to a nearest tourist place about 60 to 80 kilo meters in a car and call me as a driver to that tour.

During the journey I can make his wife comfortable with me so that she will be willing to have sex with me. He told me that it is a great idea and as planned, he scheduled a tour to a 100 km far tourist place on a Sunday and asked my confirmation. I gave my confirmation and I went on that day as a driver to their Apartment. He told his car no and told to wait there. They both came to their car parking place and wished me. We both acted like new guys and after few minutes he gave me his car keys to drive car. While taking the car keys I looked his wife, Priyanka. She was really looking like an angel. She was wearing a pink and green combination of saree which was making her beauty double. She was damn beautiful and I thought how beautiful she will be when she will be nude. It will be the greatest and beautiful moment in my life to see her naked beauty. While I was trying to start the car, Rahul got a call and he was talking on phone. I took this time to see Priyanka from the mirror and filling her beauty in my eyes. She was adjusting her saree during which I could see her Navel which was very beautiful indeed in milky white color. It was a mesmerizing moment to me. I imagined my tongue kissing it and licking all her naval area. The thought itself made my dick full erect.

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